Tuesday, April 17, 2018, A Focus on Lavrov

Stick with the first video to the end for very important information.

Watch some of this second video to see how it is impossible for this BBC interviewer to deal with facts. They can only wax hysterical so that a factual discussion is impossible.

Finally, if you have time to watch, simply enjoy this last video.

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One Response to Tuesday, April 17, 2018, A Focus on Lavrov

  1. Lyres says:

    I have watched Lavrov dissect the multitude of LIE$, and in reference to Salisbury IF, I understand correctly; reference the “characteristics” of the alleged “poison” used on the “Skripals” and the date of so-called poisoning…ver$u$….the date of the supposed collection of
    samples….SOMETHING is a-MI$$…..Imho…..it is the DI$HONE$TY of the a$hkeNAZI khazar FAKE -british….FAKE-“government”.
    The “british” narrative is……WHORE$ MANURE.
    A million thanks Russia.
    IF ManKIND escapes annihilation by the $atani$ts…..a greater part of the CREDIT will go to Russia.
    * * *
    A PICTURE PAINTS a thousand WORDS….

    All the mainstream media lies about Syria in one twitter thread. PLEASE SHARE


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