UPDATE: FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW! June 13, 2018, News . . . :)

Zerohedge: Paul Craig Roberts: In The Western World, Truth Is An Endangered Species. . . Julian Assange is the focus, and it’s a great article!

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USGS apparently continuing to hide the numbers . . . 

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First Thoughts On The Kim Trump Photo-Op Summit, by Moon of Alabama . . . this post is one of the most unbiased I have read.

The photo-op summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea went well. The visuals show North Korea and the United States as equal partners.

The atmosphere was cordial.

Both sides won.

The signed document is short. The core part:
– Click article title to read the basic concepts that were agreed on.

UPDATE: Zerohedge: Career State Department Officer Rages: 5 [MSM]Media Myths Of Trump-Kim Summit

Sott: North Korean media hails Kim Jong-un as victor in ‘meeting of century’ – Trumps says everyone can feel safer

Zerohedge: Pompeo: Expect “Major Disarmament” In North Korea By End Of Trump’s Term 

. . .or . . . as RT reports . . .

RT: US wants ‘major’ N. Korean nuke disarmament within 2.5 years – Pompeo 

. . . and . . . 

The Truth About Trump’s Deal With North Korea, by TruePublica @ Strategic Culture. . . interesting analysis –  takes Gareth Porter’s ideas on step further.

Zerohedge: Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Price… By Norway 

Mission Accomplished?

Trump Dangles Wooden Carrots at Russia over Crimea, by Tom Luongo @ Strategic Culture . . . Tom seems to see the larger, amazingly twisted picture. See if you can follow it 🙂

US efforts to prop up dollar by suppressing gold prices allows Russia and China to buy gold at major discount

Russia paid back over $200mln ordered by European HR court over past 20 years – Deputy Minister . . . this was a surprise to me — and very interesting!

US steps up interference in China’s affairs by opening new ‘de-facto’ embassy in Taiwan

Zerohedge: China Trade War Is Back: Trump To Slap Beijing With Tariffs On Friday As Negotiations Collapse

Now that Trump had his moment in the history books with his North Korea summit, expect the old, belligerent Trump to make a triumphal return, and the trade war with China to return front and center in the next few days.

Sott: Trump warns about souring relations with Trudeau in trade war – ‘It will cost the people of Canada a lot of money’

Sott: Iranian president Rouhani suggests all foreign advisers, military pull out from Syria

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has discussed the situation in Syria, as well as prospects of Iran deal with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in a telephone call, the official website of the Iranian president reported. 

Hassan Rouhani noted that Tehran had sent its military advisers to the Arab republic at the request request of its legitimate government in order to help Damascus fight terrorism. He expressed hope that no “foreign military presence” would be needed after the terrorist threat had been eradicated. 

Israel accuses Iran of sending the country’s troops to Syria in order to attack it from Syrian territory. Tel Aviv has already conducted several airstrikes against Syrian bases under a pretext of Iranian Revolutionary Guards being stationed there. Tehran and Damascus deny these accusations. 

Comment by ~J: I find the Comment left by Sott to be of great interest, particularly if you’ve lost this important thread/storyline:

SOTT Comment: Iran, Russia and Syria hold all the cards. Israel wants Iran and Hezbollah out of the south of Syria, which is fine with them, but not for free. If they stay out while Syria liberates the ISIS- and rebel-occupied area adjacent to the Golan, Israel and/or the U.S. will have to offer something, like a pull-out from al-Tanf. And if Israel and the U.S. want “foreign militaries” out of Syria, they’ll have to leave too. They’re the ones there illegally, after all. See Elijah Magnier’s recent writings on the subject:

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Zerohedge: “Downright Chilling”: Rosenstein “Threatened” To Subpoena Congressmen In Closed-Door Meeting. . . it looks like the government is turning on itself, maybe as in the snake eating its head?

Understanding Jewish Power, by Philip Giraldi @ unz.com

Zerohedge: “If Only We’d Listened To Ike…” – Inside The Deep State . . . This article is far more than its title might imply.

Zerohedge: The ‘Real’ America: 21.5% Unemployment, 10% Inflation, And Negative Economic Growth

US efforts to prop up dollar by suppressing gold prices allows Russia and China to buy gold at major discount

Sott: Landmark lawsuit targets billionaire OxyContin family personally for fueling opioid epidemic

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