FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 5, 2018, News . . . I want to get this video out from Clif High, and I will be back soon . . .

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Comment: This past March, I watched a video interview by Gregg Hunter with Clif High, and it was shortly before the time the East Coast was hit by those four spring blizzards, which he predicted. He also said that if we had those blizzards.then we could expect rather large earth changes to begin this summer. When we actually had those blizzards, I went back to the interview to review it, and I noticed two things: 1) the date of the interview was actually a year earlier, in March of 2017, and 2) the section about this prediction had been edited out.

I wrote to Clif, who never told me why the info had been edited out, but I suspect it was that he did not want to influence his data, which might happen if the info were made public. I did ask him if the info was still good, and he told me it had a 19-month validity range, so I knew that even if it was published a year ago, his prediction was still good.

Today, I awakened to receive a video from ForbiddenKnowledgeTV that I have already taken the time to watch, in which Clif speaks about these earth changes in great detail. While he speaks largely about the earth changes, and while he does speak about CERN and its present role in these changes, he does not speak about the politics that surround this moment in time. 

I urge everyone to drop everything — as is reasonable, of course — and watch this video. For many it will be shocking and mind-boggling. From Clif’s earlier interviews on Antarctica, I also already understood his educated and well researched views that, in fact, 1) we do live in an electric universe, and 2) the planets in our solar system do not rotate around the sun, but follow it. This finally makes sense of something Drunvalo said when he shared a little known fact that we also are coming to the end of another extremely long Age, or cycle of time — around 240K years — if I remember correctly, and we are actually moving into a new universe. As soon as I get this video out to everyone, I’m going to write Clif and ask him if he knows anything about this. 

On another topic, on a day-in-and-day-out basis, I’m having trouble dealing with all the sordid details of the ‘rot’ that has infected not only our government, but our entire planet. There are many sites, newsletters, and videos that share this info, so if I don’t put this sort of ugliness up here, please forgive me. The goal of my blog is only to document and try to make sense of the many changes we are all going through at this time. Since I’m only one person, I simply can’t do more, and as the complexities of all that has been hidden from us become more and more apparent, I feel somewhat overwhelmed in my efforts to achieve only this goal.

Love and Hugs to Everyone, 
~Jean 🙂

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5 Responses to FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 5, 2018, News . . . I want to get this video out from Clif High, and I will be back soon . . .

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  2. Deb says:

    Tom and I watched Clif High’s June 3 on June 3! It was scary, mind-blowing, and very informative. Something EVERYONE on the planet needs to know, EVERYONE! This will affect every single person, plant, and animal on this planet for several years.

    We are already over 25 years into an ice age that Clif said in a previous video will last about 125 years.

    Because of the solar minimum and all it causes we will have so many volcanoes that the earth will blanketed w/ smoke and ash for years to the degree that we won’t have summers. There will be a year’s worth of rain that falls all at once in many places causing great flooding. And so many other things.

    Our earth has actually been EXPANDING. It goes through a time of expansion during every solar minimum, which if you watch the video you will understand clearly WHY.

    Clif tells us what’s going to happen with Hawaii (more islands will be formed), that all the ice in the south pole will melt, and so much more. He clearly and logically explains why there won’t be huge tsunamis as a result of this activity, but there could be temporary displacement waves, the details of which I don’t recall, but because the earth has expanded they won’t be the calamity predicted by so many.

    Apparently weather wise things will get much worse through 2021 then level off for awhile before getting worse again for several more years.

    It makes me angry that our collective governments have hidden all this from us rather than prepare us for what is coming. It seems we’re ALL going to need to grow food and raise animals indoors because the UVC is already and will continue to kill all our forests, and much of the plant life, animals, and insects. Very sad. More than likely most of us WON’T make it through all this.

    How can anyone living in a city who has no idea what’s going on and no idea how to grow food or take care of animals even FATHOM how to survive what’s coming.

    Think of the impact on everything on earth when there are no forests.

    The idiot greedy politicians and scientists try to blame humans for all this, probably knowing full well there’s nothing we can do to stop it, and more than likely to use that as an excuse to take away our rights and our money to keep for themselves so THEY can prepare for this.

    All the alternative energy, alternative healing information, and alien technology that has been hidden from us could maybe have helped us survive this. I hope it’s not too late.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Deb, for your heartfelt response to this video. I hope everyone will take time to read it. It is, however, not as bad as I had expected. Hugs, ~Jean 🙂

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