April 22, 2018, Evening Headlines and a Reader’s Comment :)

A worthwhile comment follows from a Reader that I’m opening to your comments. It is after all up to each one of us to study this situation and make our own decision. Please, if you do decide to comment or share your opinion, make it an informed comment; that is, give us the facts on which you base your decision. They may prove helpful to others 🙂

Reader’s Comment: If that is the case [about Assange] , why hasn’t Trump given the word to England to release Assange from his prison…”

Jean, by “prison” do you mean the embassy?

It’s my understanding that Trump got Assange out of there a while back, maybe months now? And yep, that would make sense that the Trump admin would be working closely with Assange ESPECIALLY since getting him out of the embassy.

I don’t have any info handy right now about that, but perhaps others can chime in here with something, but I’m fairly sure I’d heard Assange was out.

  – In the recent past, I posted articles expressing concern for Assange by respected whistleblowers and veterans. Perhaps you also will consider the following  post as related, because I think perhaps we ae really talking about Trump’s forthrightness with us concerning his ties to the deep state. I wonder if it is time to consider the question —  How long can we safely stay on the fence, and on what facts and information might we base our decisions.~J 🙂

 Macron: US, France and allies should not leave, must build ‘new Syria after war’

 * * * 

Washington Using Currency War To Destabilize Iran. by F. William Emgdahl

The neoconservative hawks around the US President, notably new National Security head John Bolton and designated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are on record that Iran is in Washington’s sights for regime change or at a minimum, economic sanctions and chaos. The rhetoric is not empty. The ground is being laid by US threats to not renew the Iran nuclear agreement in May, a move opposed by the other signatories and a move that would plunge Iran into a deep economic crisis at a time it can ill afford.

‘Maybe things will work out, maybe not’: Trump hedges bets on N. Korea

German MPs want Moscow back in G8, say peace in Europe possible ‘only with Russia’

Yuan becoming safe haven for investors amid Russia-US standoff

Threat to Turkey comes from ‘strategic partners’ – Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has sharply criticized the US and other NATO allies for their support of and reliance on Kurdish militias to keep a foothold in Syria, reiterating that Ankara views them as a threat to its security.

“We cannot buy weapons from the US with our money, but unfortunately, the US and coalition forces give these weapons, this ammunition, to terrorist organizations for free,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, in an interview on Turkish channel NTV.

“So where does the threat come from? It comes primarily from strategic partners,” he stated, emphasizing that Washington continues to funnel truck- and planeloads of weapons into Northern Syria.

Erdogan: US should look at its own actions if it wants return of jailed pastor

Russia entrusts its gold to no one, has zero bullion in US

China no longer wants the world’s trash

 * * * 

Mitt Romney fails to win Utah GOP nomination

iPhone X is dead as consumers turn their backs on pricey smartphones – analyst

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