FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! – May 19, 2018 . . . News . . . pull up your chair; it’s all coming out!

Dutch’s latest earthquake UPDATE –

You might find this video from last evening of interest. From looking at the comments, I don’t think this is over  . . . ~J

This is Dutch’s general earthquake update from last evening. Apparently, they have ‘wiped’ an earthquake — not sure what that means:

UPDATES as the news becomes available! ~J

FBI spy-op exposed: Trump campaign infiltrated by longtime CIA and MI6 asset . . . and he is named, but if you’ve followed George Webb, you’ve already heard his name!

 * * * 

George Webb may be publishing a lot today . . . I’ll try to keep track!

 * * * 

I think we have real problems!

At the same time as Russiaphobia fall apart, we have a President who . . .

Trump taps ex-Gitmo commander and Navy chief in 2011 Libya bombing as new envoy to S. Korea

US approves $45mn sale of 3,200 bombs & bunker busters to Bahrain

Slavish US Congress to consider recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

Gaza shows there is a cost to a Trump administration’s worldview

* * *

Hungarian Prime Minister Accuses George Soros Of Spreading Anti-Semitism Across Europe

“[Soros’ organizations] bear responsibility for the increase in anti-Semitism in Europe [because they’ve helped those whose] political and religious views markedly increased the sense of insecurity in Jewish communities…”

All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over “Absolutely Deplorable” Pedophile Priest Scandal

Francis accused the bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimes, pressuring investigators, and showing ‘grave negligence’ in protecting children from pedophile priests.

 * * * 

UPDATE on Zerohedge story from last night:

 * * *

The Stock Market is Literally a Ponzi Scheme

 * * * 

China Resists Trump Deficit Demand, Agrees To Buy More US Goods

With the recent “elimination” of Peter Navarro from Trump’s inner circle of advisors, it appears that the trade war with China is about to return to its prior dormant state, as the status quo wins again.

 * * *

 * * * 

‘#BREAKING! Woman wears dress’: Royal wedding saturation sparks widespread fatigue

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