April19, 2018, Evening News, from my perspective. . . ~Jean :)

Let’s see if I can share with you what I continually ‘see’. You don’t have to agree with me, but perhaps this will start you thinking a bit differently. As I see it, most people’s problem is that they don’t have the long history with our planet— from a spiritual viewpoint — that I have, and you haven’t had the time to study — really study — what is going on. I feel like I have been gifted with  time and great interest and I’d like to share a bit with you of what I’ve seen just today . . . ~J

Published on Nov 28, 2016

The Philippines is not yet ready for new military alliances, but in the wake of disagreements with the US, will cooperate with “new friends” Russia and China to make the world a more peaceful place. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte spoke with RTD’s Marina Kosareva in an exclusive interview.

 * * * 

First, please note the date of publication.

It seems we’ve been down this road before, but they aren’t giving up, are they? Once again the United Nations is trying to take President Duterte to the International Criminal Court for his behavior as the President of a Sovereign country. Do you ‘get it’ that, this attempt has nothing to do with his actions on the international stage. Let me. therefore, offer some thoughts on this subject:
1) Can you observe that this is a man who talks very tough, but speaks truth — as opposed to a man who speaks with a silken tongue, and does nothing but lie?  Have you been fooled because of the way the media screams about his foul mouth, which 🙂 I happen to find refreshing for a change? He clearly makes his point.
2) Has anyone asked who is bringing those drugs into his country?
3) Is anyone trying to take the United States to the ICC for the deadly drug epidemic that is destroying our own children, our own next generation — or would they even dare?
4) Can you take my thinking any further and begin to intuit what is really going on here?

I don’t ask you to agree with me, but I’m just pointing out the lies I, for one, see being purveyed here.

Before I continue, let me offer some info I picked up from William Engdahl, a resepected researcher. While I am not a great researcher, I’ve come a long way in learning to connect the dots — and even if I don’t get my facts exactly correct here, the principle is accurate. If we follow the news we know that the United States’ interest in the Philippines is all about using it to try to control China. Some time ago, the Philippines (directed behind the scene by the United States) took China to the arbitration arm of the ICC. The facts were, however, that in order to enter arbitration, both parties had to agree to do so, and both parties had to agree on the person who would be the arbiter. China never agreed to any of this, but it didn’t matter. The ICC still came down with a ruling — against China, of course.

Can such a ruling have any legitimacy?

That doesn’t seem to matter, however, because I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the press refer to this ruling as if it were legitimate, making China appear to be some rogue State.

Consider for yourselves who is really the rogue State, and what is wrong with the press, which didn’t convey this information honestly to the public?

I contend that the ICC is controlled by those same States which think they control the UN and are presently demonstrating they have no interest in living by International Law. The United States does not belong, and neither do Russia or China. Can you guess their reasons why?

* * *
Now, take a look at these three headlines and see what they tell you vibrationally — high vs. low ‚ about what is going on:

North and South Korea to announce official end to war

On the brink of peace: North and South Korea reportedly set to announce official end to war

Trump claims he’ll ‘walk out’ on Kim Jong-un if talks aren’t successful

. . . and if you want to know some of the blowback from the Troika’s recent efforts in Syria, have a look at these headlines:

Russia and Iran drop dollar trade by extending oil-for-goods agreement – Iran may enter EEU within months

Russian aviation exports soar by nearly 50% (PHOTOS)

Russia demands compensation over US steel & aluminum tariffs

US debt load ballooning, set to outpace some African countries in 5yrs – IMF

Russian economy resilient in face of latest US sanctions – Moody’s

 * * *

This feels like a need-to-know article/video to me.

Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team

At this point in time, is this an instructive video for us to view — lest we forget? Or, perhaps for those who are as yet unaware?

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2 Responses to April19, 2018, Evening News, from my perspective. . . ~Jean :)

  1. Gary M says:

    Dear Jean,
    In light of your comment “from a spiritual viewpoint ” the following link makes some interesting reading as it digs deeper into things. On this level there could be some relevance to the events taking place and their purpose.
    Love and Hugs Gary.

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