UPDATE: FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 8, 2018 News . . . there’s a lot of bit-by-bit news happening today! ~J

UPDATE: Trump will skip the climate change summit at G7

G6+1? Trump and US allies engage in heated exchanges prior to key summit 

Trump softens Iran rhetoric prior to North Korea summit

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Pepe Escobar: How Singapore, Astana, & St.Petersburg Preview A New World Order . . . this article by Pepe that I found just before publishing today is so much more than ‘bit-by-bit’ and speaks to so many of the topics addressed below, that I decided it needs top billing. Please do not miss it! 🙂

. . . and BTW, I worked my way through about half of David Icke’s invaluable video from yesterday, The History of the Archons, and I hope you all will try to do the same. It is a real eye opener! (Here it is again — and such a nice change for me from so much reading! 🙂 ~J

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Justice and freedom for Julian Assange insures free speech for us all, by John Pilger

Australian officials visit Julian Assange at Ecuadorian embassy for first time

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Shocking Satellite Photos Reveal Entire Towns Obliterated By Guatemala’s “Volcano Of Fire”

Yellowstone Eruption Fears Spike As Largest Geyser Erupts For The 8th Time

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Fmr Bush Admin official openly calls for military coup in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Oil Meltdown Defies Belief. . . I’m wondering if it is possible that come July with all its attendant chaos, Venezuela’s problems could just go away. . . just thinkin’ that this nightmare can’t go on for years 🙂 After all, we are presently deep in the shift, which is all about vibrational change — to a higher vibration, and what is going on in Venezuela is very low vibrational stuff!

Bitcoin Buying Is On The Rise Again In Venezuela

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Washington’s lack of diplomacy is isolating them from the rest of the world.  . . Paul, IMHO, has begun to understand Putin’s modus operandi, and he delivers the truth to us in simple form — after all, the truth is always simple — and then he continues with a simple explanation of the truth of the Trade Wars, which are not trade wars at all. Great article!

Američki Kongres nastoji zaustaviti Trumpove

The dissolution of the Soviet Union removed the constraint on Washington’s unilateralism. The neoconservatives, who had just risen to power, seized the opportunity and replaced diplomacy with threat and coercion. One infamous example is from the George W. Bush regime when the Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage, told Pakistan to do as you are told or you will be bombed into the stone age. We have this on the authority of the president of Pakistan himself, who did as he was told.

In the case of Russia during the Putin era, this level of threat is excessive as Russia can bomb back. So the threat has been reduced to: do as you are told or we will impose sanctions.

Sanctions are an assertion of hegemony of one country over another. They are an assertion that the imposer of sanctions has extra-legal international authority to tell other sovereign states what to do or to suffer consequences if they do not.

Once the constraint on Washington’s unilateralism was removed, sanctions became an instrument of US foreign policy and replaced diplomacy. The Clinton regime used them on Iraq. When the UN reported that the effect of the Clinton regime’s sanctions on Iraq was the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, Clinton’s Jewish Secretary of State was asked by Lesley Stahl on the national TV program “60 Minutes” if the sanctions were worth the deaths of a half million children. Madeliene Albright said yes, “the price is worth it.” The Jews feel the same way about the Palestinians. As the Palestinians’ country has been stolen by Israel, what is the point of Palestinians? Killing them is Israel’s answer. As one Israeli minister said, we are only doing what the Americans did to the native Americans known as Indians. As America shares this crime with Israel, little wonder that Washington always vetoes any UN action against Israel for its crimes against the Palestinians. The two criminal states stand united against the world.

And from Washington’s view, it has been “worth it” ever since as Washington during the 21st century proceeded to destroy in whole or part seven countries, and is still working on several more. – Click article title to continue reading.

Trump Says Russia Should Be Back In The G7; Italy Backs Trump

‘No leader is forever’: Macron strikes hostile tone against Trump, says US can be kicked out of G7

US & EU argue on tariffs, but do not address real problems, like soaring debt – Ron Paul to RT

Giuliani claims Kim Jong-un was “on hands and knees” trying to get Trump back to Singapore summit. . . I have real trouble believing this one — especially after reading Pepe’s article and noting the article below.

White House: Austria offers to host Putin-Trump meeting 

. . . or . . . 

Putin Asked Austria To Set Up Summit With Trump In Vienna

Another step closer to war – Iran prepares to start uranium enrichment

Saudi Prince MBS reappears, will make first foreign trip since suspicious disappearance to Moscow

. . . and . . . 

Foreign investment in Saudi Arabia collapses under Saudi Crown Prince

As G-7 Fractures In Canada, Putin Meets Xi In China

Russia-China trade to reach record $100bn by year-end as ties grow in all sectors – Putin

Pepe Escobar: How Singapore, Astana, & St.Petersburg Preview A New World Order (published at the top of this post)

Drawing Closer: China to Host First Africa-China Security, Defense Forum

China will host the first-ever China-Africa security and defense forum later this month, a Chinese military spokesperson said last Thursday. The move signals deepening ties between the world’s most rapidly developing country and a number of nations in the developing world.

Sweden reluctantly approves construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Northern Europe 

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These articles remind me of David Icke’s words about the fact that Bibi has Donald in his pocket. Every since Donald moved the US Embassy to Israel, demonstrating his unequivocal backing for Israel, Bibi has gone full speed ahead with Israel’s destruction of and his brutality towards the Palestinians. David’s point was that Bibi knows the USA will say nothing. David has been proved correct. I hope the world will quickly stop this blatant genocide.

