April 14, 2018 . . . The Greatest Showman . . . a plug!!! . . . and I’m taking a break to watch it :) ~J

PS Why not more films like this that do ‘real’ happy! I’m so tired of depressing, murder, kill, blow up, crash, destroy films, which are presently their stock-in-trade! I think it’s time!!!

The DVD has just come out and a friend has loaned it to me. She got it last night and has already watched it twice! I understand that it didn’t get good reviews, but IMO — not for reasons that have any validity.

Instead, this show is not politically correct in that it suggests a different business model, one towards which I think we are going to move, one in which our separate individuality is important, recognized, and necessary to all life — a very spiritual idea! Naturally, the PTB don’t approve of such thinking!

This is a joyous, life-loving musical conceived by Hugh Jackman, who also stars in it, that encourages us to think differently about how we all fit into the ‘real’ world, and anyone who has viewed it hasn’t seen it only once, but 7-8 times and more, visiting the local $2 -theater on a weekly basis!

I encourage you all if necessary to purchase the DVD in order to watch it. It’s beautiful, musical energy will surely help to open our eyes to the possibilities before us — and to lead us all forward!

Love and hugs to everyone!
~Jean 🙂

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2 Responses to April 14, 2018 . . . The Greatest Showman . . . a plug!!! . . . and I’m taking a break to watch it :) ~J

  1. alfoss1540 says:

    Jean, Funny thing. Our 14yo daughter has been listening to the soundtrack for this movie for months. She hijacks our car radio to play the songs. My wife decided to rent it last night, as we have watched it twice. PT Barnum was an enigma to everyone. He made money because he connected with the audience’s heart. It was beautiful.

    • Jean says:

      Alfoss, I am not sure what you are saying about Barnum. I think Barnum actually abused these people, and we are being presented with an alternative positive view. That is why I believe I suggested that it is a new business model 🙂 I’m going to watch it again tonight, before I must return it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean 🙂

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