May 29, 2018, News UPDATE: Possible tsunami in Hawaii will head to the US West Coast, Japan, and Australia!

Comment by ~Jean: I received the information in this video yesterday, but I wanted to wait to publish it — because the message is emotionally hard to deal with, and I wanted to know a bit more about it all. I have been looking for earth changes to occur, as I think I have mentioned here, but I did not expect them to be of human origin.

Now, today I see that Michael Salla has been at work and is speaking about it openly, and I do not feel I can hold it back any longer. While I think it is likely true, I do not support the conclusions Salla reaches — that China is a part of this and they along with the Rothschilds intend to control the planet — whatever is left of it after this horrific earthquake/tsunami occurs. I have told you, my Readers, before why China will allow the Rothschilds ‘through’. It is about using the technology developed over many years that helps money flow easily around the planet. Without it, our financial dealings will return to the Dark Ages, and I don’t believe we are going back there. China and Russia are on the move, making positive change all over the planet, while the United States does nothing but destroy. Why, I must ask, would China want or even need to control the basket case that is now the United States. After years of reading and studying and watching — above all watching the actions of the players, my brain tells me there is no truth in what Salla says.

Also, I have had personal experience that has taught me that Michael Salla is co-intel. Like many other people, I know he ‘handles’ David Wilcock and Corey Goode, both of whom are co-intel. I also know this group is the ‘key’ to GiamTV, now also a CIA front for Disclosure. I think Salla may be trying to deflect the damage that has been done with this ‘outing’ of the Rothschilds, if indeed this info is really true, and draw in China to take the pressure off of the Deep State, but I have no real knowledge of this, as yet.

I have mentioned many times that China’s use of technology to stop criminals is a good thing, but it is always presented here in the US as being bad. Obviously, those who write these articles have no idea how many people — dare I say many, many thousands — in this country are also corrupt and on-the-take, as they allow their names to be used as heads of the corporate entities that are a part of the aspect of every local governing body here in the US. The funds that these corporations ‘earn’ are drained from us taxpayers and used to control us citizens! Would that one day we would see the value of technology as the Chinese do. It seems to me they are cleaning up their act, and we need to do the same. I cannot ever imagine Russia working with China if it is as Salla would have us believe. I need proof — not an opinion!

This is surely a time when each of us must make up our own mind. Mine is not made up yet, and I hope yours also is not. We must watch carefully!

This video is an audio of an article published by Michael Salla on May 27th HERE, along with a previous article, published on May 15, 2018, HERE. and audio HERE

 * * * 

QAnon reveals Vatican Rothschild Reptilian Connection behind the Deep State, published by Michael Salla (Video) . . . actual article is HERE. I would note to you there are many questions about the honesty of Q.

The article Salla reads comes from WikiPress, CO, UK in UK.

 * * * 

FEARS OF TSUNAMI FOR U.S. WEST COAST AS ERUPTING HAWAII VOLCANO FRACTURES MASSIVE UNSTABLE LANDMASS . . . this article seems to be the most fact-filled article, free of political ramfications. I am so sorry to have to share this information with everyone, and I ask that you please read it carefully — and if necessary, prepare wisely — and above all, pray. ~J

 * * * 

Other late-day news:  

Maduro: ‘Colombia joining NATO is a threat to regional peace’

Democracy? Italy’s president rejects distinguished economic minister because he would “risk an exit from the euro”

Italy Headed For July Elections After “Mr Scissors” Fails To Form Government

Cottarelli left his meeting with Italy’s president without an agreement on a cabinet team and with Italy staring new elections in just two months.


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5 Responses to May 29, 2018, News UPDATE: Possible tsunami in Hawaii will head to the US West Coast, Japan, and Australia!

  1. beLIEve says:

    . . . I have blanked this out for privacy reasons. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. beLIEve says:

    Jean, reference Hawaii.

    I left 2 x comments on…..
    0 Responses to FREE JULIAN ANNANGE NOW! May 28, 2018, News . . . some choice articles an videos for your contemplation!

    The message on my “view” of the page says…….your comment is awaiting moderation.
    28th may @ 10:54

    I am wondering IF you received the comments ?
    I am wondering IF…I have a “SHADOW ban” placed on me by the..paranoid $NOOP$.

    Shadow ban….the commentor sees the page as IT SHOULD BE but, in reality, the comment
    has been binned by the $noop$…aka……the page that appears OK is just a DECEPTION.

    • Jean says:

      I have them, and they will be published today. I have previously sent you two private emails, but I guess you did not get them. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS I am not sure what you are saying about snopes. . . but that can be explained later.

      I know they will do anything to stop me from publishing!

    • Jean says:

      beLIEve, a direct question: Did you ever receive two private emails from me? Thank you and hugs, ~Jean

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