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32. From ~Jean: Common Law — What I have learned from reading, listening, and talking with some amazing people — to whom I am grateful 🙂

I share some thoughts below on the concept of a common law community, the great difference between the common law jury and the Grand Jury, which John Darash seems to feel are almost one-and-the-same, and draw a conclusion as to … Continue reading 

31. From ~Jean: Three Comments I made today concerning Drake’s interview with John Darash.

Click here to listen to the interview, which starts at the beginning of the second hour. Advance the cursor easily to the second hour mark. 1. I am listening now to John’s interview with Drake . . . and he talked … Continue reading 

30. ~Jean suggests that understanding Common Law may be the single issue where all people on the planet may easily UNITE . . . ~J

A reader has shared in a comment the many diverse places from which because of business interests he gets news. He says in part . . . For sure when reading the combined reporting [that he gets from all over the … Continue reading 


29.  ~Jean suggests that understanding Common Law may be the single issue where all people on the planet may easily UNITE . . . ~J

A reader has shared in a comment the many diverse places from which because of business interests he gets news. He says in part . . . For sure when reading the combined reporting [that he gets from all over the … Continue reading 

28. Important Statement from ~Jean . . . July 9, 2014

The fact that the news right now is simply terrible should come as no surprise. I’ve decided I will post links so everyone can see for themselves. If there is a news development that looks like it might be heading … Continue reading 

27. From ~Jean: John Darash has also left a Comment for Eric to which I’d like to call your attention. . . ~J

If we are to understand the deeper issues of what really is going on here — and to me this could not be more important because I feel the future of our country could be at stake — then what … Continue reading 

26. ~Jean Responds: John Darash has left two lengthy comments for me to which I am now responding, July 8, 2014

John’s two Comments can be found here.  I urge you to read them carefully: Eric Williams addresses one of the Missouri Grand Jury members who was sent to prison in 1999 for activities similar to those of the New York Grand Jury … Continue reading 

25. Eric Williams Responds to 14-2-25 Memo from the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury

Eric references the .pdf document that Debra shares: 14-2-25 Memo to oath takers Eric Responds to Debra, In reading the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury item you provided the link to, I see at the bottom of the “Disclaimer” … Continue reading 

24. Eric Williams responds to the posting of David Robinson’s article, July 5, 2014

I am responding to all the possibly correct negative comments in regard to the David Robinson comment posted here on Jean’s Blog.  When we received it we reviewed and considered only one thing, whether the content was true or not, should … Continue reading 


After I released this Comment in response to Schauminator from my iPad (I was still in bed), I decided to get up, revise it a bit, and place it here at the very top of this post, as well: I sat … Continue reading 

22. Eric Williams addresses one of the Missouri Grand Jury members who was sent to prison in 1999 for activities similar to those of the New York Grand Jury

Eric Williams shares that one of the Missouri Grand Jury members who was sent to prison in 1999 for activities similar to those of the New York Grand Jury has been in direct contact with him and he informs us . … Continue reading 

21. Eric Williams says, “Our freedom is ON THE (PHONE) LINE TONIGHT” . . . MUST READ!!!!!

What Eric is asking for is so very simple, and it seems John will hardly listen to him. Why? If this movement is derailed now, we will only have ourselves to thank — and I think a very painful lesson … Continue reading 

20. Eric Williams makes a statement in which he disagrees with what appears to be the basis of the NGJM’s position on the power of the Grand Jury

Does U.S. vs. Williams actually provide as presumed? It seems the National Grand Jury Movement is basing its position and application of the power of the Grand Jury, created in the Fifth Amendment, on what the SCOTUS wrote in U.S. vs. … Continue reading 

19. Eric Williams General Response as to What Constitutes ‘Legal Fiction, June 26, 2014

Eric William’s general response to comments as to what constitutes “legal fiction”: A continuing recurring problem is the co-mingling of long established erroneous Paytriot nonsense and wishful thinking with reality. Then there is the confusion of what is “fictional” with … Continue reading 

18. Eric Williams addresses the characterization of birth certificates as being legal fictions

Alfred notes that  –  Your statement/s have been published at: Hi Alfred [Lambremont Webre], Something has been bothering me about your characterization of birth certificates as being legal fictions.  I had never considered such to be the case.  Birth … Continue reading 

17. Eric Williams responds to a Reader, June 23, 2014

In the beginning of this new Comment/Response by Eric Williams, I’ve highlighted some material that I hope will get your interest and encourage you to read further. . . Eric’s statement could not be more clear and concise. I urge everyone … Continue reading 

16. Eric Williams responds to questions posed on other sites . . . much is about the use of gold, usury, interest, and the possibility of easily shifting to a new, simple financial system . . A MUST READ for anyone desiring to understand Common Law. . . ~J

