Why Bringing Assange Home Would Be The Best Possible Thing For Australia, by Caitlin Johnstone. . . actually, some of the differences Caitlin describes, although the causes may be different, sound much like what we are living through here in the United States.

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6/09/2018 — Hawaii Volcanoes Update — USGS says NO increase in seismic activity at Mauna Loa?

Story UPDATE: Former Navy Seal Warns Veteran Advocacy Group is Falsifying Evidence about Alleged ‘Child Sex Trafficking Camp’. . . this info appears to be true and is, in itself, upsetting!

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The ‘West’ Is Past, by Moon of Alabama

G-7 summits are supposed to symbolize “the west”, its unity and its power. The summits pretended to set policy directions for the world.

We are happy to see that they are dead.

Getting bigger, coming closer – why SCO’s Qingdao summit was worth following

SCO Qingdao summit folks

© Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Kremlin/Reuters
SCO Qingdao Summit participants

In a robust show of unity, leaders of eight SCO member states, including Russia and China, arrived for a get-together to talk security and trade, and hail expansion of the bloc – in sharp contrast with the calamitous G7 meeting. 

This year, leaders of the eight-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) convened in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao. Here are the most important takeaways from the summit that took place as the tight-lipped Group of Seven (G7) meeting in Quebec ended with a remarkable feud between US President Donald Trump and his six counterparts. 

Big, bigger, biggest? SCO now largest regional body after India & Pakistan joined in 

Qingdao summit was the first meeting in which regional rivals India and Pakistan were in attendance as full SCO members. Their official accession to the alliance was approved at the 2017 SCO meeting in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana. – Click article title to continue reading.

When, Where, and How Will the Empire Strike Back?

In any analysis of contemporary international politics it pays to be cautiously pessimistic. As the default mode one can generally expect that any way in which things can go wrong to threaten the peace and security of the planet, they will. Anticipation of improvement is a chump’s bet.

That’s why the analyst’s gut instinct rebels at any indication that things overall may be moving in a positive direction, however haltingly or indirectly. But consider: – Click article title to continue reading.

TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies, by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. . . this could mean several things, but . . . what does it mean to you?

The Geostrategy That Guides Trump’s Foreign Policies, by Eric Zuesse. . . this apparently ‘truth-telling’ article well worth reading!

According to Alastair Crooke, writing at Strategic Culture, on June 5th

“Trump’s US aims for ‘domination’, not through the globalists’ permanent infrastructure of the US defence umbrella, but through the smart leveraging of the US dollar and financial clearing monopoly, by ring-fencing, and holding tight, US technology, and by dominating the energy market, which in turn represents the on/off valve to economic growth for US rivals. In this way, Trump can ‘bring the troops home’, and yet America keeps its hegemony [America’s control of the world, global empire]. Military conflict becomes a last resort.” – Click article title to continue reading.

The Havana Whodunnit: What Nation Just Built An “Unprecedented” Spy Radar Base In Cuba?

According to a new surveillance report from The Diplomat, exclusive satellite imagery from March 2017 to May 2018 reveals a newly expanded “signals intelligence” military facility near Bejucal, Cuba.

Russia never asked for reinstatement as G8 member, believes future is in G20: FM Lavrov

Related: Let’s stop ‘babbling’ and get back to real work: Putin fires back at G7 criticism on Russia

Immigrants in US bused to federal prison for 1st time

A bus is pictured on the Mexican side through the US-Mexico border fence in El Paso, Texas, on April 8, 2018. (AFP photo)
A bus is pictured on the Mexican side through the US-Mexico border fence in El Paso, Texas, on April 8, 2018. (AFP photo)

A thousand undocumented immigrant detainees have been busted to a federal prison in the United States for the first time.

“For the first time, the US Government is going to be putting immigration detainees in federal prison, therefore treating them like criminals,” said Derek Loh, an immigration lawyer with Immigrant Defenders Law Center, Fox News reported Saturday.

The transfer was monitored by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Federal Correction Complex in Victorville, California. – Click article title to continue reading.

