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About fourteen years ago, I walked out of a life and started all over again from scratch. For a number of years, I took time to find out how my life had happened and went through an extraordinary emotional healing process based on quantum theory. It is very different from cognitive therapy in that I actually became conscious of and then healed the painful feelings and emotions. Then about seven years ago, I started to study the financial and economic situation. In the process I learned to read and understand charts and technical data, and I also read deeply about what is happening financially and economically on this planet. What I discovered appalled me!

The next subject I studied seemed to follow naturally: oil and our problems with it – and then later on the study of the ecological problems – like, for instance, with our climate – developed out of that. What I learned is that there is no lack of oil, but we are being kept in a state of fear, and as a result the price is raised and lowered and more money is made. Of course, we cannot continue to use oil, but that is almost a moot point. Drunvalo Melchizedek in his video. Prophecies of the Heart, teaches that the climate is becoming more temperate, and the other things we are fearing are not an issue. Obviously, these two items require a deeper discussion.

As I went deeper down the rabbit hole, I became more and more frightened, but in order to discover the truth, which is what I was looking for, I found I had to overcome my fears. They were many: I am alone and older, so I had to fight the vision of being alone without any money for my old age. I feared civil unrest and started to install a simple alarm system. I considered buying a gun – I was a member of the NRA as a kid, and I loved target practice. I thought about leaving the country and emigrating, but I realized I was too old to do that.

Instead, as I worked my way through my fear, several years ago I decided to put my money out of the country to keep it safe. I realized that I would be safe if I kept my eyes on the spiritual and gave up the idea of an alarm system and guns. (Quantum theory teaches what we fear we will draw to us.) I realized that George Bush could not have control over me and my old age, unless I gave him permission, and so I decided to stay right here at home. You may imagine quite correctly that dealing with these fears caused me many sleepless nights. Even so, I continued searching, until I got to the very bottom of the rabbit hole, and what I discovered there took my breath away, because it couldn’t be more positive.

The earth is going through a change; we are at the end of a scientific cycle – and are about to begin a new one – about which the indigenous people know so much. The cycle is called The Precession of the Equinoxes and is roughly 26,000 years long. The change that the earth is going through is generally called Ascension, and according to channeling and the indigenous peoples, the decision has been made by the ‘Creator”, and the earth will ascend. What we see happening now is the reckoning, as she throws off the negativity she has accumulated over the years.

If we want to travel with the earth to a higher level of consciousness, all we have to do is stay in a place of love, and we will match her vibrations. Then, she quite naturally will find us wherever we are and carry us with her. I had the opportunity to study the Merkaba and then later to study the In the Heart Meditation with Drunvalo Melchizedek, who is here to help us make the transition, and he is so filled with love for us all and teaches all these things. He also has fulfilled Mayan prophecy and is, I believe, the only person they have given permission to speak for them, although this could have changed as time has passed.

Many, many times as I read and researched, I found myself in a place of simply not knowing where to put all the new information inside my ‘being’. It was so new that I simply had no place for it, no velcro on which to hang it, but somehow over time I developed a place for it and then continued to move forward in my own search for truth. I say it was my own search, because I know well that it may not be what others consider to be their truth. We each have our own path to walk.

As I read about these various topics, I began to share information with friends, who have been very good and not said too much about the volumes I have sent. Most of them don’t have my interests, and I understand that. I read in many areas: science, religion, spiritual, financial, economic, political, and ecological, and began to pick the best items and post them for others. What I have been doing for myself, though, is an effort to figuratively hold a finger in the breeze to see which way the wind is blowing. We are in extraordinary times, and I don’t want to miss one minute of their unfolding!

The Main Purpose of my Blog

We are alive at probably the most exciting time in the history of mankind, and I do not want to miss a moment of it. My blog is chiefly about following events at this very special time on our planet to see how they play out. Since we are being told that nothing will happen until the present financial paradigm collapses, I have been paying particular attention to it.

PS The photograph in the header is one I took when crossing the Mediterranean in December of 1958.

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  1. vegia2014 says:

    Hi! Just read about your blog. I know you’re searching for truth & have mentioned that you have read about religion & spirituality. I don’t know if you have read the Bible? I hope you would. We should not miss it. God bless!

  2. Kate says:

    Just stumbled on to your blog post, love it, keep up the good work!

  3. Frances says:

    Hello Jean
    I am a long-time reader, first time commenting. I wonder why there isn’t more source information accompanying many items posted? Often there seems to be no attribution, or a simple “thanks to T.” Am I missing something? Possibly you’ve covered this before, sorry if I’m covering old ground – this lack of attribution just makes things murkier at a time when clarity would seem to be key.

    • Jean says:

      Frances, If people recommend an article to me, I try to remember to thank them, by using their initial. Every article is sourced, and the videos are put up with the info that accompanies them. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. TC says:

    Hi Jean,
    I am new to your blog and I read with interest. I would urge you to listen to video’s by
    Prem Rawat. He was born in India and has been teaching since he was 8 years old and travels constantly teaching his message. You can find him on Youtube. Here is an example:

    The depth of his knowledge and the simplicity is astounding.

    Love, Tony

  5. Trisha M says:

    Hello Jean- I am rather new to your blog and have found many of your posts to be quite interesting & thought provoking.
    How do I sign up to receive your emails? I can’t find a link on any of the pages.
    I’m on an iPhone so perhaps this is why? Please advise as I do not want to miss any of your writings. Thank You.

  6. KH says:

    How are you Jean? I hope your health is improving.

  7. john says:

    Hi Jean,

    As someone who regularly looks at your site and occasionally comments, I thought perhaps this was the best way to contact you and bring this to your attention.

    I know you work very diligently in disseminating what you believe to be important truths. With that in mind, I ask you to please take a moment to read this article.

    Everyday I ask myself, “Am I part of the solution, or part of the problem?”

    Thanks for your dedicated efforts.


    • Jean says:

      I’ve had a look at it, John. If news is honest, it shouldn’t be bad for us – not at all! I think the cabal wants people to continue to put their heads in the sand, and when they’re attacked from the rear, they will never see it coming! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Hello Jean,

    do you know these sisters & brothers of us: http://www.walkfree.org/about/
    I sent them a short part of a dutch tv-program, just taking 6½ minutes and english spoken:
    the content concerns our liberation of workslavery, all over the world.
    Probably you will know the two interviewed persons very well!

    I’d like to thank you for your Love & Power, you dedicate so convinced to mankind!

    • Jean says:

      Title of Article for those with interest: Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline

      Thank you! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dennis says:


        just wanted to say Happy New Year to you! October 31 = Samhain =Celtic New year eve celebration in the ancient Celtic calendar, hence November 1 is new years day. As to what year it is I do not know because of the perversion of our sacred time keeping by the egyptians, romans and then the church of rome and eventual demonization (Halloween) of our new year celebration. I consider it nothing more than cultural insanity!

        Dennis Ward.
        Family of McFadden/MacPhaidan.
        sept of the clan Maclaine/Maclean.
        Duarte castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland/Alban.

  9. Mary Ann says:

    Jean, here is a link to notes made from the second interview with Gordon Duff on November 24th with Veterans Today about 911 and other topics.

  10. lucy says:

    hi jean,i send you this vidéo,I think very very very interesting—love you-lucy

    • Jean says:

      Yes, it looks interesting, Lucy, and I thank you for sharing it. I only have so much time, but I hope others will also take a look. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • lucy says:

        sorry for my very bad english-he explains the trauma of circoncision at this exact age-8th day-I never heard such an explanation !!

        • Jean says:

          Thank you, Lucy, you do very well 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          PS It has been my understanding for many years that circumcision is entirely unnecessary . . . maybe it is to traumatize young male infants from the git-go . . . ~J

  11. Mary Ann says:

    Jean, here is the link to the second part of the Gordon Duff interview with Veterans Today on 911.This one was recorded on September 24th. http://youtu.be/EQTScOqtGGg

    Thanks for all your hard work to keep us informed. Mary Ann

  12. Jean says:

    Tom, I have done so at the bottom of the post today called The DailyOm. Hugs, ~Jean

  13. Jean says:

    Can you be more specific. . . a name, a link? I’m so busy with other things right now. I won’t publish it, but you will save me time 😉 ~Jean

  14. PhcLlc Member01 says:

    Greetings Precious One,
    We Speak To YOU, And ALL, In These Human Words (The True And Simple Communication Is Through Graphics/Images/Pictures) Regarding The Situation Currently Garnering Your Time.
    We Quite Closely OBSERVED The Parties (As We Have MANY OTHERS) That Are Most Often Referred To Through Out The Information Posted. We Detected An Unusual Energy Coming From These Parties And Thus Began To Closely Follow Their Evolvement. It Also Appears That Others Of “Not Necessarily Good Intent”, Began To Observe As Well.

    When Enough GOOD INTENTION, GOOD HEARTED SOULS Came On Board With Their HOPEFUL ENERGIES In Tact. Those Others Of Not Necessarily Good Intent Exploited And Then MisUsed Those Many Who Were New And Just Beginning To Awaken. Those Who Were/Are Further Along The Path To Self Awareness And Oneness Began To Fall Away.

    We Noted That Many Times Many Dates Of Action Were UNWISELY Given. Yet Nothing To Date That Was Told To Young And Elderly (We Listened To SO MANY Wonderful Followers/Listeners Give/Express Their HeartFelt Gratitude And Hope) Has Yet Come To Past.

    We Would Then Say That Many Of Those Newly Awakened Souls That Were Taken In Have Now Left And YOU And ALL Are Now Seeing Their Presence Back Among This Gathering That YOU Have Created Precious One. Thus YOU And ALL Here Can Be Assured That Others Of Not Necessarily Good Intent Do Not Like That. For They At One Time Had A Rather LARGE FOLLOWING. (The Want Of Change For The Better Is So Very Strong In The Human Consciousness Right Now)

    Strangely Enough After Your Direct Communication With Us, We Began To Receive, What In Human Words is Called “Spam”, Quite Extensively. Most Occurances Happen After We Comment To YOU. Not At All Surprising And We Suspect This Is Happening With Others As Well.

    So Precious One We Would Like To Say In Closing. YOU And ALL Need Not Despair About What Has Transpired, And Most Definitely Need Not Continue To Contribute Any Energies To These Parties.


    We Lovingly Thank YOU And ALL For Your Wonderful Energies And Time.

    : ) : ) : )

  15. Dear Jean — Been following your blog intermittently for a couple of years. Recently, more regularly. The death of robin Williams seems to have elicited some disclosure about struggles with depression, archonic attacks — inner struggles in general. I deeply appreciate your own testimony that you posted 8-13-14 about your own journey through depression. You attracted a beautiful guide, who knew the territory and empowered you to make your own way through the dark tunnel to the Light. You are now a torchbearer for thousands. Yesterday I posted a similar story about my own struggles with Archonic mind control programs that have “pulled the slats out from under me” for most of my life. In telling my story to my readers, I have received most heart-felt shares from some of them who have similaraly struggled — alone and in self-judgment, until they found help. The Oracle Report about Robin Williams was what catalyzed my own liberation from my life-long victimization of this archonic pattern. One of my readers has been contemplating suicide, her life was so difficult. She wrote to tell me that my post had been a lifeline for her at a critical moment. I knew I had to get my post up yesterday — no waiting. When I heard from my reader the impact my post had had, I knew WHY I had felt such a compulsion to write.
    We never know who or how many we touch with our Light. Thank you for touching mine. As you can see, I “paid it forward.” Blessings and love, Alia

    • Jean says:

      . . . Thank you for sharing. It’s time we all realized the matrix has left none of us untouched . . . So we can all begin the job of healing and leaving the old paradigm behind. Many hugs, ~Jean

  16. Jean says:

    I guard my privacy, Roger, and anyway it is clear to me you really don’t know what you are talking about . . . Do you think I don’t know these people? Hugs, ~Jean

  17. PhcLlc Member01 says:

    Greetings Precious One,

    We Would Like To Offer An Excellent Source Of Health Information That We Find Strongly Resonates With The Loving Light Of Source. We Would Say That A Visit to http://www.mercola.com/, Will Greatly Assist With Information On Getting And Keeping Control Of The Health Of YOU AND ALL.

    May We Suggest A Beginning Point Of This Article About Sugar: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/07/24/sugar-brain-function.aspx

    We Would Again Like To Emphasize that It Is MOST IMPORTANT That ALL Also Focus Their Attention To Ensure That Their Human Body In Staying Healthy.

    And As Always, With Much Loving Joy And Pride, We Than YOU And ALL For Your Efforts.

    : ) : ) : )

  18. Mary Ann says:

    Democracy Now! had an hour long interview with Henry Siegman, an 84 year old Orthodox Rabbi, who has also been president of two national US Jewish organizations.

    Quote from the interview: “When one thinks that this is what is necessary for Israel to survive, that the Zionist dream is based on the repeated slaughter of innocents on a scale that we’re watching these days on television, that is really a profound, profound crisis — and should be a profound crisis in the thinking of all of us who were committed to the establishment of the state and to its success,” Siegman says.

    Below are the links to the transcripts and they also have links on the top left to the video and the audio.

    Part one

    Part two

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I published the first video – very important. Thanks for the link to the second :)hugs, ~Jean

      • Mary Ann says:

        Hello Jean

        Sorry, but I didn’t realize that you had already published the video with Henry Siegman. I had found the link through another source.

        You do a great job keeping us updated Jean Thanks for what you do.

        • Jean says:

          Yes, but Mary Ann, I missed the publication of the second video. . . It’s all good, you know. I just didn’t want people to think it was something bee 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  19. Mark says:

    Hello Jean,
    Bless you for your never ending efforts to spread the Light and Enlightenment for all.
    Came across a most enlightening audio from another blogger on the Ukraine situation. If you find time give it a listen. It warrants sharing with others through persons with integrity and a passion for love (like you) for others to be awaken to the truth.


    HUGS and Much Love to you my sister


  20. KH says:

    Hi Jean.

    I hope this message finds you in good health and happiness.
    Do you know anything about the white flags on Brooklyn bridge? I have searched your blog but cannot find anything which I am surprised about. You tend to report on a wide range of topics and this is an unusual story I stumbled upon.

    Many thanks & blessings,

    • Jean says:

      No, I don’t, KH. Sorry. I can’t do everything. I’ve needed to take some time to smell the flowers. If you learn something, maybe you will share . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  22. Kelly says:

    Hi Jean. I just wanted to let you know that when I email your articles to myself, the emailed article never arrives (neither in my inbox nor spam folder). Is anyone else experiencing this too?


  23. Ronnie says:

    Jean, how do I change my email address for notification for your blog?

  24. Letitia says:

    Greetings Jean,

    I have recently stumbled across your blog and saw that you often blog about confirmation and spirituality. I find topics like this to be completely enlightening. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Kirk Nugent, he is an incredible Light Worker. He writes and lives the same spiritual lifestyle that you write about. I think you may find him interesting. Take a look at the video I have attached and you will understand how life changing he can be. Thank you for your time I hope you find Kirk Nugent as inspirational and life changing as I do. I’d love to know what you think about him.

  25. Jean says:

    I will share it with him, Erc, and then it will be up to him 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  26. OldMan says:

    Hi Jean,
    I am sure you already know this, but today’s posts were diverse and dynamic. You are peeling away all the layers of truth and it is, as it should be, overwhelming in scope. The shift is definitely accelerating. I certainly feel it.
    For those of us who have been on this journey for many years, I guarantee that we will now be attracting many “newbies” to this awakening. They will come in the form of our family, neighbors, friends and co-workers. Our highest choice is to patiently embrace these souls and help them choose a path they wish to pursue. On their terms.
    We may feel the urge to “barf” on them and share all that we have realized. That sensation is our desire to share our frustration for being alone on this journey for so many years. Resist this yearning and be patient.
    How we help others transform will make all the difference in this evolution. We are living it, and many more will come to join the light.
    Love, as embodied in your blog, is the bridge. Thank you. all of you, for your presence.

  27. James Hyslop says:

    Hello Jean,

    Thank you for all you do. You are an indeed an inspiration that amazes and delights.

    The wake up continues

    Happily Walking the Plank …by Cara St.Louis

    Best wishes in love, light and hugs

    • Jean says:

      Yes, James 🙂 I also published that one yesterday . . . and thank you for your kind words . . . Let me ask you, how long do you think before the wake-up is ‘enough’ to make some changes? Any time frame in mind? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • James Hyslop says:

        Jean, my feeling is that we are in the process of massive consciousness change right now and its accelerating at an extraordinary pace. Just what ITCCS has done and is doing alone is earth shaking (shake ~ rattle ~ and roll). People are confused trying to take it on. Some have gone into denial others are incredulous and others seizing the day and telling everyone they know.

        Radio stations locally are taking a hammering for being MSM and being forced to change their programming. The effects from this will force the MSM out of their protected shells which means they will make many mistakes which will be seized upon by populations as they try to grapple with the all the lies and misinformation and disinformation which is great because this will cause immense confusion but it’s part of the AHA process of waking up when it all pops in a person’s head and hopefully links through to the heart and the change will then rocket forward.

        Putin is remarkable with his quiet, astute and unassuming leadership as he has the whole nation behind him and hundreds of thousands elsewhere around the world too and this figure I believe is growing daily. So I reckon the next 2 to 5 years is going be one of most positive extraordinary roller coaster periods in all our lives.

        When I meet young children that going into their teens especially those from parents who are awake ~ wow it’s just amazing to see their energy and what they pick up and what they are saying about the world ~ it’s pure ~ it’s loving ~ it’s honest and no malice but they recognise the cabal for who and what they are and have no intentions to be caught in their trap. That is exciting. Really exciting!!

        Hugs and blessings

        • Jean says:

          James, this is such great news! We don’t get any of those feelings here . . . none at all . . . thanks for keeping us in touch . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Wendy says:

        I have been reading your blog for over a year and it has changed my life. Thank you SO much for your hard work and sincerity. I too have been trying to provide information to friends and family via email, on a much smaller scale. Its disheartening to see how many people choose to remain ignorant and asleep, and it is a choice at this point. I guess they just hope someday things will magically go back to “normal”. I am glad to see the posts about the paedophilia rings in Great Britain. Horrifying as it is, this needs to come to light. just purchased Cathy O’Brien’s book on mind control and MK Ultra in the U.S. I have trouble sleeping after reading the unbelievable abuse she suffered, but we cannot hide from the truth anymore. Please keep helping us all move forward in unity, to create a new world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With love, Wendy

    • Billy Gray says:

      Jean~ I agree with your May 23rd statement 100%—– I’m right there with you.!!!……. I hope we get much more help or ? ? ?(I watched the youtube video Geoengineering & the Collapse of Earth 2014 this morning,& it’s extremely disturbing & disheartening!!!! (GeoEngineeringWatch.org) I hope we make it Jean! LOVE & Hugs——- B.G.

  28. Isilden says:

    CIA “ends use” of vaccine programmes
    Hi Jean, have you seen this article?

    • Jean says:

      No, but I’m taking a look right now . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Okay, I get the message “Page Not Found” ? ? ?

      • Isilden says:

        Wow, something does not want me to send this to you. The amount of tech glitches I’ve come across, incl my computer shutting down suddenly…

        That is the correct URL. I have no idea why it isn’t working… You can go instead to the main BBC page http://www.bbc.com/news/ and look half-way down the right side for “Most Popular”, under the “READ” button at the top. Look for the title “CIA ends use of Vaccine programmes”. If that doesn’t work, (not all things look the same on all computers apparently) enter the word “vaccine” in SEARCH at the top of the page.

        And if that fails, try entering “vaccine” in Google News. I got something from the Guardian tthat came up, or try this link that may not work either: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/20/cia-vaccination-programmes-counterterrorism

        Hugs back!

        • Jean says:

          Isilden, I found it, and what it actually says is: CIA will not use vaccination schemes for spying, says White House official
          Counter-terrorism adviser says CIA director committed last year to make no operational use of vaccination programmes. . . maybe I misunderstood, but I thought you were saying they would discontinue the vaccine programs. This is actually what needs to be done. . . to say they won’t be used for spying is a joke, maybe meant to throw us off the track . .. don’t know. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  29. Jean B. says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY – because that feels like the role you serve in the truth movement. – So thank you for always working so very hard to bring the truth into the light!

    I don’t mean to imply that everyone should solely look to you for answers, since I fully believe we must each embrace our own sovereignty, in order to take back our collective power in a peaceful and positive way.

    …So maybe a big sister is a better metaphor, but since I’m not sure if there’s a day for that, I’m going with this one! 🙂

    I wish you great joy, happiness, and peace today and always!

    • Jean says:

      Jean B., thank you so much for your lovely wishes for me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much . . . many hugs, ~Jean

  30. Hi Jean,
    If you live in Vancouver area and would like to connect to like-minded people in person, please come to our local Prepare for Change meetings.

    One of 642 Prepare for Change communities worldwide.

    Vancouver Prepare for Change Community

    2 upcoming Meetups | 22 Awakened

    Prepare For Change is here to connect all people together in loving, peaceful support of a prosperous New Society. You, who already have this “knowing”, are called to action. Assisting the awakened as they seek other lighted beings is our purpose. Call on all who know the Light of Truth! Ask them to join you increasing the energy of peace in your community! Every region,town and city needs loving leadership to embrace change as never before in human history

    Check it out →

    Peace and Love,

  31. judyspasser says:

    Hi Jean. Is it possible to get this merkaba photo at a higher resolution. I am trying to get it to look good on a 16 X 20 picture. Not sure if it is available and what it would cost. Thanks so much

  32. Visionkeeper says:

    Hi Jean…Just a bit of sunshine for your life….Sunshine for all of us actually. Celebrate! VK

  33. Visionkeeper says:

    We did it Jean !!!! Time to celebrate! VK
    Vermont Law Makes It Official: GMO Food Must Be Labeled | Philosophers stone

  34. OldMan says:

    Hi Jean, Lt Col Potter’s post references InfoWars videos from last year (2013). Know you’re working hard, but recommend you delete that entry because it may confuse folks. Keep up the great work. I read your blog daily. Take care.

  35. Orion says:

    My. A kindred spirit. I was just SO thinking thoughts all like these just this morning, and now I stumble over your blog. lofl. We are waking up, Jean, we are. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Make sure you go enjoy a long, luxurious bath. We will continue to wake up as you do. I love what Abraham says… “Nothing serious going on here.” 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Keith, thanks. I wish you would share it again, but put it under one of the appropriate news stories. Otherwise, people won’t see it, and it’s important. Hugs, ~Jena

  36. JIm says:

    Dear Jean, I’m not a follower of Alex Jones, but when you say he is “married to a Jew” do you consider that fact alone grounds to discredit him? I feel like I am being disloyal to my Jewish friends if I don’t raise this point. Jim

    • Jean says:

      Jim, no you are not being disloyal, and it is a question I was hoping someone would raise. I married into an ecumenical family that included Jews, and they added immeasurably just through their own humanity to all our lives. I loved them dearly; they were good to me. So you may imagine that it is a question I asked myself. Instead of spoon feeding you – and others – let me suggest you do a Google search concerning Alex’s marriage. See what it means in reality . . . then please reconsider my statement, remembering that all I am saying is that I’m not buying into this story – just yet 🙂 because there may be a lot of things we don’t really know – and maybe not. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  37. Khar Muh says:


  38. Jean says:

    Teresa, I can’t publish this, because I don’t believe it. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is for me . . . I’d love to be wrong, and I’ll readily admit it if I am . . . I think it’s time to stop what I have learned to call wishful thinking and get real about this – and other – situations. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and nobody is going to save us. . . we need to wake up and start raising our personal vibrations. . . which deals with clearing our emotional wounds . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • EL says:

      Are our wounds truly things we’ve experienced, or learned definitions from other’s experiences that we copied then claimed as our own? I too have been shifting, by opening to my true self, rather than continuing to define my experiences copied from other’s examples. If we stop playing the rules we were given and open to truth, then we no longer are part of the game! Blessings to you for sharing your journey!

  39. Jean says:

    Linda, I do not know how it is going to happen, but I still think Neil Keenan is the one who will open the Global Accounts. Hugs, ~Jean

  40. gdleeco says:

    Jean, it is a pleasure to read your blog. I do every day. Like you I am a victim of my loyalty to a corrupt system. Everything I was taught to believe in has become a bold lie. I, too, have had adversity which I have overcome and in the process have discovered how corrupt and immoral our government and legal system is. There is, however, remedy in Law. Not the Rule of Law but Truth in Law. This is not the first time we as a people have been through this. It has been of equivalent magnitude but the remedy is through information. The way you get this information is from people distributing it out, this is the only way to eliminate the constructive fraud that has been perpetrated against us.

    • Jean says:

      I agree, and I understand totally where you are coming from and what you say . . . but how do we get the sheeple to begin to pay attention? I’m hoping Mother Earth will step in here somehow and begin to arouse people from their slumber/denial . . .

      Thanks and hugs,

      • Guy Priano says:

        Jean love,
        Thank you for being you. I appreciate your loving kindness. We are all spirit and coming from our hearts has a positive effect on the energy/vapors for all. We are all one – we are Mother Earth! We are very fortunate to create and see the consciousness awaken.
        Loving what is and you,
        If you have the time please invite me to Skype

        • Jean says:

          Guy, I wish I had the time. . . but in reality I don’t. Some days I don’t even get a bath – when I need one 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I’ve already released other comments about this. I’ve read Keshe’s ideas about 2014, and it seems none of his have happened as yet. I’m also now very leery now of someone who thinks they have the answers to so many problems, when I know the answers are within us and will occur as a result of our increased rise in consciousness. I hope people with interest will listen to Kerry Cassidy’s program 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  41. Chris says:

    Hey I like your discipline when it comes to posting on your website. I would like to see more postings on health and the future of healing since you indicated before that was part of your interest. I’m interested in the new healing devices and seeing whats out there and possible. The movie Elysium with the Bio-Med bay in future looks cool and makes me hopeful. That would be cool to see. Any “futuristic” health and healing stuff is way cool. I hope you can open up more about the possibilities. More postings on the new world would great. Take care.

    • Jean says:

      There may be plenty of help, but will there be time to use it? I wouldn’t count on it. We can start our own healing process by raising our vibrations. Bamboo Water in my post this morning on Discernment suggest a video with 21 ways to raise our vibrations. . . we need to get to work, don’t you think? We don’t know when Mother Earth will decide to make her move, so it is best not to wait 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • EL says:

        There’s a long time misconception about “lower and higher” vibrations and differentiating whether one is “good or bad”… To “differentiate” is staying in ego mind (duality mind, etc. or the aspect we learned from others and copied into our own lives, “believing” (being in one moment, then in the next instant leaving!) it’s truth (when it’s not!). Instead of realizing that our innate (or already existing) true Self, is and has always been with us and has nothing to do with the false made-up ego. If we allow our true Selves to emerge from within us outwardly (which never needs “healing”) and see the ego for the falseness it is, the ego no longer has control and won’t affect us as much, simply because we will see it for what it truly is (an illusion) and allow it to evaporate back the to ethers from where it originated. “Working on ourselves” perpetuates the ego’s need for “healing” (basically seeing ourselves as not whole, keeps the ego’s gerbil wheel spinning!)… Instead of the truth (that many don’t want us to know!) that we are already Whole. When we let go of other’s truths, tune in to our real (already inside of us) Self , we are Whole (no work needed! Woo hoo!). Thank you so much for sharing! Many blessings to you in all areas of your life!

