April 20, 2018 … An example of the art of diplomacy as practiced by Russia — “Lavrov: Putin and Trump will not allow armed confrontation between US and Russia”

Hopefully, the following articles will give insight into a great diplomatic move on the part of Russia. Trump says whatever he wants in whatever way he wants, but now he is being held to account for his words. To me, it accurately demonstrates the wisdom of the idea “Be careful what you say; you may hear it when you least want to hear it.” Not only does this statement by Lavrov include Syria, but I am sure it is also intended to include other trouble spots like Ukraine and the two Koreas.

What will the Trump Administration do with this statement? Will they try another false flag? Or, will they decide to come to the table? Or, will they unleash the financial collapse? It will be most interesting to observe how they handle this — as they continue to reveal to the entire world who they really are.

First, the brief ‘announcement’:

Lavrov: Putin and Trump will not allow armed confrontation between US and Russia

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

© Saul Loeb / AFP

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will absolutely not allow armed confrontation between Russia and the US, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RIA Novosti in an interview.

“Speaking about risks of a military confrontation, I am 100 percent sure that [both the US and Russian] militaries won’t allow this, and of course neither will President [Vladimir] Putin or President [Donald] Trump,” Lavrov said.

“After all they are leaders, elected by their people and are responsible for their peace,” the Russian foreign minister added.

Comment: Sergey Lavrov also said that Russian military will soon provide evidence that Syrian anti-missile systems intercepted missiles launched by the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

“Our General Staff has a very clear picture, we have been monitoring [the attacks] live, and statistics, which our military provided. We are ready to take responsibility for that. If someone argues that all 105 missiles reached their targets, then show your statistics. Our evidence, our claims, calculations are at least not groundless and will be soon provided by our military,” Lavrov said.

During the interview, Lavrov noted that Russia will respond “with dignity” to the anti-Moscow actions taken by Washington.”

I am convinced that we need to respond with dignity. We cannot but respond to the seizure of our property, expulsion of diplomats – otherwise we will show the lack of self-respect. But we are not going to resort to some sort of insults, squabbles or rudeness – it is not the style of our president at all,” Lavrov said.

Speaking about the recent incident in Syrian city of Douma, Lavrov said that Russia has strong evidence proving the UK involvement in staging a chemical attack in the city.

. . . followed by this more fleshed out article . . .  

Trump invites President Putin to White House

US President Donald Trump (R) and his Russian President Vladimir Putin.
US President Donald Trump (R) and his Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US President Donald Trump has invited his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during a phone conversation for a meeting at the White House.

Citing the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian media RIA Novosti said on Friday that Trump extended the invitation during a phone call with Putin.

“We proceed from the fact that the US president in a telephone conversation…made such an invitation, said he would be glad to see (Putin) in the White House, would then be glad to meet on a reciprocal visit,” said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, according to the foreign ministry website.

The US president has told the Russian leader that he would be happy to make a reciprocal visit.

“He returned to this topic a couple of times, so we let our American colleagues know that we do not want to impose, but we also do not want to be impolite, and that considering that President Trump made this proposal, we proceed from the position that he will make it concrete,” Lavrov added.

The first ever face-to-face encounter between the two took place ahead of their formal meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Germany in July last year.

“I would simply turn your attention to the fact that Donald Trump after this phone conversation has said several times in both Tweets and in words that it is necessary to resolve issues with Russia, we want to have good relations with Russia, this is better than not having good relations, and that only a fool thinks otherwise,” Lavrov said. “We also hear this.”

Washington and Moscow are engaged in political disputes. These include a row over the poisoning of a former Russian double spy in the UK, the Syria crisis and NATO’s expansionist policies.

On April 14, the United States, France and the United Kingdom carried out a missile attack on a number of targets in Syria in response to a suspected chemical attack in Douma that reportedly took place on April 7. Syria has rejected any role in the alleged attack, which is yet to be investigated.

 * * *

The Set-up? But . . . what do they do now after Lavrov’s statement? Israeli intel: The strikes on Syria were not effective chem weapons deterrence

* * *

. . . Then today, Michael Krieger at Liberty Blitzkrieg Blog finally says this, the first time I have heard anyone else suggest what I have been saying for such a long time. I hope PCR, and G. Doctorow will read Michael’s words. Here is the paragraph that caught my eye:

Moreover, Russia’s lack of a military response shouldn’t be seen as a sign of weakness, but as an intentional and well thought out strategy. The Russians seem to think the U.S. (and UK) are acting like desperate feral lunatics and the best thing they can do is sit back, play defense, and let the short-sighted fools running the American empire ruin themselves. The erratic and demonstrably thuggish and shady manner in which the U.S., UK and France behaved in this latest criminal act has not been lost upon the populations of the world, including considerable portions of the American and British populace who are disgusted at what these governments are doing in our names. Russia’s strategy is to look reasonable on the global stage compared to a U.S. which seems increasingly crazy and unhinged. It seems to be working.

