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A MESSSAGE from ~Jean

My blog was apparently hacked. I am not stuck anywhere but here at home. I have never asked for money, and I’m not asking for it now. Thanks to a good friend, I hope I’m catching this problem quickly.  Also, … Continue reading

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A quick update from ~Jean :)

I recently closed this blog, took some time off, and have opened a new blog site called Co-creating Our Future on Plane Earth Every day, I continue to get a couple emails saying that people are still signing up here at 2012. … Continue reading

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My new blog is now open, and I welcome your visit . . . ~Jean

Co-creating our future on planet earth

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Thank you — and a bit of news about my new blog, from ~Jean

I want to express my most sincere thanks  to everyone —about 200 of you — who took the time to express your thanks to me for my efforts on this blog. I’ve made a folder and kept every single one … Continue reading

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It’s time for me to hang out the sign, Gone Fishin’, from ~Jean

For longer than I like to recall, I have been looking for a way to continue my blog, but I have not found one. I kept hoping that come mid-April the situation would change and I could proceed in a … Continue reading

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Five Justices Vow to Protect Felon Senators

Posted by Gordon Duff Veterans Today March 10, 2015 Scalia to McConnell: “We’ve got your back.” Justice Scalia, a Logan Act plotter? The Logan Act is not a joke.  47 Republican members of the US Senate are now officially felons, … Continue reading

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Citizen speaks out about Sandy Hook hoax at Connecticut State Committee Hearing

Posted by Jim Fetzer Veterans Today March 9, 2015 Officials climb further and further out on a limb to preserve the lie from the public by Dr. Eowyn (with Jim Fetzer) The State of Connecticut’s Public Safety and Security Committee … Continue reading

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