FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 1, 2018 News . . . several new threads that may require our understanding ~J

UPDATEBusiness as usual: Trump moves to protect ISIS and al-Qaeda in southwest Syria . . .this situation looks like it is an active one.

Related (article also listed below): Russia reportedly working on deal with Israel for S. Syria – but Syria will regain it either way

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Ecuador president: Assange’s asylum rights at embassy will only be honored if he respects conditions of ‘political silence’. . . with the political wind looking like it is shifting, is Equador now taking a slightly different, more middle-of-the-road stance?

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Shortly after the 14 minute mark, Dutch mentions two earthquakes on the New Madrid Fault Line, which runs along the Mississippi River. Years ago, I read that if that fault line goes, Lake Superior will empty into the Gulf of Mexico, immediately raising the ocean levels all over the planet. Hmmm . . . something to watch in these weird times. Then, shortly after minute eighteen, there is a Deleted Event.Another hmmm?  . . . 

“Heed Evacuation Order Or Face Arrest” – Hawaii Eruption Begins More Violent Phase

“There’s no sign we’re getting that anything is going to slow down at the moment…

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. . . more earth movement? 

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The Vatican’s Latest Anti-Capitalist Paper Calls for More Government Regulation. . . interesting thinking, new to me . . .

[… there]  is the fact that, in the Catholic view, as voiced by Bolt’s Thomas More, not every sin, moral defect, or character flaw justifies intervention by the state. The fact that Richard Rich was a betrayer and liar was not sufficient, More understood, to apply More’s police powers as Chancellor of England. After all, for centuries, many Church leaders had long agreed that applying state coercion to cure every social ill was often a cure that was worse than the disease. As Thomas Aquinas notes: “Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred.”

Moreover in response to the retort that “God’s law” demands action, Aquinas notes that even God himself is tolerant of moral defects:

Human government is derived from the Divine government, and should imitate it. Now although God is all-powerful and supremely good, nevertheless He allows certain evils to take place in the universe, which He might prevent, lest, without them, greater goods might be forfeited, or greater evils ensue.

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After Italy… Spain Risk Soars

The risks in Europe are being underestimated, and the only thing I hear all the time as a bullish argument is ‘the ECB will monetize it’. Careful what you wish for. The best outcome is a Japan-style stagnation. The worst, back to 2011.”

Italian Yields Spike On Report Italy Ruling Coalition Seeks Funds To Quit Euro. . . Brazil is another corrupt nation, and a member of the Lima Group . . . an ongoing story . . . 

We noted that Italian yields had started to fade wider earlier, but 2Y BTPs are now 50bps higher than the open after headlines that EU lawmakers from the two parties forming Italy’s new government coalition voted this week to set up EU funds to help countries quit the euro.

One day after Brazil’s oil workers went on strike, further slowing Latin America’s biggest economy which was already crippled by a trucker strike that has paralyzed the nation for the past 2 weeks, the CEO of the state energy giant, Petrobras, Pedro Parente unexpectedly resigned on Friday stepping down as chief of the state-controlled oil company he helped to revive in the aftermath of the Carwash scandal, as the nationwide strike against high fuel prices has unleashed criticism against his free-market policies.

Mariano Rajoy’s six year reign as Spain’s prime minister, ended when he become the first prime minister in Spain’s democratic history to be ousted by parliament after losing a vote of no-confidence amid . . . 

Futures, European Stocks Surge Celebrating New Spanish, Italian Governments As Payrolls Loom

New Italian government? Check. New Spanish government? Check. Trade war between the US and Europe, Mexico and Canada? Check. Deutsche Bank downgraded to a B-handle? Check.

Malaysia’s Mahathir’s Reforms Could Put Saudi, UAE On The Spot

Newly elected Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammed Mahathir is adopting policies that could reshape the Southeast nation’s relations with powerful Gulf states.

A series of anti-corruption measures as well as statements by Mr. Mahathir and his defense minister, Mohamad (Mat) Sabu, since this month’s upset in elections that ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak from office, are sparking concern in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Mahathir, who has cautioned in recent years against widespread anti-Shiite sectarianism in Malaysia, has questioned together with Mr. Sabu Malaysia’s counterterrorism cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Mahathir has also reinvigorated anti-corruption investigations of Mr. Razak,  whomQatari media have described as “Saudi-backed.”

Petrobras CEO Unexpectedly Resigns Amid Crippling Nationwide Strike, Sending Stock, Real Tumbling. . . I read recently that 90% of those involved in the carwash scandal are running again for office.  Is this news another indication tht things are not going well for the US in South America?

Things in Brazil are rapidly going from bad to worse.

