FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! May 22, 2018, Evening News . . . follow-ups on today’s stories.

Regarding Julian Assange: Note the geographic position of Ecuador in the following very interesting in-and-of itself video by Florida Maquis. Could the outcome of the attempt to take-down Venezuela have something to do with Assange’s freedom?

RT Article: Hawaii power plant shuts down after lava from Kilauea volcano flows onto site (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

(Video below: Are you aware of the fact that Cuba seems to be in the sites of this new tropical [engineered?] storm? Do you understand the possible reason why? If you missed it, please read HERE.

* * * 

Is ‘Wrecking Ball’ Trump Undermining America’s Global Clout? Let’s Hope So! by James Jatras

However much Donald Trump’s loyal base in the United States continues to love him (while the other half of the American population loathes him), it’s safe to say that the overwhelming consensus among foreign leaders is one of contempt mixed with fear. While not identifying Trump by name, European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini left no doubt about what she thinks of the current hand on the tiller of the American ship of state in the aftermath of US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal:

“It seems that screaming, shouting, insulting and bullying, systematically destroying and dismantling everything that is already in place, is the mood of our times… This impulse to destroy is not leading us anywhere good … It is not solving any of our problems.”

Let’s take a look at some of the primary breakage in the wake of what some see as Trump’s bull-in-a-china-shop path of destruction: Click title to continue reading.

Iran in The Crosshairs as The Empire Enters Its Mad Dog Days, by John Wight

US And Israel Holding Global Economy Hostage in Showdown With Iran

Palestinian politicians have condemned the US for moving its embassy to Jerusalem, likening the move to Israel’s seizure of Palestinian land. 

Feisal Abu Shahlaa, a member of the Fatah party, said the US is now viewed as “invaders” of Palestinian territories following President Donald Trump’s decision to move the country’s diplomatic headquarters from Tel Aviv. The US now officially recognizes the city as Israel’s capital. “What we see is a seizure of our lands, something only Israelis did before,” Abu Shahlaa said in an interview with Sputnik. 

Ruhi al Fattuh, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee echoed his party colleague’s remarks. “The land the US embassy stands on was illegally occupied. The Americans continue the Israeli practice of building settlements in Palestine,” Fattuh said. 

Fattuh said Palestinians also see the relocation as a breach of international law citing UN Security Council Resolution 478 which ruled out recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 1980. . . . Click article title to continue reading

Human Rights Council votes to investigate Israel – UN head says Israel cages Gazans ‘in a toxic slum from birth to death’

Summit with North Korea in June may be delayed – Trump

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A graduation message for a dark age, by John Whitehead

“When the rivers and air are polluted, when families and nations are at war, when homeless wanderers fill the highways, these are the traditional signs of a dark age.”- Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times


© The Conversation

Those coming of age today will face some of the greatest obstacles ever encountered by young people. 

They will find themselves overtaxed, burdened with excessive college debt, and struggling to find worthwhile employment in a debt-ridden economy on the brink of implosion. Their privacy will be eviscerated by the surveillance state. They will be the subjects of a military empire constantly waging war against shadowy enemies and government agents armed to the teeth ready and able to lock down the country at a moment’s notice. 

As such, they will find themselves forced to march in lockstep with a government that no longer exists to serve the people but which demands they be obedient slaves or suffer the consequences. 

It’s a dismal prospect, isn’t it? 

Unfortunately, we who should have known better failed to guard against such a future. 

Worse, we neglected to maintain our freedoms or provide our young people with the tools necessary to survive, let alone succeed, in the impersonal jungle that is modern America. 

We brought them into homes fractured by divorce, distracted by mindless entertainment, and obsessed with the pursuit of materialism. We institutionalized them in daycares and afterschool programs, substituting time with teachers and childcare workers for parental involvement. We turned them into test-takers instead of thinkers and automatons instead of activists. 

We allowed them to languish in schools which not only look like prisons but function like prisons, as well-where conformity is the rule and freedom is the exception. We made them easy prey for our corporate overlords, while instilling in them the values of a celebrity-obsessed, technology-driven culture devoid of any true spirituality. And we taught them to believe that the pursuit of their own personal happiness trumped all other virtues, including any empathy whatsoever for their fellow human beings. 