The Road To 2025 (Part 2) – Russia And China Have Had Enough

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Part 1 of this series focused on how the U.S. empire no longer provides any real benefit to the average American citizen. Rather, the spoils of overseas wars, the domestic surveillance state and an overall corrupt economy are being systematically funneled to a smaller and smaller group of generally unsavory characters. The public’s starting to recognize this reality, which is why we saw major populist movements emerge on both the traditional right and left of the political spectrum in 2016.

As millions of Americans emerge from their long slumber, much of the world’s been aware of this reality for a long time. They don’t see the U.S. as a magnanimous humanitarian empire, that’s a fairytale more suited for children’s books and the mass media. In fact, it seems clear that the billions of humans who live in various sovereign nations around the world would certainly prefer to be in control of their own destinies as opposed to mere vassal states of the U.S., they simply haven’t possessed the military or economic power to stand up and chart their own course. But things are changing.

The most significant geopolitical change of the 21st century is the emergence of China, and the reemergence of Russia, as globally significant military powers. This is the core driver behind the establishment’s panic about Russia. It has nothing to do with Putin’s authoritarianism or human rights abuses, that’s just marketing directed at a heretofore extremely gullible public.

In reality, those determined to perpetuate a unipolar world run by the U.S. are appalled and concerned about the fact Russia was able to become involved in Syria and prevent another regime change operation. Russia very publicly, and very successfully, stood up and said “no” to U.S. imperial ambitions in Syria. This isn’t just historically significant, it’s seen as blasphemous and recalcitrant by the U.S. status quo.

With that out of the way, let’s revisit a few things I wrote over the weekend in my first thoughts on the latest Syria strike:

Russian leadership are not a bunch of fools, nor will they back down. After last night, they know for certain the U.S. empire is determined to castrate them globally at all costs in order to impede an inevitable emergence of a multi-polar world.

I don’t think Russia or Iran will respond with a shock and awe attack any time soon, nor will this likely spiral out of control in the near-term. It’s more likely we’ll see this all play out over the course of the next 5 years or so.

I also don’t expect this to go nuclear, but I think the chances the U.S. experiences an imperial collapse similar to that of the USSR (or like any historically unmanageable and corrupt empire) has become increasingly likely. My view at this point is the U.S. and its global power position will be so dramatically altered in the years ahead, it’ll be almost unrecognizable by 2025, as a result of both economic decline and major geopolitical mistakes. This will cause the public to justifiably lose faith in all leadership and institutions.

The more I reflect on what’s going on, the more I’m convinced the U.S. is trying to goad Russia into a response with these provocations. I think the Russians know this, which is precisely why they’re responding with cool heads to a blatantly illegal and unconstitutional strike likely based on a fake narrative. In fact, we still don’t have any reliable or rock solid evidence of what happened. Naturally, this didn’t stop Donald Trump from bombing without consulting Congress, nor did it stop Theresa May from doing the same without consulting Parliament. Please tell me again about our illustrious Western democracies. I suppose that’s just another fairytale for public consumption.

Moreover, Russia’s lack of a military response shouldn’t be seen as a sign of weakness, but as an intentional and well thought out strategy. The Russians seem to think the U.S. (and UK) are acting like desperate feral lunatics and the best thing they can do is sit back, play defense, and let the short-sighted fools running the American empire ruin themselves. The erratic and demonstrably thuggish and shady manner in which the U.S., UK and France behaved in this latest criminal act has not been lost upon the populations of the world, including considerable portions of the American and British populace who are disgusted at what these governments are doing in our names. Russia’s strategy is to look reasonable on the global stage compared to a U.S. which seems increasingly crazy and unhinged. It seems to be working.

That being said, Russia by itself isn’t capable of successfully standing up to the U.S. empire in the long-run. This is where China comes into play. Chinese leadership have also had enough but are, like the Russians, holding back and acting like the reasonable adults in the room. We saw this most recently with the Chinese cooling down the trade wars. U.S. pundits cheered this as a sign of weakness, but I think the opposite. China’s playing the same game as Russia. Allow U.S. leadership to continue to look like insufferable bullies on the world stage until everyone gets completely sick of U.S. dominance.

A reader who lives in Europe wrote the following comment on my last post, which seems like a fair representation of global public opinion at this point:

The Soviet empire fell because the cost of the arms race depleted the rest of the society to such a degree that a collapse was inevitable. I believe the US are in a similar state now. The current wars are carried out by technology at distance, or by proxy warriors, and not by actual americans on ground. How long can the citizens carry that burden? At the same time the US is losing the moral support within the public among their allies, as I know first hand, by being from a european allied country. Although our domestic politic leadership and mainstream press are supporting the US, especially when they launch some rockets, opposition and disbelief is large and growing among normal people. The US has lost its posiotion as our leading star, not just among the leftist, but all over the spectrum. The insanity and lies are becoming so evident that it is impossible to deny it.

The U.S. is rapidly losing support and confidence at the grassroots level, both at home and abroad. We see the lies and we see the disregard for the Constitution. The U.S. and its pet allies like the UK and France will all be increasingly seen as rogue states by much of the world if they keep this up.

