UPDATE: April 25, 2018: Stepping back and trying to understand . . . the News . . . and I’ll just continue to add info as I discover it. . . ~J

This very well done film may begin to make sense of the various secret organizations, their connections to one another, and their connections to prominent people today . . . It’s a film that is calm in its very creative presentation. It is not one to rush through, but one to return to over and over again. ~Jean

* * *

UPDATE: In the 2nd Q Post — the long one (actually the third video down the page), start listening at about Minute 23. It’s mind boggling! ~J
. . . and . . .
‘Building constructor’ Trump lacks qualifications to judge nuclear deal, Iran’s president says

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The U.S. Role in the Destruction of Syria

Editor’s note: The text below that is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of David Ray Griffin’s book:Global Chaos,” of Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World constitutes perhaps the most complete condensed and objectively true description of the causes of the 7 year long war in Syria. It is well worth taking the time to read it. . . . Click article to continue reading.

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Macron Tells Trump To Reject Nationalism; Says France Will Not Leave Iran Deal

“France will not leave the JCPOA because we’ve signed it. We can work on a more comprehensive deal.”

 * * *
George explains his thinking . . . Do you agree? Is this the way forward? Really, something to think about!

I see that George has removed his last video, but for those who think George is a war hawk, I would like to present a couple recent videos that tell about George’s work for the last couple years to bring down the Pakistani spy ring in our Congress — and those associated with them. These are the people directly associated with our now-becoming-public Iranian problems. Somehow, Imran Awan is always put on the back burner, but maybe that is about to end.

 * * * 

Good morning!

I guess you could say I’m thinking out loud right here on my blog:

Apparently, today Q is saying ‘back off’ a bit, and George Webb (below) is advocating strikes on specific targets.

 * * * Armenia Heats Up As The Proxy War Continues

How can Armenia now be free (according to yesterday’s video), so that the US can now ‘use’ it to attack Iran? Is that freedom?

In this situation, what is the best humanity can hope for?

 * * *  

 * * * Now I’ll try to take this in — bit by bit I’ll get there:
After viewing: Apparently, this video tells what Iran is doing that is illegal.

Okay, we’e told to watch this video from yesterday :

 * * *

In light of what I’m learning, I wonder if this article could be important. It seems it may be related to the reason Q is suggesting ‘back off’ or ‘slow down’:

Macron Blindsided European Allies With Proposal For New “Four-Part” Iran Deal

When French President Emmanuel Macron explained his vision for a “four-part” new accord that would introduce further restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program while preserving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (better known as the Iran deal), his revelation took his European allies completely by surprise.

Macron’s vision, which he outlined during a White House press conference on Tuesday, pushed the limits of international diplomacy by essentially doing an end-run around his regional allies, according to two sources who spoke with Bloomberg. . . . Click article title to continue reading.

Russian criticism of Western aggression and no intervention encourages more of the same, by Stphen Lendman

. . . I would like to add, however, that we are so much the wiser about its machinations, and I question if without Russia’s stepping back to expose this if we would continue blindly on — perhaps without ever knowing? ~J

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11 Responses to UPDATE: April 25, 2018: Stepping back and trying to understand . . . the News . . . and I’ll just continue to add info as I discover it. . . ~J

  1. Bill says:

    Jean A good explain on the complexity of the immigration problem.

    • Jean says:

      Bill, I will release this, but to be very honest, I haven’t had time to watch it — and will get to it asap. I’m focusing mostly on the possibilities of war — and what Trump knows or doesn’t know.

      Thanks and hugs,

      • Bill says:

        Jean – Any “act of war” is out of Der Donald’s hands! As Madame Rothschild once said, ” If my sons want war there will be war.”

  2. sinphoney says:

    Hopefully, this is unrelated to the MANUFACTURED geopolitical situation ?

    Minor earthquake – Southern Iran – April 26, 2018

  3. sinphoney says:

    “Russian bots” – Ian56 Completely Refutes UK Government’s Malicious Allegations

    April 20th 2018

    * * *
    TRUE Lawful power sits with the people….Integrity of The Prime Creator ManKIND.

    The “governments” are ROGUE regimes.

  4. Bill says:

    In order to find out just how sincere these “hawks”, like Bolton and Webb are, lets have the UN stipulate that Iran can only have half as many nukes as Israel. Both inventories verified by inspection.

    • Jean says:

      Bill, if you will first take the time to listen to the 2nd Q video, starting at about minute 23, I think it may help you to understand why Trump is ‘wild’. Then if you listen to George’s video 189.2, where he offers an explanation of his thinking. . . This goes directly to Lavoy Finnicum, and the land and people in the Western part of the country. His other videos that I’ve also published going to the heart of what is happening . . . it’s all a part of Hillary’s pay-to-play scheme, for which the American taxpayer is paying . . . a scam of the worst order and of the greatest magnitude..

      I somehow missed this story completely, but I have followed George’s work — and no matter what he does he cannot get Congress to listen to him. Soon, they will be unable to avoid it.


  5. Susan says:

    I’ve been following the Q posts since November very closely. They have been pretty right on

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