UPDATEs: May 2, 2018, Early News . . . and now some Evening News

A Couple More UPDATES:

Shortly after the eleven minute mark, George Webb offers his thoughts on John Corsi and Q. 

The Iran nuclear deal explained 

. . . I believe this is worth your time to understand what the general public/press understands. Soon, I believe they will find out that the situation is not what they thought it was.

I’m hoping that Joe Quinn/Niall Bradley will get on board with this pretty quickly. Their sott.net site is terrific, and I have such great respect for it.. I would love to see it happen. I emailed him this morning, and asked him if he understood that this ‘deal’ was not what we were told it was and that it involves Hillary and pay-to-play.



It’s the Belt and Road Initiative against Washington’s Indo-Pacific strategy all over again

. . . when the world realizes that Iran has nuclear weapons, what will happen to this situation? Oops! or maybe BIG TIME Oops!

 * * * 

Comment first thing this morning: My thinking so far about this Iran-Nuke situation: I think Trump will bring down the Deep State. Spiritually, that is what he is here to do, and I do believe it will happen. Yet, all I can see is that while Trump is not a globalist, he is an imperialist. All I can think is that we do not need in a wall in Mexico. We need the United States to stop its imperial practices in Central and South America that continually creates refugees. When I heard — or read — that Trump is now delighted about the change of power in Armenia, because as he said — they can now use Armenia as a staging area for an Iran invasion, I heard imperialism loud and clear in my head. George Webb has said, and rightly so, I think, that all that needs to be done is to create a level playing field by doing surgical strikes on the areas where nuclear weapons are being developed.

Also, I am deeply interested in knowing why the IAEA says without any doubt in their minds that Iran does not have nuclear weapons. Are they fully aware of the on-the-sly, uranium selling, pay-to-play operation of Hillary Clinton, the facts of which have now just come to light? 

Please, if anyone else studies this article and sees something I’ve missed, I’d appreciate your input. 

Here is — so far — the all-important article that might point out the very apparent discrepancies in thinking:

Iran Lied? Netanyahu Cries Wolf AGAIN as Trump Mulls Scrapping JCPOA

 * * * 

Jason Goodman interviews Scott Bennett:

George’s first video today, and below that is an older video to which he refers this morning.

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4 Responses to UPDATEs: May 2, 2018, Early News . . . and now some Evening News

  1. sinphoney says:

    There is an interesting VIDEO within the following link reference, ISRAEL’s NUCLEAR WEAPON programme.
    “Apparently” Israel has never allowed an inspection of its nuclear facilities.

    I am not too sure about the comments within the link reference, Iran’s nuclear facilities……
    the secret ones none of us know about ! ?
    * * *
    Netanyahu’s Fake Claims About Iran’s Nuclear Program: Netanyahu’s Own Secret Nuclear Weapons

    May 2nd 2018


  2. lecox says:

    In a SciFi series written by Sean David Morton and supposedly based on a true story, the game of poker was mentioned several times in relation to the situation of Earth vis-a-vis ET.

    Trump’s supporters, or explainers, which group includes even Simon Parkes, are quick to point out how important bluff and other deceptive strategies are in playing the game of international diplomacy. The fact is that, unlike chess, in poker you don’t know what hands the other players hold (unless you are very good at ESP) and so you must devise ways to guess whether they are playing any particular round from a position of strength or weakness. Your goal is to get them to give up without having to show your hand if it is weak.

    I don’t play poker, or chess. But it has been pointed out by Martin Harris in a 2017 article on Poker News (https://www.pokernews.com/news/2017/02/poker-pop-culture-040-bluffing-bombs-cold-war-27119.htm) that diplomats are trained – or rely on the advice of those who have been trained – in “game theory.” This way of making difficult decisions was created by a German economist and a Hungarian mathematician in the U.S. at about the time of the second World War. Game theory was developed using both chess and poker, as well as other games. I am sure that all players in this particular game are aware of it, though the general public isn’t much aware of it.

    Thus, how our people act, especially Trump as a very public player in this game, is not determined so much by what he actually intends to do but by the effects he hopes he can create on the various other players. And though he is aware that both Russian and Iran are other players in this game of “what do we do about the Middle East?” I am sure that he is well aware that they are not the only players, or even the ones most interested in the outcome of the game. The Zionists supporting the continued existence of Israel in its current form are tremendously interested in this game. There may also be important ET players, if any of this crazy-sounding talk about “stargates” is true.

    The recent announcement from North and South Korea about bringing peace to Korea was a highly desired outcome. It was not, on the face of it, what Trump was shooting for. But it might well be what he was hoping and planning for. In poker, only a fool or an extremely adventurous person announces the hand he holds. I think that Trump is neither of those.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Larry, this is really food for thought. I hope you are right. I think there is a lot of angling going on right now, and it looks like all of us are just going to have to play the game of wait-and-see.


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