Finally, for those of you who doubt which side China is on in this global drama, let me point out the following excerpts from a recent editorial published in the state-sponsored Global Times earlier this week:

The facts cannot be distorted. This military strike was not authorized by the UN, and the strikes targeted a legal government of a UN member state. The US and its European allies launched strikes to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack in Duma last weekend. However, it has not been confirmed if the chemical weapons attack happened or if it did, whether government forces or opposition forces launched it. International organizations have not carried out any authoritative investigation.

The Syrian government has repeatedly stressed that there is no need for it to use chemical weapons to capture the opposition-controlled Duma city and the use of chemical weapons has provided an excuse for Western intervention. The Syrian government’s argument or Trump’s accusations against the “evil” Assad regime, which one is in line with basic logic? The answer is quite obvious.

The US has a record of launching wars on deceptive grounds. The Bush government asserted the Saddam regime held chemical weapons before the US-British coalition troops invaded Iraq in 2003. However, the coalition forces didn’t find what they called weapons of mass destruction after overthrowing the Saddam regime. Both Washington and London admitted later that their intelligence was false.

Washington’s attack on Syria where Russian troops are stationed constitute serious contempt for Russia’s military capabilities and political dignity. Trump, like scolding a pupil, called on Moscow, one of the world’s leading nuclear powers, to abandon its “dark path.” Disturbingly, Washington seems to have become addicted to mocking Russia in this way. Russia is capable of launching a destructive retaliatory attack on the West. Russia’s weak economy is plagued by Western sanctions and squeezing of its strategic space. That the West provokes Russia in such a manner is irresponsible for world peace.

The situation is still fomenting. The Trump administration said it will sustain the strikes. But how long will the military action continue and whether Russia will fight back as it claimed previously remain uncertain. Western countries continue bullying Russia but are seemingly not afraid of its possible counterattack. Their arrogance breeds risk and danger.

China and Russia will work together, often behind the scenes, to convince the rest of the world that the U.S. has become a rogue state, and will use this argument to build international support for a multi-polar world. The only thing that could slow this process down is if the U.S. stops acting like a rogue state, something that appears increasingly unlikely with Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and John Bolton as National Security Advisor.

Part 3 will focus on the weak link in U.S. imperial dominance, the USD.

WW3 will be more about currency and the financial system than missiles.

— Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz) April 18, 2018

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Hold the cheers on US/North Korea summit, says Stephen Lendman

. . . in light of the statement by Lavrov, the ball is now in the Trump Administration’s court. What will they do with it?

Racing toward ignorance: Why are Trump & Russia all we ever hear about in the media today?

. . . I hope you will not by-pass this story. I’m sharing it because I think it is important to understanding the total picture. ~J

The one-third of Syria illegally occupied by US and proxy forces contain most of its oil, water and gas

. . . a matter of general interest, on which I was not clear. ~J

* * *

Finally, from an occult viewpoint, and many thanks to a Reader:

The REAL Occult Reason Behind The April 2018 Syria Missile Attacks, by Nova Biscotti 

. . . I was aware of this ritual offering/sacrifice — may not be the exactly right word —around the holocaust, but now we have it showing up here once again. It has to do with the earth’s ley lines and her energy — it’s always about energy; after all, everything is energy, and the effort to control human consciousness. Without doubt, I think it would be good to familiarize yourself with this information!

 * * * 

The first time I’ve seen this addressed in the our News! It’s well done, and I suggest you do not miss it! 

Do you know that the vibration for music has been artificially changed? It is now a dissonant experience for us. Can you imagine what it might be like if we were allowed to hear it in its ‘natural state’?

Do you know that we are the only species that vibrates at the same level as the earth? On a spiritual level, we are taught that the Earth is OUR PLANET and we are to care for her. Why then, did Decartes talk about the Earth as a ‘she’ who was to be conquered?

Science has now come to regard the planets as living beings. Can you begin to understand that we have clearly been disconnected from the very being who provides us our very life. We’ve been brought into cities, into tenements, and so on. Why is that? Why are we allowing the destruction of our planet — and ourselves? The understanding of this is basic to solving our present problems.

To begin to understand I think it’s basic to understand that on purpose they have destroyed the culture of the indigenous people all over the planet, because these are the people who deeply understand this. They have done to their cultures exactly what they are purposely doing to ours right now. They destroyed their culture by creating refugees as in The Trail of Tears, removing them from their traditions, taking their children away from them, destroying their languages and traditions, and then they are presented to us in the movies snd comic books as wild, dangerous, inhuman redskins, when nothing could be further from the truth. As children, we took this in without asking any questions; however, what the did to them and are doing now to us is legally known as a genocide. . . and, oh, yes, this goes back a very long time.

Are you aware of these facts? Can you begin to see even in some small way that they are now doing the same thing to everyone on the planet in order to control and enslave us? If we could grasp this, would we allow it? Or maybe more importantly, when we understand this, will we continue to allow it?


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