FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 11, 2018, Evening News . . . and some reflection. . . ~J :)

Colette O’Neill’s videos are helping me survive the insanity in the world today. I will be forever in her debt. Even though the David Icke video I’m posting today is very enlightening, I still had to take breaks from it, and Colette’s videos provide me a refuse. I urge you to acquaint yourself with Colette’s work, which was right on target for my work today, since in her gentle, calm, way, she talked about the egos presently rampant on the internet. If you listen, I think you will understand why I have come to appreciate her work — and you may also find it helps you. 🙂


A Yellow Alert Has Just Been Issued For 2 Major Volcanoes In North America, by Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse Blog. . . if you recall, Clif High had something different to say about what might happen at Yellowstone. I leave you to consider both viewpoints.

 * * * 

If you haven’t read the following two articles — both just published, I hope you will do so because I have been looking to understand Trump’s agenda for a long time, and  I think these may point directly to where he intends to go — and I find that possible direction to be frightening.

I really like the phrase I learned yesterday, Truth has no Bias, because my effort is to find the ‘real’ truth, and not get lost in any personal biases I might have. I see this as fundamental to helping as much of humanity as possible understand their own lives. Chaos is definitely being created, and there is more than enough confusion afoot at this time. I also think the earth is getting ready to solve many of our problems and move vibrationally upward, and when she begins her efforts sometime in July, I’d like to be very much aware of the ‘real’ truth — and know that my Readers have had at the very least a chance to understand it. As I have repeatedly said, the choice is yours — I can present what I think is important and credible information, but your decision concerning it is not — and cannot be and, rightfully — should not be my responsibility.

 * * * The Geostrategy That Guides Trump’s Foreign Policies, by Eric Zuesse. . . this apparently ‘truth-telling’ article is well worth reading!

According to Alastair Crooke, writing at Strategic Culture, on June 5th:

“Trump’s US aims for ‘domination’, not through the globalists’ permanent infrastructure of the US defence umbrella, but through the smart leveraging of the US dollar and financial clearing monopoly, by ring-fencing, and holding tight, US technology, and by dominating the energy market, which in turn represents the on/off valve to economic growth for US rivals. In this way, Trump can ‘bring the troops home’, and yet America keeps its hegemony [America’s control of the world, global empire]. Military conflict becomes a last resort.” – Click article title to continue reading.

US Energy Department to Play ‘Integral’ Role if Trump-Kim Summit Successful

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US Department of Energy will play a leading role in any agreement reached between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at their summit in Singapore, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said in an interview on CNN’s “New Day” program on Monday.

Comment by ~J: This fits in with Eric Zuesse’ article, posted yesterday that Trump intends to control energy on the planet, and so this is not a good sign at all. If Eric has figured it out, I’m sure Russia and China are also aware 🙂 The Geostrategy That Guides Trump’s Foreign Policies, by Eric Zuesse. . . this apparently ‘truth-telling’ article is well worth reading!

* * * WATERGATE WAS PEDOGATE, from Pedophiles Down Under, Exposing Australia’s VIP Child Abuse Network. . . many thanks to a Reader!

The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.

– Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired

In October 2016, I presented at a Trauma and Dissociation conference in Seattle, USA. Following my talk, one attendee approached me in the hotel lobby where my fellow presenters sat at their merchandise stalls. “All this!” she shouted while sweeping her arm across the sideshow alley of over-priced books, stickers and fridge magnets, “All this – is shitYou have the real stuff! Where’s your book?!” Tears welled in her eyes. “Write a book! Please write a book!”

Yes, I have the real stuff. I’m not some arrogant academic pretending to understand what it’s like to be a victim of the most heinous crimes. I lived it. I spent my developmental years trapped in a mind control labyrinth. I then spent my adult years navigating a way out. I eventually achieved what few victims have, true integration. I may therefore declare with authority what does and does not work.

I prefer the term ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’ because the latter implies my ordeal is over. My ordeal will likely never end. As Dr Reina Michaelson warned, “Fiona, I think this is a life sentence.” I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Australian government. I am constantly harassed by police, paid agitators, pedophile payroll academics and journalists, DID sleeper cells, perpetrator relatives, fake victims, fake advocates, professional social media trolls, and retired intelligence community thugs hired to do the dirty work of the VIP pedophiles who dare not overtly attack me since that would attract media attention to their role in the international child trafficking operation.

Recovery from extreme abuse begins with realising the true nature and extent of international child trafficking. In 2015, a certain journalist wrote favourable articles about me concerning my Sydney press conference. I subsequently phoned and asked him to investigate and publish my full story. If only one mainstream journalist published my testimony against Antony Kidman, I reasoned, it would blow the international child trafficking network wide open. During this call, he relayed a conversation he once had with “a couple of spooks” who told him that all senior politicians are pedophiles because that is how they are controlled. He asked me if that was my story.