        • Jean says:

          Look, I’ve had to rebuild my life from conception. I call that working on myself. I know the difference it has made in my personal life. Lower vibration to higher vibration? I’m thinking that, yes, it could be measured. I interact with the Field in a conscious way . . . so are we just talking words and definitions, or are we talking reality and the experience of life? I’m pretty clear that what I know now comes from doing some pretty tough work . . . and sticking with it. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • EL says:

            Thank you for sharing! Please understand that I in “no” way intend to dishonor your journey with my comments… I’m only offering an alternative the Universe provided that has worked for others and myself. I’ve always stated that others can utilize what I say, change it to fit their own truth, or file 13 it, if it doesn’t feel right. To each their own with whatever works! For literally decades, every time something went wrong in my life, I beat myself up wondering, “What I was doing “wrong” and what I needed to do to “fix” it?” This particular gerbil wheel of the belief; “The problem was with me and I was responsible for the outcome”, had run it’s course… Especially, when you have done everything you have been lead to believe is the way to do it, and also search high and low for answers that aren’t forthcoming! I was tired of the struggle of ineffectiveness and was ready for something new… Then one day, in my late 40’s, something inside stated, “It’s not you, it’s the beliefs that you have adopted that’s the problem!” This began a journey of “discovery” (which to some, if they choose, can call this aspect “work”!), and opened a new paradigm to an effective and truly fruitful life. I’ve learned that happiness is our original innate state (before other’s beliefs are entrained in us), and seeking happiness outside of self, continues a gerbil wheel of disappointment. I’ve learned that our “true selves” are magnificent and don’t need “fixing”, and the more we release ineffective beliefs (that are intended to keep us spinning in place!), the more effective and peaceful our lives become. There are however two beliefs in all religions and spiritual modalities (conventional, esoteric and mystical sects) that are useful: “Do unto others as they would do unto you.” and “Don’t do intentional harm” (<although this aspect is predicated only to the level of, "it's okay to defend yourself!"). I feel what you are doing is a gift to the world, and I wish you blessings in all areas of your life. Thank you.

          • Jean says:

            It’s all good, EL, please remember that 🙂 Sometimes I’m terribly overburdened and I just can’t do everything. Surely, I don’t intend to offend anyone – any more than you do! Hugs, ~Jean

  42. I walk sofltly and don’t carry any weapons. I don’t need to. I walk quietly with a big angel and keeps me in line. I have not seen this Angel, but I have seen the experssion on people’s faces that have been my attackers; and I have seen how fast they run away.
    Exodus 23: 20
    Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name [is] in him. But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries. For mine Angel shall go before thee, and bring thee in unto the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites: and I will cut them off. Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images. And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

    • Jean says:

      I have a very, very strong feeling that you I feel very differently about these verses. I believe God is inside us, and he does not speak to us through the Bible. We do not need the Bible to connect with God. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • If you don’t use the Bible to know what God has said, then how can you distinguish between the truth and falsehood? How do you know what you are hearing is the truth? I mean if you have no touch stone, so to speak? For example, we know the hardness of a substance in relation to the diamond because we know what a diamond cuts.

        • Jean says:

          That is an excellent question with a very complicated answer. First of all, the experience of my life has taught me that God is not outside me. I have had to walk a very tough path, but I’ve learned my lessons all along the way. There is a field of energy in which we live; it is a benevolent, loving field. We cannot really access it from our brains, which are instruments of duality; they are even divided in half. Our hearts are not an instrument of duality. Science now knows our hearts have their own brains. It is of a very high vibration, and when we finally get in touch with our hearts, our hearts will lead us forward, and they will never lie to us. Our inner direction comes from thoughts that arise in us, from things that happen to us that trigger these thoughts. This happens when we are in touch with this Field, often called the quantum field. Science now knows the quantum field is the science that heals the division between Science and God. It’s all about taking the spiritual path, which really means following our inner guidance system. . . and yes, the Bible can offer some wisdom, but much of it is not very wise at all. Haven’t you ever questioned it? I did. Finally, I remember saying to a friend, if there is a God, then He will have to respect my honesty: I just don’t get it. After years on this path, I now ‘get it’. I get God and understand the path, a tough one to be sure, but it has given my life great meaning. 🙂

          Now, that is a very, very short answer. I have an exceptional page that has lots of books of all kind to read on the subject. If you are curious, you might want to take a look. It is always your choice, though, because we are in a time when each person must make their own decision, and I respect this fact . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  43. Norie E. Sabayan says:

    Mam Jean,

    There is a Cease and Desist Order from Neil Keenan and is posted at http://neilkeenan.com/. Is this authentically from Neil Keenan? Is that his official website?


    • Jean says:

      Norie, I’ve commented on this before. Yes, it is Neil’s site now. I found out about it first from a reader. . . I”m hurt and trying to process all that this means . . . I’m busy trying to get out Robert Miller’s next article as I try to also care for the people on my blog, In other words, right now I have a very full plate. . . Hugs, ~Jean

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    • Jean says:

      Oh, my! Thank you for this honor! I do appreciate that you have even considered me for this 🙂 As I think about the “About Me’ section, I should probably update it. I haven’t touched it since I first started my blog . . . and I now use a different picture. I was younger then . . . 🙂 Again, my sincerest thanks . . .


  45. terry says:

    Jean i have been following your site for several years now and enjoy it very much. I have found a website i think you should checkout,hollowearthnetwork.com. They have the new scriptures chanelled from jesus Sananda,they also have numerous blogtalk shows I think are extremely important,the chanell panel on Wed nites. Every other Saturday they have a call with Zorra from Hollow Earth,he takes over the body of his son (Zoraya) Col Billie Ray Woodard,who was in charge of Area 51 when he turned 19 yrs old. Zorra changes bodies with Zoraya when he speaks and when Zoraya returns to his body at the end of the calls its always interesting to find out where Zorra was when his father takes over. At Christmas it was visiting Santa Claus,last week he was swimming with the mer people of the ocean,who seen the galactics taking care of a huge island of radioactive waste in the pacific. Please just try to listen to one of the shows and have a open mind. I feel you will come away with a whole new perspective on what is really happening on mother gaia.

    here is a link to part of Zaraya’s story from 2002:

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Terry. I can’t promise to look into it right now – we are approaching the end, and my time is pretty much taken up . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Terry, I am one person, and I wish I had the time . . . I would like to enlarge my viewpoint, but I also need to guard my energies carefully. Hugs, ~Jean

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  47. Pene Murdoch says:

    Dear Jean,
    I have been reading your blog for a long time from the shadows. I rarely come out and get involved in the drama. But today, I just wanted to step in for a moment. I too, am up there in age, and I too have been a student of Drunvelo. In fact, I was at his first class over 20 years ago. For the past year my health has “changed” and I believe it is from the spraying. But I can’t get anyone (doctors) to listen to me. I’m not worried or afraid of the outcome, but I do hope that I can be around to see the end of “them”. I and my mate are working on something and he will be speaking about it at a conference this Spring. We hope it will bring some awareness to this poor dumbed down world. Keep up the good work.

  48. qisukshaman says:

    Dear Jean. Have not quite found out how to contact you except from here. The children of Greenland are giving the world a dire feedback. Out of a population of 56.000 people on the biggest and coldest island on the globe, 46.000 are inuits/eskimos. 5000 of their children are suffering, one third never finishes primary school, half never finish higher education, far too many commit suicide – Greenland hold the world record – and the violence amongst the peaceful people is soaring.
    Greenland, part of Denmark which is one of the richest countries on the planet, has undertaken at development from being a nature people – they still are – to be self governing and to fit into a modern western hieratical model so fast (60 years), that their cultural roots are being amputated.
    The children and young are saying no thank you to the life and world offered to them, and too many leave the world. They are the canaries in the mine, and they are dying.
    They still know how is is being part of a society where you learn through oral traditions, by observating and doing, learning from nature an spirit.
    We must listen to them and stop and ponder: What are we doing to our selves. And what sort of society do we want to be a part of? They say no and they hold the remains of a society that is more human shaped than the competition and economy hierachy many of os live in.
    We – my partner Qisuk and I – wish to start a project in order to help the children and lean from these amazing people who know how to abolish fear. That alone can help many others in the world: http://qisuk.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/the-children-of-greenland-suffer-and-die-from-educational-malnutrition/
    Maybe you can use this?
    With love
    Lisbeth Nielsson

    • Jean says:

      Lisbeth, the sorts of help you are asking for will come in time. I hope people will read about your work and become aware of its importance. Right now, though, my plate is so full I can barely keep up with it. Please forgive me. We must take Neil’s work over the top before anything else can happen. Hugs, ~Jean

      • qisukshaman says:

        I do appreciate that you have far more than enough on your plate. I did not expect that you yourself would be involved, but maybe you could help by exposing the info on your blog. I am learning how our spiritual heritage is being strangled and hidden and that makes me very sad – and pretty angry. Thanks for taking time to respond an for your tiredless effort to help change the world. Hugs to you too. Lisbeth

  49. Otavio says:

    Hi Jean!
    When did you came to know about Keenan? Why do you think he is so reliable?
    I ask you that because I’ve seen so much info/disinfo out there, I’m kind of sceptical about everything.

    • Jean says:

      I came to know Neil Keenan about a year-and-a-half ago, when something that was said on The Oracle Report encouraged me to write to him. Keith Scott had been commenting on my blog, and at that time I didn’t know he was a very sick ‘con’ artist, trying to pass himself off as a would-be partner to Neil. He spoke about Neil in veiled, negative terms, but I’d already reached my own conclusion from having studied the financial markets for a fairly long time that Neil was the answer. At that time, I actually offered him the help and support of my blog, which he refused – way back then. As we corresponded, we got to know one another very well, and as a result of some of our activities, I have come to have total trust in his integrity. He’s the guy who’s going to do the job. I’m not the only one who things so, either. All the others are loud talkers with egos, trying to get some of the financial pie, and they won’t do it. They can’t do it. Neil was selected by the Elders who have been protecting these Accounts for about sixty years through Ceremony, something he didn’t even understand. Frankly, I think he was surprised when he found out they go into a deep meditation and connect with Source/quantum field/ and ask for a sign that he is ‘the one’. They got it. I truly believe he is being protected, as well, although that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to poison him four times, two of which I’ve gone through with him. Neil is going to keep this whole new financial way totally transparent. No one is going to mess with it. We will all have a responsibility, however, to make sure this never, ever happens again.


      PS Hope this helps to answer your questions 🙂

  50. Yvonne Wilson says:

    I was looking to see what the internet considered truth about my Deities, my culture, and I found this site. Yes, I am very alarmed as I find the very race that oppressed my people are calling on the power of our Deities but keep them hidden from the very people that should be giving praises to them. I find it very alarming that when I type in truth about Hathor, I get this site. I find it alarming that My Deities are considered mythology and the god that was given to my people during slavery is considered real…while you and your kind are praising Our Deities. Again, I am very alarmed and ticked off.

    • Jean says:

      Yvonne, if you have come to my site for the first time – and it sounds like you have – then I invite you to explore here and perhaps contribute some of your knowledge and wisdom. We, here, are waking up to the ‘real’ truth of the lies we have been told about who we are, about who our real gods are, and so on. We are in the Shift now, and we are doing our best to discover the truth of our past . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  51. Greg Izzi says:

    Hi Jean – is ther anyway I may contact you directly via email please ?

    Thank you

    • Jean says:

      Greg, I would prefer it if you were to leave a message here. I have no problem keeping it private . . . I’m just finding it necessary to protect my own privacy right now. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  53. cherkee says:

    Jean, thank you for your posts… I look forward to them and like you mentioned before about fear…I am in the letting go and stepping away part of my journey (thought I had it but it “snuck” back up on me….) That being said, I love your info about M. T. Keshe although I have to tell you he is hard for me to follow sometimes because of my hearing…My cousin had an epiphany of sorts and asked me to pass this a long to you… I had hoped you had email because people can sometimes be “snarky” and cruel… but here goes… She had a “thought” and because of the latest Montegue Keen as well as the Keshe interview… well we know there are no coincidences…
    The thought was M.T. Keshe…… MT most used abbreviation for Mountain… so I googled Mt K-e-s-h- and then the auto fill gave me this site: http://www.voicesfromthedawn.com/caves-of-kesh/
    The Keshcorran Mountain and the caves of Kesh… in IRELAND… very interesting reading… things seem to be falling into place rapidly… Have a wonderful day and thank you for all that you do…

  54. Keith Harrison says:

    Hi Jean.
    I love your blog and pay keen attention to one particular topic but wondered if you could provide me with an email address to which I could send you a question about inner energies please? I have very little knowledge about this topic but have had plenty of experiences where I cannot explain or understand how I had impacted on them! I hope this makes sense!


    • Jean says:

      Keith, you can leave your question here – and your question can remain private. . . I will glady answer you as soon as I can find a bit of time . . . I prefer not to give out my email address . . . with the number of readers, etc., I really do need my privacy 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  55. Clare says:

    Hi Jean! I am so glad I found your blog. I feel like it was fate as I truly “woke up” last year. I started going down the rabbit hole in search of the truth as well, not knowing what exactly I was looking for. Now I am here and I feel it’s a blessing. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Jean says:

      Clare, I’m so glad you are here, and I hope you will come back often. The rabbit hole is deep . . . but at the bottom I found a better world 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  57. Jean, just want to drop by and say thank you for all the information you have given us throughout the year.. Wishing you much love upon your journey and Yuletide Blessings…

    Sue xox

  58. Michael says:

    Dear Jean,
    I am reading with great interest you comments and updates. Thank you for all your work, information and personal commitment. I am also following some other blogs and comments of people who try to bring to the open what is really going on. As much as this is very valuable to all of us, what I am missing is a CLEAR CUT vision for the future. As much as it is important to inform about what is going wrong and how we have been tricked (to put it nicely), as much have I got the impression that with the ongoing negativity of the situation people will get tired, if not bored. I feel what it needs now is a vision of how a genuine democratic society shoud and could look like. As an example in Germany and the UK we have lots of so-called noble families which have got most of their wealth and in particular their real estate from theft. Regardless if they have inheritated it or not. What is even worse is the fact that these families get paid a substantial amount of monthly “grants” by the taxpayers. I am sure if the nobility hoax and craziness would be made public and followed up with a vision of how things should be and hopefully will be, the sequence of awakening would grow much faster. And I am sure the number of “active” people would raise quickly too. I am looking forward to getting your thoughts. best wishes, Michael

    • Jean says:

      Michael, I am very much in agreement with your words. When I took time away a couple weekends ago, I was thinking, writing, and doing some planning on this subject. The fact is, though, that creating a vision is difficult, because I think the vision cannot be one person’s vision. Instead, it must belong to all of us as we begin to co-create our new reality – together. I was/am considering ways to facilitate this . . . Thanks for your own sense of vision and for taking the time to express yourself so clearly here. Hugs, ~Jean

  59. Jim says:

    Dear Jean, thank you especially for the Dec 1 group of videos about the Federal Reserve. It is a great service you are performing for all of us. I think the shenanigans around the Fed is the one thing that could most easily wake people up to what’s going on in general. Maybe some day we can all give each other real hugs but the cyber hugs are great in the meantime. JIm

  60. Sheri says:

    Hello Jean,
    I would like to say THANK YOU!!! I also admire you and are grateful for what you do.
    Much Love,

  61. I would like a e-mail to send information on the homeless

    • Jean says:

      Phyllis, I don’t do emails. I would be swamped, and I almost am right now anyway. You can leave the info here, and I will deal with it as best I can. I do not have to make your Comment public. Two people have sent e material to read, and I’ve been unable to find time to do so . I ask your understanding. I also know the homeless are going to be cared for . . . We are not moving into a world where we wo’t take care of people. . . That is all cabal thinking. . . based on fear and division. What happens to one person, happens to all of us. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  62. The people here seem so awesome. I keep wanting to share with you because of the titles/topics coming into my inbox, even though I cannot keep up with the people messaging me already…
    Here is all of my life’s work (14 years of serious study) for free…
    (Unifying Theories, Free Energy Generators, Cause and Cure for disease, Legal citations and winning examples, and more)…

    Thank you, and you’re welcome.

  63. Deborah Salisbury (Raenya) says:

    Jean — I send you the highest respect, admiration and LOVE for all you are doing and BEING — the way you react to negative posts is inspiring — I am mediataing every day to send all the lightwarriors and whistle blowers , strength and perseverence == that one say soon we will live in a world that is just for all — With bushels and bushels of gratitude – Raenya

  64. Kate says:

    Dear Jean, I just saw your post about the Tao Te Ching – verse 48 , and the I read your “About Me” information, you may be interested in the teachings of Master Sha as he is a lineage holder of Lao Tzu – http://www.drsha.com – he also is a lineage holder of a number of other ancient Chinese Arts and also a doctor of western medicine – he is an amazing healer, my family and I have experienced it personally…I also love Drunvalo too 🙂

  65. Brad Cook says:

    Jean, By chance did you ever live on the same street as Amelia “Mimi” Prentiss, my grandmother?

  66. Jean says:

    No, I’m sorry I did not see this. You’re going to have to believe what you believe. I’ve been up against these folks who don’t like Drun. . . but I never saw them prove anything. They just throw words around, usually ugly ones. . . just like this . . . Sorry, but I”m not going to post this. . . to me it is obvious disinfo . . . please study and you will soon see. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  67. HEM says:

    Hi Jean,
    If we have an idea to share with you, how may we reach you via email? Thank you.

    • Jean says:

      It’s best that you post it as a comment. If it shouldn’t be addressed publicly I will reach you via email. . . .Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  68. AA says:

    Dr. Wallace “Randy” Short known as Dr. Randy Short of Washington, DC has a history of infiltrating organizations and wreaking havoc. Along with his sidekick Rozyln M. Cross-Ratliff aka LadyofJudah he has been starting rumors, causing mayhem, stirring problems, and attaching himself to anything that will garner him attention. A quick phone call to the University of Virginia where he claims to have been teaching for the last 19 years revealed that he does not work there and the University is taking proper action in regards to this falsehood that he is spreading. None of the agencies that he claims to represent have him as paid staff. A few of the organizations cannot be verified either and are attempts for Short to appear legitimate when “no known such organization” exists. Short has been ran out of dozens of organizations for his tumultuous behavior. He can be heard on radio programs cursing and namecalling much to the dismay of listeners. He has been known to approach people during tragedies in order to become their spokesperson but as soon as his actions come to light he has been ordered to stay away from them. Short has threatened violence and has mocked protest victims such as those protesting the situation in Sudan and Police Brutality victims.

    Rozyln M. Cross-Ratliff aka LadyofJudah formerly of Newark, New Jersey area now residing in Auburn, Washington outside Seattle, Washington has used celebrity and national case victims names in an attempt to be relevant and get the media spotlight on herself. Her overly exaggerated claims of being good friends with Wesley Snipes and Malcolm Shabazz when she has never met either one of them is foolhardy and a poor reflection of the lack of fulfillment in her life. She has been discredited by many people for her actions and dragging deceased and traumatized victims’ names through the mud. Cross-Ratliff has been so desparate and obsessed with being relevant that she has taken it upon herself to start controversial petitions without the case victims and/or their families permission. Even when told to stop, she has attack their loved ones and friends, going so far as to berate them endlessly despite not knowing the facts. Cross-Ratliff has no known job and has been known to live off of others.

    The above individuals should be treated with caution. They are disturbed individuals who have been known to sabotage everything that comes in their path.

  69. cp says:

    what should i make of nighttime spraying directly over my location……like… often?

  70. James Hyslop says:

    Hi Jean,

    You are indeed an American who has got off her butt and become awake and is doing some good work. Bless you for doing so. Since your blogs are failng today I thought I would pass to you some brief information from a recent channelling with Osiris. He politely answered my many questions on a wide range of issues.

    Specifically on the question of the Global And Collateral Accounts he said that:

    1. Neil needs a multitude of our assistance.

    2. In some cases very specific combined help from around the world to remove the cabal as most of the cabal will not be swayed from their current mutually assured destructive intent.

    3. The human nuclear reactor is in meltdown around the world.

    4. This is a further planned shutdown of the Hu Man (God Man) by the cabal.

    5. As the less you know the harder it will be to find out the real truth and the easier it is to control you.

    6. As opposed to the fobbed glitter ice cream on the cake truth put out by controlled media.

    7. Which melts and gets very messy, sticky and also very stinky and fobs into the next negative story to keep the population ever subjugated in fear.

    8. Be under no illusion a very hard road lies ahead for earth on its current path and the cabal are determined to have their war at a great cost to the planet.

    9. The key is to change the path cognisant of the messy path being created in another realm.

    10. Each who is now awake must focus on creating a new abundant non-destructive consciousness that overtakes and replaces the current destructive path.

    11. The road less travelled is the better option as the truth will emerge faster and consciousness build and grow exponentially especially in small groups that continue to grow in all positive senses.

    12. You will have to ask Neil what assistance he requires, but remember this individual has not awoken to the fact that there are thousands in the vanguard waiting to assist.

    13. Hold fast upon your non-destructive purpose and create with steadfastness the new path and the new grid in the knowledge that you create a better now than that has passed in destructive form over past millennia.

    There is much more Jean but suffice to say: Osiris provides multi-layered messages to point an individual or a group in a direction they should consider travelling. Osiris is a willing participant in our plan to make this realm a better place.

    Blessings to all.
    James Hyslop
    South Africa.

  71. Jean B. says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I’ve followed this website for well over a year and have never commented, but I feel compelled to share this with kindred spirits.

    I spent my entire day putting this email together for loved ones, I think you’ll understand why when you read it…

    With Love,
    Jean B.

    Hey Guys,

    Since I’m not one to give merit to speculation, unless there is verifiable evidence to support it, I decided to pay a little visit to the The American Meteor Society’s website and see the recently documented fireball reports for myself, just to verify if they had markedly increased, as many are claiming.

    The website notes that between 10-50 meteorites drop through the atmosphere each day, (although many go unseen due to daylight), so you can imagine my surprise to see 697 reported yesterday, 9/26/13.

    It’s important to do your own research on all matters of controversy these days, so please don’t even take my word for it, see it for yourself. – http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball_event/2013/

    I had never before checked the fireball report, so what were the odds I did so on what appears to be the highest reported day in history? That has to be synchronicity at its best! ( I took it as a sign that I should send this lengthy email. 😉

    Still, the logical side of my brain wondered if there could be any other possible explanation. Given what seems to be a desperate attempt by the powers that be to force an “Armageddon” scenario by instigating an illogical war with Syria, (since Russia and Iran have made it clear that they’d defend Syria, which would no doubt lead to a nuclear WW3), and the fact that “urban drills” of heavily armed military are scheduled for October, I wondered if something else was going on here.

    That’s when I remembered something interesting…

    A few years ago, while doing research for a potential sci-fi script that I was considering writing, I came across information about a real government project that seemed stranger than fiction. It’s called Project Blue Beam.

    It seems that I am not the only person to wonder if ISON could be the implementation of Project Blue Beam. If so, there might be much less cause for concern about earth impact cataclysms, although it’s still wise to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

    If it is a Project Blue Beam staged false flag event, the impact on society could be even more cataclysmic – because this could be an excuse for nasty stuff like martial law, and the intentional taking down of the grid for a while – to possibly permanently deny access to alternate media once the grid is restored. After all, reputable alternate media is the last bastion of truth these days, and it continues to come under attack by the powers that be because of it.

    So I am sending this to help you to be informed, and to encourage you to share this extremely timely information with others, so that they too are empowered instead of victimized by the possible “Big Event” deception that may well be in the works.

    The first 3 videos below are all very short MUST SEES, but I have also pasted a link to a longer documentary about Project Blue Beam, if you want the full story.

    I will also paste some of the original links I sent, and a few more about ISON, along with a list of fast approaching dates to be aware of, as I will now include others on the “cc” list that I did not originally share this information with. – Initially I only sent the original email to those I thought might be in a position to help others, should the worst case scenario unfolded. I really did not want to frighten anyone, especially people with limited resources who might feel hopeless.

    I still say don’t fear these things, just let them inspire you to live life to the fullest…love others a little more each day, and be the best person you can be. After all, no one ever really knows what lies ahead…so that’s really the best way to live each day anyway.

    That said, better to be prepared and informed than shocked and confused, right?

    Oh, and there is no need to feel overwhelmed, as there is always something we can all do to effect positive change, it’s fairly simple, and even has science behind it…
    Meditators Can Affect Quantum Events –

    With love,

    P.S. – This was my first day off in a while, and a much needed reprieve from intense deadlines, but I chose to spend the day putting this information together for friends and loved ones. So I hope that you will respect that and read it, or return to it when you can give it the time and attention it deserves.

    In the meantime, if you only have a few minutes right now, the first link below is only 4 minutes long and it contains very important and absolutely mind-blowing information.

    All I ask is that you reply to let me know you received this email…since time is short. – A a simple “got it” will suffice. 🙂

    Project Blue Beam To Usher in “World Peace”
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neO55QKqoEw (Preview)

    Project Blue Beam?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ0pEUqZ0c8 (Preview)


    NASA s Project Blue Beam – NWO – Full Version


    Credible information sources about Comet ISON, Oct 1st Disaster Training, and the November Grid Shut down…

    ISON Warning
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ga9_EdbOTA (Preview)

    Something BIG is about to go down..
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJPYU1D2q0o (Preview)

    You’ve Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure:

    BTW, this isn’t just coming from so-called “gloom and doom” sites or from alternative media. Major mainstream media sources such as ABC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CBS News have all issued the alerts.

    James Rawles Warns: “Be Prepared To Hunker Down For Months”
    Mac Slavo – September 22nd, 2013

    NOTE: The above video outlines some very important survival strategies in the event of any catastrophe – be it a global economic collapse, major earthquake, hurricane, or grid failure (which the gov’t itself is saying is a real danger, and could have already happened earlier this summer when a massive solar flare was emitted – but luckily not in the direction of Earth). So having things like solar-powered lights, and mini solar generator (sold on Amazon), along with the basics like water, safety, and food supplies is always a good idea. You only have to think back to recent hurricanes and super-storms to realize this. Personally I’d set up a self-regenerating food supply using AQUAPONICS, if I had the space, but I don’t, so my mini organic garden will have to do.

    I think James provides a wealth of important info. should there be a sudden crisis, but I would hope that in this instance, with a bit of a heads up, people will come together and help each other prepare, so that it won’t turn into the ugly “dog eat dog” world he describes. 🙂


    ::::: OCTOBER 1st

    = The deadline for an unprecedented amount of emergency medical supplies, food, and massive amounts of ammo to be delivered to FEMA. – See complete OCTOBER 1st deadline list at the end of this email.

    _The date was given for the Government Shutdown, although this seems to have been voted down as of today. (But if there ever is a shutdown in the near future it could lead to a “bank holiday” and cause people to lose access to money for a while – another reason it’s wise to have some supplies on hand.)

    _October 1st would also be the date that home inspections could begin under ObamaCare. I’m sure there are a lot of theories about the true intention of this warantless invasion of privacy, so I’m not even going to speculate.

    _Region three is comprised of Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Massive group Coast Guard training drills in this region are scheduled for late September through October 1st. – Mysterious FEMA Region lll Alert Has Folks on Edge

    _ Because of all the medical scrubs and supplied ordered, many have speculated that OCTOBER 1st, or shortly thereafter, will be when sort of deliberate or natural pandemic is announced. (I’m sure some would say it will be of a brain-eating “zombie-fying” variety, given the recent pop-culture fascination with the topic.) Personally, I think if there is a pandemic, it will be blamed on the comet. It may surprise you to know that many air-borne viruses are actually the result of space pathogens that fall to earth, pathogens which are all the more severe when comets are involved. – This is why comets have historically been feared as harbingers of plagues and disasters, as the links below detail…
    Comets & Contagion, Meteors, Asteroids
    New Light on the Black Death: The Viral and Cosmic Connection …
    http://www.sott.net/ article/ 228189-New-Light-on-the-Black-Death-The-Viral-and-Cosmic-Connection

    ::::: OCTOBER 25th – 28th:


    Region three is comprised of Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Emergency training drills in this region are scheduled for late September through October 1st.

