May 5, 2018, News, a lot of it is very special!

In order to set the record straight, let me start with this bit of history . . . which also suggests what I remember from my childhood about Barnum is quite true: He was not exactly very caring for his people. I heard this from my grandfather, who used to take off work and go down to watch the circus come to town, and while there is much else that is of interest in this short clip about the relationship between Barnum and Lind, I found this fact was also buried there.

Now on to some news:

This video came to me as a result of my ‘rant’ about how our Veterans are treated from a Reader who, I believe, has done Ayahuasca. I have been aware of Gabor Mate’s work for a number of years, and I think it has real value! I have been through the experiences he suggests even at the moment of conception, where my first experience in life was shock, and as a young adult I was put on drugs, which did not solve the problem. (The shock was so strong that when I experienced it again a couple years ago as a memory, it put me to sleep for an entire afternoon.) Do not ever believe what the Vatican says about when spirit enters our bodies. It is there from the very beginning. We remember everything! What they tell us only serves their own evil purposes.

Please note: Alongside this short video on youtube, there are many other videos by Mate that some readers may find extremely interesting!

My discussion with a Reader has continued, and apparently a clinical form of Ecstasy called MDMA is what is helping PTSD. Really, it is helping all forms of trauma. Here are two videos I’ve just found:

* * *

DiGenova: ‘This was smashmouth takedown’ of Mueller (Audio)

Former U.S. attorney: ‘To question the integrity is unprecedented’

A federal judge blasted the special counsel investigation of Robert Mueller Friday, accusing the former FBI director of assuming “unfettered” authority and maintaining control of the Paul Manafort prosecution solely to squeeze out incriminating information about President Trump.

And a former federal prosecutor says this was an “unprecedented rebuke” of Mueller and his team, as well as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe.

“This was a smashmouth takedown,” said Joe diGenova, a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. “To question the integrity, in essence, of Mr. Mueller, because of the nature of the case that he has in front of him in federal court, is truly unprecedented.”

On Friday, District Judge T.S. Ellis strongly challenged the authority Mueller and his team have to veer off into prosecuting financial crimes, such as the ones lodged against one-time Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort.

Ellis specifically wanted to know why Mueller’s team had no trouble referring the Michael Cohen case to the Southern District of New York but continues to handle the prosecution of Manafort on financial allegations unrelated to Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign.

“I don’t see what relation this indictment has with what the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” Ellis said Friday.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. … What you really care about is what information Mr. Manafort could give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment,” he added.

Ellis also took aim at Mueller’s approach to the investigation.

“What we don’t want in this country, we don’t want anyone with unfettered power. It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special counsel has unlimited powers to do anything he or she wants,” said Ellis.

Ellis has been on the federal bench since 1987. DiGenova says Ellis has a reputation for being a conservative but calm judge, which makes his comments on Friday all the more striking.

“I was absolutely stunned in a positive way that a judge, who was so fundamentally conservative in both his approach and his demeanor in court, was so appalled by what was happening in front of him. This is a very bad sign for Mueller,” said diGenova.

“This was a remarkable dressing down for Mr. Mueller,” he added. . . . Click article title to continue reading.

China’s Determined March Towards the Ecological Civilization . . . for those who are convinced by propaganda from people like Dave Hodges that ‘evil’ China has soldiers on the ground in the United States ready to take control, please take time to read this very special article. China has written into their Constitution that their future will involve an Ecological Civilization, and they are marching resolutely towards it.

There is no time for long introductions. The world is, possibly heading for yet another catastrophe. This one, if we, human beings will not manage to prevent it, could become our final.

The West is flexing its muscle, antagonizing every single country that stands on its way to total domination of the Planet. Some countries, including Syria, are attacked directly and mercilessly. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people are dying.

Political and potentially military disaster is simultaneously ‘complemented’ by the ecological ruin. Mainly Western multi-national companies have been plundering the world, putting profit over people, even over the very survival of the human species.

