‘Not a matter of censorship’: Ecuador FM defends restrictions on Assange

Ecuador’s foreign minister is denying her government is trying to censor WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by restricting his internet access and denying him visitors at the embassy in London.

Dramatic Footage Shows Hawaii Lava Devastation; Guatemala Death Toll Rises After Volcano Explodes Again

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This is ‘live’ . . . Trump could pull the plug on this anytime he wants . . . Is his question sincere? I pray it is!!!

“We Cannot Defy The US”: European Refiners Fold To Trump, Will Stop Buying Iran Crude

. . . read the article above first, and you will understand why there is no need to read the second article  . . . 

European officials ask US to exempt EU companies from Iran sanctions

Washington’s “Ministry of Colonies”: OAS panel obediently ignores Zionist crimes and abuses but pushes for regime change in Venezuela

. . . and . . .

Is Iran following in the footsteps of Venezuela – a vanguard of a new world?

Syria and Russia warn of yet another potential chemical weapons false flag staged by US and allied terrorists

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The video below reflects, I think, a more valid picture of Putin’s visit to Austria. The recent infamous video interview that I decided to watch in its entirety was not an interview at all. It was merely a poor attempt to sell all the Western propaganda and portray Putin negatively to Austrians — and the world. The interviewer was not the least bit interested in hearing what Putin had to say, and that was completely obvious, especially to Putin, who had to speak to him as if he were a schoolboy. This video, instead, portrays the Austrians as welcoming, aware, and very sensible, and I think it is reality based..

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I do not know whether or not to put this video first or last, so I decided to put it first and let you decide. This special woman honors women in a very personal way. We women struggle in so many important ways . . . 

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This information is difficult, but as a victim of sexual abuse, I hope and pray the world will soon become aware enough to decide it must stop. There is healing. I know, because I’ve had to do the most difficult of it — and there are newer methods evolving all the time. ~J

Tucson: Underground bunker suspected of child-trafficking has connections to Rothschilds, NXIVM sex cult

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In the video below, Ronald says he has to start his story with ‘the birth’, the birth of a human being. I don’t know what Ronald’s birth experience was, but he obviously was somewhat aware of what was going on in his family and surrounding environment as he grew up. How I wish I could speak with Ronald! My life pre-birth was such that I was totally unconscious when I came into this world and was completely unable to assess what was going on in my family and my life around me.  My personal experience is that on some level we remember everything, even our life inside the womb, and I believe the Vatican is well aware of all this. The womb is where our lives really begin. For me, although my parents were married, I believe my father raped my mother, who did not want to conceive a child at that time. This fact caused me to be born into a toxic womb, and my very first experience of life was an extremely painful shock, which if triggered by a situation I often re-experience again in memory as a total burning on my face and neck. (Fortunately, it is like a warning signal for me, and my therapist taught me how to deal with it, something I simply could not have done without help and as a child.)

This shock deprived me of the all-important fight/flight response, and every time I was psychologically attacked, I would go into shock – unbeknownst to me, of course. The fight/flight response was one I developed consciously as part of my healing process. I remember William Emerson stating that if we have had some sort of a shock before about the age of two, we generally do not develop the fight/flight response  I believe he said this some years ago, so I don’t know if the following number is accurate, but it seems he said that about 20% of Americans do not have this important response. When we consider the popular idea that a mother has her baby’s delivery induced at her convenience, when it should actually be the child’s very first decision in life — such a journey is extremely dangerous and filled with challenge and it is important that the child find support from the adults in its life and is successful in entering the world, we can imagine the effect on a person’s psyche and the rest of his life. Consider also the trauma of vaccines. What are these two things alone doing to our children? I fear the damage will continue for many generations. Since my mother also then attempted to abort me, my life in the womb continued as a terrible experience, the wound from which I’m still healing today.

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Here is another important video:

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