    Coincidentally, or not, ISON is projected to cross over both of these areas on its current projected trajectory.


    NOTE: It’s a well-known fact that comets can and do often cause massive coronal ejections, or sun flares. So this could just be a “hail-mary pass” in the hope that we avoid what scientists call a “civilization ending event” that could take down the electrical grid permanently. Since sadly, despite a steady stream of warnings to reinforce the grid or replace it all together, it looks like the powers have failed to do take appropriate action. So why lose face and admit that? (Or so that theory goes.)

    ::::: EARLY JANUARY 2014:

    We will pass directly through Comet ISON’s very rocky long tail
    If ISON is indeed a comet, then impacts are obviously a danger. And it appears that the start of this danger would be October first.

    • So let’s all meditate and see the comet getting re-routed by it’s proximity to the Mars and then to the Sun – so that it no longer poses a threat. ‘K? 🙂
    • There is some seemingly solid evidence that governments around the world have used massive amounts of missing tax payer money to build extensive underground facilities, called DUMBS (as in “deep underground military bases”) so they can escape some future cataclysm. – So naturally many are propagating the usual fear porn about ISON. Saying it’s the doomsday comet, etc… .
    • While no one can know for sure, but I do think the Project Blue Beam scenario makes the most sense if there is a bigger picture here, since it ties in several other things like chem trails. – I have a hard time believing the gov’t would have spent all that time on chem trails if they knew that ISON was a doomsday comet, Planet X or Nibiru. (BTW, chemical engineering of the atmosphere has now been admitted.)

    More about ISON – “The COMET OF THE CENTURY”:

    Is ISON really a UFO?
    http://www.ibtimes.com/ comet-ison-conspiracy-theory-comet-century-actually-three-objects-140 4363 –

    Internet rumors about ISON really being a spaceship started after a photo of a precise triangle appeared (after the brightness was reduced on an existing photo of ISON) – some interpret this as a sure sign of an alien invasion and part of the Project Blue Beam hoax, some associate it with religion and the “the return of…” (pick your God, as many are said to be returning).

    NASA refutes the image, explaining it away as parallax – the combining of three images, two of which are time-lapsed, making the dot look like a line. A perfectly reasonable debunking argument…except that someone did release one Hubble image of ISON that did look triangular and was not time-lapsed. But it could have been manipulated in PhotoShop, so who knows.

    What I find interesting is the fact that the Air Force has just announced that it will shut down the surveillance system known as “Space Fence” by October 1st, due to budget constraints.. (There’s that date again.) Doesn’t this seem odd, given that “The Comet of The Century” is headed our way?

    Another HIGHLY STRANGE COINICIDENCE is that after viewing Comet ISON for the first time, NASA reported that it lost control of the “DEEP IMPACT” probe, and has now abandoned further attempts to contact the craft. This is the probe specifically designed to photograph and study comets!

    Please Google all of the above so you can check the facts for yourselves, and make up your own minds. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, I’m just trying to give you a heads up about all of this high strangeness – since you will surely not hear much about it until the dates are upon us, and the plan is in motion…if there indeed is one. Until then, the MSM will surely try to distract people from finding out the truth.

    A Timeline Of Comet ISON’s Dangerous Journey | NASA
    http://www.nasa.gov/ content/ goddard/ timeline-of-comet-ison-s-dangerous-journey/
    If The Sun Doesn’t Blast It, Comet ISON Will Soon Light Up The Sky … baltimore.cbslocal.com/ 2013/ 09/ 10/ if-the-sun-doesnt-blast-it-comet-ison-will-soon-light-up-the-sky/


    Maybe all that will happen is we’ll see a beautiful display of a natural phenomena in the night sky. (It should even be visible to the naked eye!) Now that would be nice.

    BTW – More than one junior astronomer is saying that there will actually be 3 COMETS in the November sky! What a potentially spectacular and extremely rare celestial event that will be!

    Again, it’s not about fear, it’s about being informed and prepared, just in case.

    So I will leave you with this article and the Northern CA drill info. I came across the first article below doing a search about ISON. I can’t say that I like the fear-mongering spirit of it, or the website it was posted on – since “Before It’s News” seems to feature a lot of highly speculative info. BUT the dates and events are factual, and it is the article that made me look further into this.

    Here you go…

    Comet ISON & US Govt Oct. 1st Prep: What Does The US Gov’t Know That We Don’t?
    Saturday, September 14, 2013 15:03

    Is the massive United States government preparation for some type of an emergency event of enormous proportions by an October 1st deadline due to the arrival of Comet ISON? The facts compiled below by Ultimate Survival will leave you wondering what the US govt knows that we don’t know. From Ultimate Survival.:The impact of “comet” ISON’s arrival may be seen sooner than you think. If you examine the U.S. Government deadlines for FEMA preparations and DHS mandates, you’ll see that everything seems to revolve around an important October 1, 2013, deadline!

    If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. Here is a list of deadlines compiled by Peter Kling, who also appears in the video interview below called ‘How to Survive Armageddon’. This is scary stuff!

    Here is the list:

    __82% of our combat forces and their supply elements out of CONUS by October 1st.

    __FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st.

    —FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st.—FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st.

    —So, FEMA is obviously getting ready for something HUGE as the above statistics show. What about the US military and the militaries of various other United Nations countries? Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st.

    —No leave will be allowed for US military from September 28th thru November 5th

    .—All DHS agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. No mention of yearly less lethal qualification.

    —All National Guard units will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years’ annual two week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th.

    —Sure sounds to me like the militaries of the world are preparing for something HUGE, too…what about emergency communications? Daily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd.

    —Eastern-based Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually performed in the Gulf, in the Virginia and Delaware areas. This is a 10-day training mission to begin September 26th.

    _With Comet ISON approaching, wouldn’t we think that we should be at our most prepared for dealing with whatever might be coming our way? If so, then why this? – October 1st the US shuts down space fence detection system. (After 50 years! Why now?)

    – Let’s not forget that 9/11, 7/7, and the Boston marathon event all occurred “during a drill” that coincidentally simulated those exact events. So the sudden sprouting up of these nationwide drills is a bit unnerving These “urban shield drills” have also been widely criticized for basically scaring the crap out of small children and adults alike by simulating frightening events – with military in full Elian Gonzalez type of combat gear. There have also been a few unannounced black helicopter night-time simulations that have literally caused panic. YouTube is full of news reports on these, so start there if you want to see them first hand. – Really disturbing stuff.

    Urban Shield Drill for San Francisco Bay Area October 25 thru 28, 2013

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Jean, I’ve taken the liberty of publishing this. GREAT JOB!! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Billy Gray says:

        Jean,on the physical level,I hope you are fully aware of Robert O. Young’s work!(Please check it out thoroughly!)(…also Dr. Sebi!!)I hope you’ll relay this to Neil for me!(also Wilcockmeister(David).We all gotta purge these hate-infested devils!!! P.S. While I have your ear,don’t miss Santos Bonacci’s work!!! Love & Hugs from Billy Gray(10-1-47 2:11pm)

        • Jean says:

          I know Santo’s work, and I do believe I’ve already published it on my blog . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Billy Gray says:

          Jean,Thanks for the post on Raini Kilde(…..speechless….)!!!!! Folks!!!!!–(i.e.Wilcock,Icke,Bonacci,Lawlor,Weidner,Maxwell,Melchizedek,Noory,Cruttenden,Osma-nogich,O.Young,Sebi,Anthony-West,Hancock,Bauval,Winter,Dollard,Harramein,Yates,Childerly,Stewart,Keenan,……everyone awakening!!– Two of the best ,latest,health products I’ve found, Robert O.Young’s Portable water Purifier, and, Rabbit Air Indoor air purifier/-ioniser(Japan)–don’t miss these,folks,in our battle for “Al”kalinity,&P.H. Aloha,from B.G.(10-1-47 2:11p.m.EST)

  72. tifvision says:

    Hi Jean,
    Neale Keenan mentioned in one of the videos you posted (I think the ones in early Sept. 2013) that the head of the IRS said taxes were voluntary. He didn’t mention this guy’s name, or title though. I’m a disabled, retired teacher and a very vocal light-worker who makes under 16K a year before taxes. My idea of gross is my NET income 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyway, I got a bill from the IRS saying I owe them about 4,000 bucks even though Uncle Sam gets a big chunk every month. The IRS is so dang retarded. And, they sent me that happy news around the time that the IRS got lambasted for targeting those conservative groups. At any rate, I’m just trying to find out the name and/or title of the guy Neale mentioned. I asked on our Cosmic Voice FB page when the video came out, but I guess no one who saw the post knew the information. This information MAY be helpful to me in my correspondence with these cabal goons. Probably not, but hope springs eternal, so if you know, (I already exhausted what searches I could about it on Google) I’d really appreciate the info. Thanks so much for all you do!!!! Tif 🙂 🙂 😉

    • Jean says:

      Can you try doing a search on my blog for taxes, or something like that? I believe I publsihed that story. I know that there is no tax law on the books; that’s a fact. They’re collected by applying fear and intimidation. Do a Search, as well, for the movie, America From Freedom to Fascism. I don’t know if you will be able to stand up to their tactics. Hopefully, they will soon be out of business 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  73. Hi Jean!
    I am sooo appreciate of your time, effort and energy in continuously creating via your blog here. I stand with you in creating Freedom, Peace, Harmony and Equality for All of humanity! Can you email me at: ereidhead@gmail.com? I would like to be able to contact you via email if that works for you.
    Your Friend,

    • Jean says:

      Ed, I will contact you, but I warn you that right now I have almost no ‘spare’ time, and what personal time I do have, I’ve learned to protect. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  74. Thank you Jean, for providing a great Source of info and experience, for those hungry and ready to discover their ‘real truth’. I look forward to chatting with you soon – if you’d like of course – as I feel we have much to share and bring to more souls on this transforming planet.
    with Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤ ~ Bob ~

    • Jean says:

      Bob, I am one person, and any time I manage to get for myself is often hard won. I wish I could say we might work together, but I think that will have to come a bit later when the pressure of these times is somewhat relieved. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Hi there once again Jean, I doing some more migrating from my main website onto this one, and adding the long awaited sections now being constructed. I also just posted a new blog entry and got well over 150 views in one day – most recent on about Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton working with the UN. Yeah, quite a breakthrough just on those terms, and hopefully more to come,
        WIshing your a happy holiday season, Hugs with IL&G ~ Bob

  75. Jim says:

    Dear Jean, Day in and day out you pass on excellent probing articles and for me you have proven to be an impeccable filter for disinfo and your intro remarks always put things in the right perspective with a tone of love and compassion. So God bless you and keep up the good work.

  76. Jean says:

    Dan, your arrogance and ignorance are appalling. The damage you could do! How dare you try to tell someone, whom you have never met and don’t even know, what is going on with them! This is the height of bad practice and spiritual malfeasance. You have no idea of the sort of work I’ve done – and you step in and try to play this game with me? Please do not bother to return here again!

  77. Ines Radman says:

    Sounds so much like me Jean, I have some questions that I would like to put to you privately, would it be possible to get your email address? I can leave mine here and you can email me if you like.
    It’s a very touchy subject and I would like to ask your opinion on a few subjects that are connected with your blog.

  78. Dan Lewis says:

    NO, sorry, quantum theory does not teach what you seem to think it does. It has zero to do with fear and associated ‘vibrations’. Do not believe everything you read. Be aware that many mix truth with lies for a dangerous concoction.

    • Jean says:

      Dan, I don’t know what informs your thinking, but I know the Field deals with our emotions, and what we put out there, we draw to us. Put out fear, and we will draw fearful situations to us.

      • Jean says:

        Dan, you are absolutely, totally wrong in this! You do not know of that which you speak! I am sorry! Inform yourself! Hugs, ~Jean

        PS By the way, do you think I am not psychologically aware? C’mon! Take a look at the movie, free on the internet, What the Bleep! Please, don’t spread this kind of disinfo . . . out of ignorance.

  79. Judy Bowden says:

    Please look at the article on NESARA History at: 2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/tag/organic-act-of-1871 for possible posting. I had know of NESARA for many years but them had become skeptical. this absolutely resonates with me. Thanks for your wonderful work.

    • Jean says:

      Judy, I used to think NESARA was real, but I no longer do. I think it’s a big gimmick! I’m sorry, but anyone can find info elsehwere on it, so I’m not going to post it here. There won’t be any freebies . . . we’re the ones we have been waiting for . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  80. Tom says:

    Dear Jean, what is an “Attas of the LIght?” …What is an Attas? From where did the word come? Is it a word coming out of the culture of Islam? Is it an Islamic name? I am having a “devil” of a time finding it! I can’t find it on the INTERNET! I can only guess that is means teacher, or “bringer of,” or promoter, or an essence of…! Are there Attas-es of anything other than
    Light? What is the etymology of the word….what language? Thank you……………….I read you regularly!

  81. Robert Miller says:

    Jean- just wanted to say- YOU ARE AMAZING!

  82. Alveta says:

    Hello Jean, I am so grateful for all that your doing. You are a blessing and you have come full circle in your life, you are very insightful and special. Sending some love your way. Stay blessed.
    ~Alveta ~
    BTW: I have’ve been locked out of email accts, I always post your articles, which I know are very truthful. So they think they are punishing me…LOL! Nope I will continue to spread the truth, I always find my way around there BS.

  83. Jim says:

    Dear Jean, Thank you for your wonderful site and I enjoyed your recent posting of inspirational songs. Here is one more to add “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Jim

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, I’m saving it for now . . . Play these songs! Sing them! We need to keep the energy positive!!! This will help us all move forard! Hugs, ~Jean

  84. Pamela G Jay says:

    LOVE your posts! i, too, am an older (67) single female, who has been looking for truth for as long as i can remember. getting closer to the Source all the time! was MOST EXCITED by your recent “Things to Come”, of Voyager news/photon belt/vibrational shift. All of the talk of raising from 3D to 4/5D and above, and from carbon-based to crystalline – THIS is the first scientific-based explanation i’ve seen that supports all of this. I really want to share your article, but want to make sure i first have your permission. also, i am not certain how to get this on FaceBook. Can you please extend your permission, or not? I think this is about the most exciting news i’ve come upon in years – and the timing is perfect for sharing. Many, many thanks for all that you do. A rapt fan.

    • Jean says:

      Synchronicity is rampant right now! You are welcome to share anything and everything on my blog – that’s it’s purpose. We have been looking for the ‘real’ truth, and gradually we are finding it! Did you see my recent post form Alfred Webre? VERY EXCITING NEWS! Hugs, ~Jean

  85. Robert Miller says:

    Dear Jean,

    Tonight on the Neil Keenan “Game Changer” post in one of the responses someone said “Many thanks to you Jean for keeping this blog alive and keeping in contact with Neil Keenan – this blog is the only place where I feel at home with like-minded individuals.”

    I am a new visitor to your site but feel exactly the same way.

    Beginning almost 2 years ago in November, I needed to travel to Dallas on business. A few days before leaving, I felt a sudden “compulsion” to click on a you-tube sight looking into the assassination of JFK. Well, that was my portal down into the “rabbit hole” so to speak.. The JFK plunge lead me to 9/11, which lead me to… and I have not looked back, or been the same since…

    My “alternative media” journey has lead me on an Odyssey which has been quite literally, “beyond belief.”

    The point I wanted to share with you is that I was drawn to- and “called upon”- to enter that rabbit hole. Following that compulsion- I really never had a choice whether or not to “enter in.” That choice to do so, was made long ago… Many thanks to you Jean for lighting the way- and for keeping the “home” fires burning.


  86. Brian says:

    As I’ve said to you in the past, Great Blog, I recommend it to friends & associates. But I have a question- why don’t you report Cobra’s bulletins – I see you haven’t since Oct 2012. In my opinion he has the most useful reports on the internet and hasn’t put a foot wrong yet (most especially regarding the grand expectations about Dec 21 2012).
    Thanks for your hard work,

  87. Barb says:

    Universal Voice has closed it doors for good. Drake is on another facebook page now. Denise announced it herself.

  88. Barb says:

    If you watch suspicious observers Video you will find why they are doing chem trails.

    The sun is not working right and all the planets are changing but earth not so much. The reason why is they are spraying to prevent the radiation that is coming to the earth due to the lack of solar flaring on the sun. Our magnetosphere is weakening due to a possible polar shift and that is our radiation shield so they spray to keep out the radiation.

    He says in the long run it will not work. His video is the next Ice age and energy from space as well as his daily ones.

    • Jean says:

      I doubt the truth of this. It sounds like cabal info . . . We are going into a polar shift and an Ice Age, but we will not be here when that happens. By then we should have moved into a higher dimension. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Barb says:

        No it is not as it is based on science and also patents.

        I am not one to think much on what you call Ascension. In my world to be a better world takes personal work to get there.

        One don’t get there as far as I know without doing such.

        I used to be in Scientology so I do know there are more than what is seen.

        He says the chem trails are a bad thing for us all so I don’t think that is cable and it would be nice if one would look over before making a judgement. He follows the electric universe theory.

        Anyhow I am tired so going to go. I still get sick a lot.

    • Dearest sister in the Light, Barb,

      I have commented on this topic a number of times and over the months since Jean posted very controversial articles on this subject, we can determine through consensus, that there is no “agenda of desperation” associated with this modern “terraforming” process often referred to in the Main Stream Media as “geo-engineering” or “weather modification.” The actual agenda was discovered quite some time ago and the published findings were aired in two documentaries: one documentary was presented by Ms. Sophia Smallstorm in 2011, entitled “From Chemtrails to pseudo-life,” you can view it here:

      From Chemtrails to pseudo-life

      and a second by Max Igan in 2012, entitled, “Trance-Formation,” you can view this film here:


      This “full version” contains Greek subtitles.

      One of the alternative web sites attempting a balanced, and quiet discussion of this “hidden agenda” is this site:

      The Cabal of mentally imbalanced, power-hungry, resource-greedy narcissists that run this planetary civilization intend to “terra-form” the Earth and genetically alter its life to suite the “Trans-human agenda.”

      The fact that “our” so-called “Government” refuses to either adequately explain the presence of this insidious program of malevolent intent and avoids any public request for either a response to the findings of panels of scientists and men and women of medicine who suspect that this program may be linked to the spread of Morgellon’s Syndrom and MS, are telling us that there is no noble backdrop to its implementation.

      As they think that humanity was originally engineered as “slaves” for mineral exploitation, they are now exhibiting a determination that we must be “re-engineered” to the evolving requirements of our “masters” and “re-purposed” to attend to new projects in support of new speculation.

      Whenever you investigate this program, aside from the deceitful and psychopathic agenda that our medical and scientific communities have already uncovered, you also learn that the “Military” in each affected nation is stewarding the program–maintaining its continual operation and funding as it is received by each nation’s government. The program is coordinated suggesting seamless cooperation between each government and its associated Military across the national interests of each participating member.

      What does that tell you? Ask yourself after viewing the videos, conducting your own research, using your own critical thinking, and summarizing the facts with your perspective: “What does all this tell me?

      I won’t tell you what it tells me. I wouldn’t want to bias your conclusion. The evidence is empirical and plentiful–sufficient to support consensus that Max Igan’s conclusion is correct but, aside from the “agenda” what does it tell you about all the other “information” you’re exposed to in the media and on the Internet?

      Kind regards,

  89. Jeff says:

    WHat has happened to Drake. No show with Tanath on Wednesday and now no Sunday update???

    • Jean says:

      I wrote to Denise, but I have had no response. Please send them all light and love. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jeff says:

      I found some clarification on this issue. Tannath has been giving updates on her site at http://www.silverlegion.org/Updates-and-Changelog.html
      Seems like there was some sort of personality clash between Drake and Denise, at least that is what I got out of it. Hopefully we will have a new show announced shortly.

    • grolsch says:

      Jean – please try to get the bottom of what happened to Denise and Grammy J with Drake. If you listen to their last universal voice radio show with just the two of them.
      It was very disturbing what went down betweem them, Taanath, Sun Fire and Drake.
      With the hurt and pain plainly shown by them we must question after all this time, is Drake for real, kind and honest or has he turned ? They were such a good team and one felt the positive, loving energies they seemingly had. We thought his show was the “truth”!
      Now many are left floundering looking for just what is ……. again.

      • Jean says:

        If you want to discuss this situation, then you are going to have to do it elsewhere. What I see is that it was a painful experience for all involved, and I think we need to make our own personal decisions and let it rest. If people didn’t and don’t understand the problems, I don’t think it is my job to enlighten them. If they have done their inner work, they will be able to figure it out, because when we know ourselves, we then knowothers. I’m not one for judging or dragging people over the coals. What is, is. I am sorry, but that is the way it is for me.


  90. Jean, just a short stop by, to thank you for all that you do, in bringing information to us.. Thank you for your time and effort…
    Love and Gratitude

  91. Barb says:

    I am Barb and your story is much like mine. I am older and alone as well but I have been sick so that makes what i do harder. My thinking is not clear after I have my CFS spell. Anyhow I have been reading and learning for years as well but I have not gone as deep as you have.

    I just knew there was a better way so I started to promote the resource based economy.

    I just wanted you to know there are others out here who are like you older and alone and sometimes scared. I live in a box of a house so i can have my car and maybe some stuff I like but then I pay for that spiritually. I don’t like where I live but because of the rents are sky high and such things it is better to be here for now.

    About a year ago i stumbled on this stuff via an RBE person’s post. I have yet to understand what this is about. I listened to Drake and I still don’t get it. I am for a new way of life for sure but right now I am kind of lost as well as sick on this subject. I have slowly stopped listening to the shows because nothing ever seems to go anywhere.

    Now I am just tired of it all. Sorry for sounding down but that is how I feel after I had a spell which I did today.


    • Jean says:

      Barb, the whole sick ‘show’ is rapidly coming to an end. There is plenty for all, and we will all have to come together to work to fix the mess, but I can’t imagine humanity doing anything less. Follow my blog; it has the answers, but it took me years to figure it out. I suggest since you are not well that you be very gentle with yourself. I know how tired you can become: I’ve also been sick for years, but am just now ‘getting it together’. Hold on tight, we are so very close . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

      • Barb says:

        I did not see this till now so sorry about that.

        I often post about the resource based economy on Facebook. I will follow you.

        Thanks. Not many know what it is like. It gets so I don’t want to continue being sick. I had a bit of a panic attack today.

        Thanks for your reply.


  92. On the Chemtrails issue, I think the videos: Why/What in the world are they spraying (two different ones) provide enough facts to file a court case against the Airforce for polluting all our air, water, and soil with Aluminum Oxide, which is toxic to all living cells, and changes the Ph, killing local “biological diversity”.

    These videos help explain the bank fraud, and how to get back every dollar you ever gave to a bank or the IRS:
    – Heady & Teddy: How Can FCUSA Help Me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrCElgI-j3Q&feature=player_embedded
    – How Our Program Works for You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vReJo79gGQ&feature=player_embedded

    If I could come up with a mere $300 right now I can stop my mother and I from being put out on the street tomorrow (from a motel), I can get my stuff out of storage, and then I can go back to research (Instead of just trying to make money), and then I can find these 112 references needed to prove these topics (Land patent, dismiss any case where you harmed no-one, get back all the money you ever paid a bank or IRS, and more).

    I have much more on my facebook and website:
    harleyborgais at gmail, facebook, and freeornottobe.org

  93. Kade says:

    Hi Jean – thanks for posting lots of important info. I thought you might be interested in posting this link to a very important issue that you support – Getting the Truth about Chemtrails. This is a petition that unfortunately has less than 3000 signatures – your site might help boost that?
    How about a Citizens Hearing on Chemtrails – and employ a lie detector device while we’re at it. Maybe Bill Gates would be someone to question about the costly aerial spraying program given his stance on world population control??

    • Jean says:

      Kade, I can’t get into pushing more than Neil’s work right now. I do this on my own, and I only have so much energy. I have another life for which I am also responsible. I will, however, leave your comment here so people can sign if they choose.

      While I do think people need to be aware of chemtrails, I’m not much worried about them, because I think they will soon come to an end, and we can then begin cleaning up the planet. With the new technologies, and if we all come together to do the work, the planet will be cleaned up in short order. . . Hugs,~Jean

  94. Cathleen says:

    It really is pretty sick and scary! And I’m praying “their” plans come to fruition as well. You’re welcome Jean and thanks for allowing the post. ~Cathleen

  95. Cathleen says:

    Hello Jean,

    I just ran across this vital information and didn’t really know where would be appropriate to post it. But I’m hoping this will be acceptable as I don’t have an email address for you. If not, I apologize and won’t be offended if you decide to delete my post. I’m literally shaking my head here as it’s just so overwhelming! No wonder our world isn’t making sense!

    NASA War Document vs Humanity Found on NASA Site. Make Viral Now …

    All the documents are below the video in the description.

    Thank you Jean! 🙂

    • Cathleen says:

      Here’s the link again without the (dot) … http://youtu.be/gARZ-Gttjn4

    • Jean says:

      I’m going to leave this stand here Cathleen for others. I believe this is the video that is also in the Comments section called Emergency, Emergency, EMergency. It’s pretty sick, and more so because it is the truth . .. how awful. I’m not posting it and making a big deal about it, because it is that horrible, and I don’t think it’s going to happen . . . There is already so much fear out there . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Greater Arcana says:

        …and not to bum everyone out even more, but I just watched a Drunvalo video and they were talking about the existence of the consciousness grid by which we are all connected. It crossed my mind that, along with all the other underhanded reasons for chem-trail spraying, it may also be a by-product of the nano particle agenda to further block our connection to that grid, not unlike fluoride inhibiting our pineal glands.

        • Jean says:

          I’ve also come to understand that they are blocking the energy from the sun which is raising our vibrations and frequency. This they hope will prevent ascension. Since the entire galaxy is going through this, they can’t leave the planet. They hope, I think, to take control of us and stop ascension. It ain’t gonna happen 🙂


    • Jean says:

      I just got it – and posted it. Be careful of what Ben says. He doesn’t always have it right . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • john watkins says:

        True for sure about Ben. I’ve followed him, as well as, Wilcox, Kryon, Drake, Keenan, Greer, Haramein, a few others, and you for quite some time. These days your site is the first I look at to get the most up to date and informative info there is. Thanks so much for all you do ….. please keep it up as it can make such a difference in educating the less informed! More and more are paying attention.
        The real challenge today is to stay centered in Source while being bombarded with all the negative. I know it is mostly the ‘dark’ trying to hang on but as Kryon keeps reiterating they have already lost and simply cannot continue to exist in the 2013 new Light energy. Even though I’m 65 I do know that we will see Peace on Earth yet in our lifetimes …. it may take another generation but it will happen, thanks to people like yourself. God Bless.
        Peace, Love, & Prosperity for All Humanity!

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, John, I’m now getting people signing on to my blog exponentially. What that says is for those who sign on, there are lots of others who are just reading. It’s a huge responsibility, and I’m doing the best I can with it. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Hello ‘john watkins’,
      I read that you follow “Ben… Wilcox, Kryon, Drake, Keenan, Greer, Haramein, a few others…”, all people I know at least a little about.
      This makes your insight extremely valuable to people like me (Harley Davidson Borgais = harleyborgais at gmail, facebook, and freeornottobe.org).

