FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! May 31, 2018, News . . .

UPDATE: Donald Trump or ‘Qanon’ Have Nothing To Do With The Real Revolution, by Caitlin Johnstone

The Nuclear Warheads of the Minuteman Missiles Were Delivered to Yellowstone.

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America’s Clown Show Negotiations Are Not Funny

by froma Harrop (click for information on this author)

When bluster ends in capitulation, what do other negotiating partners see? Blood in the water.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, surely absorbed the lesson from the Trump administration’s recent dealings with China. He saw how rashly President Trump waged trade war against China and how rapidly he retreated at the first sign of serious resistance.

Kim thus took the administration’s implied threats to his life in stride. He waved aside Trump’s demand that North Korea agree to give up its nuclear weapons before talks even commence. All Kim had to do was say he might cancel the planned summit with the president, and the president took it all back. Oh, now Trump’s canceling, too. Back to fire and fury.

The problem goes deeper than weakness made more pathetic by bellicose tweets and insults. Trump really doesn’t know how to negotiate. – Click article title to continue rreading

The immense accomplishments of Putin in the Middle East cannot be ignored, by Robert Fisk

The Islamist-friendly Robert Fisk is no fan of Putin but even he recognizes the “Kremlin cynic”, as he calls him, did something absolutely extraordinary in Syria. He put an end to the western regime change war and arrested the Russian retreat from the Mediterranean all the while managing to remaining friends with all the interested regional powers (Israel, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) all of whom seek his favor.  – Click article title to continue reading.

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China and the Khazar Zionists, from the Vatic Project. . . . thanks to a Reader. This is a lengthy article, and I think you will be able to draw your own conclusions about where the Chinese stand on this issue. (I will ask you if you care to do so to offer your Comments for others consideration, but, please, read the full article first. )

Vatic Note:  Keep in mind as you read this, that it conforms to what we have learned about the Khazars, which is, they are brilliant in their strategy of mass manipulation of whole nations populations, but they are psychopathic, which means they have no soul, so they totally lack creativity, and thus rely on strategies and tactics that have worked for them in the past.  That is their weakness and our advantage.  

Keep that in mind when contemplating how we  intend to deal with them.  The Illums will be much easier to deal with once we rid ourselves of the khazars.  They are not near as psychopathic, just shallow and self absorbed.  Much easier to bring down or buy off, as they choose.  This article proves that the khazars are losing their edge.  As they become more frantic about their “behind” timeline for their global agenda, they are becoming much more afraid and are exposing more and more of their psychopathy.  

That will scare the minions they control through bribery, blackmail, or threats. Remember, once they have taken over a nation, they always kill off the goyim that helped them to do their dirty work.  Why?  Because if these traitors  will betray their own country and fellow citizens, family and friends, then they won’t bat an eyelash at betraying the non-goyim, better known as Khazars, and that means the zionists can’t trust them, so they have to be taken out.  

This below also explains why Kissinger was sent to China instead of anyone else. He is a khazar, and why he agreed to let the Vietnamese keep our POW’s and use them til they died, as slaves to rebuild Viet Nam.  Nice, huh???   – Click article title to continue reading.

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The US Trade War with China. Trump wants to Block Countries from using the Yuan as a Reserve Currency, by Peter Koenig and Press TV, May 31, 2018

As you know, the Yuan has become an official IMF reserve currency about a year ago. That established worldwide trust in the Chinese currency, especially since the Yuan is backed by the Chinese economy plus by gold. Whereas the US dollar has no backing whatsoever; its pure and simple FIAT money.

Gold & The Turning Of The Monetary Tides

“Once the consequences of the recent turn of tide in monetary policybecome obvious and the threat of recession looms on the horizon, demand for gold as a traditional safe haven is bound to return…”

Trump Imposes Steel, Aluminum Tariffs On EU, Canada And Mexico

EU Rages At “Unacceptable” US Tariffs, Vows Retaliation “In Coming Hours”

America’s Big-Brother ‘News’ Media, by Eric Zuesse

The way it works was well displayed, May 25th, on the opinion page of America’s largest-circulation newspaper, USA Today. Each of the three articles there presumed that the US Government is fighting for the public’s interests, and that the countries it invades or threatens to invade are evil. It is all, and always, propaganda for the US military, which is the reason why the US military is the most-respected institution in the United States, despite being the most wasteful and the most corrupt of all federal Departments.

Goodbye Rajoy: Basques To Vote Against Prime Minister, Assuring New Spanish Government

5-Star, League Reach Agreement On Government: Savona To Be Minister Of EU Affairs

This Is the New Italy, by Attilio MORO

This Is the New Italy

Sesto San Giovanni, a town on the outskirts of Milan, used to be one of the industrial capitals of Italy.

With around 200,000 inhabitants (45,000 blue collar workers, and a robust middle class), it was the headquarters of some of the most dynamic Italian companies, including Magneti Marelli, Falck, Breda and many more.

Today Sesto is an industrial desert – the factories are gone, the professional middle class has fled, many stores have shut down, and the city is trying to reinvent itself as a medical research center.

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