May 30, 2019 News . . . a follow-up to this morning’s post. ~J :)

My thanks to a Reader left this comment on my blog, that gives me an opportunity to explain myself further:

I tend to look at the Trump more like this, the interview(s) with Neil Kramer…wherein he describes just exactly who and what he perceives Trump to be. Cold not be said better, so maybe listen, get a clue… Respectfully, LT

I have taken the time to listen, LT, and here is my response:

Neil Kramer is first of all  — IMO — genuine. He is well informed. and I don’t find much I can disagree with in what he says, but nevertheless, there are some issues that I would like to address. I would also like to suggest that everyone find the time to listen to this excellent video.

Here are some notes I took as I listened — and this is just for about the first 15 minutes..

– Neil gives — without explanation — no specific origin for the world we live in. I believe we are to accept that we have created it —and I’m not clear on how we did it, but perhaps through our intention. I’m sorry, but I can’t subscribe to this idea. He seems, however, to reflect the idea that we are born in sin is a real fact. (I don’t know any other way to express it.) I have never thought that humanity is inherently ‘bad’, blind, thoughtless, selfish, corrupt, dishonest, asleep, etc. I think it is a situation that over many centuries has been contrived, because those who have contrived it knew what this time of change was coming, and, instead, that as a species we have been abused in every way possible, In fact, it staggers my mind how every aspect of our lives has been infiltrated. As with all abuse, though, no matter who is guilty, only we as individuals can break that bond. This also has been my personal experience.

– Neil talks about the fact that the idea that there is no God has become prevalent – and said the United States is the only country left that hasn’t yet gone the route of believing this to be true. I simply find it impossible to imagine how he can omit Russia! Does he have any idea of Russia’s belief system, of their spiritual belief system?

Here is a short video from Jorden Petersen who talks about Russian Orthodoxy that I came on just this morning, in which Jordan reflects on the differences between Christianity as most of us know it, and Russian Orthodox Christianity.  My personal opinion is that Jorden comes close, but he still doesn’t quite ‘get it’.

As I came to understand it several years ago when this conflict about religion between the Vatican and Russian Orthodox Christianity was in the news, Orthodoxy does not believe that there needs to be an intercessor between us and God; that is, we can be in direct communication with God without a Church or a Priest. To me, this not only allows for people on this planet who don’t attend church, who have indigenous beliefs, who can’t read, etc. to access God, but it also allows for our hearts to connect with Source/God.

The Russian Church supports those efforts, rather than hindering them. Symbolically, I believe that in their communion service, they use bread that contains life (yeast) compared to a wafer that has no life (no yeast) in it used in the Catholic Church. If we have an over-active intellect, that is not in balance with our heart, it is perhaps difficult to understand all this, because such an intellect can shut down our ability to access our heart. A connection with God relies on our willingness to be alone, to be ‘in the silence’ so that God’s ‘voice’ can be heard, and this only happens through our hearts with which we can equate our feelings — and the great problem is that our wounded feelings inhibit this connection of our hearts to God. This also cannot happen if our minds are running all the time with facts and information. We are in a time, now, when we are being invited to make this inner journey from our heads to our hearts — more difficult it is said than space travel, in order to put our minds in service to our hearts.  Presently, the paradigm we are inhabiting here in the West has taught the exact reverse, and I believe herein lies the ‘ true’ conflict of our times.

– God has made America exceptional. I totally disagree with this statement. My observation is that we have been fed this line as a country almost from our inception in order to make us pliable and to assure that we are asleep — as we enter this huge time of transition. I think we are not different than any other nation on this planet, and I think it is an expression of bias and ego if we choose not to even consider this idea. I think our country, as a whole, is still expecting to be taken care of by God, a childlike state, from which we are being invited over and over again to awaken in order to advance to maturity as well-balanced adult human beings. Those of us who can accept the challenge are those who will likely advance into the higher vibrations, where evil cannot exist. The saving grace is that we are all going to make this transition, but maybe just not at this time. We live on a free choice planet, and the choice is ours.

 – Neil suggests America will beat Empire, and I agree, but I think we will do it by regaining our humility and forgetting the idea that we are exceptional, an idea that I believe has become a stumbling block. By rejecting this idea, by rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work, we may then in reality become exceptional.  Nothing special comes easily, so it will take many years of hard work by those of us who are willing to make the effort.