      I would like very much to invite critiques from people like yourself on my works.

      Especially what I have posted on freeornottobe.org (my website), my facebook, and especially my facebook notes (the best of which have direct links on freeornottobe.org).

      The ONLY way for people like me and those you’ve listed to find real truth and solutions is through the countless minds of others like yourself who honestly pursue real truth.

      Thank you.

  96. Wow! This truly is amazing. Thank you for your extremely insightful thoughts on the evolution of this planet.

  97. Ed says:

    Hi, Massive deceptions by omission, t
    Please see

  98. oldenwise says:

    this article was published 2004 and backs up what we know about Wanta…. http://rense.com/general49/midfing.htm The judge in his ruling shows the essential facts and contract set forth by Wanta are not disputed or challenged and are considered correct. The judge, however, states that Wanta should not be allowed to collect for his services, even though a contract provides for him to be paid. Why? The judge’s ulterior purpose is to conceal, among other things, how the Elder Bush himself pocketed great sums belonging to Wanta. To accomplish this, the Judge falsely invoked so-called “national security”. Are we to understand that there was no violation of “national security” when Daddy Bush and his criminal band grabbed large sums of the money? But when Wanta, by contract, not disputed or rebutted, demands payment for patriotic services rendered, “national security” is to blockade WANTA from being paid?

  99. Don Tran says:

    How do I get in touch with Kay Griggs to do an interview.

  100. kyrielleadelshine says:

    I already “liked” this, but I’d do so again 100 times over if I could. It’s so exciting to find someone with the same interests :0) Hard to do sometimes in this world. So excited to read more!!

    • judycress says:

      I have met a lot of quite bright aware ones over the last 15 years–we are keeping a low profile-just pasing the love around and releasing the dark–Love to All J

  101. Soul Agenda says:

    Dear Jean,
    It’s my belief that until we have peace in our hearts, we will never get to see peace. If we constantly focus on all the negativity and “what’s-wrong”, and place all our attention (anger/frustration/despair) on those things, then it will only amplify the negativity. Sometimes the only way to bring Light to a situation is to change our focus and literally send it Light, or focus on the solution instead of the problem. There are so many levels and layers to this, but Jim Self summarises it beautifully here:

    Blessings of Love and Light,

  102. Change Comes From Within says:

    Hi Jean,
    http://www.naturalnews.com/040350_IRS_criminal_government_intimidation_tactics.html. History now recognises that a large contingent of Nazi’s migrated into USA. The debate is how many went voluntarily into USA at the end of World War II and how many were forced from Germany as part of Operation PaperClip. As historian’s we are also begining to recognise that the “Houston We Have A Problem” is actually true and its the Americans who are now the problem!! As a good friend said to me on parting from a meeting last Saturday “we are living in an undeclared war”. Those words have been ringing in my ears ever since. As we say in Africa “Vastbyt” ~ Stand Fast ~ because the cavarly is not coming ~ and that is because we are having to do the same… So stand fast all American’s who have the moral compass to recognise that their nation is in dire dire straits. We at the bottom of Africa recognise we are not far behind you. Best wishes to you Jean. From hope springs destiny and the courage to make the effort to make the changes that allows earth to heal and each of us with it in whichever dimension we find ourselves. James

    • Jean says:

      James, thank you so much for these words of encouragement to us here. I believe we will win, and that the end is almost here. Hugs, ~Jean

  103. Kelly La Sha says:

    Hi Jean, Sharing my last article with you, The Power of Simplicity and Your Ascension:

    Thank you again for all you do!
    Kelly La Sha

  104. David of Kernersville says:

    I didn’t know where to put this to get it to you, so I thought here was as good as any.

    I was deeply affected by the murder in broad daylight of Benazir Bhutto, PM of Pakistan back in 2007. There was so much good and truth in her it seemed to me. But, It seemed that in a justice system that is so corrupt, that it only applies to “Just Us,” and PM Bhutto’s murder would never be investigated, as long as “they” could help it.

    Then I recently heard that Gen. Musharaf the former dictator has been arrested and charged in connection to her assassination. It seemed like the tables have turned, but then today from PressTV, the prosecutor in the case has been murdered, and so it would seem the PTB are trying desperately to keep a lid on by this tactic which most likely was intended partly to cause intimidation of judges, jury, lawyers etc.

    Link here: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/05/03/301639/pakistani-prosecutor-in-bhutto-murder-case-killed/ (video embedded)

  105. Leona StPauli says:

    Just want to let you know it is confirmed by Tanaath from The Silver Legion that Cobra is from the dark side infiltrating. Here is the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universalvoice/2013/05/01/drake-and-prime-commander-tanaath-of-the-silver-legion.mp3

  106. Dear Jean, Just read about the unhappy – and expected – results of austerity. Are you aware that this whole ideology of cutting back is based on a report with some “minor” spread sheet errors that has now been found and publicised by a student, Thomas Herndon:
    You may enjoy this one too: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22223190
    Another version: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/425749/april-23-2013/austerity-s-spreadsheet-error—thomas-herndon
    Thought you may wish to spead this info?

    Warm regards and thanks for your most informative blog

  107. alohaleya says:

    thank you for sharing…it’s important that we not get hooked into the fear in this immense transformation – all too easy to do, it’s everywhere. we need positive messages that point to our own power. namaste.

  108. Ayla1221 says:

    Fascinating times indeed, Endtimes, whatever will be will BE. Hard to live with all the pain on this planet but TPT were will be erased soon. I may be gone when it happens but I can say proudly that I have done my best to protect us from disasters and do not fear the future if there is going to be one. Hard to look at the faces of so called rulers who don’t have a clue what they’re doing other than creating more and more pain for those who want to be left in peace. Enjoy your presence, Jean!

  109. Nick says:

    Hi Jean,
    I saw this amazing video of a disabled girl using an underwater wheelchair. I found it really uplifting and so did the audience. Perhaps you can share it too.
    Sue Austin: Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair

    swimming starts at 4 mins

    Hugs Nick

  110. Many thanks for the sympathy and kindness

  111. Dear Mrs. Haines, or dear Jean if you prefer, since we are all sisters and brothers (I am currently almost 59), after getting your kind permission to translate this page into Greek, I have indeed accomplished this task and have made the appropriate posting in my Facebook account, which you can visit at http://www.facebook.com/exaggelos. You can alternatively reach directly the translation posting at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YBGG269291u6Rnizknk9iYSEIgia3zaenxepI1e0gJ4/edit
    I have added a preface to the translated text for the Greek readers, which goes: “The currents of our turbulent times took me one day on the island called “2012: What’s the real truth?”, a blog with many posts on the issues I am interested in. To better understand where I was, I went to “About Me” page. I read the text and I was fascinated. I asked permission from the hostess of the site to translate into Greek this personal confession of hers and she gave it to me with pleasure. Fortunately, I’d say.”
    Many thanks again, dear sister.

    • Jean says:

      You are most welcome, friend. We are well aware of the suffering your people are experiencing, and our hearts are full . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  112. Jennifer McDonald says:

    Hi Jean. I wanted to pass along some information regarding a brute force computer attack against word press.

    This article will have detailed information and security measures for admins. Hope you find it helpful. (Might be related to what happened to your site this weekend)


  113. May I translate this post in Greek for the Greek public?
    Exaggelos Of The New Age

  114. So many replies, but I want to message Jean – I also am working to do as Neil is, to fix societies problems, and have found proofs to the causes, and solutions for most of them. Much of that is on this new fundraising page (Uncorrupt America): http://igg.me/p/372626/x/1098889
    …and more facts are here: freeornottobe.org
    That link has links to other sites with more extremely valuable facts that every human REALLY should know, but few do.
    I hope to read messages from you and your readers, so that we can join forces and make real positive change in the world.
    harleyborgais at gmail dat com

  115. Bruce Bayer says:

    Jean – I really value and respect what you do. I have been struggling on the edge of this whole drama since I was a child. I still struggle to understand it and be fully human myself. On the one hand almost sublime;on the other absurd. The video clip of the “assassination attempt” on Neil Keenan is surely in the latter category. It discredits the whole saga. I found it bizarre.

  116. Carly S. says:

    Wow, that was amazing. I felt like I was reading something I might write. About four months ago, at the age of 29 and after suffering from depression for about 17 years, I was about ready to give up. I felt like the world didn’t make sense, religion didn’t make sense, people didn’t make sense, and, most of all, God didn’t make sense. I felt as though the world had no purpose. But instead of giving up, I started to question everything and searching for the answers to those questions. And, like you, I couldn’t believe what I started to learn. Things were starting to make sense. I finally feel like life has meaning and purpose. Now I spend my days at peace and excited at what I know is to come. It is so wonderful to find other people who are experiencing what I am and understand what I do, sometimes I feel so alone. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  117. Jean says:

    I will forward your request to Neil, and I although I can’t speak for him, I think he will be in touch with you. Hugs, ~Jean

  118. Thanks Jean for posting the video we did. I appreciate your kindness.
    The Rainbow Warrior Speaks

  119. Nick says:

    Hi all, just a heads up
    Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview .1 of 4 four very revealing videos on youtube.
    Mega hugs for all

  120. igoroliveirablog says:

    Hi Jean,

    I didn’t find a better place to put this technical suggestion about your blog. So here it goes: I read your blog mainly on my phone. I don’t know if is a choice, or you left as defaut, but on the mobile version of your blog it is set to show the whole post, what makes scrolling down to quickly check or look for a specific post a little hard sometimes, you have pretty big posts. My suggestion is for you to change the mobile settings to only show a excerpt of your posts. You could do it on the full version as well.

    Thank you very much for your work, you don’t need to dedicate any time answering that, you will do as you wish and I will keep coming back to read anyways!!! 🙂


  121. Jean,
    Thank You!!! I have the utmost respect for you. You are so very strong! I also found myself down the rabbit hole and what I found there was unbelievable. I was so overwhelmed one night that I was Spiritually Awakened so I could “cope” with the Awareness. I LOVE what you have done, what you are doing, and the Beautiful difference you have yet to make. You are an Angel…

    Much Love,

  122. MountainCloud says:

    Jean, how does one send you a private email?
    I can’t seem to find it on your site.

  123. John Peniel says:

    You are very extraordinary and I want you to know that The Children of the Law of One are very real and the eternal plan of salvation called “Shambala” is much like the Sun. It may be obscured for a time but it is always there and will always triumph through the clouds. The ancient Law of one has never changed and this new cycle is actualt a restoration of the oldest Law- the oldest way, truth and light. The problem is that people have been decieved by so many false guides and perversion of the true way. People looking for external changes in DNA, Aliens or dimension shifts are losing their way. We have the vehicle to get us home- our human body is perfectly capable of ascension, but it is we that must change. The ancient Laws of diet, detachment from ego and compassion are being exchanged for technology, herbal renmedies and sorcery. It is very much like the difference between Yoda and Obewankenobi vs Darth Vader. The light Lords used only the power of their mind and they detached themselves from material reality. Edgar Cayce, the ARE, and all the new Age guides are ignoring the ancient Law. The ancient Law of Vegetarian diet, not using any drugs or stimulants and practicing meditation and Yoga are being traded for New Age nonsense. Just as Krisna, Rama, Moses, Jeshu and all true teachers of the Law of One told us “the way” is steep and narrow and few have the courage to follow. There is not going to be any miraculous external change, but if you go deep within and you can eliminate your small self of Ego then the entire world is given. People do not want to hear that they should give up their selfish life to become enlightened. The New Age philosophy therefore offers a quick fix that is simply false. The way of the Law, the ancient Dharma has not changed since the first human form. The readings of Edgar Cayce are an illusion of wordly souls that thrive off of human fear and dissapointment. All the money made by John Van Auken and the ARE were made off the hopes and fears of poor desperate souls and this is a tragedy. Edgar Cayce was a Son of Belial- he died diseased and miserable due to his bad Karma. Why could Edgar not heal himself? The beings he channeled were not well meaning. They mixed lies and truth in same breath and their real mission was to spread Fear. All of the New Age philosophy of misused Kaballah and sorcery will lead to nothing but misery. The truth was given in many forms to all Nations, but these truths were corrupted by worldly beings with a different Agenda. The Buddhist and Yogis of Tibet and India have most perfectly maintained the Law of one: vegetarian diet, constant detachment from ego, deep meditation- this is the true path of salvation. There is a great and Noble warrior of the Children of the one Law walking the Earth. He is known as Buddha boy on you tube and is called Dharma Sangha by the official Buddhist comunity. This name means the living Law and holy blood of the Law. Please join with me in following the Master of The Children of the Law of One and we will rain down a Golden Age upon the Earth.
    PS: We think you have a Beautiful face- very appropriate to shine that great light within you.

  124. Jean, I know I havn’t commented for a while, but I have enjoyed and picked through many of your posts as they have come into my email box… I just want to thank you for all you are doing in enlightening your readers… and I send you my thoughts and New Year wishes your way…
    Many Blessings for all you do.. and Wishing you a Very Happy New Year and I hope it brings forth a New Era of Love and Enlightenment for all those seeking to find the Truth…

    Happy New Year http://wp.me/16xW7 Hugs Sue Dreamwalker xox

  125. Janel Mentons says:

    In 1999 I left a life that did not support the person I was becoming. I left the burbs for the mountains. Living in the mountains taught me sustainability. Living on the seacoast brought me home.

    I am curious how you invested $$$ outside the U.S. Isn’t that scarier?

    • Jean says:

      Yes, at the time it was scary, but I’d studied the situation intensively and reached the conclusion that getting out of the dollar was important. I can’t remember what year I did it, but it was back sometime around ’04-’07. Only recently did I sell everything and put it in a combination of gold/silver. My intent was never to make money, but just to hold onto what I had if I could. I figured that was likely the best anyone could do, because by that time I understood how crooked the system is and how stacked against us it is. At that time, the only person who was doing this was Euro-Pacific, an investment company headed by Peter Schiff. Later, I found out that Mish who writes an important economic blog could also do it. I suppose now there are others. For all these years, I never babysat my money as so many have done. I worked on other aspects of my life that were more important to me – and I think in actuality, I’ve perhaps done almost as well as those people who tended their money on a daily basis – and hounded their brokers, who in my estimation haven’t really a clue. They get their info from elsewhere and all they do for the most part is sell what they’re told to sell. Hope this helps . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  126. realnuz says:

    Hello Jean,
    My name is Lee, or realnuz, from Dismantle The Beam Project. I’m stumbling into your site, like what I see, and thought I’d direct you to mine for the reason you may be interested in my articles. You made a life change and I think all of us could use that same mindset to do the same. I did what you did for myself too. I’m including an article about treating mind control. It comes from the cure for anorexia and bulimia nervosa.. it’s a psych treatment across the board. And yes, there is a cure for extreme eating dissorders that the ptb do not want anyone to have. I made it available for all and I’d like your opinion. http://fourthdimensionalrecovery.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/cure-for-mind-control-starts-with-a-simple-treatment/ I hope to hear from you.. my email is at the bottom of all my articles. All original research incidentally:) Thanks

    • Jean says:

      Realnuz, I’ve had a look at your blog, but quite honestly I do not have time to study your work in-depth right now. My sense of it, because I have done a lot of re-birthing work and actually had to start my life over from ground zero, is that there is validity to what you offer. What I believe, and so far I haven’t found any way around it, which I find is what most people are trying to do, is that we must confront our emotional fears, and if your work helps and supports people as they try to do this, I am all for it. People will go to all kinds of lengths – horrible surgeries, destroyed lives, etc., rather than confront their terrors. No assurance that their terrors will not kill them will suffice. Yet, we know today how to help and support people most effectively so that they are not alone when they go through this terrible passage that brings them to freedom.

      I commend your efforts to anyone who has these particular issues and I suggest to them that they look at your blog and consider your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!


  127. Matthew says:

    Lots of updated info with well known people, couple of hours each until the 21st at: http://www.lisamharrison.com/2012/12/01/the-countdown/

  128. Ganesh says:

    Dear Jean,
    I love your thoughts and inspiring articles, it is a pleasure to have you share your gifts among all. Thank you. I have nominated you for Blog of the Year 2012, please visit http://arganesh3.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/blog-of-the-year-2012/. Congratulations!!!
    Be well, Ganesh

  129. Kelly La Sha says:

    Thanks for posting. 🙂 Also, this is the best movie I have seen on 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlfYHAV1i8w
    And this is a video of a woman that had a near death experience when she died of cancer and she came back, healed, and brought the truth of our reality back with her. She offers a life changing message: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9RvgAUAk9s

    • Jean says:

      Kelly, thanks for these suggestions. I’d already posted (and watched) the first video, and I’ve now published the second one. . . I appreciate good suggestions. It’s almost impossible for me as one person to do all the necessary research. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  130. Kelly La Sha says:

    Hi Jean, Here is an article on how to prepare for our Ascension (how to replace our fears with love):

  131. larbear says:

    Jean, I’m so happy you decided to continue posting this blog. Since you resumed, you selection of articles is right on for me where I am in this process of looking with hope to the future but needing some validation from current events. Thanks …. much love, Larry

  132. js says:

    Very nice bio Jean, Thanks for sharing. Yes, what we fear we will draw to us..
    No fear, Only Love. Till next time>

  133. Suzen Caring says:

    Hello Jean, I’m a subscriber to your blog and I want to share something with you that I just created on You Tube about awakening. I think you will like it and I hope you will share it by including it on your blog. The URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hptH0t1kuuk. Thanks so much for all you do. Love, Suzen

  134. Zan says:

    Please consider reposting this short article from Veterans Today on the plight of veterans in LA.
    Thanks for all you do!
    From one old fart to another 🙂

  135. amakathy says:

    Dear Jean,
    I can’t remember how I found your blog a couple of months ago, but I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dear work and dedication to getting the info out to all of us. I had a terrible feeling of having “jumped down the rabbit hole” when all of a sudden I began reading all of this information about the cabal and NWO and illuminati and ET”s…the fear was unbelievable and I had to process it deeply. I had never heard of Ascencion, in fact I had never heard of any of this. However, I have continued to educate myself via the internet and sort through all of this information. So much confusion and disinformation to sort through, as you say so wisely. I find that I come to your website every morning first because you bring such an array of information to us. As you say, and as I have found, it is varied and we can pick what we wish to discover and compare. You are a gift to me at this time in life. I can’t imagine how hard you are working to maintain this impeccable site for all of us and I just want you to know that you are a gift to so many people. You have helped me to process the fear and move into a place of curiosity and joy as I watch this world reveal it’s craziness and also it’s courage and beauty to me. It is a joy to me that there is confirmation to me that there truly is an awakening taking place in this world and I do have faith in the future because so many of us are awakening to the truth. Our eyes have been closed, and it is only because of the courage of so many who have risked their lives to bring forth the truth, that they are beginning to see clearly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  136. Elvira says:


    You are a most courageous, sincere and compassionate person.
    I am appreciative of the energy and time and honest expression you devote to this website. Your work is of great value to many. At 54, a recent single parent, and moving through my “process” which has been ongoing for a while and in a big way since about 2008 I have so much compassion for you regarding the kind of fears you have worked through in your life circumstance. Your openness and sharing of who you are touched me deeply.

    I can’t thank you enough for helping with the shift by bringing real truth and light to the world.

    Jean, if you don’t mind there are two websites I am compelled to share with you and your readers which are fantastic resources for helping people who are waking up:

    1. http://www.michaelsharp.org/

    Dr. Sharp is in Canada and has a background in sociology and more. He is a sincere individual trying to wake up humanity. His message and writings are rational, grounded and to the point and they helped with my own awakening in a huge way.

    2. http://www.pointsofpower.com.au/

    Allen Stacker, is located in Australia and he also is very down to earth. His website has enormous resources. I discovered Kryon via his website. And some of his material helped me through the lowest points in my life in the last few years.


    • Jean says:

      Elvira, thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing with us here some of the helpful sites you have discovered. I wish I had time to say more, but right now the news is moving very quickly as the truth just seems to be tumbling out and snowballing . . . forgive me, please. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  137. olgarussia says:

    Sorry for mispprit…

  138. olgarussia says:

    Thank you for your work Jean,
    I found a lot of interesting information here. Thans again.

  139. Hello there,
    Occupy NJ has set up a website to help the citizens of NJ and we can assist…
    check out the Occupy Sandy website!
    They have set up a “wedding registry” from amazon to have supplies ordered and shipped to
    one of their central locations for distribution….it’s brilliant

    Jean, please consider posting these links….


    here is the link to order the supplies they need…


    thanks for all your hard work!


  140. truthspress says:

    Thank you for your published work to make our world a better place. We need many more like you! The Nations States Project is flawed from it’s inception, because full disclosure was not made, and full disclosure is still not made, and proper and verified chain of custody of the documents was not in place. Notice to the Hague has been given by the states that this happened in . Please listen to this audio to verify and validate this http://archive.org/details/DeceivedByDrakeBailey If you have any questions please join the call on Wed. ( Every Wed. and Friday) at 9 PM EST 11/07/12 at 9:00 PM eastern 218-895-0970 pin 396109# The second part of the call is for Q and A
    Please join us – AND bring a friend

    Here are some recordings that will help introduce your friends to the union states project:

    800-858-6563 – 8 minute telephone introduction to union states.

    http://www.unionstatesproject.info/ – A 50 minute overview and explanation of the union state project.
    http://www.unionstatesproject.org/ – union state website containing documents and past recordings.

    union states email: info@unionstatesproject.info Thank you! truth

  141. Matthew says:

    Protest by the people at the WTA Tennis in Istanbul. Turkish People protesting openly the Cabal Controlled Government!
    Commentators are STUNNED!
    People are fed up with the Fundamentalist Islamic Government involved in the destabilasation of the region… They have banned the celebration of the “Independance Day Celebrations” on the 29 October.
    It is like banning 4th of July in the USA 🙂
    Is Turkey next in line to join Greece, Spain, Italy and others?

  142. Edwin says:

    Jean, I have a little challenge for you… and the readers.
    Being that we have been discussing the nature of love.
    I ask you… is the following statement true?
    If it is not… how is it not?
    You cannot truly give your love to anyone.

    Love is not a commodity that one can give.

    It can be shared…

    A person can be stirred…
    to feel the love of another.

    But, one cannot take the love that you hold…
    and actually GIVE it to another…

    for them to keep and to use.

  143. Marina says:

    Dear Jean,
    Thank you so much for all your postings, please check this one out. Ron Paul speach Oct.27 🙂

  144. Edwin says:

    Jean this seems appropriate… and needed by myself and many others. So I offer it here that you might wish to post it in another venue. It is off topic… and thus I hesitate to place it in a topic discussion.

    Your gift of yourself and your light… is truly humbling.

    Sincerely, Edwin

    Love Yourself

    We begin with one of the most profound sutras of Gautama the Buddha: “Love yourself ”

    Just the opposite has been taught to you by all the traditions of the world,
    all the civilizations, all the cultures, all the churches.

    They say: “Love others, don’t love yourself.”
    And there is a certain cunning strategy behind their teaching.

    “Love is the nourishment for the soul. Just as food is to the body, so love is to the soul.

    Without food the body is weak, without love the soul is weak.

    And no state, no church, no vested interest, has ever wanted people to have strong souls,
    because a person with spiritual energy is bound to be rebellious.

    “Love makes you rebellious, revolutionary. Love gives you wings to soar high.
    Love gives you insight into things, so that nobody can deceive you, exploit you, oppress you.
    And the priests and the politicians survive only on your blood – they survive only on exploitation.

    The priests and the politicians are mostly parasites.

    “To make you spiritually weak they have found a sure method, one hundred percent guaranteed, and that is to teach you not to love yourself.

    If a man cannot love himself he cannot love anybody else either.

    The teaching is very tricky.

    They say “Love others,” because they know if you cannot love yourself you cannot love at all.

    But they go on saying, “Love others, love humanity, love God, love nature,
    love your wife, your husband, your children, your parents,
    but don’t love yourself” – because to love oneself is selfish according to them.

    They condemn self-love as they condemn nothing else –
    and they have made their teaching look very logical.

    They say: “If you love yourself you will become an egoist,
    if you love yourself you will become narcissistic.”

    It is not true. A man who loves himself finds that there is no ego in him.

    It is by loving others without loving yourself, trying to love others, that the ego arises.

    “The missionaries, the social reformers, the social servants, have the greatest egos in the world –
    naturally, because they think themselves to be superior human beings.

    They are not ordinary: ordinary people love themselves;
    they love others, they love great ideals, they love God.

    And all their love is false, because all their love is without any roots.

    A man who loves himself takes the first step towards real love.”

  145. Kelly La Sha says:

    oops, here is the link to the article: http://liquidmirror.org/wp1/?p=827

  146. Kelly La Sha says:

    Hi Jean,
    Thank you for posting our previous articles. Here is the link to our last article on Restoring the Reputation of God. Also, my husband and I just did a round table discussion with George Kavassilas and John Meyer on our Ascension. It will come out on The Hundredth Monkey Radio this Sunday. Happy Fall!
    Kelly La Sha

  147. libramoon says:

    I have embarked upon a multi-platform “blogbook” word opera on four major blog platforms. I am trying out their various options to create a variety of appearances (and to assure that the loss of one will not negate the project). The overall title/theme is “Year of Prophecies”.

    Here’s where I am so far on the content, which is destined to go through changes:





  148. Hi Jean,

    It’s a real blessing to have you on this planet during this interesting time!
    I keep holding my finger in the breze too.

    with love from Australia,
    Bam Pramana – The Old China Man

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Bam and hugs, ~Jean

      • Billy Gray says:

        Jean-Hello Dear.We all need to be aware that now ,I” believe”,they are using new flu- like biologicals on us in the Chemtrails!!!!!!!!!(disgusting,pathetic,insane,rotten and anti any human!)(Everyone!)Please reference Len Horowitz about this!Thanks Jean! Hope Neil is safe & well.—from your friend,Billy Gray just south of Seattle Wa. Sent on “Pearl Harbor” Day.

        • Jean says:

          Yes, Billy, thanks. I’ll pay attention. I’ve also published how they sprayed part of the East Coast with lithium, which makes people passive . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          PS. If you have a link, please share it. I’ve got a busy day today – off line, so I will be ducking in and out. . . 🙂

  149. Kelly La Sha says:

    Hi Jean,
    After reading the comments on Cobra today, I felt compelled to share my article: The Gift of Discernment: http://liquidmirror.org/wp1/?p=822

  150. Matthew says:

    Dear Jean,
    Here, down under, news from the Aboriginal Elders… about the coming changes!
    http://www.lisamharrison.com that you might be aware of, have intersting interviews in relation to Source of Humanity, Aboriginal (or better to say Original) People of Australia putting out information via Steven Strong.
    Her interwies are very long, but you can’t stop when you start 🙂
    She is asking a lot of questions that we all ask and want to know in our current reality.
    Might be intreresting for you & your like minded followers.
    Cheers & cheerful days…

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Matthew! I know the indigenous people have great wisdom and knowledge, and while I haven’t found the time as yet to look at the videos, I’ve just posted them. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  151. Kelly La Sha says:

    Hi Jean,
    Thank you for the post Jean. I enjoyed your readers comments and the familial energy of your blog. One minor correction, Enerchi is the host of the Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs blog. My blog is:http://liquidmirror.org/wp1 There is an earlier article there that you may want to post for your readers as well titled: Addressing and Releasing our Fears of Ascension:http://liquidmirror.org/wp1/?p=784 (My bio is on the about/bio page.)
    Kelly La Sha

  152. J-Lyn says:

    hi Jean
    I just found your blog! Very informative!
    thanks very much

  153. Karen says:

    I like your blog and you are very inspiring to us “younger folks” in that you keep learning and growing in your understanding and sharing. Thanks for that great example.

