May 8, 2018, News . . . please check back for UPDATES

UN is ‘abusive’ and ‘bullying’ Israel – Haley (2 minute video) 

China: Former political rising star sentenced to life in prison for corruption  . . . but we can’t even get a Pakistani Spy Ring that’s been in our Congress for years to be recognized by our government. I think we very seriously need to ‘get real’ about our attitude towards China. When we clean up our life here at home, maybe we can then criticize other countries. Am I making any sense?

Chicago Mayor Emanuel Wants To Unleash Spying Police Drone Against Protestors 

Nikki Haley needs to stop worrying about Venezuela (video below). It looks like we have the same problems right here at home. ~J 

ikki US sanctions on Venezuela ‘part of campaign to overthrow government, nothing to do with democracy’ 

Mass Exodus: Venezuelan Army Troops Desert In Droves Ahead Of Presidential Election

The Venezuelan Army could be nearing a collapsing point, as high-ranking military officers and enlisted troops “are joining the exodus of Venezuelans to Colombia and Brazil…”

‘US wants Iraqi-style regime change in Iran’ 

Without Iran, Syria Would Have Been Overtaken By Jihadists – Analyst

An Israeli Minister suggested that Tel Aviv could kill Syrian President Bashar al-Assad unless his government prevents Iranian forces from launching attacks against Israel from Syrian territory. To find out how likely it is that these words could become reality, Sputnik spoke to Middle East analyst Catherine Shakdam.

Pompeo jets to Pyongyang as Trump holds out for North Korea nuke deal

US Lists Additional Demands for Iran Beyond Halting Nuclear Program

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US President Donald Trump has eight additional demands that Iran must meet on top of halting its nuclear weapons program such as ending the proliferation of ballistic missiles, among others, the White House said in a statement. . . . Click article title to continue reading. 

Xi tells Trump that North Korea wants peace, but has security concerns

Two Koreas, One Yuan? China to Play Key Role in Korean Economic Unification

On April 27, South Korean President Moon Jae In not only shared a handshake and verbal discussion with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as they met in demilitarized zone between their two countries – he also handed his fellow leader a USB drive that held South Korea’s proposal for a “New Economic Map of the Korean Peninsula.”

An article in the “Panmunjom Declaration,” the name given to last month’s historic summit, proposes connecting and upgrading rail and road systems. Many of those systems will also ensure that the entire Korean Peninsula becomes more seamlessly linked with China — and Russia — according to a new report by the South China Morning Post.

Reportedly, a rail link would connect Mokpo, a southwestern town, with Seoul and Pyongyang and eventually Beijing. The first of those belts would link the west side of the Korean Peninsula with China; another would connect the east coast to Russia for the exchange of energy; and one along the demilitarized zone for tourism.

South Korean officials have been quiet on the topic and declined to give details of the drive’s contents, SCMP notes. Park Byeong Seug, a member of Moon’s ruling Democratic Party of Korea, said the proposal adheres to policies Moon outlined in his seminal July 6 “Berlin Speech.”

“The concept of the three belts was one of President Moon’s pledges during the election last year,” Park said. “The new economic map includes railway links between the two Koreas and China’s northeast stretching all the way to Europe.” . . . Click article title to continue reading.

US sanctions on Venezuela ‘part of campaign to overthrow government, nothing to do with democracy’

The following two articles will give you and idea of just how complex the world situation really is. ~J

Trump Did NOT Convince Kim to Ditch His Nukes. China Did, by Mike Whitney 

Donald Trump thinks his “maximum pressure” campaign persuaded North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. But it’s a bunch of baloney. The reason Kim Jong-un is planning to denuclearize is because China adamantly opposes nuclear weapons on the peninsula. That’s the whole deal in a nutshell. China, who is North Korea’s biggest trading partner, gave Kim an ultimatum: Ditch the nukes or face long-term economic strangulation. Kim very wisely chose the former option, which is to say, he backed down. 

The situation in North Korea is really quite bleak. Consider, for example, this recent piece in a United Nations periodical titled “The 5 most under-reported humanitarian crises that are happening right now”. Heading the list is this blurb on North Korea: . . . Click article title to continue reading. 

Russia is opposed to a war between Iran and Israël, by Thierry Meyssan

Israëli bombing raids since December 2017.

Israël fired nine missiles against two Syrian military bases in the night of 29-30 April 2018, causing serious damage.

What is surprising about this operation is that the Russian radars did not transmit the alert to the Syrian authorities, who were therefore unable to intercept the Israëli projectiles.

It transpires that the attack was aimed not at Syrian objectives, but at Iranian targets installed on Syrian bases.