“That’s exactly right. That’s consistent with my experience,” I tried to contain my excitement. “The mainstream media has long documented the CIA’s involvement in drugs and weapons trafficking, right?”

He agreed, noting there had just been another story about that in the mainstream press.

“Well then, is it so hard to imagine they are also involved in trafficking children – which is far more lucrative than guns and drugs? ASIO and the CIA work together to traffic children between Australia and America. They’re the ones who trafficked me.”

The journalist promised to consider my request, bearing in mind he had a young family and publishing my story would surely place them at risk. But he never got back to me. A short time later, he suddenly developed a rare and aggressive form of cancer. I called him, expressed my condolences, and we chatted for a bit. At the end of the conversation, I mentioned I was considering writing a book. I asked him to clarify and elaborate on what he told me of his encounter with the “spooks”.

“I never said that,” he bluntly asserted. – Click article title to continue reading this very long post.

 * * *

Finally, I come to the main act of this post, and once again it is David Icke. I listened to the entire video in three sections, because I wanted to be clear on what he said to us, presumably sometime late last year. In the first half, he lays the foundation for understanding the energetic/vibrational importance of the symbolism so prevalent in our world today. I feel comfortable sharing that I have had spiritual experiences beyond this realm, and one way I communicate with the other side is via the Tarot cards, which I understand are totally accurate energetically; therefore, David’s words make complete sense to me, and I generally agree with them. His ideas are basic and extremely well documented, and I urge you to make sure you understand them fully. If you do, you may find you want to skip to the second half.

In the second half, David makes clear how our recent history has been controlled, starting with Father Bush, running through all our Presidents, and excluding President Trump. (I have previously published a video about David’s opinion of President Trump, and I think his opinion is proving to be accurate.) He explains what we hear in the MSM, what the next layer of truth is, and he goes right on peeling the many layers away, until we understand the many facets of what is really going on, far deeper than the lies which the MSM tells us.

For those of you interested in a deeper understanding of what is happening here on Mother Earth, I strongly suggest you will find this video opens doors to a very deep understanding.

All the chatter going on in the world right now pales, IMO,  beyond this knowledge.


 * * * 

Published November, 2017

IMO, this video speaks truth! ~J

I’m  publishing this older video, because I want to make a statement, mainly about Robert David Steele. This is in response to a recommendation from a Reader that I listen to RDS’s contribution at the Robert David Steele at The ITNJ Judicial Commission… talking with Stephen Arnold about what can be done. I did this, and once again, felt very strange about his words. (I’m not going to say anything more about them than that I sense RDS has his own agenda and that his words were directed at it.)

I find I cannot believe anything RDS says. I watched carefully when he and Jason Goodman were in conflict, and to me — if nothing else, Jason clearly proved that RDS lied about the book he was supposed to have written. (I think this is also mentioned in the video above.) While I think Jason has his own issues and is not without problems, I do not understand why RDS is taking him to court. If Jason was honest — and he had letters proving his statements, then it appears to me RDS, in a very vindictive way — and in true CIA-style — has decided to break Justin financially by tying him up in a court case.

When I heard/viewed RDS’s recent meeting with Benjamin Fulford in Japan, I  could not get away from the feeling that this meeting was between two very dysfunctional old men 🙂 I know for a fact from personal experience during my efforts to support Neil Keenan that both David Wilcock and Ben Fulford are Co-intel — and BTW, Neil is still alive; check his website.

Because of David Wilcock’s plagiarism of the book, Financial Tyranny, which I was unaware of, I worked for Neil Keenan far longer than I might have — and subsequently lost most of my life savings as a result of his lies. I know from many conversations with Neil Keenan — most were recorded — not only about Fulford’s personal issues that worried Neil, but about how he and Fulford would ‘cook up’ something for Ben to put in his weekly newsletter.

I wish the interviewers who continually support these people (or publish the efforts of the interviewers) would slow down and do their homework and stop supporting them in their out-and-out lies. This confuses busy people and holds back our awakening. It seems to me all of us on the internet have a responsibility to try to do our best to speak the truth.  ~J 🙂

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2 Responses to FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 11, 2018, Evening News . . . and some reflection. . . ~J :)

  1. Gary M says:

    Dear Jean,
    Thanks for the info and enlightenment. How easily we are mislead even when you have a bit of an idea about whats going on.
    Love and Hugs Gary

    • Jean says:

      Gary, I didn’t know how else to respond. Why in the world would RDS ever be visiting someone like Fulford? An honest person would have nothing to do with him! The people who interview him never ask tough questions. He gets a free ride to say whatever he wants, and somehow he’s parleyed himself into this position. Well, we’re going to hav to pay the piper, for sure. I’ve been wanting to express myself on that topic for a very long time, so thanks for the opportunity. Hugs, ~Jean

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