  154. ickytwerp39 says:

    Love your blog! It is the first place I go when I log on.
    I noticed you can’t seem to bring yourself to call me ‘ickytwerp’. I chose that name to disarm myself. Who is going to buy in to something just because a icky twerp said it? I took the name from a morning kids show I used to watch as I was getting ready for school.

    Much love and hugs from a icky twerp! (giggle!)

    • Jean says:

      Ickytwerp, I don’t use your name, because I don’t want to be bothered to type it out. . . for the same reason I don’t use Drinkdeep’s or Extrovertedone . . . LOve you, and please forgive me for taking shortcuts. Hugs, ~Jean

  155. Kevin H says:

    Hi Ms Jean Haines.
    I, too, have been on a search for truth nearly since I purchased our first desktop “486 w/300MB of RAM” with ALL the bells and whistles. That thing was over 3k! But…my sons really benefitted…so…money well spent eh?

    Soo yeah..anyway…I have read many of your articles over the past year or so but as you probably can relate; I am always whittlin my list down to ‘t h e’ most credible/sincere truth seeking journalists/writers, etc I have recently been following: Divine Cosmos’ The White Hats, Mike Rivero, Jesse Ventura, Fulford, Drake, etc (or ‘et al’?). …you know?..just trying to educate myself on the truth as much as possible. I love to read about history Now…I hated it when I was younger…always telling myself “what does it matter? its all in the past now”. Of course, Now,..after the big “D” and relocating to FLA back in ’08, I am really into the whole subject of History. What Really..happened. Really. What about Jordan Maxwell? Have you ever heard him talk about the “Sumerians”?…and the history of all religions?…interesting.

    Thank You for all your hard work with your blogs and website.


    • Jean says:

      Kevin, now is not such a good time for me to try to answer these questions. I’m taking a workshop, getting over 200 emails a day at the same time – but, yes, I have hard of these things. There are huge amounts of material out there on these topics. . . the real history of the Irish, Drunvalo’s epic Flower of Life book in two volumes, John Nash’s work, particularly Not in His Name, Graham Hancock’s work on our ‘real’ history . . . the list could go on, but these are some that come to mind . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  156. Nuna says:

    You and your followers WILL WANT to see this::Press Conference with Walter Jones & Retired Military on HCR107 September 21st, 2012 • http://larouchepac.com/hcr107press

  157. Hi, my dear friends
    This is Obert, a lightworker from P.R.CHINA.
    Welcome to our website :
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    dance with soul, language of Cosmic center, also Msg ….
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    Please send a msg.
    Let’s together to light-up the Earth & Universe. thank you!
    e-mail :
    Love & light.

  158. jtanner80 says:

    Hi Jean
    thank u for this great site…..do u have a page where u discuss what u think is going to happen in the not so distant future?

  159. kelly says:

    Hi Jean,
    This made me giggle and for some reason I was compelled to forward it to you. I hope you enjoy a giggle too! It’s titled Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Raging Grannies.

    Love, Kelly
    PS, Thank you so much for your blog. I have been enjoying the evolution for about a yearish now. You make a difference in this world.

  160. amunaor says:

    Good for you!

    Perhaps you’ve already read this, but if not, and seek deeper understanding of MerKaBah Mysticism, as much as can be revealed in book form at least, seek out: Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan.

    Aryeh (Lion) was known for his ‘intimate’ knowlede of both physics and Kabbalah – (Oct. 23rd, 1934 – Jan. 28th, 1983)

  161. Tigrr says:

    Can never find the bloggers e-mail on these sites….. Some information you might be intersted int…. see youtube: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak 10 years after 9-11 … or check out her book on Amazon. Cheers.

  162. Sheri says:


    There is someone who I know, that doesn’t read any of these types of blogs. He believes in ET’s, but that is about it.

    He told me he had a dream last night, it was wonderful and sad at the same time. He stated that he was at someone’s house, had the urge to go outside, and seen a light that moved quickly. The light became bigger and and bigger and was shown in multicolors. This “ship” was in full view, after that there were thousands. He said they were so beautiful, that there was no way to describe these ships.

    All of a sudden, the military had come out along with the Air Force. The beautiful ships shot a beam at the aircraft and they would disappear. He stated that the ships were not killing anyone, but had them “put” somewhere else.

    On the ground, military troops came out and started shooting people. He said that it seemed as if the military didn’t want to, but they didn’t seem to have a choice. Other men who were trying to defend their families began fighting with the military personnel. The people defending their families did not want to harm the military either.

    Anyways, that is when he woke up. He was crying because he was one of the people who were trying to protect his family.

    This dream reminds me of something I had read before, something that Cobra had said about the people being the hostages of the dark ones. This dream probably means nothing, but I thought I would just see what you thought of this dream my friend had. Do you think that it’s possible that the ET’s our star brothers and sisters are not showing themselves because the people are held hostage?

  163. Edwin says:

    As always, I am crazy about your incite.

    I do wonder though… if in your heart, you truly feel… that failure
    (this time around) …is a conceivable option.

    Or, is it in fact… an impossibility?

    That presumably unknown truth… is the crux of the situation.

    Can the experiment be allowed to fail this time?

    Or will the amount of time available…continuously expand…
    into the amount of time needed?

    Is the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, such a significant event…
    at this point and time… in the evolution/growth of the Galaxy…

    that it has been degreed… that no option…
    other than the emergence of the butterfly, is to be accepted?

    Or not?

  164. Edwin says:

    Well Jean… I had expected some criticism over what I just wrote on the URGENT MESSAGES from Crop Circles comments section.

    I mean… where are those that are sure that… if it is to be it is up to us… no one is going to save us but ourselves… and so forth and so on.

    Surly someone is going to play the “pie in the sky” card?

    Are they dumbfounded or.. do they just find the belief to be so delusional that it is not worth any comment?


    and those hugs back at ya ( )

    • Jean says:

      Edwin, I can’t answer for the others, but I think the situation is a mix – of our conscious will/intention and of the fact that our birth is being overseen. My sense is that people were not surprised by your words. Hugs, ~Jean

  165. Hi Jean, I read your blog regularly, and really appreciate your work. I wanted to make a comment about Ben Fulford. Ben taught me the very point you made today in you post about the difference between Khazarian/zionist/satanist whatever they are’s 🙂 and the term Jew. It was either in a post of his or on Jeff Rense. Your post got me going so that’s why I’m writing you. I also feel like your post is instructional and would be even better if you new that been new and reiterated the difference that Ben left out. Semantics, right! Hope this comes across the right way because I do appreciate you. And you did give a dig/chide to Ben a Jew/Judaen who knows the history of which you spoke. love to you, Jean! Brad

    • Jean says:

      Ben needs to be very careful now. It may be old info to him, but lots of people are just waking up, and i would supsect the fine differences concerning Khazarian Jews are largely unknown to most people. Yet, these differences are huge. I believe that actually the Rothschilds are Khazarian Jews . . . and what a difference their departure will mean for our planet . . . just to give you an clear idea of the subtle, yet important differences in the use of the word Jew. Hugs, ~Jean

  166. Linda says:

    I don’t really know you. I’ve been coming to your site for a few months. I don’t even really know what you believe about 2012 and this world of ours. But, at 74, I know when a person is real. Goodness of the heart is really impossible to fake, isn’t it? I feel comfortable on your pages, though I know we don’t look at many things the same way. I hope I would have as much grace to make you feel welcome on any of mine.
    Thank you for being a gentle voice in this noisy place, and having the graciousness to persist in spite of the weaknesses of the flesh.
    All best,

  167. Olde Reb says:

    that may have been your mother in 1958. It aint you, stud. The Illuminati does not have an address, a membership list, regular meetings, any known income, or any identified organization in the United States. The Counsel on Foreign Relations does. The CFR has been funded by Wall Street. Wall Street funding has been available for stateists from money from the Treasury auctions hidden by the FRBNY. Ref. FEDERAL RESERVE HEIST, http://www.scribd.com/doc/101937790. The source of the problem is the Fed—not the Illluminati.

  168. Larry Cox says:

    Zut! Incredible, if true. Yes, indeed this is hard to believe.

  169. Fabian says:


    My focus is about spiritual evolution of my conciousness in these times and thats why I almost feel a little bad about asking following question: What kind of financial advice would you give someone who has a little bit of money on the side in our present time? I dont understand anything about economics and so I would like to know how the coming donfalll of the illuminati/cabal and would translate into a good investment strategy. Buying gold, asian currencys?
    I would be glad to hear some opinions.

    Let there be light


  170. Hello,

    I got a French link on mass arrests that went on in the Fiscal paradises this morning: 15 000 troops and police arresting bankers, lawyers, fiscal people, etc.

    Can’t find anything in English…

    Hope it’s real !

    Here is the French link to it: http://www.majorblog.net/2012/07/24/guerre-paradis-fiscal-bahamas-suisse/


    • Jean says:

      Marc, I think it is not real. Here is what I believe is a translation. I think the writer is agonizing, because he knows how desperately this needs to happen. How we all wish it would! Hugs, ~Jean

      The Army Lands in Tax Havens . .

      July 24, 2012 will go down in history. It was at 4:50 (local) that the attack took place simultaneously. Operation Spectrum Tan , received a military force with more than 15,000 military and police. They conducted surprise intervention in tax havens 7 considered the greatest financial havens of criminals, terrorists and fraudsters and tax equity.

      Citizens of the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands , Bermuda,Monaco , of Andorra, Switzerland , and Liechtenstein do not believe their eyes in the morning. Financial institutions of their country have gone into receivership. All, without exception. The military held the politicians away and made ​​over 400 arrests.Lawyers, tax and investment bankers were roused from their sleep and board in prison vans.

      The Interpol, UN, The OECD , the SEC , and agencies of financial market authorities (AMF) of more than twenty countries were called upon. Since 2008, extensive Interpol investigation was conducted in the utmost discretion. By 2003, serious threats weighing on the key financial centers. The warnings were coming from everywhere and pointed the finger at all the major hedge funds (Hedgefunds), investment banks, that tax havens. unbridled speculation, the complexity of derivatives, and big scams orchestrated from the capitals offshore led by Commander Frank Hofzerekordd, to the collapse of Wall Street in 2008. The total bank seized and gels according to the investigator, to 21,000 billion U.S. dollars. Suddenly, the annual crossing point over 600 billion just to steer.

      Much in the past, we had relied on the strength of Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Societe Generale, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and others, in 2008, we had to face the facts. Large financial organizations institutionalized tax evasion and opacity of trading. Sometimes the same specialists responsible for the compliance of transactions assisted the great fortunes and criminals of all kinds in the basics of money laundering. Since 2008, it was clear that European countries had declared war on tax havens, but it was far from suspecting that they were serious.On 26 October 2008, the French prime minister of the time François Filion told the National Assembly : “Black holes like offshore centers should no longer exist.Their disappearance is a prelude to overhaul the international financial system. ” Obviously he was heard.

      Switzerland calls for immediate stay of proceedings. In the Principality of Monaco , Rainier’s crying foul and compares the action to a bloody coup. We now understand a little better the Madoff scandal, uncovered by precisely the same international squad. This case is not unique. Collaboration of bankers fallen, ruined billionaires and hundreds of employees recently laid off on Wall Street and the City of London, has allowed this historic haul. It seems that the magnitude of the scandal LIBOR and more recently the formal involvement of HSBC in money laundering for the benefit of the Mexican cartel and Iran has convinced Obama to work fully.

      Tomorrow, we expect hundreds of additional arrests and warnings for all countries in the G-20. I expect many political resignations. The secret funding of certain parties (as in America, Asia and Europe) is not in doubt. Complacency, complacency and complicity policy allowed tax havens to organize and especially to grow in peace, until now. 21 000 000 000 000 seem a nice booty. But, it bails out only part of the wealth destruction of 30 000 billion experienced by world stock markets since 2008.

      If you think this is too good to be true. You are right.

      I imagined this scenario in 2009. Unfortunately, three years later none of this or even a small trowel is come concern tax havens. I brought the text up to date by reading the findings of the latest studies of TJN. The organization Tax Justice Network says that tax havens are growing. It is now estimated at least 21 000 BILLION dollars the total assets that escape tax in their respective countries. The scariest part of the analysis is that only 92 000 people own this ape. In a higher valuation, the amount could reach 32 000 billion. Before claiming that this is nonsense, remember that these figures are based on public data banks! “The 50 banks for wealthy clients have collectively managed in 2010 over 12 100 billion in cross-border investment ( against 5.4 trillion in 2006) mainly through trusts which are used to hide the name of the real beneficiary of these investments ” . To this must be added the smaller banks and investment companies who have no banking structure and ALL those who do NOT publish because they are private.You better understand why Europe is collapsing in debt and our hospitals, schools, institutions and infrastructure are starved for resources!

      21 000 billion. You think it’s huge? It is, but that does not account for physical assets such as artwork, jewelry, collectibles or real property. It’s not tomorrow that we will defeat this bicentennial colander. Let me still dreaming.

  171. StHaelRazor says:

    Hi! You are a very cool lady! I noticed that you spoke of Quantum Theory. Something in regards to that has been tickling my mind for a while now. Usually when that happens it’s because I need to delve more deeply. You seem to understand it as spiritual tool or application rather than in the purely scientific explanation that seems to veer away from practical daily use. I will scour your blog to see if I can find more about it. But if there is a site or article somewhere that can offer a clear and relatively concise explanation of the spiritual application of Quantum Theory, could you possibly send me a response with a link, or something… I would truly love to get my head around what it is that I need to understand at this juncture. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you soon, and I look forward to ransacking your highly cool blog… 😀

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I do understand it that way. To my mind, quantum theory is the link between God and Science. Newtonian physics separated us from God, and quantum theory brings science and God back together. It is no accident that we are being given the understanding of quantum theory at this time.

      The indigenous people also understand life that way. What we subtly have been taught about the indigenous peoples and their ways of life was to keep us from understanding that they know how to work with God. I have now participated in ceremony, and ceremony is extremely powerful, making ‘church on Sunday’ a moot point for me. I live my life in many ways as they do – keeping myself as much as possible in the flow of positive energy, and when I am there, what I want, what I need, comes to me easily. If we don’t live in that flow, nothing works.

      I have books, and I’ll have a look for you. One easy, fascinating book that comes to my mind immediately is by Gregg Braden called the Isaiah Effect.


      • StHaelRazor says:

        Thank you very much answering. I noticed the title-Isaiah Effect in your list. I checked around a bit. It would seem that most have not brought the two into one.

        I will continue my search and will study Isaiah.It will come to Light eventually. I appreciate your fine nature and look forward to learning from your posts.

        Thank you so much. By the way does Sacred Geometry fit in here, isn’t it correlated with Quantum…not sure. Sorry. I’ll let you be. Many Blessings, til later. Zorra

  172. alessandro says:

    beatiful words , but my life hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t see ascended master, I don’t see around any extraterrestial being , so couldn’t this be just another bunch of crap ? I have enough of this “come and Save me ” philosopy . No one is coming to save us, unless we do by ourself .
    Just another bunch of crap.
    Read some truth : http://www.davidicke.com/headlines

    • Jean says:

      I have long said I have problems with David Icke. I do not think he is a God, and I think his terrible anger is evidence of many unresolved issues. Such issues block clarity of vision. Having said that, I am not willing to throw the baby out with the bath water. David has given us much good information. Still, I must question why he finds it necessary to turn his anger on these good people? I think there are other ways to make your point.


  173. Eve says:

    So wonderfully interesting. I came to this site to continue simply satisfying my constant curiosity regarding the things unfolding. Wondering how right my intuition is. I read and confirmed what I have presumed to be unfolding ~ again. And then, received a beautiful message of things I chose to put away many months ago. Things about my family “Out There”. It resonated. Thank you! ;~) You sparkle Jean! Thank you for such as well. :~)

  174. renee says:

    Thank you thank you for being speaking and sharing your truth! Find me at radherenee@yahoo.com.
    In love,

  175. EW Bradfu says:

    I would like to know if you do radio interviews about the Easter Island Heads? I would love to have you on to discuss them more and your finds.

  176. Wow, you original post blew my mind. I know many of us felt before we read it that we sort of felt that the things were going on. And, I did a tone of research my self but never really revealed the oil situation. I know that the government and huge corporations keeps new inventions from alternatives from becoming public. I daily give blessings to our planet and all of us who are constantly kept in the dark.

  177. Angie says:

    I came across a website I thought that you might want to take a look at. A citizen from Japan is fighting against the media blackout in regards to the radiation and the reports about Fukushima. I hope that you would share this info with your readers I am sure some folks would find his site informative. I am sure he would be grateful for the attention too.

  178. Aravin says:

    2012: Truth, not Just Prophecy by Nithyananda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O68SCfXgBo

  179. javedbabar says:

    I heard a saying along the lines of “When you are still, the universe revolves around you”. I love this thought, not in an egotistical sense, more in a sense of knowing and accepting. I have a lifetime to think and practice…

  180. john stiller says:

    It appears that the Fema camps are online That troops have refused to kill with the guilotines and have been killed themselves have the deaths of 15 million americans started perhaps its nazi germany all over again in america God help america

    From what I have seen on the net Fema has put into being the greatest killing machine the world has ever known
    God bless you all


  181. Bart says:

    Wow Jean, just accidently popped in here. What a truly great blog you are running. many respect for that from the Netherlands, Best regards Bart

  182. Jean says:

    Sorry, Alkhemist, the program won’t let me replace it, and I see that it is visible. I’ll trash your comment, though, and you can rewrite it, if you like. Hugs, ~Jean

  183. I linked a story to my blog today Jean, nice job in saying what I truly felt after listening to the interview. Well done!

    • Jean says:

      Please understand those are not my words. The author is SaS, someone I value who comes here and helps out in wonderful ways. I’m glad you resonated with what he wrote. I feel his words are important right now when it seems we are all getting zinged from almost every direction! Thanks and hugs, ~Jena

  184. Celia says:

    Hi Jean:

    That is why I read your blog. It is nice to see someone who are able to write something and make a difference….thanks!

  185. Celia says:

    Hi Jean:

    Life is difficult for me at the moment. A stable job (part time translator at the moment) is hard to come by since I find it very difficult to communicate with other people. I am currently trying to find another part time job so I could earned enough money to become a freelance translator or full time translator, which earn really good money eg:US$143 per hour for interpreting or US$0.06 per word for translating in the place that I live. If I could do that, perhaps I will have more time to do something that helps people in Europe who are suffering greatly in the recession. Although I am Chinese, but it is strange that I always feel more connect to the western culture.

    Best Regards,


    • Celia,
      I think a lot of people are working on trying to balance survival with what they truly desire in their hearts. There are so many people in our world that have so much to give but we are consumed with trying to keep up with bills and putting food on the table. I hope that you are successful and able to help those you see suffering.

  186. dave baird says:

    Thanx Jean – will chk asap on desktop.

  187. dave baird says:

    Thanks Jean.
    Pls add me to mailings.

  188. Hello Jean 🙂 You probably haven’t even heard of me (I laugh!) But I wanted to give you something special for you having such a *Wonderful* blog and I/we appreciate it very much. So this is for you…


    You definitely deserve it!

    • Jean says:

      Imogen, I thank you for this! What fun! I see some ‘responsibilities’ come with it, though, and right now I’m totally short of spare time. Must they be fulfilled immediately? If not, I gladly and happily accent this honor! Many hugs, ~Jean

  189. Paul Davis says:

    Thanks Jean. 🙂

  190. lecox says:

    Jean: I am using your blog to follow Ben Fulford. You seem to be re-positng his articles without alteration, which I very much appreciate.
    I am 57 and have been a Scientologist for 30 years.
    For the last few years, I have been trying to make Scientology part of these discussions.
    Most involved want nothing to do with it, but I have studied it and know it is quite pertinent to what we are up against at this time. Its basics are available online at no charge. And many of its books are available used for little more than cost of mailing.
    We who want freedom and rational change ignore the subject at our peril.
    Also, I loved Thrive. Very good intro to the whole ball of wax.

    • Jean says:

      I’ve had a look at the Scientologist site, and it seems there is much validity to it. My blog, however, is not a place to promote something. You can share info, etc., but I’m not promoting anything at all. I believe we must all find our own path, and that whatever path someone follows is already PERFECT for that person. OUr paths always provide lessons! I hope I’m making the difference clear: I don’t promote Drunvalo Melchizedek, but I do share information from him . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Paul Davis says:

        Hi Jean,
        I connected with your blog a couple of months ago and look forward each day to the posts.
        I was surprised to find you lived in Kelowna. I moved from Winnipeg to West Kelowna last Oct. I just had to get here and after a couple of years of not ‘listening’ to the call I finally bought an old car and found my way here. It took a bed bug infestation in the over 55 building I live in to get me to act. 🙂 Am glad to have left those little bedbuggers behind. A very unpleasant experience; one of which it was difficult to find the ‘gift’.
        I too have been down the rabbit hole. I started back in the 60’s when questions like: Why suffering? Why the bomb? Why can I not comprehend infinity? etc etc. I was a lone wolf back then. Had many paranormal experiences throughout late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I was one who did not hesitate to speak out to my friends and family. Am still releasing the accumulated pain from the ridicule, rejection and judgments from others for doing so. Am 67 now. It is just in the last ten years I have come to understand that I have walked the path of a so called ‘Spiritual Warrior’. This work was mostly in the area of ‘belief system busting’. i.e. Seeing a collective mind false and enslaving belief, and penetrating the accumulated energy of that collective belief to its core and shining the light of awareness when ‘feeling’ the focused core. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, or others. I have been informed within that I did the ‘job’ very well. I can feel and sense, deep within, that I have done my share; and more. I sure hope that is the truth as it was, at times, really really difficult and emotionally and mentally, very painful. I say taht with humility. The last 10 years it has also become physically painful. Not complaining; just is. 🙂
        If you ever have the time it would be nice to share notes over a coffee. I feel a need to find a ‘like minded’ community. It has been a long and lonely walk and I so yearn for connection now. Is there any local groups you know of; a place where I can share, commune, and participate in a way I can handle at this time. .

        Health is iffy and walking sometimes difficult. Feel quite used up actually. 🙂 Body put on an extra 80 pounds. Feels like I am waiting for something to happen now; even dying would be OK though I would prefer to participate in the ‘great awakening’. A couple of years ago during a meditation this was given to me. I say given as I did not think it up.

        LET GO

        Thanks Jean.
        Oh, by the way, if you know any energetic and financially strong person or persons who would like to start a new age business whose TIME HAS NOW COME. Here it is. If they like it; run with it. No conditions here though it would be nice to have a small royalty of some kind if successful. My old age pension does not go very far in today’s world.
        This is just an amateur write up, done 10 years ago of the idea as presented to me one night.




        Good day,

        I appreciate the opportunity to express and extend, what I believe to be, an inspired idea. I see it as inspired, as I awoke one morning over ten years ago, 1997, with the idea as a package, seemingly whole and complete, without any conscious thinking on my part. I recognized immediately that the idea had merit and potential. What puzzled me is that I have never had; nor do now have, the interest, background, skills, or means to turn such an idea into manifestation. I reasoned that it must be for someone else to do so, when the moment and time was appropriate.

        THE NAME

        The name is ‘TALKTEASER’. As you will see when you read on, the name embraces the function, purpose, and intention of the idea within it. It rolls off the tongue easily and is naturally and effortlessly ‘remembered’ after first hearing.

        As far as I know the name is unregistered in any web domain or business. If you find the idea of interest I would suggest those legalities be addressed immediately.


        The main function and purpose of this idea is to increase spontaneous joyful and fun connecting with strangers by helping remove apprehension and fear from the equation. In short, helping it be and feel safe to have conversations with strangers when one wants to do so. In my opinion, this would be’ goodness’ manifest in any given moment or circumstance.

        Note: It seems to me that one of the reasons dating services on the Internet have been so successful is because the very act of expressing outwardly, ones interest in meeting others, tends to remove fear/apprehension from the equation, prior to first contact. This is because intention has already been expressed and is clearly understood and accepted by both parties. This idea is not a dating service; however; that industry is already a well established Internet industry and would supply a large ready-made pool of potential customers as you will see shortly.

        This TALKTEASER idea transcends and helps eliminate time and distance limitations by allowing, inviting, and bringing spontaneity into the present moment re communication between strangers. I believe that this TALKTEASER idea may replace some ‘meeting’ services by making them obsolete to many, by filling the customer’s needs and desires to connect with others more efficiently, in a totally new and spontaneous manner. I know; that is a very bold statement indeed; however, I feel/believe it is totally justified. ?

        THE MEANS

        A web based business set up by those with the expertise, capability, and means to do it properly. This is important because if the idea takes off quickly; as I believe it most surely will, it may require an already established Company with the ability to react to an explosion of interest and demand.


        The whole world is available. As you will see, if this idea works in one small city it will work everywhere, in any language and any age group. By its very nature it is Trans-national and Trans gender.


        Now if my intention to create interest has been successful, ? you, the reader, will be feeling some anticipation to hear the actual idea. Well here it is. I will create a couple of imagination scenarios to best express it.

        I am in a supermarket wearing a TALKTEASER shirt. It has an attractive TALKTEASER logo sewn on it. There is an image, of my personal making/ordering on the shirt. In this case it is an image of the earth, from space, with an androgynous human figure overlaying the image of the earth. This figure is touching the circumference of the earth with stretched out arms and legs like the famous Da Vinci drawing. Embedded in the heart area of the human form is a small image of the earth with another small image of the human form. The written caption is. ‘I am in the world and the world is within me. This image came to me in a vision during a group meditation in the 80’s celebrating the Harmonic Convergence

        By wearing this TALKTEASER shirt I am openly inviting anyone to open a conversation with me, about the subject or image on the shirt, or simply to satisfy curiosity about the symbol on said shirt. The intention of being open to connecting with others in this way is the very purpose of wearing a TALKTEASER shirt. The idea is that it would become common knowledge that anyone who is wearing a TALKTEASER shirt is inviting connections with strangers.

        Now, if someone liked the symbol or writing on the shirt, and wanted the same for themselves, they could easily find and order it at the TALKTEASER web site by using the registration # of that shirt. This # will be on the TALKTEASER logo prominently and colourfully displayed on the right or left front shoulder. If others purchased copies of ‘my’ creation I would get a small financial benefit from it because it was my initial creation.

        Another example:

        You are in a coffee shop or fast food place and you notice a person wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a nice looking, brightly coloured, sewn on TALKTEASER logo. You are already aware and know that anyone who is wearing a TALKTEASER shirt is automatically inviting anyone to spontaneously start a conversation with them about the subject that is, in words or image, embossed on the shirt. [an advertising thrust saying to not wear a TALKTEASER shirt if you do not want people to open a conversation with you, might work well from a psychological marketing perspective] For instance; maybe the wearer of the shirt loves bulldozers and loves to have conversations about bulldozers and thus has an image of a bulldozer on the shirt, cap, or even a coffee mug etc. You notice that the TALKTEASER logo has a # on it. It is the # assigned to that shirt when he ordered it at the TALKTEASER web site. He was the one who created the photograph or drawing on the shirt. He knows that his creation is on the TALKTEASER web site, as he gave permission for it to be so at time of ordering. [customer has option of not having it public] He also knows that if anyone else wants the same image or saying on their shirt, they can order it and he will get a financial benefit, as it was his initial creation.