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Russia reportedly working on deal with Israel for S. Syria – but Syria will regain it either way

India to purchase Russian S-400 systems despite Washington’s warnings . . .more independence being shown?

Why the US isn’t wanted in Syria, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sept. 16, 2016

© AFP/Getty Images
John Foster Dulles (right), Republican Party Foreign policy expert, is greeted by his brother, Allan Dulles, as he arrives in New York in October 1948

In part because my father was murdered by an Arab, I’ve made an effort to understand the impact of U.S. policy in the Mideast and particularly the factors that sometimes motivate bloodthirsty responses from the Islamic world against our country. As we focus on the rise of the Islamic State and search for the source of the savagery that took so many innocent lives in Paris and San Bernardino, we might want to look beyond the convenient explanations of religion and ideology. Instead we should examine the more complex rationales of history and oil – and how they often point the finger of blame back at our own shores. 

America’s unsavory record of violent interventions in Syria – little-known to the American people yet well-known to Syrians – sowed fertile ground for the violent Islamic jihadism that now complicates any effective response by our government to address the challenge of ISIL. So long as the American public and policymakers are unaware of this past, further interventions are likely only to compound the crisis. Secretary of State John Kerry this week announced a “provisional” ceasefire in Syria. But since U.S. leverage and prestige within Syria is minimal – and the ceasefire doesn’t include key combatants such as Islamic State and al Nusra – it’s bound to be a shaky truce at best. Similarly President Obama’s stepped-up military intervention in Libya – U.S. airstrikes targeted an Islamic State training camp last week – is likely to strengthen rather than weaken the radicals. As the New York Times reported in a December 8, 2015, front-page story, Islamic State political leaders and strategic planners are working to provoke an American military intervention. They know from experience this will flood their ranks with volunteer fighters, drown the voices of moderation and unify the Islamic world against America. 

To understand this dynamic, we need to look at history from the Syrians’ perspective and particularly the seeds of the current conflict. Long before our 2003 occupation of Iraq triggered the Sunni uprising that has now morphed into the Islamic State, the CIA had nurtured violent jihadism as a Cold War weapon and freighted U.S./Syrian relationships with toxic baggage. – Click article title to continue reading.

Ron Paul: Accidental Isolationism? America’s Incredible Shrinking Influence

. . . and what about our ‘exceptionalism’? . . . 

Death Of American Exceptionalism – China Overtakes America In “Healthy Life Expectancy”

For the first time ever, China has overtaken America in healthy life expectancy at birth…

The Council On Foreign Relations Says Domestic Propaganda Is Necessary

The CFR’s Richard Stengel: governments “have to” direct “propaganda” toward their own populations.

Central Bank Of Russia: Crypto Assets Do Not Pose Risk To Global Financial Stability

The Central Bank of Russia released a report May 30, stating that crypto assets do not currently threaten global financial stability… yet.

China Holds The Cards In Trump’s Trade War, by Tom Luongo

These moves are subtle.  They operate below the headlines in the practical world of actual markets, not the avaricious dreams of Certified Crazy People like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley.”

Tariffs on Harleys, bourbon & blue jeans – how Europe plans to retaliate against the US


© Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The European Union is planning to answer US tariffs on steel and aluminum by hiking imports on various goods coming from America.

In an eight-page document sent to the World Trade Organization seen by Reuters, Brussels has specified which American goods will be taxed. Some of the tariffs would hurt the electoral districts of some of President Donald Trump’s allies.

This includes “motorcycles… of a cylinder capacity above 800 cc,” – targeting Harley-Davidson, which assembles in Wisconsin, the home state of House Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as bourbon whiskey, aimed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. They are getting a 25-percent import tariff, like European steel got.

The other items on the list are various, and include blue jeans, canoes, manicure or pedicure preparations, dried shelled kidney beans, and chewing tobacco and snuff. Playing cards are on the list, too, but are hit only with an additional 10-percent duty like European aluminum coming to the US. – Click article title to continue reading.

Macron says Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on EU closed doors to other talks

Related: Forget WW3, it’s Trade Wars! Canada retaliates against US tariffs with some of its own

SOTT Comment: Not sure if Canada can do all that much to hurt the US’ pocket considering its weak dollar and economy. China however, is another matter. See also:

S&P Downgrades Deutsche Bank To BBB+

Adding insult to injury, one day after its stock hit an all time low, S&P downgraded Deutsche Bank to 3 notches above jun, citing “significant execution risks in the delivery of the updated strategy amid a continued unhelpful market backdrop.”

Is Anyone Really Surprised Deutsche Bank’s Problems Had Nothing To Do With The DoJ Fine?

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