April 30, 2018, Late News UPDATE

UPDATE: Netanyahu’s Anti-Iran PowerPoint Moment as Trump Wavers and Europe Turns its Back . . . asking the tough question — what do make of this? To be honest, I have shared some recent posts with Joe, but I don’t know if he bothered to read them. I think he should have . . . 🙂 ~J

. . . and . . . this?

Netanyahu cries wolf again: Claims Iran still has nuclear weapons program, but something bigger seems to be up, by Moon of Alabama

I hope you will listen to George’s videos (above), because I totally agree with him concerning Q, but my views come from a very different place. I’ve been studying the energy around this situation for a long time, and I can’t make any sense of it. To me, it is, to say the least, dissonant and dysfunctional.

Today, Q is saying that Yellow Cake Uranium is being processed in Syria, and George gives excellent information why that isn’t likely, and suggests that he and Task Force may have to part ways over this statement. Surely, then, this is serious.

Is Q looking to implement a psy-op, and is he testing the waters for how much the public will buy into? George is not asking that question — yet, but I am. I also doubt very much that he will like it that I’m daring to ask this question, but really, why not? Why shouldn’t I ask it?

As my readers know I would rather ask the tough, tough questions — and answer them — or at least begin to answer them, before they are thrown at me in a negative situation, when I have no response. I may never have to utter a word, but I have the comfort of having prepared myself.

Here is what I’m considering: Is Trump using this Iranian nuclear situation as a means to get into Syria, to somehow go around Russia, and in so doing to take control of the Middle East? Is he using our desires to see the Deep State gone from our lives to distract us from another agenda that I hope my words at least suggest may exist?

I don’t do meta data, but I do read energy, and while I’m sure I don’t have it all correct, I think I can go a long way toward pinpointing a significant problem. I keep finding conflicts in what is being said and done, and I think it is important to note for you what I’m sensing. From there, it is simply up to you to do with it what you will. The ability to read energy comes from the heart, not from the head, which is the place from which the meta data comes that George Webb does so well.

Ideally, we would hopefully combine these energies to get a more complete answer, snd mayer someday we will learn to do just that.

If Trump truly wants peace, wants to stop Iran from illegally developing nuclear weapons, why is this other very negative activity/energy continuing? Surely, he isn’t fooling the Deep State, or even the other nations of the world, so why all these warlike headlines? Is he — along with  Q — trying to fool us? Is this more than an attempt to stop Iran; that is, I must ask if this is also an attempt to control the Middle East through going to war in Syria.

None of this makes any sense to me: We here in the United States must continue to endure the machinations of the Deep State, and Trump absolutely has the power to instantly stop it, but apparently this is not going to happen. If it can’t happen, I have to ask why there aren’t any other alternatives to solving the problem besides going to war . . . and it appears attempting to suck Russia into it all. Surely, there are other avenues to pursue! Is this really the way the United States intends to continue doing business in the world — even after Trump undoes the Deep State? I wonder if such twisted machinations are really necessary. He has the perfect opportunity to show us he can do business a different way, a way we have never, ever seen— just do as George suggested! 

George has previously asked this question — twice:

 * * * 

You may find it helpful to know the game that is being played. How many of us actually understand why the nuclear deal with Iran is even in question. This clip below explains the convoluted story:

Meeting between Mattis and Lieberman about Iran’s ‘destabilizing’ activities in Syria

 Iran: US and Saudi partnership bringing instability and war to the region

US weighing Libyan disarmament model for North Korea: Bolton 

US President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton, says he is considering a “Libya model” to denuclearize North Korea, a model that Pyongyang has singled out in the past as a source of its distrust for Washington.

Israeli analysis: ‘What should we do about Russia’s S-300 anti-aircraft system?’

US stumped by a Russian e-war . . . 

. . . and . . .  if war is to be considered, please note these two posts about Russia’s military capabilities.  . . . 

Flashback: Invisible Shield, Invisible Sword: Russia’s electronic warfare is ‘second to none’

“China is ready to become a driving force” in aid and restoration of Syria – as soon as security situation improves  . . . now an article like this makes sense.

Mike Pompeo’s first foreign trip as Secretary of State . . . dont know much obout Pompeo’s history? This article supplies it . . . and above all, don’t forget the fact that Rudy Guiliani is now also on the Trump team. Why? Does this fit into a peaceful future? And remember, these are apparently Trump’s decisions.

Rudy Giuliani: A Closer Look at the 9/11 Legend – 911Truth.Org . . .check out the facts on Guiliani’s history. 

Israel’s illegal strike in Syria destroyed 200 missiles, killed 11 Iranians according to Syrian state TV . . . why did they bomb Iranians in Syria, if the yellow cake is being produced elsewhere, as George probably very correctly suggests.

Bad choice of words: US wants N. Korea to take irreversible steps to de-nuke, “like Libya” . . . why this attitude?

Whose side is he on? Saudi Prince Bin Salman says Palestinians should accept ‘peace proposals or shut up and stop complaining’

Pentagon chief Mattis: Direct Israel-Iran conflict ‘very likely’ . . . I can see surgically taking out the sites where Iranians are breaking the law, but why war? Is that the real goal, and if so, WHY?


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5 Responses to April 30, 2018, Late News UPDATE

  1. Dt says:

    J – might check this web site out to see if what’s going on from another perspective makes sense?
    I’ve just been observing all the play books & have wondered if we are seeing 2sides of the same coin being presented – I’m hoping not but like you I am not totally convinced of all this reveal being for humanities freedom – or just bloodline faction wars.


    • Jean says:

      I used to visit this site, but I finally came to the personal conclusion that he hasn’t got it figured. Hugs, ~Jean ;0

  2. sinphoney says:

    Your U.S. State Is Paying For Israel Regime’s Weapons: Find Out How Much Is Absconded With This New Tool

    April 30th 2018

    * * *
    Posted on the site…..US Campaign For Palestinian Rights.

    Military Aid to Israel

    US TAXPAYERS will GIVE I$RAEL a total of $38 BILLION of WEAPONS overTEN YEARS ($3.8 BILLION EACH YEAR from 2019 to 2028), according to a 2016 AGREEMENT BETWEEN the TWO COUNTRIE$.
    I$RAEL USES THESE WEAPONS, in VIOLATION of US LAWS, to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians living under its brutal, more than half-century-long military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. These include injuring and killing civilians, detaining and abusing children, demolishing homes, uprooting agriculture, and denying freedom of movement and expression.

    How much of this annual $3.8 billion allocation do people in your state, Congressional district, county, and city provide and what could be funded instead with this money to benefit your community? Find out below on our interactive map. Click on a state to get started.


  3. “Yellowcake Uranium” ??? Trying to “tap in” on the memory imprinting associated Iraq “Yellow cake” scam are they?

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