April 13, 2018 UNSC Meeting

UNSC meeting live . . .

we just missed US Envoy’s speech . . .

For those of you unable to hear the statements this morning, I will try to import the  powerful statements by Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Poland, The Ivory Coast, and Peru, rejecting the move by the United States to ignore international law — or to even threaten to break international law, a crime in itself — and pushing for an investigation to take place as soon as possible as well as saying only dialogue and diplomacy — (at which the United States has not had much practice) is the way to resolve the Syrian problem.

At the end, the Syrian Representative spoke out — with great logic and power, I might add, speaking for example, of the use of Agent Orange by the United States in Vietnam, clearly a war crime  . . . and this was only the beginning of his profound condemnation.

Finally, I pray, the United Nations is actually beginning to fulfill its peacekeeping role. This is what I believe Putin has been waiting for.

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If you have not yet read this article, please find the time: 

The End of International Law? by Thierry Meyssan

The war against the Greater Middle East should end with the withdrawal of US troops within the next six months. And yet nothing proves that peace will settle in each of the countries that were invaded. Today we are witnessing what seems to be a tentative to get rid of international law. Will this consolidate a division of the world into two parts, or will it open to a generalised conflict?

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