April 30, 2018, Early News. . . SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES

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Details of the Israel’s illegal strike in Syria 

. . . this article, although published before Bibi’s speech is still very interesting!

  US CENTCOM Chief Makes “Secret And Unprecedented” Visit To Israel As Russia Mulls Arming Syria, April 24, 2018

The real international community meets in Yalta – without the neocon thought police . . . some positive news today . . .

Around 600 participants from 71 countries met in Crimea at the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum to discuss global co-operation and the building of a better world.

This was the real ‘international community,’ as opposed to the pretend one restricted to just the US and its closest allies. . . Click article title to continue reading.

Different realities: UN Security Council rep Mladenov says Middle East must step back from the brink, Haley blames the victims, by Stephen Lendman

Israel Closes Airspace Near Syria Border Ahead Of Netanyahu Speech With “Dramatic News About Iran”; Oil Surges

Moments ago, Israel’s Channel10 reported that Netanyahu is set to make “significant” televised announcement on Iran on Monday evening at 8pm local time (5pm GMT) in what his office said would be “dramatic news about Iran” and “significant development regarding” the Iran nuclear agreement and which will reportedly influence the world.

מדובר במאגר מסמכים ענק שנתפס בידי ישראל ומוכיח לפי הטענה שאיראן רימתה את העולם ביחס לתכנית הגרעין שלה

— עמית סגל Amit Segal (@amit_segal) April 30, 2018

As Channel 10 adds, Netanyahu previously relayed the Iran info to Trump on Saturday and Pompeo on Sunday, during his visit to Israel.

The speech will come after Israel’s security cabinet convened for an impromptu, unscheduled meeting in the wake of the strike on Syria overnight, which as we noted earlier reportedly killed 11 Iranians.

Meanwhile, hinting that Israel may be about to launch another, far more powerful strike on Syria, Ynet reports that Israel has closed its airspace near the Golan Heights and the Israel-Syria border, most likely in anticipation of one or more bombing/missile attacks on Syrian territory.

Having slumped earlier following the disappointing German inflation data, WTI has regained all losses on the news that Israel may be about to attack Syria, even following Putin’s direct warning to Netanyahu not to continue airstrikes on Syria.

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If you’re following — from George regarding Iran this morning. I believe he references the following info that I published last evening —“Unspecified enemy” missile strikes on military locations in Hama & Aleppo, Syria:  


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“Avalanche Beginning?”: Foreign Central Banks Dump Most Treasuries In Over 2 Years 

“…an avalanche of selling may follow” and after central banks, pension funds and other institutions may be the next to start selling.”

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US weighing Libyan disarmament model for North Korea: Bolton 

US President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton, says he is considering a “Libya model” to denuclearize North Korea, a model that Pyongyang has singled out in the past as a source of its distrust for Washington.

How China’s “Pragmatic Authoritarianism” And Russia’s “Illiberal Democracy” Have Averted “The End Of History”, 


China’s model of pragmatic authoritarianism has succeeded in delivering sustained benefits to even the poorest Chinese – the country’s middle class is growing at a rate unmatched anywhere in the developing world.

One need only compare its political system to India’s shambolic democracy to see the stark difference in outcomes. India has failed to implement the reforms it needs to maximize its growth potential, while China has proven itself capable of radical and muscular policy changes like doubling the number of solar panels in use over the course of a single year (2016).

Cambridge Professor David Runciman examined these issues in greater detail in an essay that’s essentially a condensed version of his upcoming book “How Democracy Ends”. It was published as this week’s “Saturday Essay” in the Wall Street Journal.  Click here to read it in full


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