        The scene could be anywhere, in a bar, parking lot etc. It would quickly become known that anyone wearing or showing a TALKTEASER product is INVITING conversation with anyone who sees it and chooses to do so.

        In essence, to wear an OFFICIAL TALKTEASER SHIRT is an open invitation to anyone to spontaneously open a conversation with the wearer about the subject matter on the shirt.

        The possibilities of thoughts and ideas expressed on a shirt are infinite.

        From a business point of view, the beauty is that every wearer of a TALKTEASER shirt would automatically become a willing walking talking enthusiastic billboard for the name TALKTEASER, because they love the feelings and joys that comes from connecting with strangers who are interested in talking about what the shirt wearer is interested in.

        Also, there are many products that would ‘fit’ as well as shirts. TALKTEASER Coffee mugs, TALKTEASER personal cards, [not business cards] TALKTEASER caps, and surely many others may come to mind upon contemplation.

        IN SUMMERY

        As I trust you will see the idea is very simple, yet very inclusive re the needs of individuals desiring a simple safe way of meeting and conversing with others when they have the desire to do so in the NOW MOMENT. There would be an automatic lowering of apprehension and fear because one knows the intention is already clear. It is now clear that the name TALKTEASER embraces the idea/concept perfectly, and could easily become known by most everyone by word of mouth alone; possibly even in a generic sense such as the word ‘Kleenex’ has become for any tissue product and ‘Dictaphone’ for dictating equipment. It would be a wonderful problem to have to protect a name from gaining generic meaning. It means business success is happening.

        Because the nature of the service and product has a possible return to anyone who orders an item via future orders of their creation, a premium price can be set for the initial order. In fact, I would venture to say that price would not really be in question, [unless it was outrageous] as the possible intangible returns to the customer would be far greater than monetary concern at the front end.

        If the idea were to ‘take off’ in just the ‘bar’ scene, or other common social gathering happenings, the potential for enhancing the ease of initiating personal communication is enormous. Thus it is easy to imagine potential success.

        It is my view that the timing ‘may’ now right for this more concious manner of people intentionally connecting with new people in a totally new way. This is because the global vibration is rising and fear is slowly dissolving.

        Computers and other communication technologies in the last few decades have silently removed much of the joy of BEING by removing the need for face to face communication with others. This has happened silently and unconsciously. I can sense and feel the pulse of the collective mind missing the joy of closer connections and is yearning, even unconsciously grasping for the return of something that seems to be lost, without knowing what it is that is missing. TALKTEASER can help fill that need, easily and efficiently, and be a successful business venture in doing so.

        Thought notes:

        The products offered should always be of the highest quality.

        There may be a need for not allowing any offensive ideas being expressed; however, I believe this would not be a problem, as it simply would not work as intended, as it would not bring about the desired results of joy and good feelings; in fact it would create the opposite desired effect.

        The Logo needs to be very colorful and distinctive with enough room to have the original serial # of creation as well as possibly have room for a number that would signify it as a follow up order. The logo should be sewn on. The uploaded image or saying from the customer could be done by whatever current technology is used for such things, as long as it is of high quality.

        A design page could be made available on the web site similar to what is being done on greeting card sites. This would be very helpful to those choosing fonts and colors.

        There are numerous businesses’ already that could handle the manufacturing of the shirts and other products including the shipping etc, after receiving the order from the TALKTEASER site.

        Paul L Davis
        3270 Carre Road
        West Kelowna, B.C.
        V4T 1V9

        Yours sincerely
        Paul L Davis

        • Jean says:

          Paul, I”m so tired tonight and I’ve only had time to skim your letter. I will come back to it, and I will do my best to get back to you. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  191. pentrich1817 says:

    Hiya. you may find this video VERY interesting, might be a good idea to pass it on to Ben Fulford, as I recall he was saying that alternative free energies would be looked into

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for this! So it’s officially ‘free’. That’s wonderful. It took me years of research to learn what this movies describes . . . Foster has done a terrific job. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  192. Perianne says:

    Wow, Jean one could spend an age just watching all the videos people have left here. You are have attracted so much and are doing wonderful work. I will spend time here and follow your posts. Thank you for the reference to my post.

  193. Hi!Jean,
    This looks great! You are such a strong woman and I admire you!
    Thanks for all your great work!
    yours respectfully,
    Madhu Reddy

  194. HI Ryan and thanks for speaking up. I posted links below for consideration.

    A fundamental world shift foretold as 2012 by indigenous cultures, acknowledged by every major religion in the world, and perceived by new edge science to greatly alter the course of evolution is now. Extreme space weather, Earth changes, unveiling of social, environmental, indigenous, economic, religious and other injustices, signal the shift is accelerating as 12.12 approaches.

    As we stand at the edge of causing the next mass extinction, order is arising out of chaos naturally for us to clear negativity or debris from the past, preserve life on a finite planet, and liberate a world with new and greater possibilities.

    The quest for a quantum leap in human affairs by Dr. Ertvin Laszlo

    The role of spirituality in a world age shift by Dr. Bruce Lipton

    A cosmic age dominated by space weather by Susan Joy Rennison

    Divine Matrix, Quantum Reality, The Ancients – Research


    Earth changes http://sincedutch.wordpress.com

    Extinction protocol http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com

    No one knows for sure what lies ahead. What we do know is that profit before people and Earth, extreme deception, and economic manipulation are no longer sustainable. The more we connect, cooperate, and courageously speak up together to end war and all injustices peacefully, the easier we transition between worlds because we reap what we sow. As I understand the Pope of the Catholic Church retires next month. I pray that he reveals the truth about a world age shift to unite VAST numbers of people before he stands down.

  195. Ryan says:

    Hi Jean, so I’m not a faithful reader of your blog, in fact I just came across it today. I came across an article specifically titled “I May Not Have a Job, But I Have an Occupation”.


    I read through it and found all the statements made, very controversial in nature. On top of this I found them very hard to believe. For example, in the article, Steve Beckow, the original author, makes statements about how pandemics like SARS or swine flu are synthetic man-made devices put in place by the powerful few who control the majority so that they can control population. Another statement I found interesting that was made in the article was that natural disasters such as tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. are also methods of population control and that the “elite” can do this through engineering “weather-controlling technology”.
    The aspect I find strange about this article is that there are no cited sources whatsoever other than one that I presume you personally wrote. The source is at the bottom of the page and states that the author is a member of Mensa and a previous member of the Refugee board of Canada. Are you stating that readers should trust this argument purely based on the reputation of the author? My main question is: Why publish such a controversial, opinionated article that does not have the information or credibility to back any of its basic arguments?

    • Jean says:

      Ryan, I’ve had to think about my answer to you. We are in a time where there is nowhere we can go to find the ‘real’ truth but inside ourselves. We don’t know about a lot of things that are happening – what the ‘real’ truth is, but much of what Steve said is what I believe – not all, but most of it. If you’ve just come to this information, you might find an answer like this unsatisfactory, but if you will take the time to work your way through my section called Basic Info for the Shift (see it listed at the top of my blog), you will begin to learn what I know, and then you can begin to make up your own mind. I wish there were an easier answer, but I can’t give you one. This will have to suffice.

      By the way, the older articles are always at the bottom of the page . . .

      Let me know if I can help you further. Follow what’s said here. Follow the Comments section, because we have some incredible people who visit here and share their own thoughts and ideas, and they will offer a lot of help.


  196. Greg says:

    Hello Jean,
    Do you have a staff assisting you on all of these stories you write? It amazes me how many stories you publish and publish very well I may say. Thank you for your efforts!!

    • Jean says:

      Greg, I have no staff, but at the same time, I do not write these stories. I search the net for them . . . time consuming, fun, challenging – but I do not write them. I try to find the best of the best, and I always give them credit. Hugs, ~Jean

  197. Hi Jean.

    Thank you for contributing to a world with greater possibilities. Information below comes from another conscious contributor. Passing it along for your consideration. Electronic pick pocketing – RFID chips in credit cards.

    Warning-Warning-Warning: This video is well worth watching. After watching it check all your debit and credit cards. As it turns out my Visa card has an RFID symbol on it, which is now wrapped in aluminum foil. http://youtube.com/watch?v=lLAFhTjsQHw&sns=em

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Doreen, for this heads up. Will check, and I advise everyone else to do the same. Even though we believe we will soon be free, I think it’s wise to keep a foot in the other world until it’s done. Hugs, ~Jean

  198. Matariki says:

    Oh … that is ok .. and a bit funny really. It was just that I came across this `other’ Jean’s name today and wondered …
    Things are so interesting now that I am finding weird and wonderful connections.
    Big hugs & much Love

  199. Matariki says:

    Hi Jean
    I was wondering …. do you know Sheryl Pederson…? Only I knew a Jean from that time when I helped Jean set up her site `Lemurian Healers’ ..and I wondered if you are that Jean…

  200. bonju says:

    Jean, Do you believe that the “crystal skulls” will become important this year through the Mayan calendar ending?

    Like your site. I’m printing out your “about you” to show to my partner, Myqui who will, undoubtedly find it of the most extreme interest.

    Blessed be

  201. lilac says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t discovered you before this. Like earlier posters, I gues, when the time is right…. I have 2 friends born the same year as you. Both suffer from extreme health issues and both are great minds before their time. I am an astrologer, so very excited about the energies at play this month. From my heart to your heart – blessed be.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, the energies are getting very exciting. I’ve had trouble with entities trying to take hold – the vibrations are getting pretty high, and they’ve nowhere to go : ) Hugs, ~Jean

  202. lorraine says:

    have just watched this its great Irish journalist takes on the EU I am sure you will like it !!Irish journalist Vincent Browne confronts the ECB’s (European Central Bank) Klaus Masuch demanding to know where the money is going. “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCHu1kRT6hU”

  203. Benjamin Harris says:

    Not sure how to send recommendations to you for the blog, so I’m trying this. The link is to an article on the RT.com website that sums up the bankers’ methodology very nicely, and makes the very sensible, albeit challenging, case for why Greece should thumb their noses at the European Troika and default NOW.

  204. chaline1 says:

    i enjoy reading your site and your story is amazing… just like you 🙂
    Love and Light,


  205. alfoss1540 says:

    Jean, Glad to meet you and will definitely be back. I am definitely in the market for the news and commentary that are not being told.Just read your Banking CEO’s story and I am hooked. I am constantly amazed about the stories that are not told by the Govt Broadcast News. I will share!

  206. Dear Jean, I am glad that I got my film finally subtitled, and started moving it, first screening tomorrow in Sevilla.
    ¿how do 11 blind people see life in the year 11?
    All the ego stuff is very much fed by the eye. The blind live in this interior space, that’s where the bridge to God (or you name it) can be found.
    Would be lovely if you could share this teaser with your community, it definetly is true and up-lifting, thanks a lot,
    a big hug, TIM

  207. Nanoo Visotor says:

    Backwoods Home, Mar/Apr 2012 carried an article by Claire Wolfe, “A brief history of the end of the world”. While not (yet ?) available online, it is shown as part of issue #133 at: http://www.backwoodshome.com/wolfe_index.html

  208. David says:

    Hi there Jean ~~ I hope today finds you feeling well! You might find this bit of news somewhat interesting (although only topical, to say the least)… $250 BILLION in gold bars just “discovered” in what is apparently a WW II bomb-proof military canteen under London: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2095535/Bank-Englands-glittering-stash-156BN-gold-bars-stored-canteen-London.html. Hmmm… so where is the REST of the story?? 🙂 Peace to you ~~ David

    • Jean says:

      David, today I feel unable to respond to any more shocking news – at least for a while. What the heck is going on here! I think I’ll publsih the story, but without comment. What can anyone say anymore? the world is upside down.

      Thanks, David, I am feeling much better today . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  209. Jean,

    I haven’t read too much on your blog but your bio follows a very similar path that I myself have travelled. The amazing thing? I’m only 25 years old! I love the spirit of this blog and I wish you the best. I’ll be following for future synchronicity 🙂


  210. Jean says:

    Mary, the future is going to be extraordinary! Like you, I can’t wait to get past these bumps in the road! Hugs, ~Jean

  211. Contramary says:

    Hi Jean,have you ever thought what you will be doing when reaching the 5-D level? I am so keen on this accelerated input of knowledge without having to stress ourselves with working and memorizing exercises of 3-D. I am going to have as huge an imput as possible, languages, maths, the holy geometry and how it is being linked to eachother and physics. I want to do Art in a way that it fits into the 5-D sphere and first of all I want the whole downput complete with all there is to it of PC-techniques.And then I will go to work with pc/colours/forms and music.I will learn to play the piano (I was too lazy when I had lessons being 12 so my parents called it a day)!
    Oh, I am looking forward to it so eagerly when my ailments (being middle-deaf, badly seeing is functioning very well and chewing and biting is very poor) when all these ailments have gone and I could set out to work but working of the kind which I could burn for ! Playing is hard for me – I cannot play for no purpose to be achieved but working is my thing, just being abandoned in some sort of work which I enjoy…. that’s the real thing for me ! I simply cannot wait to arrive on the promised land (meaning on the level when I shall be able to do all this in peace and freedom ! That will be the kind of living I shall enjoy most !
    And then to have alikethinking friends around me without any envy or competitive feelings ! It will truly be heaven !
    Yours for today with ((((((( HUGS ))))))) Mary

  212. Contramary says:

    Hi Jean, I agree with David and Tony, I too have been enthralled by dwelling on a vision of disclosure. However being very selfcritical it has crossed my mind once and again that considering myself it was something like a follow-up of an old feeling waiting for something sensational to happen. I always was aware of : : the shift is going to happen – certainly . and if I want to be among them which will ascend it is I and solely I who has to go down on my own to work by concentrating thereon to effect my own ascension. Noone else can do it for me and therefore I have to grow in my heart and character to arrive at my full authority -a godly granted of a fully conscious adult human being – to produce the change from former 3-D to future 5-D. ,All the rumors, expectations for disclosure etc. are what they are, namely, quite welcome 3-distractions to fill in the gap until the final date when we shall reach the immense wall of light. Their purpose is soothing us with spirit consolation thus dividing the long run of our ascension work to the finals into several shorter laps.To put it the simple way: they were given to us as a present to make it easier in the long run. Panem et circensis (Bread and Games)that’s what the Romans said. Disclosure and other sensational events are the games of having some pleasure ? of excitement while we may dwell on on our works of labour giving birth to a new kind of human being and this is the real bread, bread of spirit ! It also is another premature chance we are given to choose into what direction we will build our path as we are the big constructors of new realities while building the path we are on.
    Mankind is not made and foremost mankind of 3-D with thousands of years trapped into evermore continually appearing excitements and cathastropies like war, diseases etc. to deal with – to go on longer runs on focussing on the spiritual issues of inner heart work. Mankind on Gaia may only be able to rise up to its highest expectations within short laps with highlights at each end. How long can a ballet- dancer dance on tiptoes ? And for this reason let’s be grateful for being given these highlights with the short laps of running, when we are made able to dance on tiptoes and thus achieve such great results of awakening ! They are given us by the Grace and Love of God.
    So let us been distracted by any such event but beware of getting wholly involved in it! It gives us the chance to restore ourselves to full strength and impact of power to return again to the next lap of our ongoing long and tiresome run !
    With light to all and hugs

  213. Jean,
    I believe that your blog is really one of the most interesting sites out there, I was very pleased to experience what is there, not everything resonates obviously but a great deal does. The recent Adamu post is one example of the value of your blog. I wonder how many appreciate the work involved in what you do, I tried it and gave up as there was just too much out there and it was difficult at times to appear non judgmental or biased.
    You have absolutely nothing to reproach yourself for regarding disclosure or anything else, as many of us want that and we read and we understand what we want to understand. Nesara is another example which many very good people believe in totally, but money is an earthbound 3D commodity that we do not arrive or depart with and it is likely that NESARA was used a a huge false flag to feed many peoples desires.
    I have been very disappointed many times over the years, I have taken expensive life changing courses, only to realize that I knew all the time it was up to me and there are no short cuts to Ascension or whatever. I want a world where we all live together in harmony and where the 90% versus 10% does not exist. There are proven suppressed technologies that we could use for energy without polluting the Earth – why do we allow them to deface and harm our planet?
    It is very easy to become disillusioned at some of the none events while the reality is that exists in the South Pole with the massive amounts of fresh water ice that is adding to the sea level deserve more attention as its easy to focus on disclosure and other issues we would like to hear about rather than face what is really happening.
    Please do not believe that you are wrong for having wanted to believe in an ideal that did not happen, it is part of growing up. Look at the number of people who are channels who have been fooled and almost ruined by being in contact or being fooled by entities that are there to play games or just use “nice” people to perpetrate information to fool us.
    You are great jean please do not stop.

    Be Blessed/Tony.

    • Jean says:

      Tony, I do believe the shift is coming. We are moving away from a way of being in the world that has been operating for the last 13,000 years. It won’t happen overnight. Each day I hear or see something that says things are even now changing.

      Thanks, for your gentle words to me. Over time, I’ve learned to be easy on myself. We are all human, and we are not perfect!


  214. David says:

    Jean, thanks so much for responding to my thoughts, which I wasn’t even expecting to be posted. Please do get some extra rest… its the weekend! I hope you and I can exchange more thoughts and ideas in the near future — David

  215. David says:


    Hi Jean,

    You are interesting.

    I am not sending you this in hopes of establishing a dialog — just doing so in hopes that some of my thoughts might be of benefit to you, as your thoughts have been of benefit to me.

    I am not a blogger or a forum poster (generally, I am rather leery of them!… you know, the types that are endlessly fascinated with the sound of their own voice… ).

    Though I am in a very different stage of life than you, I do resonate with a number of the concepts and internal conclusions that you have presented on your labor of love blog, which, by the way, you have developed in to a very significant resource for the information-hungry — Great Job!

    So what about THE TRAP?

    Lately I’ve been thinking that the biggest trap of all is actually the mindset of “Something Great is Going to Happen to Us/Me”. Then, the follow-on mindset is, “So I’m going to get ready… let’s all get ready”.

    Isn’t this in reality the latest and greatest permutation of salvationism?

    Doesn’t this mindset yet again disembowel our God spark and push it evermore out into the ether?

    Isn’t this a mentality that is hiding underneath almost all of the “2012” discourse and “Disclosure Watching & Waiting” that is going on among the hopefuls?

    Not long ago, you posted an article and commented something like “This is the one we’ve been waiting for folks”. I don’t recall all the details of the post, but I do recall thinking “Uh-oh”. I was surprised that you were backing the author’s notions about ETs showing up all over the place, etc., etc. I had the feeling that you were “taken in”, instead of “posting, for what it’s worth”. I recall going to the author’s site. To me, the site was all about how the guy was living a wondrous life, and hey, you can too… here’s the $18.95 CD set that will get you there, or at least get you started getting there.

    I sincerely do feel that some sort of cosmic scenario is unfolding now with respect to planet earth.

    I even am inclined to think that many of us that are here came to this planet in a unique way in the beginning and actually took part in its creation, played here joyously, lovingly, immersing in and sharing in immense pleasures, frolicking in play-work, laboring in work-play.

    I am hopeful that events are taking place which bring some special assistance to those who want to do better at living the life that is presenting itself to us here and now, and maybe even also provide some impetus that helps us move towards what we might describe as heaven on earth.

    Well, this has gotten long. I guess what I’m really thinking these days is:

    DISCLOSURE = NO. So forget about it, and it doesn’t matter anyway.
    SHIFT = SHIFT YOURSELF. There’s no time like the present, extra help is here now.
    …my thoughts, not directed at you 🙂

    Shalom to you,

    • Jean says:

      David, whatever had a hold of me has, for the moment, left me with almost nothing, so I’m only finding the energy to thank you for this sharing. You were right, I got sucked into Disclosure! Almost immediately, I regretted the wishful thinking. Remember AAM having an interview with Stee, who conveyed that it was going to happen? Why are people sill willing to read this stuff? I publish what I do, because in most respects it is harmless. Nevertheless, people aren’t doing their inner work if they focus on it all.

      I don’t know about the mindset you describe. What is visible and can be easily seen may come from several different outlooks. It’s hard to say. I can only speak for myself when I say it has been so terrible here for me that I decided to do whatever it took not to have to come back. I know that sounds negative, but that is the way it was for me.

  216. Contramary says:

    Thks Jean for your kind welcome….. you are right – I am a bit a renaissance – woman only : whenever I am diving deep down into a certain subject of matter I am proceeding at such speed that the otherones (mostly they were Groupmembers) chucked me out as they couldn’t understand the pace I am keeping in progress. This was typical 3-D everything was done with competition and fighting for ranks. That is why I always had to hold my light under the bushel if I wanted not to lose friends or compagnons. The latest happening was with the art-teacher and other groupmembers. I had already several exhibitions covering all parts of drawing and painting: oil, watercolours, guaches, mixed techniques, collages, tempera, and all subjects from landscapes via actdrawings to several styles of modern art. So my art-teacher sort of started some kind of vampirism and painted pictures which I recognized as from my mind.He was from Egypt very gifted but (as I believe a darky. Some of the group then resorted to prevent keeping me away from some good places of exhibiting my art and I just withdraw from them all. I was not hurt then it was just another one of the things I came across all my life. I am always burning when I start devoting myself to a special matter and just go ahead at my pace not regarding whether ” it is done or not ” It’s nothing personal I just want to dive deeper and deeper into ithe matter at hand.. I think it is not selfish, for me it is just a question of the matter whether I can befriend myself with the subject or not. With art never I had been proud when finishing a workpiece only grateful to God giving me such a chance. I wanted to do it l’ART POUR l’ART ” and not to gain more selfesteem nor for identification of myself with this kind of art. I know these were really good pieces of art and that was it ! I had sorted that out long ago. I know about the big trap which ART my present for many people, all this ” diddly-daddly ” and all the highbrow speeches and flattering which may also turn swiftly from one moment to the other to the contrary. No, I didn’t want to be dragged into such turmoil from the outside. This had nothing to do with the hours I spent when drawing or painting so full of bliss and meditation and being so far away in myself ! So I retired and did it all at home piling up heaps of drawings and paintings and there I live in the middle of it trying at the same time to focus on ascension which takes momentarily all my days.

    Tell me when you find the comments of my life boring but it is the only way I can get rid of all my inner thoughts and vasanas as Stephen B. names it. Yet I will take myself back if you do not find it appropriate as it is not a real comment in the original sense.
    Hugs to all from Mary.

    • Jean says:

      Mary, please feel free to write to me whatever feels right to you. We have all been shut down for far too long, don’t you think? Often, when I read your words, I run into myself again along a similar path. I beleive it’s all good! Love and hugs, ~Jean

  217. Contramary says:

    Hi Jean, finally I have arrived here: I am very happy to have been guided to this point of your blogcomments as if I have been shifted or gently pushed towards it. Thank you Visionkeeper you were made the tool of guiding me hereto! Why didn’t I earlier connect myself to this site i don’t know- I simply oversaw it, Yet since I came into closer touch with Marix the Sirian a heap of events coinciding are happening to me – among others I also got a reading from AAMichael telling me that I have done everything right in my life keeping my soulcontract. Never in my life I was eager to do these things like reading etc. but via the translating event of Marix messages I was given this reading freely and not on my request.
    When I am reading all these comments I feel awesome of what you all know and all the sophisticated elaboration on spiritual matters. It gives me a great pleasure to read and share all that you know, Jean, I have to tell you that I studied several semesters at the university of Hamburg history and comparing science of education as well to become a teacher ? I could not go on as I had to work besides and to mind my daughter being alone with her, At those times It was not easy after the war in Germany to find housing/job/Kindergarten and to do the studies, I finally had to give up and go back again to drudging office work and never left again this sort of work, In all these years. I had to cope with people around me which could be done only by dimming down my level and standard of intellectual interests I even had to adjust my articulation otherwise they would have chucked me out as being too arrogant etc. It was this way over here distinction of social classes were widely spread and kept. It then was not easy to bridge that gap. You had to level down down all your behaviour inorder to be in the game. This kind of work was so outtiring to me that I lost all former acquaintances just trying to come up to the issues and responsibilities of my life. Thus my former higher grade of interests just disappeared from my life being swallowed by what had to be done. This is what I wanted to explain why I am so delighted to come across all your deep thinking and knowledge ! I am waking up again not only spiritually but also being confronted to what I consider real thinking, Looking back now I can see how much I had to dim my light down all these 40 years and how painful it was. Another hidden issue is coming out of some sort of rabbithole !
    I want to thank you all ! It were your sharing comments which banged through me shaking me awake ! Thank you to all of you and to you foremost Jean! You are doing such a terrific job and this not only to me !
    ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) Mary

    • Jean says:

      Mary, your words make me remember the time my therapist told me I was a true Renaissance woman! I’d always been a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. Enjoy your many talents, play with them, and have fun with them. I’m so glad you’re here! Hugs, ~Jean

  218. Visionkeeper says:

    Greetings Jean…Hope you are feeling perkier today. I wanted to send you this article but realized I have lost your email. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/01/2-minute-video-uss-enterprise-false-flag-target-for-us-war-criminals-to-attack-iran.html I have switched my email address so please email me at the old address so I can get it and transfer it. I will send the new address to you when I hear from you…Be well….Hollis

  219. Jean,

    It appears that your thoughts represent how many of us feel at this time yet you have really mastered the problems. I resonate with a great deal that you tell us and in particular how Drunvalo has worked so tirelessly over the years. In 2006 I went to egypt and and at the Temple of Abidos I saw the burned in stone flower of Life and this had a very profound effect on me, I am trying very hard to be like you and to come to terms with the fact that the changes we are currently experiencing are not getting through fast enough.

    God Bless you Jean and a big THANK YOU.

    Tony / a uk brit from Singapore

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my, Tony. Thank you for these thoughts. I do appreciate them. From David/Bill’s recent audeo, it isn’t going to end too quickly. We’ll see. I think the ‘ugly’ part will soon be over, though . . .


  220. A.J. says:


    Thank you for your kind response. i wanted to have a few days pass before I responded back to you. I did give Matthew’s post a good read on 01/09. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it so I decided to take run along the coast towards to beach that day. I needed time to process, ponder and reflect on everything that has happened since I became aware of our true situiation in this country. I ran and ran until I could not run any more. It was at that point of exhaustion, that I had a moment of clarity. As horrific as the crimes of the dark cabal were, I was more angry at Obama because of the investment I made towards him. I felt that my time, effort, emotional investment and financial support amounted to nothing. The sense of betrayal and hurt ran deeper than I thought. This coming to terms both startled and grounded me. I considered your view that Obama agreed in his soul contract to be in his position as a stop gap measure against the dark cabal .Reflecting on that, I realized that even as I consider myself a fairly good and considerate person, that I proably would not have the courage to make that same commitment. A funny thing happened as when I realized that, all my anger and disappointment melted away.
    I hope for his sake and that of his family, that they remain safe. One never knows just how vindictive the dark cabal will be as they are taken down. To be honest though, I can say that I would not vote for him again in the next election. I have faith though that in the grand cosmic design, everything will happen as it should. Hard to say if he will survive politically in the troubled times ahead. I know that there will be many people who will not trust his leadership when the real truth comes out. I’m content at this point to let it go and leave it to Karma to sort out. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Sometimes the epithany comes not in the heat of battle but in the stllness and quiet of the moment. Thanks again. I’m good to go…
    Smiles and Hugs——A.J.

  221. Jurgen Beck says:

    Hello Jean
    Truly it is the Intent of the heart…nothing more …nothing less.
    The heart is the mystical region , or the supernatural region. This unseen region however produces visible effects in our world…
    Our heart is the connector to a supreme reality…the higher part of our universe.
    William James says it best :
    “The most interesting and valuable things about man is the ability to over-belief.”

