UPDATEs: April 15, 2018 . . . My promised spiritual viewpoint of what is occurring now on our planet. ~Jean :)

There are several people who do not agree with my personal viewpoint of our future. This email response could be addressed to any one of them. I invite you, my Readers, to consider my sense of our way forward, one that addresses our world from a spiritual viewpoint, one that is already appearing on the scene, mostly unrecognized by us everyday people, who are not yet able to ‘see’ it. Perhaps we are blocked from ‘seeing’ because of our almost instinctive response that this is surely propaganda. It is not, and we need to slow down and check carefully in order to recognize the difference. This is the beginning of healing: learning to separate our abused reality from the truth — and, truly, to some degree we have all been abused!

For instance, in these difficult times, I have spoken on my blog about both Trump and Putin from a spiritual viewpoint and suggested to fine writers and caring people like Paul Craig Roberts and Gilbert Doctorow that they are never going to understand what is happening on our planet unless they begin to consider our present lives from a spiritual viewpoint. Be mindful, though, because it doesn’t take a lot of degrees and higher education to understand it. (My personal experience has been that the ‘real’ truth is always simple.) What it does take, however, is our willingness to access our hearts, often a painful journey that requires we learn to trust in Love/Source/Spirit/God once again. On my own difficult journey, one which, because of my need to rebuild my primal brain, required that I begin my life all over again twenty-two years ago, I learned that Love, by any name, will never let us down. ~J 🙂


Much of what you say I agree with, but there are aspects of this that I cannot agree with. My mind, however, remains open, because there is much that we don’t know yet. I don’t have any problem with our disagreeing on this, because I think we both are sincere and genuine in our attitudes and feelings, and I think it’s absolutely imperative that all views be presented, so that people have the opportunity to decide for themselves. I think probably that the ‘real’ answer might be an amalgamation of our different views.

My views come, largely, from the deep, deep healing process in which I’ve been involved for twenty-two years, and I’d like to share a bit of it with you, because I don’t know if you are aware of the emotional clearing process I chose for myself. Years ago, I was told by an important colleague of William Emerson that I was one of the few people on this planet who was almost totally conscious — and this was before I spent the last three+ years healing my body without the help of Western medication, which is — truly — only destructive and manages to disempower us. I’m only alive today, because everything I’m able to do now I’m doing consciously — even walking. At long last, I have finally consciously released the trauma stored in my body.

Importantly, this process has included a deep study of Enneagrams — for over twenty years now. Understanding of them is a very long process because understanding only truly comes as we clear up our own issues. If you have never spent time with them, Enneagrams are energetic diagnosis tools hidden deeply in the Jesuit aspect of the Catholic Church. My first therapist saw their value and used them to help me. I am forever grateful to her!

The idea is that when we have healed ourselves, we can see the rest of the world clearly and not get ‘hooked’ unconsciously in our biases. I can tell you from personal experience that when one has visited — and returned from — the painful places in our lives in order to bring them into consciousness and destroy the fears they engender, one cannot use these tools against other people, but one does use them for personal protection and hopefully to serve the world.  In a short time, I naturally become aware of someone’s issues — they cannot be long hidden from me, and so I have viewed Trump from this point of view. It is only one point of view, and I recognize that, and many people are not yet able to see the importance of this viewpoint. My views of Putin result from a similar study of him, and with due respect for everyone’s research, I am still going to stick with my views.

I think we are already moving from a spiritual dark/light Duality scenario to a third scenario, where these two ways will be integrated into a new way, a Third Way. We are not going to have to return destructively to the Stone Age to move forward. We love our technology — and we love and care for humanity, and if you have read my blog at all, recently, I have been inviting my Readers to consider that China is already using this technology in a positive way to protect her people. Petty criminals cannot participate in Chinese life until they pay their bills. They are not going to be allowed to sap the strength and finances of good, honest citizens. Wouldn’t it be grand if all those, whose names are on every corporate aspect of every local village and hamlet in this country so they can pilfer from us, were subject to a similar system? In the not too distant future, I see a great possibility of it happening!

The technology of the Rothschild Banking System will be integrated in a positive way into our future banking system. Without it, we will be reduced, once again — and destructively so — to living in the Stone Age. Also, the IMF, BIS, World Bank, and even the UN will all participate in a very practical way, because it is the people who run these organizations who are corrupt, and not the the Institutions, themselves. These Institutions are now seen by those leading our transition to a multi-polar world — one in which we all assume responsibility for peaceful living — as vitally necessary to maintain our present lives as we make a smooth transition to a higher vibrational paradigm.

