UPDATEs – BREAKING” May 12, 2018, News . . . so much I can hardly keep up! ~J :)

UPDATE: UN nuclear watchdog chief inspector suddenly quits, speculations arise . . . 

 . . . George has addressed this earlier today (below: 205.9 and 206.1)

Still no evidence of Iranian military in Syria, but defeated ‘rebels’ just handed over enormous trove of Israeli-made weapons to Damascus

UPDATE – BREAKING: Israeli airstrikes hit north Gaza Strip . . . when will the UN finally say ‘Enough!’

Things are moving very rapidly.  Please check the titles on the individual selected videos. 

 * * * 

 The video below was published in January of 2018. Start at 15:30 as David describes the Agenda – to Balkanize the Middle East . . . He continues [just after minute 21] to suggest ways that it is obvious that Trump is owned by Israel. Note what the plan is for Jerusalem. Just consider his views, hold them in the back of your mind and watch what happens every day . . . unless we wake up.

More and more, I’m thinking they have overplayed their hands. Israel is calling attention to itself in a way I think it will soon regret. ~J

James Corbett: And now it’s time to discuss the REAL Middle East nuclear threat (VIDEO)

 * * * 

From ForbiddenKnowledgeTV: It’s been 2 years since Vaxxed captured international headlines when it was pulled from the already-announced line-up of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival on March 25th, 2016 and what a wild ride it has been since then!

If you haven’t had a chance yet to watch this controversial and acclaimed film, you’re in for a treat!

Vaxxed will be free to stream for a full 7 days via Vimeo, so forward this email to your friends, legislators, educators, and medical professionals all over the world who have not yet seen Vaxxed and just clickthrough on the blue button within the screen after you arrive at the landing page, when you click below.

Ecuador’s new rules ban Assange from taking visitors and phone calls – WikiLeaks

Over 250 Children Shot With Live Bullets in Gaza Protests Since March – Charity

David Stockman Warns: Forget ‘America’, “It’s Deep State First”

CIA veteran McGovern dragged from Haspel hearing tells RT details of his arrest (VIDEO)

Haspel’s Role in CIA Torture Program ‘Neither Minor Nor Incidental’ – Senator Tim Kaine

Russia Says No S-300 Missiles For Syria After Netanyahu Visit 

The EU will ditch Iran and the JCPOA, here’s why…  please don’t miss this article. . . ~J

Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal gives Europe a choice: Become vassals or be independent, by Finian Cunningham 

Europe trails Russia & China, lacking political weight to face down US – Galloway 

China ready to replace Total in Iran – report 

Days ahead of moving embassy to ‘capital’ Jerusalem, US has ‘no position’ on Israeli border there 

Putin: The Whole World Sees The “Dangerous Dollar Monopoly”


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