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Jurgen, for sharing this. What I’m thinking now is that we are not really over-believing. Instead, it is all so unreal that it just seems like we are. Hugs, ~Jean

  222. A.J. says:

    I just finished reading about your journey down the rabbit hole. It was a fasinating read. I can appreciate all that you have gone through and that your perpective comes from a sense of love, compassion and spirituality. I still disagree with you though regarding Obama and here’s my perpective on this. I was like many who was seduced by the Obama revolution during his presidential campaign. It was so much so, that I and my union H.E.R.E #2850, worked agressively to help get him elected. We believed in his message of hope and change.
    I think what happened was that shortly after he took office, the unseen powers that be, this shadow government, took him to the woodshed and read him the riot act. I agree that he and his family were probably threatened and told he had to go along to get along. Wether it was his soul contract, his own choosing or by a change in cosmic design, he did as he was dictated to do. I do not believe however that he was so totally controlled that in certain decisions he could not use his free will to affect a better outcome for us.. i.e.-his silence regarding SOPA or his decision not to veto the NDAA, personally enriching himself and trying to hide the money, etc. It is to this uncertainty that he was seduced by the dark side that I direct my doubts of his remaining a lightworker. To borrow a phrase from the tv show HOMELAND, “…It’s our belief that an American President has been turned”… It is from this sense of betrayal, disappointment and yes…anger that I can no longer hold blind faith in his leadership.
    As a union steward of 12 years, it was my sworn duty to protect and defend those who could not or would not speak up for themselves. I fought for social, economic and legal justice so that those who come after us would not have to endure what we went through.This what I would like to see, that justice be dealt to the dark cabal that rapes, tortues, steals and murders ( the dark cabal is worldwide and some of my own extended family members have been killed by them). If Obama by his own choosing or soul contract is engaged in similar activities, then so be it, let Karma take its course and have him be judged by the same standard. Justice must be served for without it, there is no justice… “JUST US-THE 99%” who would remain accountable for our actions. I wish that I could be like you and find it in my heart to forgive the dark cabal of their crimes as well as Obama for his transgressions but I still find it a hard task to let go. In many ways, it is still the stumbling block to my road to ascension. I hope in the near future, that channellers, ascended masters and galactics may further clarify their belief in Obama as a lightworker. Perhaps they can shed light on what they think might happen to him after the defeat of the dark cabal. I will continue to follow your blog and perhaps the healing I seek in the threads that you post. KInd regards and hugs to you……..A.J.

    • Jean says:

      A.J. I understand your disenchantment, but consider what Obama is dealing with: a criminal gang that goes back centuries. That hardly says it all, but may I suggest you read the following from this post: Message from Matthew 1-4-12…”Do not doubt for a moment that everything that must be accomplished will be!”


      21. Some doubt that Barack Obama is the highly evolved light being that we and other messengers in high stations have told you he is, and he is perceived as following in the footsteps of the Illuminati. You will see for yourselves the truth of what we have said, but because his role in your world is of paramount importance, we shall speak about his position vs the Illuminati agenda.

      22. First, though, my mother has been inundated with emails from people who expressed grave concerns about the ominous-sounding defense authorization bill, so we shall address this issue. Obama signed the bill not because he favors it, but because he knows it will not be in effect long enough to have much, if any, application.

      23. We have mentioned in several messages that all enacted or proposed laws in any country that were devised with dark purpose will be stricken. Nullifying all unjust and injurious laws, regulations and policies and ending all harmful systems and practices are integral aspects of clearing the way for Earth’s Golden Age.

      24. Now then, at one time Obama had the staunch backing of some individuals in one of the two factions within the Rockefeller group of the Illuminati. To give some background here, the name Illuminati, which means “enlightened” or “illumined,” dates back only to the late 18th century, but the darkness that inspired the original members had its roots in antiquity. That little band of Europeans simply gave themselves the name they felt they deserved, and in time, Illuminati became the “umbrella” name of the many disparate organizations or groups that successive members infiltrated or formed.

      25. In accordance with the Illuminati’s intent to attain positions of superiority over the masses, they expanded their outreach to the “New World.” Members in Europe became known as the Rothschild group and those in the colonies, the Rockefeller group. The two groups worked in unison to dominate countries economically and politically, and within only a few decades after the United States won independence from British rule, the Illuminati had gained firm foothold in the nascent government. From then on they have been that nation’s “silent government”—not all presidents have been members, but others who were have controlled the even more powerful Congress.

      26. After ego, greed and lust for top billing destroyed the cohesiveness of the two groups, both continued pursuing the same goal of world domination and this common quest led to bloody battles for supremacy. Eventually those characteristics that caused the rift between the two groups created infighting within each group. That resulted in animosity and struggles for dominance in the group’s opposing factions, and when fighting broke out within the factions, they splintered into smaller units.

      27. Whether the groups’ factions and the splinter units within the factions are headquartered east or west of the Atlantic Ocean, they operate around the world and the name Illuminati applies to all. They don’t speak of themselves by that name, there is no membership roster per se, and their only point of agreement is entitlement to rule the world by whatever means it takes.

      28. Going forward now, one of Rockefeller faction’s splinter units was determined to have Hillary Clinton become US president. Naturally another unit was opposed, and in exploring prospects with the potential to become the public’s choice, they decided that Obama was the best. Yes, elections have been manipulated for 200 years more or less, but after the split in the Rockefeller camp emerged, both factions and later their splinter units have had a hand in the rigging. After the outcry when the Supreme Court declared George W. Bush the victor in the 2004 election, candidates’ popularity with voters was a consideration in 2007’s primary election—people had to return to believing that their voices and votes counted.

      29. Without the power of any Illuminati behind him, Obama could not have risen to become the Democratic party’s nominee, the essential first step to his election as president, and this was known to the master planners of Earth’s Golden Age. The soul who embodied as Barack Obama, the souls who would back him many years later, and all of you who clamored to participate in Earth’s ascension process knew that too, but none remembers.

      30. Also it was known that the infusion of light to Earth would raise the collective consciousness and spiritual clarity. That would precipitate the peoples’ focus on ending wars, injustices, deceit, corruption, impoverishment and tyranny, all of which have been perpetrated, perpetuated or assisted by the Illuminati.

      31. If linear time prevailed throughout the universe instead of only on Earth, none of that foreknowledge could have existed and none of the detailed planning could have happened. In the continuum, where past, present and future are NOW and all lifetimes are happening simultaneously, the highest council in the universe could make the master plan and set the stage for Earth’s Golden Age.

      32. The plan calls for Obama to take leadership of his country and initiate wide-reaching reforms without hindrance during these last stages of third density life. Instead, he has had to deal with both Illuminati factions and their units. It was right after he won the primary election and his backers laid out their complete agenda that serious disagreements arose, and before his first day in office, everyone who had opposed his nomination, all who had selected him, and the controllers of the Republican party regarded him as the ultimate foe. The mantra of the candidates for that party’s nomination—make Obama a one-term president—came from the Illuminati.

      33. The Obama family is surrounded with Christed light protection and the several assassination attempts on Barack have failed. So, Illuminati members in Congress and those whom they control by bribery, death threats or blackmail fight him tooth and nail; some reforms he envisioned for his country and the world are in tatters and others haven’t seen the light of day.

      34. What went awry? Why didn’t the highest council in the universe know this could happen? The peak of the Illuminati, highly evolved souls the council trusted to return to the light forces after playing “dark” roles so massive numbers of souls could complete third density karma, became captivated by their power, spiraled into darkness and refused to honor their soul level contracts. Although their deeply entrenched global network has been uprooted, the US Congress is one of their few remaining pockets of influence.

  223. Dear Jean,
    very good read! straight to the point.


  224. Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be at the net the simplest factor to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while folks consider worries that they plainly do not recognise about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top as smartly as outlined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , other people can take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thank you

  225. adrian soriano says:

    Happy 2012, Jean!
    It is great to find someone “my age” doing this wonderful work.
    At times, I wonder if this present life of mine will continue long enough to experience all of the wonderful changes that are coming. I am healthy, so perhaps “soon” will be soon enough.

    • Jean says:

      Adrian, here is what Drunvalo has shared: just get your body across. On the other side, you’ll be able to fix it. There will be no more death . . . I know where you are, and this advice sounds good to me! Love, hugs, and Happy New Year, ~Jean

  226. Danielle says:

    Jean ,
    I feel compelled to let you know I feel like I just found the best friend I never knew that I had lost. I started down the wormhole about three years ago and have been consumed with searching for answers ever since. Drunvalo fascinates me and part of my search is to convince my left brain, conventional self that I can believe and act on what my instincts tell me is true. As a mother of 2 preteens and a nurse, I realize the importance of my actions and my words.
    When I stumbled on your site and saw the material (and your picture, strangely) I felt a strange excitement and connection. Almost like you are the finished
    product of me. So before I greedily immerse myself in this material, I want to say Thank You for sharing your answers. It just might make my search a little easier.
    Maybe I wil wave to you from my Merkaba someday!
    Best Regards

    • Jean says:

      Danielle, your words seem to say that you are the proof that we are all connected. I’m delighted to ‘meet’ you and happy if my blog will prove to be helpful to you. I’ve just moved – to another country, no less – and I’ve not been on my blog like I usually am, but since you are new here, I think you will find plenty to keep you busy. (Today, my mortgage was approved, so this stressful time will soon be over.) If you have questions, please ask them. I will do my best to answer them for you. Welcome aboard! Hugs, ~Jean

  227. Steven says:

    Hi Jean, just want to say I see your “example” as one who overcame certain “fears” to gain insight. and thanks to people like you, this is a pattern I know will become more common and experienced in the months ahead by many people.I love synchronicity, and how it can weave together the first awakened and the yet to be. As for the decisions you made, Kudos! That has given you the internal fortitude to cope with the vast influences we as planetary inhabitants are in at this time. I must also state my belief that everyone, no matter the age, only need to make an “effort” to open the doors of what is not known, and the next part of the story will be presented perfectly fit for each one. You then may repeat the process into the greater understanding of what is taking place on a Cosmic level. A few years ago, I had a “calling” of sorts to pack up,close up years of life in one of the most beautiful places in the world (Hawaii) and move to a South American country,learn a new language, and start a new “extended” family in a new culture. It is certainly a “book” worth of events as you can imagine.But, more importantly, I went against all the friendly advise from well meaning people, to open to my intuition, and follow my inner guidance. I have now started a new life at age 62, teaching english in a distant land, and having the opportunity of sharing my story with others who want to learn how to make the leap of faith that is “calling” them.
    I very rarely post replies, but today I felt compelled to share. We are indeed very fortunate to be here, and even more blessed to have opportunity to help others awaken. Peace, God bless, and Love will guide our journey into the Grace of 2012 and beyond.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my goodness, Steven! Thank you so much for sharing! It feels so good to know that you are out there and understand so perfectly my story – because it is your own! I firmly believe in everything you have said, because like you I have experienced personally the incredible power of the Universe! Peace and blessings to you in your efforts and calling in life. When we find it, when we trust the Universe/God, the blessings abound!

      Your honest, heartfelt words indicate you are a perfect example of how God will support us all along the way. It isn’t easy, but that’s because we have to fight the memories of our domestication, of all those rules and fears that were used to separate us from our ‘real’ self, but the journey is worth everything it costs us! On the other side is heaven!

      Peace and blessings to you!


  228. wynn free says:

    Hi Jean,
    Just came across your blog. I have a feeling you’ll be interested in my work…
    I wrote the book with David Wilcock, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
    it’s what happened to me while i was writing the book…
    that’s just six pages….
    Blessings in what you do……….Wynn

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Wynn, and as soon as I get my dogs out, I’ll have a look – I’m on Pacific time and just up. Hugs, ~Jean

      Later – I checked your link, and it doesn’t work. Would love to have the correct one. . . 🙂 ~J

  229. mysticmiss says:

    hi jean, just came across your blog , have so far only read ”about me” and have to say i am so inspired by your journey. what a remarkable woman you are. Ive added you to my favourites and will visit again often. blessings nayana

  230. fahimish says:

    You are such an inspiration.

  231. jan Meadows says:

    Here is an interesting interview with Ann Barnhrdt very clear and straight to the point.

    [audio src="http://www.netcastdaily.com/broadcast/fsn2011-1201-1.mp3" /]

    I got this from the : http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/4151

    Thanks for the daily information very helpful

    Be Well

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Jan, I’ve posted her article where she announces the shuting down of her company: a smart, honest, courageous move. She will do better in the long run for having taken this step. Hugs, ~Jean

  232. Joshua Alicea says:

    Hola Jean! as always, it is such a remarkable joy to visit this vast library of information each and every day. This particular site has aided me BIG TIME in my spiritual journey! (and i’m only 17 years old) So i give my greatets thanks. (and thanks from my dad as well. he loves your blog)
    I am not sure if you remember, but I was the one who shared with you 2 videos of a high school student? Well, i understand you busy schedule and all, but i wanted to inform that i made another video out of sheer inspiration. (School is not a forgiving environment as we are often treated like second-rate beings by our teachers (most, not all). I think this may be of great interest to many of your younger readers. anyways, i leave that decision to you jean,. again, thank you soooo much for your efforts to bring the truth in a very organized compendium of knowledge.
    namaster XD

    (oh, almost forgot, here da link. heheheh): http://youtu.be/RwtwrfQbb4A

    • Jean says:

      Joshua Alicea, you are some guy!!! Many, many thanks for this!! I agree so totally with your words that I am shaking! It comes at a particularly important time in my life and tells me that if I can give you a voice on my blog, it is all worth it!! To be able to truly ‘hear’ your words is a gift to us all. Please, Joshua, permit me to put this up as a post in itself?! Also, I would like you to consider, use your imagination, whatever, what would a good kind of school look like to you? The kind of school you would value, now, what would it be like?

      You know, I was a teacher for 28+ years, and I never liked the way it worked. Since then, I have drawn some of my own conclusions about what our new schools will look like. I can say it in two words – for me, that is. They will be INNER DIRECTED by the student. Can you share with us your thoughts on ‘real’ education? Because you are
      a sensitive, perceptive young person involved in a system of education that is collapsing, can you try to tell us – in ny way you like – what you would like to see it replaced with?

      By the way, your art work took my breath away! I discovered that I could paint about ten years ago, and I was even told I could have a second career in it. My blog, however, has to take priority right now. Someday, I would like very much to combine the two . . . they are both my passion. How lucky I am at my age to be living my passions. Most people are slogging along without any idea at all, and that is sad. When I met a Native American this past summer, someone who we would not give the time of day from his appearance (wrong judgment, there), and he said to me, “I’m living my passion!” and then proceeded to articule in elegant language what it is, I was simply blown away. It was these words that pushed me to come an understanding of Native Americans, and the lessons they have for us are huge!

      Joshua, I think you, too, are finding your passions, and this is a real blessing. I am grateful beyond words to you for sharing this! And thank you, I am so glad you and your dad both like my blog!

      Blessings and big hugs,

      PS Yes, I do remember your previous videos . . .

      • Joshua Alicea says:

        heheheh, yeah, im totally ok with it being a posted. 🙂 very interesting background i must say. im doing this cuz i saw individuals such as yourself bringing the truth out there, so i felt compelled to join this liberation of the human race. I am currently brainstorming with my dad on a couple ideas for a new educational system. so far it involves spirituality(basics, the more advance stuff being up to the individual), absolute choice(You experiment what subjects you like or not, then you choose, and the decision can always change), exploration (awareness open up majorly when exposure to many different cultures and locations are experienced. this will promote universal brotherhood/sisterhood amongs us), creative pursuits of any kind, things like that. though it is still a bit unorganized for me the make another video just yet. 🙂 but thank you so much for your comments jean, its a pleasure.

      • Vanessa says:

        Here is a link to a YouTube video by a student who found great inspiraton in the works of Joe Kincheloe. His theoretical work is a map for future education that provides multiple options, pathways, and destinations. I could say much more as I am an educator who is taking his work forward in multiple ways (both formally and “radically,”) but Kara Flagollet’s enthusiasm in this video is such an inspiration for us all and she does a wonderful job summarizing some of the main components of his theory.

        • Jean says:

          Vanessa, thanks so much for this. The ‘new’ education interests me so much – as a former teacher, I knew well that the old ways don’t work. They prepare us to be cogs in the wheels of a corporation . . . I will also forward this link to Joshua Alicia, a seventeen-year-old whose powerful video I posted on my blog. If you choose to watch it, be sure to watch it through, because there is a powerful ‘kicker’ in it. or so I think: A 17th Perspective #1 (school) – by Joshua Alicia, sent as a ‘Comment’ to me, and posted with his permission. Many, many thanks for this wonderful gift to us all, Joshua! Hugs and blessings to you, ~Jean

  233. Seren Wen says:

    Blessings Beloved Jean ~ thank you for the knowledge and wisdom that you share with us, with deep heartfelt humility and truth. Thank you for being you.
    Walk in Beauty ~ Namaste

  234. Thanks Jean for sharing Charles Eisenstein’s thoughts about THRIVE. I think he got it right. Smart guy, good to know he is around and where to find him now.
    Have you seen my ALL ABOUT MONEY in less than 90 seconds?

    • Jean says:

      Tim, thanks, I’ve finally found time to take a look at this. Good job! and thanks for sharing. It is bizarre, isn’t it! Hugs, ~Jean (with a smile on my face.)

  235. Visionkeeper says:

    Hi Jean…I wanted to leave off an article by Charles Eisenstein about Thrive and also a quick youtube done by him. I have followed him for years. He has an incredibly brilliant mind which is such a contribution to the world. I hope you enjoy them. A new way of looking at things! VK


    • Jean says:

      Well Visionkeeper,I believe I have published this post already! I didn’t know the author, Charles Eisenstein, is someone more special than just this video. I will now take a look at the article you have shared. Thanks, so much for acquainting me with him. Hugs, ~Jean

  236. Shelly says:

    I want to extend a sincere thank you for all your hard work at keeping it real in the worst of unreal times…..this is just a note or pat on the back from your friend in Atlanta.
    I was hoping that disclosure would happen on Thanksgiving Day…everyone would be home and could hear the message surrounded by love. Not at school or work. Just my wish for all of us. I hope you are well and feel comfortable in your new surroundings. I have been told it takes 3 years to feel “at home”. Stay strong and keep up the good work. We all need you right now.
    HUGS to you 2!

    • Jean says:

      Shelly, thank you so much! You all are jut the most terrific people! Every single one of you. Right now, everything I do is new and different, so that’s hard. My blog is a constant for me right now, and that’s important for me – and I’m glad to know it is for you, too. Yes, we are going to need to hold very tight in these next days – and like you I’d hoped we’d know something by Thanksgiving. Then, I realized the rest of the world isn’t thinking about ‘our’ Thanksgiving, and it involves everyone, so . . . we must wait until the timing is just right. Thanks again, and always – hugs! ~Jean

  237. Visionkeeper says:

    Jean…I couldn’t find an email so I am leaving this here for you. This is really quite shocking indeed and i can’t help but think he’s bringing the troops home in time to help him implement this new law…Pray hard…..VK

    • Jean says:

      Visionkeeper, this is an old article from 2010, pulled out again now. It creates fear. While it may well be true, the purpose I see it has (for me) is to walk through any fear it creates in me. I refuse to buy into it. If I believe – and I do – that good is to come, then I can’t be at the same time in fear. I split myself, and I make myself miserable. My life has taught me a lot, and because of my own inner journey, while this may be an actual law, I do not believe it will ever really happen. Remember, we are told it will feel like armageddon, and then the way through will open.

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Thanks so much Jean….I wish people would stop reposting old stories and bringing up fear to people. I am so glad you pointed the date out to me. It is challenging enough to stay on the spiritual path with what is going on today without fear mongers stirring things up. Again thanks Jean….Makes life brighter….VK

  238. hi jean! I thought you might find this interesting, so posted it here for you.


    • Jean says:

      Sue Ann, thanks for this, although I believe I’ve already posted it. What I’m interested in now is trying to find out why it was pulled from YouTube. Hugs, ~Jean

  239. Dear Jean, this is the link: http://viewzone2.com/lbj/indexx.html
    This page shows who was in it and who made a big career afterwards, and guess what, Mr. Scherff was around aswell. All fits perfectly into the bigger picture you are puzzeling up for us!
    Cheers, Tim

  240. verymerrry says:

    How do I send you new information? Is this the way…through a reply/comment?
    Thrive full length 2 hour and 8 minute video is now available on Youtube:

    I can’t believe what Foster Gamble did …he blew the whole thing wide open…it is going viral.

    It is a must see!!!

  241. Dear Jean, did some-one remove your Scherf family post?? I wanted to look it up in order to comment underneath why you haven’t mentioned the story of LBJ yet: http://viewzone2.com/lbj/indexx.html
    Looking forward to hear from you, TIM

    • Jean says:

      Tim, I didn’t put the post up, but I did call attention to the link, which Poof gave us on Sunday. Here it is again: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bush19.htm I’m not sure what you are referring to concerning LBJ. I don’t know that there is any big story there, although I didn’t recently mention his words (in a comment) immediately after the death of JFK. When the plane was ready to take off to return to DC, LBJ could not be found: he was in the bathroom, throwing up, and crying that ‘they’ would now kill him. . . Maybe the story is not quite accurate – it is what I remember reading a long time ago, but that is the gist of it. If there is more, I would be delighted if you can share it – or perhaps some links. Hugs, ~Jean

  242. Ute Posegga-Rudel says:

    Dear Jean, I noticed that you put my message from the Arcturians (Arrival at your Destination, taken from Galactic Channeling’s Website) on your Blog, together with my photo. Would you please remove the photo, I asked also Kees from GC to remove it. He does not have my approval. Thank you so much!
    Many Blessings!
    Ute Posegga-Rudel

  243. Soap Box says:

    Jean – Stumbling upon and then visiting here is like this camel has found an oasis.
    Much in common.
    However, disagree re your sentiments re our Obie, He, like those before him, is clearly another puppet of the masters.
    Would i like to share a beer with him? Absolutely, im sure he is very entertaining and smart guy..
    That, however, does not make him our independent thinking, trust worthy, peace prize recipient leader of the free world.

    Please keep on keeping your finger up; its catching the breezes for sure!
    It is an exiting age to be alive; ‘for the times, they are a changing..’
    Thank you for your service.
    Love, Soap Box

    • Jean says:

      Steve, here’s my contention: I think Obama is held hostage, whether he likes it or not. I’m sure they’ve threatened him with his wife and children. They have no emotional body and could care less. I think we are fortunate to have him in there, rather than McCain. I can just imagine where we might be right now if he was in office. No matter, soon we are going to know the ‘real’ truth! Hugs, ~Jean

  244. Dear Jean,
    I had this already for some years, but it fits the picture and I guess it is another piece of BIG DISCLOSURE: http://viewzone2.com/lbj/indexx.html
    hugs TIM

    • Jean says:

      Tim, thanks for this. I’m going to hang onto it, because I think the ‘real’ truth around the JFK situation is soon going to come front and center. I’ve only had a chance to get a quick look at it, but I thank you sooo much for sharing it with me. Hugs, ~Jean

  245. Sister Jean,
    I first of all wish you best of health and long long life. I am from India and coincidentally visited your blog. I have not read all your articles but i found that you are doing a great job in spreading the awareness about the changing times. We must all feel from the heart that The earth is my mother and i am his son then only we will survive in the future.

  246. Hello Jean, I stumbled upon your site by accident but as you know there are never any accidents in life…. I have been following the “Truth” for a number of years now, and discerning many things for myself about how we perceive this reality in which we live… I have known for some time that the Monetary systems will start to fail, and they have to in order for this world to change .. Drunvalo Melchizedek I have long been a fan of and read many of his books including the Flower of life volumes and Serpent of Light.
    Sometimes it takes a personal upheaval and traumatic experience to bring us to that point in which we shift our own awareness of who we are as we search to find ourselves and discover that the Human race is not what we were taught via its history books.. as we find our connectedness to each other
    It is so refreshing to find another soul that has crawled down the rabbit hole and who has emerged finding answers and it’s so good to know that now there are so many more who crawl down there to retrieve buried information and make sense by fitting all the pieces together,. Im a big believer in finding out yourself and don’t believe all you read as there is also much Disinformation out there. But events are unfolding at an even quicker pace than I thought .. And the collective Consciousness is coming together.
    I got side tracked lol for a while as I followed the Drunvalo link to the videos and watched the series which I hadn’t seen of his before.
    I just want to say Keep up the good work in Spreading the Truth.. We do indeed live in Very exciting times.. and for 2 yrs I have been saying about the financial markets collapse and the Consciousness of unity is growing ever stronger in breaking down those barriers which keep us in fear..
    Blessings to you.. Sue Dreamwalker

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for your comment, Sue. I’m sure Jean will love reading it and reply to you when she gets back from her trip to Sedona on the 23rd. Blessings. Gillian (filling in for Jean).

    • Jean says:

      Hi, Sue, I’ve been reading all the comments while I’ve been away, and I just feel called to acknowledge your words of sharing! I wish i could say more, but I simply do not have the time right now. Thanks, and hugs, ~Jean

  247. Gerry Kloessmann says:

    Fräulein Jean,
    I wish you save travels. (No neede to reply, Jean, though a mental hug would be fine).
    Double Burger hug, no wait, Tripple Burger hug to you.

  248. Sorry, I should have said:

    And in many cases it is just us – the ones that believe to see – imposing on the others what is wrong or right. An excellent taste of that you get when you jump to 01:01:07. Saludos, Tim

  249. Thanks for looking at my film. Now it is 15 minutes longer, blind man # 11 is on board, the American Daniel Kish, teacher of echolocation, and of course he speaks English. The film will be fully subtitled or dubbed. I show here only a low resolution copy in order to move it on the markets. And yes the first feed-backs are very positive. BTW: the music is all done by blind people aswell. And I have learnt that most of the blind people don’t want to see again. That they feel fully normal and functional. And in many cases it is just us – the seeing ones – imposing on the others what is wrong or right. An excellent taste of that you get when you jump to 01:01:07. Saludos, Tim

    • Jean says:

      Tim, I’m travelling until the 23rd, and while I would like to say much more, I can only let you know I’ve read your post, and I appreciate your work and sharing! Hugs, ~Jean

  250. Thanks a lot for your quick and up-lifting answer.
    BTW: I am close to finishing a film (shot in Spanish) with the title: SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT AND YOU’LL SEE — how 11 blind people see the life in the year 11.
    Since this is all work in progress (sound post pro and back-ground music + 1 American blind man still to come) I post it here for possible collaborators and feedbacks. So far only view friends/partners know. In case you understand Spansih, I am sure you get a kick out of what a blind man/woman has to say about our times:

    God bless you,


    • Jean says:

      Tim, I immediately went to your blog and had a look, but sadly I do not speak Spanish! It seems to me if you could use subtitles in English you would reach a great audience. I very much liked the music and the way you handled it – at least in the beginning, because I didn’t view more that the first 6-7 minutes. The thought crossed my mind as I scrolled forward to see all the participants – that these people may well find they can see again! I would hope with new eyes they would not have to view our sick world anymore! Thanks for sharing, and I think your work is important: we all have a role to play in these changes, and it seems you have found yours. Hugs and Blessings, ~Jean

  251. Hi Jean, it love to read your blog and I am thriving on the same wave …
    but this morning I found this and it scares me:

    Can you fill in the gaps? Love, Tim

    • Jean says:

      Tim, I’ve had a look at the site, and it seems to me it is created out of fear. It is a blog that looks at things from a 3D point of view. My own sense of inner knowing says this viewpoint is not going to carry the day. It’s obvious that we are headed for positive change: Occupy Wall Street is a perfect example. Soon it will be Occupy the Planet! The stock markets are obviously teetering on collapse. This means the folks who have been running the show are out of money and tricks. They are finally being forced into a position where they can do no harm. Remember, we have been told it will look and feel like armageddon, and then the way through will open. The groundwork has carefully been put down for that to happen – and I think it will likely happen in 2-3 weeks, so hold on tight, because it is almost over. I hope this helps : ) Peace and hugs, ~Jean

  252. Barb says:

    Jean, the first link is a video of Susan Rennison walking us through space weather and what is happening on the globe and in space, and how it is affecting humans. She also discusses many scientific explanations such as the space dust that is entering our solar system, how it is affecting the sun, how it will affect humans, all of this with a slide show and she has links and quotes from other scientists, and NASA. She also talks about UFO’s , plasma, and how human DNA is changing, the veil is thinning, and dimensions are bleeding through. It is mind boggling even for scientists! Exciting times are not only here, something life changing from space is right in front of us!
    If you decide to turn it off for a little break, next time you click the link it should take you back to the point in the video that it was stopped. This video was made at the beginning of 2011.