In honour of a treaty anterior to the war, Iran came to the help of Syria from the beginning of the foreign aggression in 2011. Without this assistance, Syria would have been beaten, the Republic overthrown, and the Muslim Brotherhood installed in power. However, as from September 2015, Syria has also been supported by Russia, whose firepower is far superior. It was the Russian Air Force who destroyed the underground fortifications – built by NATO and Lafarge – with their ’bunker-buster’ bombs, thereby allowing the Syrian Arab Army to recapture the ground they had lost.

Today, the aims of Iran and Russia diverge.

The Irano-Russian disagreement . . . Click article title to continue reading.

Israel strikes Syrian army positions, no casualties – State news agency

Israel strikes Syrian army positions, no casualties - State news agency

A Syrian army position in the south of Damascus was under Israeli air strike, SANA state news agency reported. Syrian air defences fired at and destroyed two Israeli missiles in the Kisweh area.

“The Art Of Exiting The Deal”: What Happens Next?

The next great middle-eastern conflict has started.

Yuge mistake: Trump pulls out of Iran deal, plans more sanctions – Iran calls decision illegal, by Moon of Alabama

Iran will remain in nuclear deal, US withdrawal illegal – Rouhani

 * * *

 * * *

BREAKING NEWS Israeli military on’ high alert’, bomb shelters ready on Golan Heights over Iran activity in Syria 

Israel’s military is on high alert after allegedly spotting irregular Iranian military movement in Syria, with bomb shelters in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights being readied in anticipation of an Iranian attack.

Israel has deployed its defense systems and Israeli forces “are on high alert for an attack,” according to a military statement obtained by Reuters. The Israeli government has also reportedly instructed local authorities in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to “unlock and ready (bomb) shelters.”

RELATEDDefense Stocks Jump As Israel Opens Shelters, Puts Troops On “High Alert For An Attack”

* * Watch Trump’s announcement live on * * 

I’ll update the news later. It feels like the people of the planet are holding their collective breaths while we await Trump’s decision. . . My hope is that today we may get some insight about Trump and who he really is. ~J

Tehran to be hit with old, new sanctions as US plans to quit Iran nuke deal – report

Zero hour on Iran deal: Could breaking Iran deal damage US reputation globally?

Leading into Trump’s announcement, a report from George this morning. . . ~J

‘He created this mess!’ Trump warns John Kerry against Iran deal meddling

Dmitry Medvedev Confirmed As Russia’s Prime Minister

In a signal that President Vladimir Putin has chosen to maintain Russia’s political status quo, damn the western sanction torpedoes, today Dmitry Medvedev was re-appointed as Russia’s prime minister. Click article title to continue reading.

US Slams “Alice In Wonderland”-China At Trade Talks; China Claims WTO “Taken Hostage” By Washington 

Despite all the happy-talk of “constructive conversations” from last week’s meeting of the minds between Washington and Beijing, reports from today’s World Trade Organization meeting suggest things are not going so well. . . .Click article title to continue reading.

Kim Agrees “Denuclearization Is Achievable” After Surprise Second Meeting With China’s Xi 

“North Korea does not need to have nuclear weapons, and denuclearization is achievable…

Is Armenia’s coup complete? Opposition calls for a ‘velvet revolution’ and sees off legitimately elected PM 

SOTT Comment: We had colour revolutions and now we have fabric revolutions, whatever next? It looks like Armenia has fallen to more insidious powers, Ukraine-style, and we wait to see if the people will be as happy and prosperous as those suffering in Ukraine. 

For a possible explanation why Armenia has been targeted: Armenian prime minster resigns in face of protests: Coup echoes Ukraine’s Euromaidan

Armenia will more than likely pivot even faster to the West like it’s already been in the process of doing now that the shadowy Gulen-like California diaspora is on the verge of seizing total control of the state by proxy and have intimidated the population into accepting the “replacement” of their Russian-friendly “oligarchs” with American ones instead. Russia stands to lose from what just happened because the Pravy Sektor-esque hyper-nationalists might conveniently attempt to redirect society’s piqued anger towards their country’s historical partner now that it’s associated with the disgraced Sargsyan after President Putin ironically congratulated him last week for “[his] appointment to this responsible post (which) reaffirms [his] high political authority and broad support for the reforms aimed at solving the socioeconomic challenges facing Armenia.”

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6 Responses to May 8, 2018, News . . . please check back for UPDATES

  1. horns1972 says:

    Nikki Haley needs to understand that we aren’t in junior high anymore. This thing of calling United Nations bullies because they don’t believe Netanyahu doesn’t mean they are bullies. It means they know bs when they smell it.

  2. Deborah says:

    When we clean up our life here at home, maybe we can then criticize other countries. Am I making any sense? PERFECT sense, Jean……And lord knows, there’s PLENTY of cleaning up that NEEDS to be done here at home!!!
    Love and Hugs~ Deborah 🙂

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