‘Political correctness’ is diluting the sense of urgency, and there is plenty of hypocrisy at work: while, at least in the West and Japan, people are encouraged to recycle, to turn off the lights in empty rooms and not to waste water, in other parts of our Planet, entire islands, nations and continents are being logged out by the Western corporations, or destroyed by unbridled mining. The governments of the West’s ‘client states’ are getting hopelessly corrupt in the process.

Western politicians see absolutely no urgency in all that is taking place around the world, or more precisely – they are paid not to see it.

So, are we now dealing with the thoroughly hopeless scenario? Did the world go mad? Is it ready to get sacrificed for the profit of the very few? Are people simply going to stand passively, watching what is happening around them, and die, as their world goes literally up in flames?

It appeared so, until few months ago.

Then, one of the oldest cultures of Earth, China, stood up and said “No! There are different ways to go forward. We could all benefit from the progress, without cannibalizing, and fully destroying our Planet.”

China, led by President Xi, accelerated implementation of the concept of so-called Ecological Civilization, eventually engraving it into the constitution of the country.

A man who did tremendous work in China, working tirelessly on the Ecological Civilization concept in both China and in the United States, John Cobb Jr., has been, for years, a friend and close comrade of mine.

A 93-year-old Whiteheadian philosopher, one of the most acknowledged Christian progressive theologians, and a self-proclaimed ‘supporter of Revolution’, John Cobb’s is a brave ‘alternative’ and optimistic voice coming from the United States.

We first met on a bus from Pyongyang to DMZ, in DPRK, several years ago, and became close friends, presently working on a book and a film together.

In this difficult, extremely dangerous, but also somehow hopeful time for our planet, it is clear that John Cobb’s voice should be heard by many.

China’s Growing Commitment to ‘Eco-Civ’ . . . click article title to continue reading.

American Samoa finally gets a public bank. And U.S. states are watching . . . Although this article is not by Ellen Brown, she has long been a proponent of public banking, which takes banking out of the control of the Federal Reserve. If you are unaware of her views, I urge you to acquaint yourselves with them. I think they will become important as we move forward.

 * * * 

Israel’s war on Iran has begun – What will Russia do about it? 

. . . this article tells us how and why Russia might/might not respond to an Israeli war on Iran. It makes some excellent points about the differences in the various countries’ goals, which are not as similar as one might think . . . ~J

Lavrov: US safe-havens militants for R&R, blocks humanitarian convoys

Op-Ed: Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation not the same as rebels fighting Syrian govt

Russian athletes banned from Olympics exonerated of charges, McLaren report exposed as misrepresentation 

State Dept condemns journalist killings, except ones by Israeli soldiers 

 * * *

I’m following events such as these to see if they are beginning to increase. ~J 

 * * * 

Three Almost-Horror Stories — Certainly Nightmare stories, all I believe the result of the lifestyle being forced on us.

New Jersey teachers’ union gets the Project Veritas treatment

Saudi Arabia signs pact with Vatican to build churches in bid to build new image of the terrorist-funding nation 

The modern serfs: Amazon workers tell their warehouse horror stories

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6 Responses to May 5, 2018, News, a lot of it is very special!

  1. lecox says:

    I do not support the use of psychoactive drugs to treat anything. That such drugs may be helpful only serves to perpetuate the perception that we can use drugs to treat ultimate cause, which we cannot. Marijuana and LSD have also been touted as beneficial, to say nothing of wine, rum, coffee and tobacco. I would never condemn someone who is suffering for trying a treatment that might reduce that suffering.

    Yet, as Jean has pointed out, the fetus has memory from the point of conception, and that means that memory is a property (or ability) of life force, and not anything material or chemical. And so, it must ultimately be the same for disease. Of course if your leg has to be amputated, you are not, on this Earth, going to “will” it back into a state of health. You will be given a pain killer and the leg will be cut off.

    But if you’ve felt like crap ever since… or suffer some chronic condition, you’ve been triggered, and if you don’t find the spiritual reason behind it, it could just keep happening to you.