– Regarding Trump, I do agree that he is a person meant for our times — and that he is meant to take down the Deep State. But more and more I think because of his ‘yuge’ inadequacies he is an ‘accidental’ Destroyer. In this way, he is revealing to the world — and hopefully to all Americans, what is actually going on in our country. His military spending, for instance, is over the top — while our civilian population suffers. Haven’t we got enough bases around the planet? Our military, as it presents itself to us now, is totally dysfunctional. They still operate like the bully on the playground, with total corruption and thievery continuing. Anyone can see it — if they take time to look. Trump is not in a position to clean this up, but I believe if we continue to accept his failures, we put our nation at risk. He is not — snd never can be — what we had hoped he would be. ‘Real’ change is possible in our future, and it going to be up to us.

Please, listen again, if you will to this full video clip. If you have listened as I have implored you to do to other leaders in their own words, I must ask how anyone can accept that we have a capable President. If what the video below reveals weren’t so sad, it would truly be funny!

I have often made suggestions here as to why I think Trump is who he is, and I’m not going to repeat myself now in any detail. Essentially, I think he is a man-child, who has never had to answer for his mistakes. He has always been bailed out by criminal mafia-style elements in our society, and so he has little staying power, no ability to control his emotions, and the wrongly-assumed right to ‘throw his power around.’ It is easy to do this, when as Nassim Taleb says, you don’t have any skin in the game: His many errors of judgment have never cost him anything. Now, however, the world is having a chance to see Trump as he is — and it is clear me me that his errors may cost this planet a lot. Forget the world, however, because for us the question is if as Americans we can face this fact, what will we do with it?

 – As to the truth of what is going on in Hawaii — if this is a cheap trick on the part of the Deep State to upset the American people, I think we have the right to know — and surely Trump knows the ‘real’ truth of what is going on!

If he doesn’t know it, then he should know it!

While no one may agree with me — as is your right, I happen to believe we have the right to be informed directly by Trump, as our President, about the truth of it all!

In closing, my thanks to another Reader, who has kindly shared a link:

Thanks, again, to my Reader who shared Neil Kramer’s video that has so much right — and while I did listen to the last 45 minutes, I simply don’t have the time to respond here.

Hugs and love to all,

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8 Responses to May 30, 2019 News . . . a follow-up to this morning’s post. ~J :)

  1. OLDMARINE says:

    ” I believe we are to accept that we have created it —and I’m not clear on how we did it”
    We didn’t do anything

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I realize this, but I’m unclear as to what Neil Kramer was trying to convey . . . 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  2. macweezy says:

    Jean, Thanks for comments on ‘Kramer’s point of view’, I do disagree with several of your points, I appreciate the time you spent…but the conversation interview I sent to you was between Kramer and Alexa Brooks on her radio show, not the video you have posted instead…a common thing for ‘news’ outlets and interpreters to do, I guess. But I will continue to watch your posts…(and follow Geo Webb, who does tend to get it right). Thanks again. LT


    • Jean says:

      LT, if you will check back, you gave me no link and no title exception mention of Trump in your comment. I really enjoyed hearing Neil’s thoughts . . . so thank you very much! Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Bill says:

    Jean – The vast majority of the problems associated with modern “churchianity” are always due to those that have established themselves as the “go between” the laity and the Supreme Being! Regardless of the world wide teaching, true Christianity is in itself reserved to a very select group of individuals.

    • Jean says:

      That may be true, Bill, but I don’t think Jesus meant it to be private or secret. It was for everyone, and it was and is all about love. I don’t know for sure if Jesus existed, although I think there is some good historical proof, but the proof makes him out to be a far different person than we understand. He railed against Imperial Rome and their thievery. Still, I long ago decided it didn’t matter. His teachings, as we know them, were all about love, and that is what our dimensional shift is all about I believe that is the most important part of what we know about him. He left that with us, so through the Ages we would consider it and remember it — and hold onto it at this time.

      I guess I’m offering a bit of an explanation for my thinking, but essentially, Bill, I agree with you.


  4. Karen says:

    first of all… its PRESIDENT Trump. not Trump. Not so sure I want to read it…as your posts are getting a little left.

    • Jean says:

      Karen, this is utterly your choice. I’m expressing my views, which you never have to look at or agree with. I don’t regard myself, however, as being either left or right, and I think I’ve made that clear. What I am is FOR America. . . Again, your choice. Hugs, ~Jean

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