UPDATEs (several): April 29, 2018, Evening – BREAKING . . . Developing Story: Things are moving rapidly . . . It’s about control of the Straits of Hormuz. . . a site was ‘buzzed’ . . .


Former CIA Officer: Scarier Than Bolton, Think Haley For President, Authored by Philip Giraldi via ConsortiumNews.com

. . . and . . .

Different realities: UN Security Council rep Mladenov says Middle East must step back from the brink, Haley blames the victims, by Stephen Lendman


Military targets in Hama & Aleppo, Syria hit by missiles – state TV, Video

Powerful explosions have been heard in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces, the Syrian state news agency reports. The state media says military bases there were hit by rockets launched by an unspecified enemy.

The alleged attacks were reported by Syria’s Sana news agency on Sunday evening. Citing a military source, it said that “a new aggression with hostile missiles”took place at around 10:30 pm local time, targeting military positions in the Hama and Aleppo villages.

A Syrian law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that the army’s munition depots were hit, in what was most likely an airstrike.

UPDATE: George Webb

UPDATE: Greg Hunter Interview –

My BIG question: Will this bring down pay-to-play Hillary?

Let me add that I just don’t have the time to wade through all the Q posts, but I’ve learned to trust George and his team, and I believe they are doing it for me/us.

Please check back for updates . . . I’m trying my best to keep up . . . ~J 🙂

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