May 11, 2018 . . . Oh, my! Such news today! . . .but no headlines right now . . . ~J :)

Uncomfortable questions about that FBI ‘source’, by Kimberley A. Strassel, The Wall Street Journal

George addresses — and dares to name — the FBI Source mentioned in the above article.

George has also posted several other videos today of interest; one is of particular to me, because I begin now to question with George’s intense focus on his own efforts whether or not he has any idea about the far deeper story of pedophilia that has been present on our planet for eons. It is the video below that raises this question in my mind. He talks about pedophilia, human trafficking, organ harvesting, etc. and seems to think this is not an integral part of the mentality of the people who have been running our planet — and could be- should be- dropped. He says there is a change from what he calls Old Mossad to New Mossad — and he prefers the Old Mossad . . . but I contend this seemingly new interest has been present for centuries. . . 

A pneumonic, MOINS, is important to following and understanding George’s explanation: 

 * * * 

David’s two videos (below) deal very much with this question I have about George’s statement, which indicate to me he is almost unaware that pedophilia is a basic part of the elite bloodlines, which are running the world and intend to continue to do so: Incest is a fundamental foundation of their lives and has been for a very long time. While the first video is essential background, the second video deals largely with pedophilia: David even mentions how it it embedded in our military.

Also, David’s expression of what religion should be fits with my thinking totally: We are each one of us an expression of Creator’s desire to experience life. Because we choose our experience, there is no reason to judge one another: In our last life we might have been a queen, and now we may be an ‘everyday’ person. We learn from these experiences, or we don’t.

Regina’s excellent interview skills guide David through these two quite amazing videos. After David’s brief introduction, Regina skillfully helps David to focus on the deeper subject of this video . . . It’s quite exciting to hear this information explained!

Let me add, also, that my own struggle in life has been to heal from just such sexual attacks as David describes, plus my mother’s desire to live my life for herself, as she corrected in me her own perceived faults, faults that were never mine. As a child, I took on all her emotional pain simply in order to stay alive, and it also lodged in my physical body. While I also had to deal with all the ugly energy from my father and my uncle emotionally, it, too, also lodged in my physical body — and should have killed me, but I’m a fighter, and I’ve been able, very painfully, to remove it. I remember crying as I felt the energy from my uncle’s rape of me leaving my physical body. It was ugly; it was brutally angry, and I realized it had nothing at all to do with me. I couldn’t imagine how a three-year-old child ever could have survived what he did to me. but, I did survive it, and the fact is that more than three-and-a-half years later, I am now walking again.

All those who harmed me so badly were only victims of this sick energy that is trying to control our planet, and I often weep for them. My parents were only trying to have a life, and they probably didn’t understand — and maybe they did — and for them I (probably unconsciously) became a means to that end. They used me to survive their own pain, and as a baby I had no way to control what they did. I could either die, or I could take on their pain — and survive to fight another day, which I believe I’ve done. 

I hope, one day, to tell about what that brutal lifetime experience does to a person — and what it takes to undo it. I really hope that the Vatican with all its lies will one day have to deal with my experiences — they need to hear my words, perhaps when they least want to hear them!~J

This second video deals largely with pedophilia: 

 * * *

I’ve published this video before . . . but I think it bears our reconsideration:

. . . and let me add this new video from David:


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