May 3, 2018 . . . Will we do our homework? Will we use what we have learned from our past experience, or will we fall for yet another lie? Your choice! Hugs, ~Jean

Can we believe this message, when we know that almost everything we hear is lies? How many other lies have we heard through the years from other Foreign Ministers — or even Heads of State —  including our own — lies for which we have fallen, and for which we have paid dearly in, among other things, the lives of those we love.

Why wouldn’t Iran lie? From the United States past treatment of their country and people, do you think they have any great love for the United States? What this Foreign Minister says is true, for sure, but what if there are other, very real  reasons why they do have nuclear weapons, reasons of which most people are unaware? And I contend there are!

Are we now reaping what we have sown?

We have lied and deceived everyone almost forever, and now it looks like it is coming home to roost. I’m sure Hillary is loving this!

Hillary Clinton has been selling uranium for the making of nuclear weapons around the planet since at least 2007, via a Pakistani spy ring that has been in our Congress for at least that long, in weapons for drugs, organs, etc., pay-to-play deals, she’s gotten caught at it, and, at the moment,  it looks like she is going to get a way with it all.

How ironic!

The others who are involved in this Agreement have every reason to bring Trump down, do they not? They have had a free ride for a very long time in so many, many ways — as long as they remained subservient to the United States. Now Trump wants to take that ride away from them, and it appears they are not going to remain subservient any longer.

It would not surprise me that they are all happily conspiring against him. He came in and upset e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. that was working so well for them.

I feel like we have two mafia-like criminal gangs fighting for control of the United States, and we can see now that they aren’t even pulling their punches anymore. They are sparring as they wait for just the right moment to go in for the kill, while the rest of the planet watches. If that is the case, then I hope Trump wins, and we can worry about the other Trump ‘details’ later. If Trump can take down the Deep State, then I’m fully with him in this effort. 

One step at a time, and the first is to remove the Deep State!


I’ve chosen some videos from George that perhaps will explain his views. Also, I agree with George that like him my life on this planet matters little if we don’t win this war — and I’m willing to stand alone unless I get good proof that I am wrong. It’s all about the ‘real’ truth, and it always has been — for me, anyway. For me, it’s also about how I live my life, and I can’t worry about how I die. I want a life that has value, not one spent hiding in fear behind a rock.

George doesn’t mention on this video — but he has mentioned it elsewhere, that John McCain, along with Q, says the uranium was all about Aleppo. Just the mention of John McCain’s name makes me shake my head! If people aren’t willing to check out George’s metadata that proves his words, then we are all going to have to reap the rewards.


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