The news is such that I’m going to post it now and not wait for news of the Columbian election today. What will be will be 🙂 ~J

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 * * * Stunning Images From Space As “Widening & Advancing” Lava Flow Reaches Hawaii Power Plant

Lava has never engulfed a geothermal plant anywhere in the world and the potential threat is untested, according to the head of the state’s emergency management agency.

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 * * * Conflict with Iran – What You’re Not Being Told . . . this article tells us a lot!

 * * * Trump ‘flips off’ the rest of the world, losing friends and allies

* * * US warns Syria not to attack al-Qaeda and ISIS in SW Syria, by Moon of Alabama

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (AFP)
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (AFP)

A Saudi activist has revealed that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has not been seen in public over the past few weeks, was actually shot and injured in heavy gunfire reported from outside the royal palace in the capital Riyadh late last month.

Mohammed al-Mas’ari, the secretary-general of the Islamic Revival Party, citing reliable sources, said in a recent interview with Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV that bin Salman was hit by bullets during the late April attack.

He said the news of bin Salman’s injury was leaked by sources within the royal family before widely circulating on social networking websites such as Twitter.

Elsewhere in his remarks, al-Mas’ari said the crown prince now plans to appear before the media in order to deny reports of a coup.

A number of journalists in Riyadh reported heavy fire outside the palace compound on April 21. Although Saudi Arabia’s state news agency claimed it was a shooting down of a toy drone that had gotten too close to the royal property, some wondered if the gunfire was in fact a coup led by royals against King Salman.

Saudi activists said the shooting had nothing to do with the drone, but it was an attack from vehicles carrying heavy machine guns and shooting randomly.

It was claimed that bin Salman had been evacuated to a nearby bunker at a military base for his safety.

The incident happened just after the young heir to the throne wrapped up a whirlwind global tour meant to advertise himself as the new power in the kingdom. Back home, the crown prince faced tension within the royal family.

No new photo or video of bin Salman were released by state media. Bin Salman was not even seen on camera when US Secretary of State Mike Popmeo paid his maiden visit to Riyadh in late April. The long disappearance had raised speculation about the fate of the crown prince.

PressTV-Bin Salman not seen in public since alleged coup attempt . . . 

It was earlier reported that bin Salman had been evacuated to a nearby bunker at a military base for his safety.

Bin Salman’s month-long disappearance from the media limelight contrasts his high-profile tour in the United States and Europe.

The attack on palace came after a self-promoting campaign at home, which saw hundreds of royals and businessmen detained and tortured. Most of them were later released after reaching financial settlement deals with the kingdom.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this uprising against the wealthy and the powerful, though, is that it is coming from above, from a 32-year-old who is rebelling against his own class in the hopes of ultimately being the last man standing.

Although there has always been competition from within the royal family, and criticism of its behavior from outside, the approximately 15,000 princes and princesses and their hangers-on were widely seen as untouchable.

In addition to internal power struggle within the royal family, Muhammad bin Nayef and Mutab Bin Abdullah, son of a late king, both were dissatisfied with the Saudi-led campaign against Yemen.

A dissident prince urges a palace coup to depose King Salman and save the kingdom from the current destructive policies spearheaded by Crown Prince bin Salman.

Analysts say bin Salman deeply desires power, but he has little experience, and that, some believe, is a potentially dangerous combination.

The Saudi crown prince’s anti-Palestinian stance has in several occasions offended the Muslim world. Relations between Riyadh and the Tel Aviv regime have been warming up more rapidly since June 2017, when bin Salman became the crown prince. Saudi Arabia, under bin Salman, is believed to have been attempting to prepare the public opinion at home and elsewhere for the potential normalization of relations with Israel.

In March and during his three-week tour of the United States, bin Salman met with the leaders of a number of pro-Israel lobby groups, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Saudi Arabia’s indirect intervention in Syria has failed amid the defeat of militant groups funded by Riyadh in their last urban strongholds in the conflict-hit country.

Riyadh’s direct military intervention in Yemen has also been botched as Saudi Arabia failed to reinstate a former ally as president in the impoverished country.

The deadly Saudi campaign against Yemen has damaged bin Salman’s image both internationally and regionally.

The House of Saud’s designated successor has also been attempting to portray himself as a “reformer” and an advocate of women’s rights.

On the economic front, analysts have cast doubt on bin Salman’s so-called Vision 2030 project, which aims to wean the Saudi economy off petrodollars and make the country more like “a normal non-oil state.”

Observers maintain that Saudi Arabia’s “dream” of becoming the dominant power in the Arab world has ended in “disastrous” failure.

US Commander In Europe Wants More Troops, Resources To “Deter” Russia

As Russia cuts spending, US continues to escalate…

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“A Toxic Coup Narrative”: Why Italy’s Political Crisis May Be About To Explode

“The most worrying points are: toxic “coup” narrative developing; in the next days, if the crisis worsens, calls for a show of force will grow louder. Plus, Savona’s appointment means Lega is dead serious to face off the EU.”

. . . and just now comes this news — not surprising if you have read the previous article, but most certainly not democratic! . . . 

Italy In Chaos: Country To Vote Again After President Blocks Government; “Unclear What Happens Next”

The Italian political chaos just went from bad to worse after the country’s president effectively sided with Europe and vetoed the choice of the Italian people.

. . . and more info here . . .

‘Unprecedented institutional clash’: Italy fails to form govt over anti-EU economic minister

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UK arms sales to Israel hit peak, as Prince William plans visit to Jerusalem

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Turkey May Buy Russian Su-57 Jets, If Delivery of F-35 Jets Suspended

Russia And Turkey Reach Deal On “Southern Stream” Gas Pipeline, Infuriate Washington

Russia’s Gazprom and Turkey reached a deal, greenlighting the construction of the critical land-based part of the Turkish Stream branch that will bring Russian gas to European consumers.

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Moon says Kim remains skeptical of Washington’s pledge to guarantee North Korea’s security in exchange for de-nuclearization

 . . . no wonder Kim is skeptical . . . 

Two US warships enter disputed South China Sea waters, China slams move

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The following headlines all come from Gateway Pundit, the site I presently find best for one-stop information on the collapse of the Deep State. ~J

UK Protesters Flood the Streets to Demand the Release of Imprisoned Journalist Tommy Robinson (VIDEOS)

German MP Offers Tommy Robinson Asylum: ‘He’s a Political Prisoner’

Donald Trump Jr: Tommy Robinson’s Imprisonment is Reason #1776 for the Original Brexit

Rudy Giuliani: The Spying on Trump by the Obama Administration “Completely Taints” the Entire Mueller Probe (VIDEO)

VIDEO: John Kerry’s Peace Partner Iranian FM Javad Zarif Caught on Video Chanting “Death to America!”

Oops!… Hillary Campaign Official Accuses Trump of Offering Children to Human Traffickers …But It Was an Obama Policy!

Deep State Confession: 2017 UK Article Indicates Obama’s Spygate Started in 2015 – Much Earlier than Currently Reported

Wonderful! Senator Orrin Hatch Heaps Praise on President Trump After Release of US Hostage Josh Holt (VIDEO)

Corrupt Obama Appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson Does It Again: Puts Politics Before Law in Manafort Case – Should be Removed

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  1. Bill says:

    Jean – regarding he US commander complaining about lack of resources – no commander since the War of 1812 has ever had sufficient resources when budget time comes around!

    • Jean says:

      They areb’t meant to, Bill, or anyway, that’ what I think. They are outright stealing our money — not even using it ‘wisely’ as Russia does. We have too much, but it’s all been a lie! Hugs, ~Jean

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