UPDATEs: Friday, April 13, 2018 . . . late afternoon . . . a collection of videos

UPDATE: Time for a change of pace:

I received this in my mail yesterday 🙂 It felt like perfect timing!

President Putin messing with the NWO!

Love him or hate him, Putin is a RIOT! 😁

* * *

. . . and here’s another funny post! I could have told you it was James Howard Kunstler’s article — just from the title: 

A Warmonger’s Remorse

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

I don’t know about you, but for a couple of days there I expected to wake up to the sight of mushroom clouds billowing across the horizon, all our exceptional hopes, wishes, troubles, and cares as a nation gone up in a vapor of smoking plastic.

I think it was the Defense Secretary, nickname “Mad Dog,” who put the kibosh on the latest neocon temper tantrum against Bashar “The Animal” al-Assad. General Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee that the US was, er, “still looking for evidence” of an alleged poison gas attack against civilians in Douma, Syria.

That phrase “still looking for evidence” sounds like an elliptical way of saying we have no idea what, if anything, might have actually happened over there, just possibly even nothing at all. The Russians were busy looking for evidence on the ground in and around Douma, and they claimed to have found nothing — no traces of poison gas, no corpses, no gassing victims in the local hospital — and put out a call for international inspectors to come have a look. No reply on that from our side. Which does raise the question: are we even interested in the truth?

 Maybe not.

Click article title to continue reading. 🙂

* * *

Well, this is getting quite silly 🙂

 * * * 

It is not possible to view the Statements of these people in separate links, and I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to view and hear some of those supporting International Law — but actually it is completely your choice. ~J 🙂

 * * * Minute 6:50 Russian Federation

 * * * Minute 32:30  China

Minute 33:00 France

Minute 46:40 United Kingdom

 * * * Minute 54:00 Sweden

Minute 1:00:00 Republic of Equatorial Guinea

 * * * * Minute 1:04:50 Bolivia

Minute 1:17:30 Kuwait

 * * * * Minute 1:23:30 Kazakhstan

Minute 1:18:30 Ethiopia

Minute 1:35:35 Netherlands

Minute 1:40:50 Poland

Minute 1:46:13 Cote D’Ivoire

 * * * Minute 1: 50:53 Peru

 * * * * Minute 1:54:46 Syria

The short version –

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