FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! JUNE 4, 2018, NEWS . . . It feels like things are getting exponentially more frantic . . .

UPDATEs – miscellaneous: 

Is there method to Donald Trump’s supposed madness on trade? by Jim Jatras . . . I found this article to be very helpful in understanding Trump’s thinking.

Over 70 Syrian tribal leaders form coalition to expel illegal US and French forces from Syria

Art of the Deal: No Hezbollah or Iranians in op to liberate S. Syria – but only if US pulls out of al-Tanf

US mulls over whether it will help Saudi regime capture Yemen’s port which is lifeline for 80% of people in need of aid 

Head of IAEA confirms accesses to all needed nuclear sites in Iran

Update: ‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered in Arizona is Located on Clinton Foundation Donor CEMEX Property . . . Laura Walker’s report today indicated that a contingent of Veterans went to Arizona, to help do the job our Federal Government won’t do. I haven’t read about it elsewhere. Does anyone have any info on this? UPDATE: I’ve had time to look at the article, and the activities of our Veterans are discussed in it. 

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. . . and I’m thinking more and more that it is all happening on purpose! It looks to me like when things get absolutely nightmarish, we will then be offered the NWO. I will say again, however, what I’ve been saying for a very long time — that I don’t think it is going to work that way — and I think we will resolve it ourselves, without ET help. ~J 🙂

BELOW: I’m just skeptical enough to wonder if this dam is an accident, or planned.

25 killed, dozens injured & missing after Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire shoots ash 10km into air

 * * * 

Palestinian Foreign Minister refers Israel to ICC for war crimes

Saudi King Threatens Military Action If Qatar Installs Russian Air Defense System

 * * * Pepe Escobar: Why India Is Ignoring US Sanctions And Sticking With Iran

Pay very close attention to what India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, said after meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif earlier this week in New Delhi:

“Our foreign policy is not made under pressure from other countries … We recognize UN sanctions and not country-specific sanctions. We didn’t follow US sanctions on previous occasions either.”

After fellow BRICS members China and Russia, India left no margin for doubt. And there’s more; India will continue to buy oil from Iran – its third top supplier – and is willing to pay in rupees via state bank UCO, which is not exposed to the US. India bought 114% more oil from Iran during the financial year up to March 2018 than in the previous term.

India-US trade amounts to $115 billion a year. In comparison, India-Iran trade is only $13 billion a year. India may grow an impressive 7% in 2018 and has reached a GDP of $2.6 trillion, according to the IMF, ahead of France, Italy, Brazil and Russia. To keep growing, India badly needs energy.

So for New Delhi, buying Iranian energy is a matter of national security. Couple it with the obsession in bypassing Pakistan, and it’s clear this is all about a complex interconnection of geopolitics and geoeconomics.

The comprehensive India and Iran partnership revolves around energy, trade and investment connectivity corridors, banking, insurance, shipping and – crucially – the imminent possibility of doing everything using the rupee and the rial, bypassing the US dollar. – Click article title to continue reading.

* * * Stephen Cohen misrepresents the 2014 Coup in Ukraine, by Eric Zuesse . . . very interesting!

 * * * * * The European Union’s current disintegration and collapse is a US power-play

The US fighting trade wars with most of the world simultaneously will not be good for the economy

 * * * A look at why Israel wants to ban filming of Israeli soldiers

N. Korea’s Kim invited to Russia with official visit

US News:

Click HERE to view The Gateway Pundit’s homepage.

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