Why Venezuela and Syria Cannot Fall, by Andre Vlitchek. . . this article is written with ‘heart’ — please don’t miss it!


During the Spanish Civil War, Czech anti-fascist fighters, volunteers in the International Brigades, used to say: “In Madrid we are fighting for Prague”. Madrid fell to Franco’s fascists in October 1939. Prague had been occupied by German troops several months earlier, in March 1939. It was the blindness and cowardice of the European leaders, as well as the support which the murderous fascist hordes received from populations of all corners of the continent, which led to one of the greatest tragedies in modern history – a tragedy which only ended on May 9, 1945, when the Soviet troops liberated Prague, defeating Nazi Germany and de facto saving the world.

More than 70 years later, the world is facing another calamity. The West, mentally unfit to peacefully end its several centuries long murderous reign over the planet – a reign that has already taken several hundreds of millions of human lives – is flexing its muscle and madly snapping in all directions, provoking, antagonizing and even directly attacking countries as far apart as North Korea (DPRK), China, Iran, Russia, Syria and Venezuela. – Click article title to continue reading.

Inadmissible [I think the word should be ‘inadmittable’ ~J] Price Civilians keep Paying for Washington’s Military Presence in the Middle East

It’s been noted that a FAIR survey of the top 100 papers in the US by circulation failed to single out a single editorial board opposed to Trump’s 13 air strikes on Syria. Twenty supported the strikes, while six were ambiguous as to whether or not the bombing was advisable. The remaining 74 issued no opinion about Trump’s latest escalation of the Syrian war. However, what is even more disturbing is the fact that none of the top 100 newspapers questioned on what legal or moral rights Washington carries on its bombing runs in Syria, since the US government is in clear violation of the international law, while it claims to remain its neutral arbiter.

So while every single opinion piece in the West fails to provide an objective assessment of the US actions in the Middle East, we are just supposed to sit on the couch, watching peaceful civilians across the globe getting slaughtered by the so-called “global policeman”. – Click article title to read the full article, which I consider to be of great interest. [Because of possible troll problems, I’ve only provided the Conclusion.]

PressTV: No Russia-Israel coordination on Syria strikes: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has rejected reports that Russia had coordinated or even known in advance about the recent Israeli strikes on the Arab country.

“Russia never coordinated with anyone against Syria, either politically or militarily, and that’s contradiction” Assad said during an interview with the British Daily Mail newspaper released on Sunday.

“How could they help the Syrian Army advancing and at the same time work with our enemies in order to destroy our army?” he added, rejecting the allegations mostly made in the Israeli media. 

Assad further stressed that Russia’s policy towards Syria is based on non-interference in the Arab country’s internal affairs.

“We’ve had good relations with Russia for more than six decades now, nearly seven decades. They never, during our relation, try to dictate, even if there are differences,” he said.

The president described the Syrian army as “the main party” that has been fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group with the help of the Russians and Iranians over the past years.

However, he said, the Western military alliance led by the Americans has actually been supporting Daesh by attacking the Syrian military.

Assad said there is a “big difference” between Russian President Vladimir Putin’s handling of the issues in the Middle East and those of US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

“The Russians were invited by the Syrian government, their existence in Syria is a legitimate existence, the same for the Iranians. While for the United States, the UK, it is illegal, it is an invasion, they are breaching the sovereignty of Syria – a sovereign country. So, their existence is not legal at all, it is an illegitimate existence,” he said.

Last month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded the withdrawal of “all forces under Iranian command throughout the entirety of Syria.” – Click article title to continue reading.

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I believe the first woman who speaks at the beginning of this video is Veronica Kean! 🙂 The beginning of the video is David’s ‘story’ . . . Please, my Readers, be sure to take care of your souls as we enter this time of incredible change. I remember Drunvalo saying to me that those ‘preppers’ weren’t going to save themselves, because this change is vibrational. If our vibrations are correct, the earth will carry us along with her. With the greatest love, permit me to suggest that my sharing of the news will mean nothing if in the end you don’t care for your souls. Hugs, ~Jean

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