  253. Barb says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work Jean, here are a few links for you, the first is a college video from over seas that is about 3 hours long, and that will lift your spirits and give you hope for the future: http://collegerama.tudelft.nl/mediasite/SilverlightPlayer/Default.aspx?peid=c29550a872814c2a9e7ba28ac0c7d1e61d

    Susan Rennison, News of the Imbalance, a VERY informative website: http://www.susanrennison.com/News_oftheimbalance.php#Latest_News1

    This is the website of the author of the book Tuning the Diamonds – Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution, published by Joyfire Publishing. This is an important message and will possibly cause a shift in many people’s view of the nature of reality. You will find details of radio interviews, articles, book reviews and hosts my News of the Imbalance blog. For those who are new to the concept of Space Weather, please visit Slideshow: A New Cosmic Age Dominated By Space Weather — Evolutionary Change and then browse around!

    • Jean says:

      Barb, I want to thank you for these ideas and links. I will have a look at them all – but not tonight. I’m tired and need to rest a bit. The site that really interests me is the one you mention about space weather. Your words have opened my eyes to the fact that these forecasts I put up certainly will become a regular part of our new lives. We are a part of the Cosmos, and what happens in it affects all of us. Tonight is the first time I ever rellay made that connection, so I thank you for this ‘revelation.’ I appreciate the time you took to get this info to me, and when I get back, I’ll very likely post from these links. Blessings – and hugs, ~Jean

  254. aurelio says:

    ciao jean è una gioia conoscerti ti seguo da qualche anno ed è molto interessante quello che hai da dire..grazie tante sorellina l’amore e la luce siano sempre con te e infinite benedizioni..grazie di esserci..p.s la foto è molto bella..

  255. Gerry Kloessmann says:

    Now I know what I felt & feel: it´s the healing work.
    Thanks so much for your precious time. I noted your message. I am honoured to know you.
    Feels good. And a mega-hug to you.

  256. Gerry Kloessmann from Frankfurt, Germany says:

    Hi Jean,
    I am happy to send you love from my home town Germany. Wow, what a Fräulein you are. My highest respect. I got to your site via someone else to do with Benjamin Fulford. I like your ´hugs´ bit and shall adopt it also from now on – with your kind permission of course. I feel so much that you help people, just by being there; I cant explain it better. Amazing, and nice.
    So, my first big hug to you. We are in touch now.

    • Jean says:

      Gerry, I’m delighted to welcome you to my blog! I see youlive in Frankfurt? I went through Frankfurt, but never really visited. My time was more in southern Germany and Austria. I guess you read I spent a wonderful year studying at the Mozarteum in Sazburg, not too long after the war – in ’58. It was a glorious year for me! I still have photos . . . from all those years ago!

      Let me say that I when I did my healing work, I found a very special woman to ‘guide’ me, and she used to say that everybody needs twelve hugs a day – and I never left her office without one! I spent a lifetime without hugs, so I pass them out freely. They are special to me! So, heart hugs back to you! ~Jean

  257. Marie says:

    Hi Jean,

    I truly appreciate all the information that you are compiling here for our benefit – thank you. Having said that, I have to admit I’m a little overwhelmed by all the posts that are appearing in my inbox since subscribing to your blog. I think I’d rather just come to your blog each day and view what’s been posted instead.

    I’m writing because I’m having trouble unsubscribing from your newsletter. Is there any way that you can help me with this?

    Marie, if you will look at the bottom of one of the emails, underneath comment, you should see something that says, Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.. Let me know if that works for you. Hugs, ~Jean

    Thank you so much – I truly appreciate all that you are dong.

    All the best,

    • Jean says:

      Marie, I would never subscribe to my blog either! It would drive me crazy. I’ll try to get back to you on unsubscribing. My sense of my blog is that it is something you want to scroll through and select what catches your interest . . . something like a magazine or newspaper. Hugs, ~Jean

  258. sarah says:

    Thank you Jean for keeping me informed and sane : ) Since I cannot talk to anyone about what is really going on, this waiting is long. The words, “It is time” keep repeating in my head. We are leaving tomorrow to visit family across the country and the timing is interesting to me…

    Thank you again, Sarah

  259. Taein Park says:

    How are you today, Jean? I visited your blog 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth and read lots of your postings about all the issues of global news. I am very impressed by your passion for delivering good information about world issues to reveal truth. Moreover, when I read your about me page, it was indescribable to see your passions about everything in your life.

    I think you might find this Newsy video on the recent French “Friends of Libya” summit interesting: http://www.newsy.com/videos/victory-in-libya-triumph-in-paris/

    This video covered several news stories from different news outlet including euronews, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, BBC, and Liberation. I ask that you consider embedding this video into your post on PressTV: France unblocks 20% of Libya assets. or any other postings that you want! It would complement your story and help make the article more comprehensive.

    You are welcome to use any of our news videos on your news site. Hope you have a great day.

    Taein Park

    • Jean says:

      Taein, thanks for this. I appreciate your efforts and feel I can use your videos. I’ve bookmarked your page, and will follow it regularly. There are a couple videos that appeal to me – the Sarkozy you suggested did not. I’m hoping to find a minute to address you privately via email. . . Again, thanks, ~Jean

  260. Robert Beaver says:

    I’ve only started to read 2012: What’s the real truth. I thought you were a person who didn’t side with dems or repubs. I agree both have made mistakes over the centuries, but I believe deep in my heart that evil has caused this, manipulating all sides, and with man/woman desires to be wealthier than the rest. I don’t know it all, but I just bought/ordered one of your books from amazon cause I thought you were on to something that I had not heard of, and it sounded like something I’d only dreamed of my whole 52 years of. Then I start reading stories from these people that slam Tea Party participants and you call “the persons” that slam normal Americans and it makes me even more confused. I don’t want you to tell me you are neither dem or rep, I just want a web site to read from that gets out of the political arena and talks about ( in many of your stories) how we have something to live for. Just upset because of last e-mail I got from you delivering Frank Someones personnal story and he is your good friend. Robert

    • Jean says:

      Robert, he is not a good friend of mine.Sorry you must have read it wrong. A good friend of mine in DC sent the story to me. If you will explore my site, you will see that I happen to believe that Obama is not what the press make him out to be. I think he is a good man here to bring us into a safe landing, and that he is in an extremely difficult position. My viewpoint is not based on being a dem/rep, but on what I see him to be as a person. If you will read the article carefully, Frank Schaeffer takes both the democrats and republicans to task. . . and by the way, they are not ‘my’ books, but books that I think have value. I suggest things, Robert, and that is all I do. I am not here as someone who is a God, but someone who is seeking the truth just like you are. How could anyone possibly have all the answers in a complicated, messy situation like this one? As far as the Tea Party is concerned, I do have views on them, and what they are about: generally, I think they, like everyone else, are waking up, but unfortunately, they do not have the skills/education/maturity they need to govern, and that is something we are now having to deal with. I wish I had time to say more, but I’ve just gotten up and my dogs need to go out. Please, take the time to look around my site, give yourself a chance to make up your own mind, and please don’t think I have all the answers, because I don’t. Peace, ~Jean

      PS Robert, I’ve just had a minute to read your comment again. Permit me to say that I feel badly that my blog is not what you want, but then how can it be! I’d like to suggest you take from my blog what you can, and simply let the rest go. I’m human, not perfect, and I can’t spend my life trying to be what anybody else might want, because that is something I can drive myself crazy trying to guess. Can you understand this? I hope you will look a bit deeper to see if there is info that you will find helpful, but, really, it’s very much up to you. . .

  261. Nancy says:

    Jean, thank you, I just stumbled onto your website. I have been deeply transforming/ascending in the last year, and at age 55 will be making a geographical move. I have had the same job here with 401 K, and pension…was going to “rollover”, now I am getting the sense that if I want to be able to be secure financially, these are certainly not guarantees. I live simply, and prefer that, I am not talking about LOTS of money here, at the same time, I have “inversted” time and money into these accounts, when I prepare to make my move (cross country)…would it be better to just cash them out, even with penalties, and put the money overseas…and how does one even do that. Any assist or referrals to financial planning for these times would be appreciated….Namaste, Nan

    • Jean says:

      Nancy, I have my money out of the country and more importantly, out of the dollar, with Euro-Pacific Capital Investing. They are one of the few companies that can put your money overseas and out of the dollar. At this point in time, though, I’m not sure it is worth it to go through the changeover. I did it several years ago, which gave me relief from angst, but now if NESARA is correct, it won’t make any difference where your money is. Everyone of us will be okay. . . All I can say about my money being elsewhere is that it enables me to live in the 3rd dimension more peacefully and that makes it easier to prepare for the fourth dimension. I have a 401-K – and it is out of the country. The other choice that I know of is to put it with Mish, my blogger friend, but there was a reason I couldn’t do it that had something to do with my 401-K, but I don’t remember what. My broker at Euro-Pacific thinks I’m crazy, but he doesn’t live where I live – the same head space, that is. I haven’t made lots of money, but I haven’t been living in fear either, and now I no longer even worry about it. I’m in little-old-lady stocks that are safe – and I am also in gold/ silver and precious metals, and that has made the difference for me. You can Google Euro-Pacific Capital. Good luck, whatever you eventually choose to do. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Nancy, I just wrote a long response and lost it! So, I’ll try again, but I feel certain it will be shorter : ) My money has been out of the dollar and out of the country for several years. This enabled me to live worry free, and that meant a lot because I was still going through a lot of ‘stuff’ that caused me anxiety. I only know of one place that can get your money out of the dollar, and that is Euro-Pacific Capital. You can Google their website and watch some of Peter’s videos. I remember him when everyone was laughing at him on the money shows. They’re not laughing anymore. I believe his views are more Republican, but that’s okay with me. I just want my money safe, and I think it is as safe as is possible in these times. If things work out and NESARA is real – and I believe it is – then it won’t matter where you have your money. If things don’t work out, I think it won’t matter either where you have your money, because we’ll all be screwed. Every.single. one.of.us! If it turns bad, but not too bad, then I’ll hope to be a little better off than others. I have Gold, which a bought way-back-when, and it is now making the difference in my portfolio. By the way, my broker thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not bothering him all the time with fearful questions . . . so I guess he puts up with it. He and Peter Schiff clearly are living on the 3rd dimension, and I can’t do anything about that. With my money invested as it is, I feel like I have a foot in each separate world/dimension!
      Good luck, and if you have any other questions, please ask.

  262. Joshua Alicea says:

    Thank you so much Jean! You are such a fasnicating individual and it is a true blessing for all the things you’ve done. This blog and all it’s posts are very stimulating and i joyfully look forward to checking this site every day. Thank you soooooooo much!!!
    Oh! I also had a question! I found these 2 videos on youtube that feature this teenager who knows quite a lot and in very intuitive. I was wondering if you might consider adding these 2 videos onto your blog in support if this young man’s messages. It’s suprisingly common-sensical what this kid says. The links are here:

    The 1st video is titled “Message to the World” and the second being “Education:WHat are we doing?”. I am very eager to spread knowledge and truth to the world about these 2 videos and I am wondering if you can help me since you have quite a lot of influence with your blog posts. lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message, and I am grateful to you always for your blog. NAMASTE

    • Jean says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. As you can see, I have already posted the videos you took the time to suggest. Thanks for them! Do you by chance know this young man? As you may have heard me say, Drunvalo shares that it is the children who will save us all. I can certainly see why when I listen to the clarity in the words of this young man. Peace, ~Jean

  263. Neil Haddon says:

    Thank you for such a refreshing website! What a welcome change to find someone who says,” These are my interests and these are my opinioins,” and leave it at that! No preaching, no apologising. Good ‘on you!
    You post severalspiritual/channelled messages I wonder if you are aware of David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos website? For his latest video, go to
    As always, it is positive, most informative, well-researched, professionally presented. It is nearly two hours, but well worth it – especially since it is free!


    • Jean says:

      Neil, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I am very aware of David Wilcock, and his new posts are on my blog as soon as I can get them there! If you will do a search, you will find them. I hope this site is helpful and that it continues to be so. Come back often . . . Peace, ~Jean PS My ‘About Me’ section is just that . . . and the new paradigm says ‘no more masks’, a fact which delights me. When we remove our masks, we see were all pretty much the same: we’re jut trying to get through life the best we can : )

  264. Walt bruyn says:

    You have given me the validation I was searching for, I know we are meant to be more then just work eat and sleep, there is a much bigger power at work here and I thank God that He/She has the best at heart for all of us, i look so forward to Ascension,
    Stay in the light


  265. Karen T. says:

    The author of the book “The Hypnotic States of Americans” doesn’t need to sell copies.

    We citizens of this once-great nation need both the information he imparts and the technique he presents therein.

    Most of us sense something of mammoth proportions is about to happen in our nation and world. We not only sense, but with such developments as young people forming into “flash mobs,” are also now witnessing our nation and some among us failing to cope with whatever it is that feels “just around the corner.”

    Within the pages of this book exist nothing less than the proverbial life-jacket, boat, paddle and potential destination of safety and success.

    Please take the time to go to http://fhu.com/hypnotic-states-of-americans.html and preview this most profound and timely publication. There are very few times in our lives when something comes along that sounds “too good to be true” but is not.

    This is one of those times.

    God bless you, gal!

    Very sincerely,

    Karen T.

    • Jean says:

      As soon as I get a chance, Karen, I will be delighted to check it out! I believe we can use all the help we can get, so thanks so much for sharing. The idea of the future world is that no one person has the answer, that if we all put our heads together, we will tend to get closer to a ‘good’ solution to our problem. The indigenous people understood this when they used the Circle to make decisions, a circle in which they each spoke from their hearts. By the way, I’m hearing on the television the panic in one person’s voice as he says that we dodged a bullet, but we are playing a game of Russian roulette. WOW! I think I’d better check out your book right now, and so I will! Hugs, ~Jean

  266. Hannah Rose says:

    Hi Jean
    Well aren’t you just the “bees knees!!” I just unsubscribed from 4 other news sites. Don’t need them anymore. This is just wonderful and knowing your background makes it even better! Every time I read your posts I feel like I ate a big homemade chocolate brownie. Yes, you are THAT GOOD!
    Thank you..

    • Jean says:

      Hannah Rose, how wonderful to read these words! If you only knew what I’ve been through today, you would them be able to measure how much they mean to me! Suffice it to say, Mercury is already in retrograde for me! Hopefully, I’m getting through this last paperwork mess that I had nothing to do with creating! Thanks again for your kind words, and I’m so happy you like my site. Please, come back often!

      Blessings, ~Jean

  267. Hi Jean,
    I was pleased to run across your weblog today while searching on the latest news on the Euro crisis. Well… pleased is an understatement. The chief interests in my life (I’m 61) are world affairs and spirituality… as I try to espouse on my own (macyafterlife) weblog, so I feel at home here. 🙂 I think I’ll be visiting you often in the coming weeks. Thanks for this light you’re shedding for humanity.
    Mark M

    • Jean says:

      Welcome aboard! I’m delighted you find my site helpful! I’m too old, myself, to do much advertising, so I just let the Universe bring folks to my blog! I also have a passion for world affairs and spirituality – as do many of the people who view my blog. I’ve studied those subjects avidly for a number of years! Blessings and Peace, ~Jean

      PS I just noticed you also have a blog, so I visited it. What a lovely place to spend some time! Thank you so much for this. I will offer a link to it. Right now, I’m listening to Another Gift. So very nice! May I import it? I would feel honored if you will agree. ~J

      • Jean, I’d be honored. (I hoped you’d resonate with my blog, as I certainly do with yours!)

        • Jean says:

          Thank you so much. I need to spend more time at your site, but right now seems to be a very busy time in the false reality : ) I’ve already put up a link to your site, and I will mention it when I import the song. Again, thanks! ~Jean

          PS I decided just to go ahead and put it up. Please, check my blog : )

  268. Shilpa says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I stumbled upon your blog a few hours ago…. I guess I was guided to do so. As the old adage goes”When the student is ready the teacher arrives”…. Your photograph exudes a lot of love, peace, equanimity and light. I went through your latest update on the shift and felt an instant connection with you. I’ve been practising Energy Work for over six years now and recently experienced my body going through a rebooting phase sometime in March this year. I was unable to do much work as the body kept wanting to rest and during the waking hours I could actually feel some changes taking place within at a cellular/DNA level. This went on for three to four days…. Today when I read your update I felt deeply connected and at peace to know that I was not turning insane or something. This process is not yet understood/welcome by many people on the planet and therefore one tends to feel isolated at times…. It’s wonderful to have rediscovered you….

    Wishing you a lot of love and positive life force to continue enabling people’s journey in your own unique way…..


    • Jean says:

      Shilpa, I’m grateful for your words. My blog’s purpose is to help people find their own truth, and if it helps, then I am delighted. I understand the ‘alone-ness’ that our path can bring. It is not an easy path, but I think in a rather short amount of time, people will begin to think differently and perhaps turn to us for support.. Actually, that feeling is probably the one that caused me to start my blog, and through it I’ve found there are people all over the planet having that same experience. At my age, their are even fewer people who are making this healing journey. Most people are too busy-busy – for various reasons – and can’t/won’t get off the treadmill that is too often their lives to take a look. Shortly, I believe their treadmills are going to come to a complete halt – and then, maybe they will take the time t begin their own inner journey as you seem to have. I wish you the best, and I’m glad to know my blog has helped someone. Peace and blessings, ~Jean

  269. I’ll be visiting often for for regular doses of inspiration! (:

    • Jean says:

      I hope you will find it here! I appreciate your post, I understand what you say and feel, and I hope it will all soon come to an end. We are, I believe, heading into The Golden Age. All our religious and spiritual traditions tell is this is coming. Peace and Blessings, ~Jean

  270. Mary Stavrou says:

    HI Jean:
    A friend of Inelia Benz, Lucia Rene, has come upon approx. 90 ancient energetic templates for ascension…she is downloading them to everyone during a session this Saturday July 9 at 3:00 pm EDT as a way to increase worldwide frequency. I thought you might want to send out an annoucment to everyone. Here`s the link to her site, the background and the announcement of the teleseminar in her website:
    Thanks for all your great work!
    Mary Stavrou

  271. Andrew Gair says:

    No problem

    Shalom – Andrew

  272. Andrew Gair says:

    I don’t think you know the meaning of the word ‘moot’. It means debatable, not ignored.

    • Jean says:

      Andrew, this is the way in which I meant those words. . . it is so obvious that it is ‘of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic.’ Peace, ~Jean

  273. Diana says:

    Hello. I read some of your articles and I found them to be very interesting. I do believe that the heart is the answer no matter the questions. It is the most simple answer ever yet the most difficult to comprehend. The real visions and foresights can only come from the heart, but in order to be able to have them, your heart must have a certain quality, a certain state of purity and health. Whoever chosen the heart to be the key of all knew very well what is doing, especially if you take a look at our present era where the majority of people are so intelectualized, so into their brain and soon.
    Nice seeing you on internet. The best and warmest wishes to you from Europe.

    • Jean says:

      Diana, all I can say is thank you for sharing, and it’s so nice to know there are other people out there thinking/feeling as I am! It’s a bit lonely sometimes, dealing with good people who are so ‘in their heads’ that they can’t even begin to understand . . . I hope you’ll come back to my blog frequently if you find it helpful! Peace, ~Jean

  274. Rawanderer says:

    You are a wonderful soul for all you are doing, many blessings to you!!
    I have subscribed to this informative blog and can’t wait to read all of your posts. In light!

  275. henry says:

    Dear Jean,
    i go to your website everyday. thank you very much.
    i’d like to send you two links below about Nicole Grace, a real master i think :
    i couldn’t reach her. hope that you’re interested to reach her and get message from her, then shere it with us.
    sorry for my poor English.
    Best wishes.
    yours respectfully,

  276. Christy says:

    It was such a delight to meet you and I feel blessed and privileged that we’ve come into each other’s lives. I hope to spend a lot of time getting to know you and more about your spiritual journey. You have been through a tremendous amount and I admire you so much. You are a strong, beautiful woman who glows with strength from your experiences. Thank you for sharing yourself with me.
    Christy (and Turbeaux)

    • Jean says:

      Chirsty, thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at my site! I’ve thought quite a bit about you, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again – hopefully, this afternoon for a bit! Love and hugs, ~Jean

      • Christy says:

        I’ll be there around 1. Swing by and see if I’ve already left if you’re heading over there about that time. I really look forward to talking with you again!
        Loves, Christy

  277. Mary Stavrou says:

    You write with incredible courage, bravery and honesty. I thought you were under 30 by the way you were writing…you seem youthful and vigorous…Congratulations on all your great work…I have followed a very similar path so I find your writing resonating…I would LOVE to spend some time with Drunvalo…I have listened tohis videos over and over…have you explored Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock…he is amazing.

    With much love for you and your great contribution,


    • Jean says:

      Mary, your perceptive words overwhelm me! I have explored David Wilcock and am preparing to publish his next post, due at any moment. I would like so much to hear about your own path! I would write more, but there is so much going on right now . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  278. Luz says:

    Hi Jean
    I am glad to enter your blog. I guess these things happen for a reason. While reading your profile, I have found that as we enter in a solitary moment in our lives, we start to get strength to know more about who we are. We then start to get control of our own conscience and understand that the real truth of our lives has been distorted by a world in confusion, especially by its established greed and power.
    We have unconsciously followed a reality that has been elaborated through the use of lies, and when we encounter that this has been like that for thousands of years; then all we wish for is to take control of our own lives and live them in the ways they were meant to be.
    We have a purpose in this life, and now we have more pieces of this puzzle in our hands as we get together and bring those pieces together. I know it is a hard task but now fear is fading away from our hearts and brave hearts are coming from all parts of the world to recover our past true history and understand the new history in the making.

    I can relate to you in terms of not desiring to know about some subjects in school as I found them really boring, especially history. Now I love history but not the one of wars and things like that. I love history, but that history which tells me about the human species and who they were and what they have become. Arqueology tells me a lot, and all of these things put together; brings to us a grander knowledge of what the human being really is.

    We should be proud to be right here at this moment, even thou it has taken us years to understand our own truth, to jump and start our search for freedom from a period of slavery, mind manipulation and soul incarceration. Even our bodies have been mutilated as our beliefs that we have to depend in unnatural healing methods to cure some illnesses. Now we are also beginning to understand how natural is for the body to heal by the use of our own radiated energies that reside in our own bodies, but lamentably this has been blocked by the avalanche of lower noises (vibrations) around us that come from some technologies in bad use.

    Our search has come as we intimately (from our hearts) ask God to let us know more and see the truth of who we are and our capabilities as humans. When we ask to that unseen force that created us with honesty from the heart; our way starts to open windows and new panoramas of the real reality becomes alive. Then it all starts to pop right in front of our eyes. Consequently we start having the feeling of freedom and control of our minds makes us feel alive and well to experience a new and true reality.
    You are a brave heart, and age does not mean a thing when we are born again in this reality.
    I am 65 now and as my mother used to say, “from now on no more years exist in my life. NO more counting years.” And so, as her truth, she died very old and happy. Her job on earth was great and left a great legacy for us to continue here enshrouded with love till the time comes for another experience.
    Thank you Jean for your blog, may you be well

    • Jean says:

      Luz, your words are right on and written from a place that generates peace in my heart and a sense of communion, even though I don’t know who you are or where you live on this planet. I feel good just knowing that you are ‘out there’. Thanks for taking the time to share so beautifully! I feel like I should copy—and I might just do that—and put it on my blog as a separate post! Hugs, ~Jean

  279. Ms Rina says:

    Ah, a kindred spirit. Thank you for your contribution, Jean. Have been reading all the “stuff” for many, many years and still want to know more. Feel like my job gets in the way of my reading and learning. However, I hit 65 soon and will have lots of time to pursue more info about everything. It will be nice to share thoughts, ’cause a lot of folks around me roll their eyes when I get on different subjects that they are completely clueless about. Feel very alone and not sure if I should stay here on the coast, or move back to Alberta. It’s an exciting time of ‘ wait and see’. Blessings

    • Jean says:

      It looks to me like we have a lot in common! I recently have thought about moving, too. Listen, and you will get the answer about your own move and direction. I found that the energy has to be right before it falls in place. Thankfully, I’m retired, and because I had a long illness, I just started reading—and kept right on. I know what you mean about people being unaware, and it can be tough when you know what is coming at us, very rapidly now. Thanks for sharing, and keep in touch! ~Jean

    • lilac says:

      Ms Rina,
      me too, feeling alone on the west coast of Canada. Still here?

  280. Steve Childs says:

    Thank You for picking up the reins Jean. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. I look forward to tuning in to your musing regularly.


  281. Brigitte says:

    Jean, do you want to say that the photo was taken in December 1985? 1958 is almost impossible. You look like you could be a sister of mine. And you sound so very curious about ‘things’, just as I am. Even most of my friends who share the ascension progress/process with me have sometimes difficulties with me, because I always want to know more and more…. and various more…. I’ve felt at times almost guilty because of my ‘nosyness’. Thank God I had a superb channeling a while ago and it was told to me that my soul was created with an inate curiosity. Hooray, I am after all, normal!
    Thank you for your news on money matters and politics, all of which I was not so greatly interested in until a little time ago and I started to become aware what huge lies we are all been told. And now I am very grateful for people like you, who look for the tit-bits and put it all into perspective for the more lay person.
    And dear Jean, Truth is one of the greatest spiritual attributes!
    Blessed be, B.

    • Jean says:

      Brigitte, I am not young anymore! My personal photograph was taken about three years ago—I did’t have another one I could use. No, I was a student at the Mozarteum during the school year of 1958-59, and at Christmas time I visited a friend studying at AUB in Beirut, Lebanon. Like you, I wasn’t interested in financial/economic matters, politics, and so on, but my life experience brought me to a place where they became important, and I was fortunate to have the time to read and educate myself. It was just great, because I could follow my inclinations and intuitions, and I didn’t have to sit in a boring classroom and here some professor expounding the material that was already in the book—or something like that. I’m sure you get my point.
      Stay with your curiosity, Brigitte! So many people, in the process of their lives, have shut it down. Be who you are, and try not to let people’s discomfort control you. It might, after all, be their problem about which you make them feel uncomfortable. I found that people will do that, and so I try to have friends with whom I can be myself. This, of course, is not always easy . . .