May 5, 2018 . . . What I regard as a very important comment/ response to a Reader concerning MDMA . . . from ~Jean :)

Reader: I do not support the use of psychoactive drugs to treat anything. That such drugs may be helpful only serves to perpetuate the perception that we can use drugs to treat ultimate cause, which we cannot. Marijuana and LSD have also been touted as beneficial, to say nothing of wine, rum, coffee and tobacco. I would never condemn someone who is suffering for trying a treatment that might reduce that suffering.

Yet, as Jean has pointed out, the fetus has memory from the point of conception, and that means that memory is a property (or ability) of life force, and not anything material or chemical. And so, it must ultimately be the same for disease. Of course if your leg has to be amputated, you are not, on this Earth, going to “will” it back into a state of health. You will be given a pain killer and the leg will be cut off.

But if you’ve felt like crap ever since… or suffer some chronic condition, you’ve been triggered, and if you don’t find the spiritual reason behind it, it could just keep happening to you.

Remember that opium, heroin and cocaine were all touted as medicines in their day. The point is not that they have no useful medicinal properties, but that their use led to abuse. All the psychoactive drugs seem to be following down that path, too.

Jean Responds:

L, I feel I must ask you if you have ever done any emotional healing work. I ask this, because in this case I disagree with your assessment, which may come only from your mind/intellect, and we are talking here about something entirely different: healing our painful emotions. This drug appears to have ingredients that are extremely important in supporting the work of such healing — as it allows us to get beneath the pain to understand the reasons for our continuing trauma, and without it I am sure many people would become bogged down by the struggle and not continue.

This is not an addictive drug, it is used three times in 12 sessions — when the patient is under care: two therapists are there the whole time to support the patient. We are talking now about dealing with extremely painful emotions inflicted on us as children like lack of love, rejection, and all having been dealt to us by those on whose care we must rely simply to stay alive. Our twisted lives are then a result of the fact that we will do almost anything to stay alive, no matter how destructive it is to our selves. The therapeutic framework provided by this drug is crucial and appears to be providing healing to so many who would otherwise not have or take the opportunity.

Many people are frightened of therapy, because when they were children, others took there power from them — their power to say no, their power to keep themselves safe, and having had no other experience in life, they view a therapist as likely doing the same thing. It was also my experience that many psychiatrists were sick themselves and tried to do just that. One psychiatrist tried to tell me it was going to take the rest of my life to get better, and I simply walked away from him. How disempowering — and I was having none of it! 

“I’m not going to let anyone play with my head,” is what a friend told me. Actually, they do not understand that they have the power to walk away from a therapist, to disagree with a therapist, etc. any time that they choose. We have become used to a doctor ‘doing something to us’, but in proper therapy, in my opinion. if there is a disagreement, then a discussion should take place, and a conclusion should be reached. In my own therapy, there was a point at which I disagreed with my therapist, and while I left her care, the end result was that she went and got trained in how to better deal with shock. As a result of that, my respect for her only increased!

I went through seven therapists before I finally found ‘the one’, and we always worked together. She was not a psychiatrist, a talk/head therapist, and so she helped me face my emotional fears and my total terror by sharing with me important mental tools and supporting me when I became overwhelmed by what I faced. I always knew exactly what we were doing and why. She helped me totally rebuild my life, but it was always my choice what I did. I knew she was there to protect me from making a huge mistake in judgment, etc., and that was comforting. She taught me the basic rules of life, which I’ve often shared here when it seems appropriate, how to keep myself mentally and emotionally safe in almost any situation, how to parent/care for myself emotionally . . . a skill we all should have learned from our own parents by simply living with them and learning from observation, etc. Most of our parents simply didn’t have any of these skills; they were already under the control of the matrix. . .

Dear Reader, I see that this drug helps remove the barriers of fear, helps us to see who we really are, without the nasty overlay of comments of our family, caregivers, etc., who are used to abusing us — as, I might add, they survive their own pain by inflicting it on us — and making us think we are less than we are. It took me 22 painful years to do that,  and I know there has to be a better way.

I think the universe is sending this drug, MDMA, now, just like it has sent C-60 and a mineral tonic that I use called Chi-Tonic — for people who want to have better lives and don’t have a lifetime to give to it. Their lives shouldn’t have to become nightmares for many years in order to heal wounds inflicted on them over which they had no control.

C-60 is merely a totally natural food additive that removes contaminants from our bodies — and let’s face it, everything our bodies take in is now contaminated! It also removed facia that had my intestines painfully twisted — for a lifetime — from when my mother injured them as she tried to abort me. If we know what we’re doing when we use it — and I did, when it cleanses our bodies, we can also release the emotional trauma/energy that has been caught up in it.

Chi-tonic supplies minerals that cannot possibly exist in our food anymore, and these minerals bring in the energy to our bodies that we all need to just live our daily lives. I highly recommend it. If anyone is interested in purchasing it — because all tonics are not the same, please let me know, and I will let you know where to call to purchase it. You must use my name/number as a member, etc.

Where I’m living, I took a  four week, 20-minute-a day telephone super-course about the five nutritional causes of disease. The course included nutritional self-diagnosis and creating my personal healing plan for the future, from a woman who also routinely cures cancer — she calls cancer an injury, and she recommends using Chi-Tonic. . . (BTW, she says the hardest part of curing cancer is getting people to take back their power from Western medicine.) 1-2 Tablespoons a day is all it takes. It quite literally has saved my life several times, but that is quite another story 🙂


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  1. Susan says:

    Love it, thank you!!!

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