April 27, 2018 News – Both Good and Bad :) ~J

New era, no more war: Two Koreas agree on complete denuclearization

All smiles, hugs & holding hands as North and South Korean leaders meet (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Time has come for the reunification of the Korean peninsula, by John Wight

Peace breaks out on the Korean peninsula despite – not because of – Washington hawks, by Robert Bridge

Trump Praises Korea Peace But Others Are Skeptical: Here Is Wall Street’s Take

 * * *

Trump Euphoric After House Intel Report Finds “No Collusion” Between President, Russia

 * * *

Sanctioned Russian billionaire Deripaska gives up controlling stake in En+

Cargo transit along Russia’s Northern Sea Route expected to rise by 50% this year

Berlin should foot bill for billions lost by German firms in Russia due to US sanctions – analyst

* * *

 Yes, Korea is great news, but it may not yet be time to celebrate. ~J 

Merkel must snub Macron’s pandering to Trump war drive, by Finian Cunningham

Meeting between Mattis and Lieberman about Iran’s ‘destabilizing’ activities in Syria

You may find it helpful to know the game that is being played. How many of us actually understand why the nuclear deal with Iran is even in question. This clip below explains the convoluted story:

From two posts [and just now with a third] by George Webb today, doesn’t it look like Trump has been isolated and is walking into a trap? According to these posts below, if he bombs Iran, they will likely respond with nuclear weapons, a fact of which Trump may be unaware. Where then, does that lead our country?

Is this what is meant by the phrase, “Make war by deception?”

Insanity? Yes, and it is almost impossible for good people to understand this convoluted tale, but perhaps as responsible Americans it is time to sit down and do so — before we are engulfed in chaos the likes of which we can hardly imagine. With peace hanging in the balance, can you see my point, which I think might also be said as “better safe than sorry”?

We may face not only a financial collapse, but an impeachment battle here at home, with the public mostly poorly informed by the MSM as to what is actually going on.

This older video explains the depth and breadth of the corruption

Here are some older posts from George that provide background:

[If you’ve paid attention to the previous videos, perhaps you are beginning to understand why George prefers a surgical strike to remove the problem nuclear sites, rather than actually going to war. Still, each of us must use this information to help us decide where we stand.]

George wants to go public with the Awan Exfiltrations rather than go to war, but this information is being held back.  Today, we may have begun to learn why.  (new posts)

The video below describes the location of the three nuclear sites. 

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