China, which understands the Mandate of Heaven, which means — should anyone not understand — that it is necessary for leaders to care for their people, or they will eventually be discarded — is creating rain in an arid area the size of Spain, while we here in the United States get only drought or deluge. My Readers may want to consider that while it may take many years, America’s corrupt leadership will certainly be discarded by her people. We are also told by wise people that in order to prevent our present, ugly situation every happening again, we must not allow anyone presently in leadership to be a part of our future. As Americans progress, I expect fully that we will energetically draw appropriate leadership to us.

On a spiritual level I have read that different solutions to this light/dark Duality experiment has been tried four times before, and each time they have failed. The destruction of Mars 200,000 years ago was the last time it was tried. Now, it appears we human beings have found a new way forward and are about to create a Third Way, as we successfully combine technology with our hearts — the two aspects of Duality — into a Third Way, a new way, our own unique way, in order to make a much easier transition into the new paradigm. I truly believe this time we are going to be successful.

I ask only that you consider and respect my ideas, as I do yours.
~Jean 🙂

UPDATE: To give credit where credit is due, I have been describing all the things above in various articles on my blog, without realizing what I was saying — until I checked yesterday in Vol. 2 of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (published back in 2000!), and there on page 418 in a Chapter called Healing Duality there is a small paragraph called The Third, Integrated Way! I never could ‘hear’ his words before, because I was not ready to hear them, but there they were, presented to me in this small paragraph, and they simply jumped off the page at me — a truly great feeling of validation:

An important understanding is that we Earthlings are finding the universal answer in a totally unique way that’s never been seen before. This while thing between the original Reality and the Luciferian reality seems to be leading to a third way that is some kind of a combination of the first two. [… a brief discussion of some sacred geometry] This new third way is the hope of all life everywhere. This universe has been at ‘war’ for over 200,000 years — the battle between the dark and the light with no apparent solution. Now it appears this struggle is going to culminate in a new birth, a third reality.

Are China and Russia consciously aware of what they are doing? I do not know.

Also, while if I remember correctly somewhere Drunvalo does mention Enneagrams — and I think they were to be an important part of a Third Volume of the Flower of Life, I don’t recall that he focuses on them as I have. I believe, however, they are another important example of something the Dark/Jesuits have used against us to hone in on our weaknesses that we will now use to help people heal. Enneagrams are uncanny in their ability to focus on our emotional and spiritual issues and I believe when understood can cut years off of any healing process.

Another aspect of what is going on is called by Drunvalo, The Syrian Experiment, and there was a time, starting in 2011 here on my blog that I talked about it extensively and even published an explanation of it called CHAPTER 14. It all happened  in August of 1972, when the sun went through a natural event and changed from a hydrogen sun into a helium sun. Without the successful help of the Syrians, who deeply love us and who Drunvalo claims are our fathers, our planet would not have survived. We not only survived, but then some amazing things began to inexplicably happen as our evolution sped up exponentially. At this point, our small planet became the focus of our Universe as space ships began to park outside our view to watch what would happen to us — and, thus, to them — and our entire universe.

To my delight, in another most important book, called Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, by by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk an extensive review of which I did and have just republished as a separate article HERE)  there is a chart that shows this event did actually take place.

Let me note clearly that until recently when the dark really came after me, an event that forced me to confront them and learn I was able to use the Siddhis of the Merkaba to protect myself from them, I had not looked at Drunvalo’s work for several years. To those of you with deeper interest, what I am describing to you here very briefly actually takes many pages to describe, and so I suggest you take time to read it.

* * * 

UPDATE2: Information I have referenced in the article above can be found here:


April 1, 2018: It’s time we begin to watch, observe, and decide for ourselves without outside pressure what we believe — As sovereign beings this is our right!

April 2, 2018 Understanding China and Russia: Nothing is all black or white, so I invite you to review some facts. 

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Saturday, April 14, 2018 . . . a Comment from ~Jean

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Enneagram Book List

Are You My Type, Am I Yours? by Baron and Wagele is a book I would add to this list, since it shows our attraction to one another is energetic and not so accidental as we have thought. Also, we are generally attracted to others who on our own level of emotional maturity.

I have used all these books, but the last one, about which I know nothing. The ones I have used most often are the 2nd, third, and 4th. These are what I would call the classics, but I know there are many that are new. If you choose to study Enneagrams, discovering which books work for you and finding other additional information can be a part of your journey.

On a personal level, my son felt to me like he came from another planet, and I spent years searching and trying to understand him. Until I discovered Enneagrams, the closest I came to understanding him was a book involved in personality typing by David Keirsey called Please Understand Me. While it contains excellent material, it can’t hold a candle to what I learned through Enneagrams.

Enneagram Books

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