April 14, 2018, For your consideration tonight: Two articles that I believe help to move the story forward . . .

The following article by Niall Bradley, for whom I have great respect, seems to say it doesn’t matter if they attempt to tie up the United Nations, because they have now thoroughly revealed themselves — and it is essentially all over.

If he is correct then the second article by Tom Luongo brings our problems in the United States much more rapidly front and center, and I imagine there will be much pain and strife ahead for us. (Be sure to note the video Tom points us to that is actually a body-language analysis of Trump: He doesn’t look like himself.)

It doesn’t look good, folks, but I am not surprised. If Trump has always been bailed out — by criminals, mind you, — has never had to struggle to get it right, then he hasn’t developed the ability to stay the course, figure things out, and continue on. I think those running the show, while they likely have known this from the beginning, didn’t count on things going so badly for them — and now Trump is going to get the entire blame. In other words, if he hadn’t always lived on the edge of the dark side, he probably wouldn’t be in this position, and of course he never would have been made President. Whatever the reason, I think we citizens may have rapidly developing problems as various forces fight for control of what remains of our government.

For me, the best solution will be if the American people can eventually come together and decide what is best for all of us; that is, if we can achieve some sort of unity. I don’t see this happening easily or quickly, but the way things are moving now, I could be pleasantly surprised.

Forget WW3: What We Just Saw Happen In Syria Is The Extent Of Western Power, by Niall Bradley


Trump is done: The coup is complete, by Tom Luongo

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