The sacrifice of Gaza and the great march of Zionist hypocrisy

The Death of Razan al-Najjar and Israel’s Culture of Impunity 

Israeli army claims killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar was ‘just an accident’

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV suggests the following video: 

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Trump Blasts Awan Plea Deal: “Server Scandal Key To Democrat Corruption”. . . this story is a good background story and in case you have missed the basics of what is going on contains several videos.

After months of delays, former IT aides to Congressional Democrats, Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi, look like they’re about to slide right out of a D.C. courtroom with a plea deal in their bank fraud case – while a litany of far more serious allegations documented by the Daily Caller‘s Luke Rosiak remain unprosecuted.“Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were charged last summer with bank fraud. They now appear poised to strike a plea deal with the Department of Justice. A plea agreement hearing is set for July 3 before U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan in Washington,” –Fox NewsAwan was arrested one day after reports emerged that the FBI had seized a number of “smashed hard drives” and other computer equipment from the residence Imran Awan, the IT aide of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, we learn that Awan has been captured at the Dulles airport while attempted to flee the country. While charged with bank fraud, there is ample evidence that the Awans were spying on members of Congress through their access to highly-sensitive information on computers, servers and other electronic devices belonging to members of Congress. President Trump wasn’t too pleased with the rumored plea deal: 

Donald J. Trump


Our Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook. The Democrat I.T. scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today. They want to make a “plea deal” to hide what is on their Server. Where is Server? Really bad!

Of course, the MSM will be talking about how Trump’s was incorrect since the Awan plea deal is for bank fraud, and has nothing to do with the multitude of still-unprosecuted allegations related to potential spying. In their attempts to show how uninformed the President is, the MSM will undoubtedly “red pill” their audience over the other Awan allegations.Meanwhile, if GOP legislators and investigators get their way, Debbie Wasserman Schultz may soon be in the hot seat…And as Judicial Watch notes: The government’s bizarre failure to prosecute Awan for the national security violations he appears to have committed points to a political coverup that’s dangerous, craven and borders on traitorous. A House Office of Inspector General investigation determined earlier this year that Awan and his relatives committed numerous violations of House security policies, including logging into the House Democratic Caucus server thousands of times without authorization. The same news agency that reported that story published alarming new revelations in the case this month, concluding that “Democrats appear to want to keep the case out of court” because “a trial could expose their reckless IT practices.” It turns out that, not only has Capitol Police failed to make any arrests, it inadvertently gave evidence to defense attorneys that was supposed to go to prosecutors. It gets better; prosecutors appear to be sharing information with someone on Capitol Hill who in turn is leaking it to Awan’s lawyer. -Judicial Watch“The House Office of Inspector General tracked the Awans network usage and found that a massive amount of data was flowing from the (congressional) networks,” said Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. “Over 5,700 logins by the five Awan associates were discovered on a single server within the House.” – Click article title to continue reading.

Trump Moves 1,600 Immigrant Detainees To Federal Prisons As ICE Scrambles To Find Space. . . I’m interested to know if these are really federal prisons — or FEMA camps.

 * * * 


KEY EVIDENCE GOES MISSING: Server Belonging to Wasserman Shultz IT Worker Imran Awan Is Physically Stolen from Congress. . . frankly, I think they are stalling in the hope that with the onset of the expected and unavoidable chaos in July — will they also crash the banking system then? — this whole situation will simply go away. It’s clear to me that since the beginning of the year they’ve been stalling, but I don’t believe if this is the case that it will happen quite that way. We’ve worked so hard to get the ‘real’ truth out, and energetically this is our time!

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2 Responses to UPDATE: FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 8, 2018 News . . . there’s a lot of bit-by-bit news happening today! ~J

  1. Bill says:

    Jean – i believe we have a situation where Trump had a plan during the ’16 campaign and even up til election to do what he was talking about doing. However upon being elected he was pulled up abruptly by the “chosen’s” Mossad with a critical series of blackmail vids, resulting in a quid pro quo that essentially has him handcuffed as of now. This situation exists not only on Trump but on a large portion of the elected and/or appointed wizards within the beltway. Probably at least since the demise of the USSR, the UK’s MI 6 and the Mossad have been working hand in glove to render all the Anglo European/US/UK nations subject to the demands of the Israeli nation. When at lest half of the US congress assembled hold dual citizenship with Israel and spend much of their time complying with the “suggestions” of AIPAC, we’ll never have peace or a nation ruled by the terms of the long ignored constitution.

    • Jean says:

      Bill, you may well be correct, because I know besides Giuliani, that one of his other best buddies is the CEO of Dyncorp, a corporation deeply involved in human trafficking. If this were known, it would certainly compromise him. How, though, could he ever think he could pull it off against the Deep State? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

      I’m thinking that perhaps Bush and Hillary went ‘rogue’ and decided to take him down. Almost everyone is Congress has been paid off; that is, they are all in on it, so it’s easy to keep the confusion going. It’s very hard to say, and I don’t pretend to have the answer. All I can say is that eventually they all must go. We cannot move into the higher vibrations with any of this ‘gang’ having any power. It is scientifically impossible. . . and if we allow it, we aren’t going to free ourselves.

      For instance, a video I was just watching. . . are we as citizens willing to put up with this?



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