    Remember that opium, heroin and cocaine were all touted as medicines in their day. The point is not that they have no useful medicinal properties, but that their use led to abuse. All the psychoactive drugs seem to be following down that path, too.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, I feel I must ask you if you have ever done any emotional healing work. I ask this, because in this case I disagree with your assessment, which may come only from the mind/intellectual. This drug appears to have ingredients that are extremely important in supporting the work of healing, and without them I am sure many people would become bogged down by the struggle and not continue. This is not an addictive drug, it is used three times in 12 sessions, and two therapists are there the whole time to support the patient. We are talking now about dealing with extremely painful emotions like lack of love, rejection, and in a child who must rely on adults to stay alive. The therapeutic framework provided by this drugis crucial.

      Many people are frightened of therapy, because when they were children, others took there power from them, and they see a therapist as quite possibly doing the same thing — and many of them are sick themselves and will surely try to do just that. “I’m not going to let anyone play with my head” is what a friend told me. Actually, they do not understand that they have the power to walk away from a therapist, to disagree with a therapist, etc. any time that they choose.

      I went through seven therapists before I finally found ‘the one’, and we always worked together. I knew exactly what we were doing and why. She helped me totally rebuild my life, but it was always my choice what I did. I knew she was there to protect me from making a huge mistake in judgment, etc., but that was never an issue. She taught me the basic rules of life, which I’ve often shared here when it seems appropriate, how to keep myself mentally and emotionally safe in almost any situation, how to parent myself . . . a skill we all should have learned from our own parents by simply living with them and learning from observation, etc. Most of our parents simply didn’t have any of these skills; they were already under the control of the matrix. . .

      What I see with this drug is that it helps remove the barriers of fear, helps us to see who we really are, without the nasty comments of family, etc., who are used to abusing us and making us think we are less than we are. It took me 22 painful years to do that, Larry, and I know there has to be a better way. I think the universe is sending this drug now, just like it has sent C-60 and a mineral tonic that I use called Chi-Tonic — for people who want to have better lives and don’t have a lifetime to give to it.

      C-60 is merely a food additive that removes contaminants form our bodies — and let’s fact it, everything our bodies take in is contaminated! It also removed facia that had my intestines twisted — for a lifetime — from when my mother tried to abort me.

      Chi-tonic supplies minerals that cannot possibly exist in our food anymore, and these minerals bring in the energy to our bodies that we all need to just live our daily lives. I highly recommend it. If anyone is interested in purchasing it — because all tonics are not the same, please let me know, and I will let you know how it can be done. 1-2 Tablespoons a day is all it takes. It has saved my life several times, but that is quite another story 🙂

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • lecox says:

        What I have done so far in the field of emotional healing involved a combination of study and spiritual counseling. The spiritual counseling was done with the assistance of a trained practitioner, which is the recommended way for “beginners” until they have demonstrated that they can do the work alone.
        All I can say about the methods I used is that drugs were not employed. To me that means that good results should be possible without using any drugs. Nutritional supplements (“vitamins”) are another matter.
        I don’t want to get dogmatic about this. I’m just stating my attitude about this based on what I have learned. I know that people have had gains from other techniques. But I don’t see the practitioners of other techniques organizing to take on the job of handling the entire planet.

        • Jean says:

          Thank you, always, for your openness and honesty, Larry. It was my experience that most beginners do not access their emotions right away. It took me a very long time. While I had anger and fear, etc., I was not at all aware of the cause or able to connect to it — but when the floodgates finally opened, when my feelings finally connected to their cause, they just never seemed to stop flowing.

          I was not suggesting that anyone handle the entire planet — but I think it is a great idea, except it must only be for those who have interest, because we’re on a free choice planet.

          What I was trying to say is that I don’t think people should have to spend years of their lives healing 🙂

          Thanks, Larry, for opening the door to ‘sharing’, and I hope you — and others — have found it beneficial in some way.

          ~Jean 🙂

  2. macweezy says:

    I believe the judge is a woman…according to roy potter…


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