April 17, 2018 IT’S TIME: As a result of my personal experience, I’m exposing some co-intel!!! ~Jean :)

When someone sent me the article today (posted below), which I believe is co-intel, I decided it is time to deal with some of the figures involved with Salla and expose them — as a result of my own personal experience, or secondary experience; that is, working with others who have also been dealing with these people for far too long.

After you read this, perhaps you will understand why I will give no time to these people who are intent on conning us, just like some higher class con artists in our government who are also intent on conning us. It’s time we wake up to all of the ‘conning’ going on.

Without doubt in my mind, David Wilcock, Neil Keenan, and Ben Fulford are all co-intel.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my healing process was ever believing Neil Keenan.  Obviously, it was a publicly made mistake, and it angered many people. At the same time I was open and honest about it because I know mistakes help us grow — or even prior experiences not deemed of the best kind, like membership in a group — can help us grow if we choose that route.

I have never spoken before about why I made that mistake, but it was immediately obvious to me: Having had to begin my life all over again, I was utterly naive that people who said they were trying to save the planet could actually be liars and thieves, as my experience has taught me these three people are. I’ve had Peter Eyre tell me not too long ago that his experience staying for a short while with Neil in Jakarta taught him Neil — my words, not his — is an ugly man who always involved himself in debauchery — and the money I sent was used in that manner.

Neil was the first person who seemed grateful to have my help and my abilities, and I loved feeling I had something to contribute. As you can see, I have learned a great deal in the last years — and I’m a sucker no more!.

Ben Fulford called Neil often to get ideas for his weekly Newsletter, and they would collude as to what he should say. I hope I’ve said enough and people will not continue to help him thrive.

Neil Keenan stole almost all my nest egg of retirement savings, and I’ve received good council that because he is CIA co-intel, I can kiss it all goodbye. Even if I did have legal recourse, Neil probably went through it long ago and simply couldn’t pay me, so I decided that I had to trust — and move forward.

Now to David Wilcock, who has such ability, but couldn’t resist the call of money, and sold his soul to the devil. If I had known that he plagiarised his so-called book, Financial Tyranny, I might never have gotten involved with Neil Keenen, with whom he was then associated. When a Russian TV company made a film of this book and subsequently caught David in his lies, as I remember it, his public apology was scant and hard to find.

Many of those for whom I have respect have long pointed to Corey Goode as one sick fellow who is also co-intel, and as far as their apparent handler at Exopolitics, Michael E. Salla, I have to ask what that tells us about him. I know of others, who, hopefully, will choose to give the details of Salla’s story — of how he suddenly came on the scene, as, although I know it, it is not mine to tell. 

GaiamTV has now become a CIA front operation, misleading people with slick productions, and so of course we have those who are handled by Michael E. Salla being brought forward and sold to us.

I’m going to list a series of videos that will point to the truth of what I am saying, but perhaps you need to stop and read Salla’s latest article. People are busy, they haven’t  time to search and search for the truth, and so when I read something like this article — straight from the CIA, it is really, really hard for me to say calm!

Was Trump Missile Attack Part of Secret Plan to End Syria Conflict & Prevent War with Iran? © Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

* * *

When I listened to Clif’s problems with Gaia Disinformation, because I know how hard he works to present us valid information, I decided I had to share what I know . . . 

If you don’t have any in-depth knowledge of Clif’s background, please listen to the first 15 minutes of this video:

Scott Pollock came to me privately and I agreed to send him all my financial records and audio tapes, and he came to the following conclusion about Neil Keenan. If Scott is nothing else, he is precise to a fault 🙂 and even I found him difficult to listen to, but he was kind enough to put on the public record the truth of what Neil stole from me.

Note: There are other videos Scott has published on this topic, and the ones that contain the documented proof of the money I was happy to send him are lengthy and detailed. Those below are pretty close to the point … 🙂

The pertinent information actually begins at about minute 44, when Scott shares that a whistleblower stepped forward to blow the whistle on Wilcock’s plagiarism:

This last contains Neil in his own words. I would like to share that Neil is wonderful at playing the adult, like any con-man. When he is caught, however, he turns into a complete child and bully — and publicly shares all sorts of sexually explicit pictures that he enjoys. . . Yes, Neil Keenan baited me, for sure, but I learned from him: I can smell others like him a mile away!

My deepest thanks to Scott. Hopefully, while we have waited several years for everyone to wake up, people are now ready to hear the truth about all these very sick, ugly people. ~Jean 🙂

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5 Responses to April 17, 2018 IT’S TIME: As a result of my personal experience, I’m exposing some co-intel!!! ~Jean :)

  1. Beanie says:

    Jean glad to see you back I was wondering what happened to you.I heard on ben fulford’s Utube that neil keenan was killed maybe that was a way for him to drop off the map and disappear so he could not be brought to justice for the people he ripped off.I never believed the crap he was spewing anyway. I was looking for the website that Sarah was promoting about the water and gmail kept sending back an error. Do you know of this company?

    • Jean says:

      I went to his site, but didn’t linger longer than to know he is still alive after having had some trouble. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. eduardosmall says:

    Eduardo, thanks for the nice welcome back! When we get through this, I’d like so much to have a reunion of all of us here . . . now that’s a nice dream, isn’t it? Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to be able to watch some of these. Intuition is a very useful tool. I jace been suspicious of Keenan, Wilcox, Fulford for some time. Wasn’t sure exactly how to feel about Goode either, but I knew he rubbed me the wrong way.
    Someone pointed out to me very recently that in a Q post, it was said that not all vaccines are bad. I hadn’t made up my mind yet about Q – have to admit in the beginning I found the posts interesting. Then I had the feeling they might be disinformation mixed in with some truth. When hearing about the vaccine statement, I knew for sure my suspicions were correct. The powers that were have been looking for an opportunity to make us sick and save the day with a new vaccine. The fact that Scott is citing Q is one big red flag for me.
    Thank you for continuing to get the truth out Jean! Hoping more and more people can pull the wool off of their eyes and finally wake up to who we are giving out power to!
    Much love – Sarah

    • Jean says:

      Sarah, intuition is the connection to our hearts/feelings. Continue to make every effort to heal your painful feelings/memories in order to increase that all important intuitive connection. Hugs, ~Jena

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