UPDATE: April 18, 2018 Afternoon News

The meaning of my work, By Jon Rappoport

Comment: Jon’s words struck a chord with me today. Is there any enthusiasm at all left for new ideas, and new thinking, new challenges? People appear to be stuck, just holding on, trying to survive, and I think this is dangerous, and is perhaps part of the danger of which Jon speaks:

My work as a researcher and writer goes back 50 years. My work as a reporter goes back 35 years.

Basically, I investigate and uncover scandals involving deep crimes, because those crimes illuminate ways in which controlling entities are creating reality for the planetary population.

The crimes are bad enough in and of themselves, but in the long run, using them to invent a wrap-around hypnotic reality for Earth is a massive trap. It traps the mind, it traps perception, it traps the individual creative impulse…

…Unless and until the individual understands what is going on—AND UNDERSTANDS IT FROM A VIEWPOINT OF CREATIVITY.

What do I mean by that?

This is what I mean: “Well, this is how they are inventing reality for me. Therefore, it is possible to invent reality. Therefore, it is possible for me to invent my own superior reality…AS A MANIFESTATION OF MY DEEPEST DESIRES. 

Now we are talking about true independence. And only now.

And what is the starting point for the individual to invent his own reality? If you want to go back in time to ancient Hermetic philosophy, to the practices of early Tibetan schools, to certain Western alchemists, you come up with the same answer:


This is the apex of mind, this is power, this is the resolution of inner conflict 

This supersedes prevailing cultures, this supersedes propaganda, and most important, this supersedes the individual forming the belief that he is a victim (and must therefore attack the free and independent and intensely creative person).

If there is a problem, you are the solver. You are the one who imagines a way to solve it. You are the dynamic force. You are the initiator. You are the one who asks a question and answers it. You are the one who surmounts the notion of problems and, by inventing reality, gets out ahead of chronic problems.

As I said in a talk I gave several years ago, I’m selling you to you.

Most people, if they have any interest beyond the details of daily life, are looking for a metaphysical structure they can they hang their hats on. They hope they can find a metaphysic “out there” that explains life and existence, and by attaching their thoughts to it they will find greater illumination and consciousness. However, this solution brings diminishing returns over time.


Because what they are seeking is obscuring an avoidable fact: they themselves are the answer. Beyond any map of existence.

The individual is his own answer.

And his answer rests in what he decides to create. [emphasis added]

He wanders through a cosmological museum of paintings of realities, each painting different, until decides to pick up the brush and paint on his own.

A person can tap dance around this central fact and ignore it. He can ignore it for a year, a decade, a century, a thousand or a million incarnations, wherever and however he incarnates or exists, in whatever spaces or places or realms…but he will keep coming back to it. 

To be or not to be, that is the question. Well, not exactly. To attach one’s self to another’s reality or invent one’s reality, that is the question. 

And no one, except for the person who is asking, can deliver the answer. And act on it.

* * *

‘Won’t pass, won’t work, likely to make things worse’: Ron Paul on new presidential war powers bill . . .

. . . but why aren’t we adhering to the Constitution? Why don’t we hold Congress’ feet to the fire and demand we adhere to it? Too much effort demanded for us to push back in the way that Jon Rappoport describes above? Yet, is there anything more important?

The US Constitution puts the authority to declare war in the hands of Congress. America’s founding fathers perceived war as a calamity for the people and thought that direct representatives of the people are most qualified to make decision on whether the country should enter conflict.



UPDATE, just received:
The post concerning a historical timeline of usurpation of authority, violations of duty and responsibility, contractual breach and National Security Threat was served via direct fax to the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY KIRSTJEN NIELSEN aka Kirstjen Nielsen and CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEF OF STAFFS JOSEPH FRANCIS DUNFORD JR. aka Joseph Francis Dunford Jr. in their paid public servant capacity. It was no less than Notice from the true and factual Civil and Supreme Authority on the soil of the United States of America, the People. It was done for the sole benefit of all Americans, especially those with no voice. Just because the People do not understand or know of these egregious crimes is not an excuse or defense to continue these unacceptable and unlawful actions and inaction’s. All are presumed to know the Law, especially those choosing by free-will choice to accept payment in exchange for preserving and protecting all of the Peoples’ individual Creator granted rights, privileges, freedoms, immunities and property, all of which have been violated and stolen via stealthy and fraudulent means since the inception of this once great country and before. The preservation and protection of the aforementioned are the sole lawful duty and responsibility of any legitimate government. All Americans are advised to continue exposing these issues via all means at our disposal. Any failure of immediate and sustained action by the American people will only result in inexcusable harm to that which we owe a duty and responsibility, the children. More coming soon. #Back2Basics #Original Contract

* * *

Headlines that sound much like so-what-else-is new headlines, and almost speak for themselves, requiring little reading;

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  1. Jean says:

    Holly, I’m exhausted, more tired than you can imagine, and I’m not able to take this on. I’m sorry. I can do only so much, but I cannot get involved in this. It just isn’t my place or my responsibility. Hugs, ~Jean

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