No, we haven’t done this generation any favors. 

Based on the current political climate, things could very well get much worse before they ever take a turn for the better.Here are a few pieces of advice that will hopefully help those coming of age today survive the perils of the journey that awaits:

Click article title to continue reading.

Here’s why Bloody Gina, America’s torturer-in-chief now runs the CIa, by Eric Zuesse

This is the way a dictatorship has to act in order to stay in power

Rep. Matt Gaetz: There Was No “Legal or Factual Basis” For Jeff Sessions Recusal (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Jake Tapper Tuesday afternoon there was no “factual basis” for Jeff Sessions recusal.

Gaetz also said Sessions is essentially confined to a corner of the Justice Department because he’s being played by Rosenstein.

BREAKING: Michael Cohen’s Business Partner Flips – Dirty Cop Mueller Hopes to Use Him to Squeeze Trump Lawyer

Evgeny A. Freidman, Michael Cohen’s business partner in a taxi cab venture quietly decided to cooperate with the government as a potential witness to avoid jail time.

Robert Mueller could then use this as leverage to pressure Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen to work with the Special Counsel investigation into ‘Russian interference.’

BOOM! Former Trump Campaign Aide Michael Caputo: Federal Agency Attempted to GIVE ME HILLARY EMAILS! (VIDEO)

Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo dropped a bomb on the Ingraham Angle Monday night.

Caputo told Ingraham: “I was approached by a SECOND government informant.”

Michael Caputo said he’s waiting for clearance from his attorney before he offers more details.

Deep State James Clapper: Embedding Spy Inside Trump Campaign Is “Standard Investigative Practices – Goes On All the Time”

The Deep State got caught spying on Candidate Trump — Now they’re spinning this as a good thing and normal procedure.

Secret FBI Team That Coordinated Set-Up of Trump Was Pressured by CNN – Guess Who Was CNN DOJ Reporter at the Time?

Nigel Farage Destroys Mark Zuckerberg: Stop Telling Us Facebook is “Platform for All Ideas” – Your Algorithms Censor Conservatives!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the European Parliament on Tuesday.During his testimony Nigel Farage, the British politician behind the Brexit vote, accused Zuckerberg and Facebook of intentional and “willful discrimination” of conservative publishers on the platform.

Farage was brilliant.

Transcript via Breitbart:

Click article title to continue reading.

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4 Responses to FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! May 22, 2018, Evening News . . . follow-ups on today’s stories.

  1. beLIEve says:

    Hawaiian volcano/earthquake….I$ it ENGINEERED ?

    Obviously, I don’t know, however, FOUR MONTHS AGO, Hawaii was “nuked”

    Failed Nuke Attack On Hawaii Was Not A Hoax
    January 18, 2018
    * *
    AND…Hawaii is, at the moment, working out the “bill” for 124 years of U.$. occupation !
    Calculating Reparations for 124 years of an Unjust War between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States since 1893

    30th May 2017
    * *
    HAWAIIAN Kingdom COMPLAINT filed with U.N. Security Council AGAINST the UNITED $TATE$

    On July 5, 2001, the Agent for the Hawaiian Kingdom, H.E. David Keanu Sai, Acting Minister of Interior, filed with the Security Council at United Nations headquarters in New York a Complaint against the United States of America concerning the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Islands since the Spanish-American War of 1898.
    * *
    The A$hkeNAZI Khazar….deep $tate… happy to THIEVE EVERYWHERE it can but, DOG HELP anyone who feels……RESTITUTION is in order !

    • Jean says:

      beLIEve, nothing about this possibility would surprise me! I think the plan is to have us be so upset by all the chaos, that we turn to the illuminati via problem-solution-reaction, so they can impose their rule on the planet. I don’t think, however, it is going to work that way. Remember: The Mandate of Heaven!

      Thanks and hugs for this great bit of research. Wish you could get it to Jon Rappoport. ~Jean

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