“I Am Julian Assange, byRaul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog

In essence, Assange is not different from any journalist working for a major paper or news channel. The difference is he published what they will not because they want to stay in power. The Washington Post today would never do an investigation such as Watergate, and that’s where WikiLeaks came in.

It filled a void left by the media that betrayed their own history and their own field. Betrayed the countless journalists throughout history, and today, who risked their lives and limbs, and far too often lost them, to tell the truth about what powers that be do when they think nobody’s looking or listening.

Julian is not wanted because he’s a spy, or even because he published a number of documents whose publication was inconvenient for certain people. He is wanted because he is so damn smart, which makes him very good and terribly effective at what he does. He’s on a most wanted list not for what he’s already published, but for what he might yet publish in the future.

He built up WikiLeaks into an organization that acquired the ultimate trust of many people who had access to documents they felt should be made public. They knew he would never betray their trust. WikiLeaks has to date never published any documents that were later found out to be false. It never gave up a source. No documents were ever changed or manipulated for purposes other than protecting sources and other individuals.

Julian Assange built an ’empire’ based on trust. To do that he knew he could never lie. Even the smallest lie would break what he had spent so much time and effort to construct. He was a highly accomplished hacker from a very young age, which enabled him to build computer networks that nobody managed to hack. He knew how to make everything safe. And keep it that way.  . . . Click article titlwe to continue reading.

The Guardian engages in conspiracy to silence Julian Assange and push him into the hands of the US and UK, by Craig Murray

Cutting Assange off from the world is ‘torture,’ ‘attack’ on mental health – ex-Ecuadorian president

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UPDATE: dutchsinse

Israel commits high crimes against humanity: Only Iran, Turkey, and S. Africa call them out for it, by Stephen Lendman

US blocks UN statement calling for probe into deaths at Gaza border protests 

Merkel’s second meeting with Putin in a month could signal positive shift in Russia-EU relations

‘Doomsday Machine’: Russia’s New Weapon Reportedly Gets Nuclear Warhead (VIDEO)

During his state-of-the-nation address to the Russian Federal Assembly in March, President Vladimir Putin touted the country’s newest weapons, including the Poseidon (Status-6) unmanned underwater vehicles.

Duterte: Xi assured me Philippines won’t be turned into US vassal state

DPRK Makes Money Off US, Its Allies by Selling VPN, Facial Recognition, Encryption Software to Them – Report

With tensions running high on the Korean Peninsula over Seoul teaming up with Washington in last week’s military training session, an intriguing report has come to light: it states that US might have subconsciously catered to North Korea’s technological and financial zeal, despite the country still shouldering the burden of sanctions.

 * * *

Who framed President Putin? CIA veteran hints at culprit, slams Senate-backed ‘collusion’ tale (2 videos)

Joe DiGenova on deep state’s admitting to spying on Trump: ‘This is the most unbelievable scandal in US history’ (2 Videos)

* * *

EU Launches Rebellion Against Trump’s Iran Sanctions, Bans European Companies From Complying

EU will use ‘blocking statute’ to protect its firms from US sanctions for operating in Iran

Energy Analyst Gives 6 Good Reasons Why EU Will Resist Folding to US Pressure on Iran

A diplomatic source has told Sputnik that the EU is looking to switch from dollars to euros to pay for its Iranian oil imports. The news comes amid talks between Iranian and European diplomats aimed at saving the nuclear deal. Energy security expert Francis Perrin explains why Europe is reluctant to bend to Washington’s will on this issue.

Leaked draft agreement indicates Italy may ditch Russian sanctions

New Opportunities Open Up as Eurasian Economic Union Strikes Trade Deals With Iran, China

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Eurasian Economic Union’s (EAEU) newly-signed trade agreements with Iran and China have opened up new opportunities for their signatories to deepen mutual economic cooperation and make trade rules more predictable and transparent for businesses.

Just Business? US Prepares to Hit Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline With Sanctions

The US government is reportedly preparing to employ punitive measures against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which may soon create another route for shipping Russian natural gas to Europe.

US Sanctions Against Hezbollah Aim to Meddle in Lebanese Government Formation – Lawmaker

BEIRUT (Sputnik) – New US sanctions imposed on Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement aim to interfere in the formation of the country’s government, as well as in its policy, Lebanese parliament lawmaker and member of Hezbollah Walid Sukkari told Sputnik on Thursday.

. . . and, btw, in case you might forget, this aspect of the chaos is now increasing . . . 

Emergency Meeting Called to Assess Global Risks of Ongoing Ebola Outbreak – WHO

Although the West African Ebola virus epidemic ended in 2016 – causing in excess of 20,000 deaths over a three-year period – the deadly disease has continued to claim lives in the region and still poses a threat to other parts of the world, as the virus can easily be transported through continents by a host.


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