1. Tracy says:

    I found these articles tonight (I’m very upset now) please take the time to read/view all videos of related story. Article titled: Are You A Sovereign Citizen? (7-29-14) — [1]; quote *** “The newest globalist trick to quell dissent and subsequently violate the rights of legitimate government protestors is to hide under the guise of being labeled “THE SOVEREIGN CITIZEN.” Under no circumstances should an American identify themselves as a sovereign citizen. To do so, could have very dire consequences.” Second article title: Expose Our ICLEI Inspired Corruption & We Will Steal Your Child! (12-31-12) — [2] ~ I do not know of any updates to this woman’s story but she was used as a “example” and put through hell. This is pure EVIL — exactly the likes that Neil & Team Earth are up against. Peace be with ALL, Tracy
    p.s. I would be interested to hear comments what others think

  2. Tracy says:

    All, I’m just finishing following video very informative, explains how we enslave ourselves. ** Very good video – titled: ILLUSION OF POWER: Voluntary Servitude Exposed (Part 1) 50:40min ~
    [1] >> One of the interviews is by:
    Charlotte Iserbyt, The Miseducation of America; she is smart & loaded with information: — see her links in “newtomorrow website”: [2] – great information; there is also a section on common law: [3] — with other links (I’ve yet to review). Here is a link to a book discussed in video @ 41:22 >> teaches one how to achieve liberty within the system; Title: “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude ” ~ [4] (80 pages). Hugs to All 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    I just found this and I’m smiling – “This journalist made all of these cops look ridiculous by schooling them on his rights” ~; and —

    😉 Tracy

  4. Tracy says:

    Found this today good information from an insider: —> Top White House Insider Turned Whistleblower: Fred Burks, who suggests the “various grass roots groups work together, put aside the difference of ideology”
    (see links to other helpful websites)
    Peace, Tracy

  5. Ann Dimitrelias says:

    Here is a new interview that just came out. Michael Henry Dunn doesn’t get to talking about International Courts until around the 1:14 mark. But he is an interesting talker and goes into his relationship with Neil Keenen . Around the 1:30 mark he says the same thing you do, Jean, about the importance of everyone understanding and coming together through a fair court system.

  6. Wysiwyg says: This is part 3 out of a series of 15 (? I haven’t managed to watch them all myself yet so am unsure. They are in chunks of 11 or 12 minutes each.) by Veronica of the family Chapman author of ‘Freedom is a seven letter word’. The series is called ‘The Great Deceptions’. Around 0.30 Veronica starts on Common Law, statutes etc.


  7. Ilex says:

    Hi Jeean
    I just ran across this, no accident I’m sure, however, I am not centered today at all. What I am about to write may be just due to the fact that I am not centered and everything seems off today? I listened to the first 10 minutes of this video and was very happy, then the next five we unhappy and it just goes up and down for me. In the beginning they speak of International Common Law Grand Juries then it comes back to CLGJ in the US, then it goes to the red haired woman’s friends of OPPT (say what?) and Saacha (he looks ill). I am not familiar with most people in this video and from the five minutes that I heard the red haired woman talk about Tom somebody, it appears he’s playing the current court system rules. Only got through 20 minutes of the video then stopped it, maybe it will get better the further into the video?

    • Jean says:

      Ilex, learn to trust yourself 🙂 . . . let it go! Mention OPPT, and I can tell you it likely isn’t worth your time . . . 🙂 🙂 🙂 We don’t need anything that is questionable . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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