The problem here in the United States is in educating those involved in the “Common Law” Grand Jury movement to understand that the Fifth Amendment, the authority establishing the Grand Jury, does not imply or establish that the Grand Jury … Continue reading 

15. Eric Williams: There is no Constitutional provision for a Common Law Grand Jury. . . and what this ‘really means . . ~J

The problem here in the United States is in educating those involved in the “Common Law” Grand Jury movement to understand that the Fifth Amendment, the authority establishing the Grand Jury, does not imply or establish that the Grand Jury … Continue reading 

14. Eric Williams: A list I have of Court Rulings in regard to the requirement that once jurisdiction is challenged it must be proved on the record by the court or charging party

Hi Jean, I have had several requests for the list I have of Court Rulings in regard to the requirement that once jurisdiction is challenged it must be proved on the record by the court or charging party. Please post … Continue reading 

13. Eric Williams: Sovereignty, Personal Freedom, and the Grand Jury . . . an amazing interview!!! Do not miss it. It will become a classic! ~J

Published June 17, 2014 Transcript A transcript of Eric Williams remarks is as follows: First, why does everyone insist on making the assertion of political Sovereignty so complicated when it is actually so very simple? READ TRANSCRIPT OF ERIC WILLIAMS … Continue reading 

12. Eric Williams asks the question, “What is a republic” . . . and answers it with much thought-provoking information . . . plus a brief note from ~Jean

Let me say briefly that too many of us have been indoctrinated by the cabal to believe we can’t really understand this, that we should leave these sorts of problems up to them. Over a decade ago, when I began … Continue reading 

11. Eric Williams responds to John Seattle, June 12, 2014

Hi, John Seattle, You know John Seattle, when you accuse Jean of promoting misinformation in regard to my participation in a conference call, you would be well advised to be a bit more specific in what call you are referencing, … Continue reading 

10. Information and links about the Common Law Grand Jury of New York.

 I believe this is the info someone asked me to post, and I hope you all will find it helpful . ~J There is excellent information freely available on their website and in the 8 filings linked herein: 1. UPDATED … Continue reading 

9. Eric Williams Responds to Sherayx, June 12, 2014

As I put this up, it is very early here, and I am barely awake. Eric apparently had almost no sleep last night, after getting his computer up-and-running again and trying to find the threads/comments to the articles on my blog, which are … Continue reading 

8. UPDATE: Eric Williams sends us an email 🙂 . . . there is a phone call tonight, during which a vote will be taken. . . please call in 🙂 ~J

UPDATE: I want to make sure everyone with interest knows there will be a phone call tonight at 9 pm Eastern time, during which a vote will be taken. Please call in and at least listen . . . thanks … Continue reading 

7. Eric Williams sends us an email 🙂 . . . there is a phone call tonight, during which a vote will be taken. . . please call in 🙂 ~J

Eric’s honest efforts to sort things out carefully can be seen in his email sent to me this morning. He goes on at some length concerning confusion over why the federal judge rejected the case – for which the CLGJ wants … Continue reading 

6. Eric Williams responds to a Reader’s comment: There is always “the rest of the story”.

At this point in time, I think the best thing we all can do is drop the personal he said/she said stuff, and deal with the issue, which to me is: Does Eric Williams make a valid point? If so, … Continue reading 

5. Bamboo-Water adds to ~Jean’s general response to Eric Williams post . . .

Bamboo-Water is referencing my article, ~Jean’s general response as a suggestion to everyone regarding Eric Williams post, Some New York Common Law Grand Jury Facts that are being hidden His words are always so carefully chosen and special. Thanks Bamboo-Water and hugs, ~Jean … Continue reading 

4. ~Jean’s general response as a suggestion to everyone regarding Eric Williams’ post, Some New York Common Law Grand Jury Facts that are being hidden

I’d like to preface this short article by saying that what I suggest here is not meant only for the topic which Eric Williams is addressing, because I think it contains ideas that will be important for us all to consider as we … Continue reading 

3. Alfred Webre: Letter to a friend about the ITCCS and International Common Law Court of Justice (

Letter to a friend about the ITCCS and International Common Law Court of Justice ( by Alfred Lambremont Webre June 7, 2014 Hi! Thank you.  Please understand that I have no formal position with either the International Tribunal into Crimes … Continue reading 

2. Some New York Common Law Grand Jury Facts that are being hidden, by Eric Williams, a Reader here . . . I see Eric’s words as being of the greatest importance. . . ~J

After reading Eric’s comment early this morning, I emailed him with a couple questions. Since I haven’t heard from him, I’m now going to put it out for you all to read. Let me say I think what Eric says is logical, … Continue reading 

1. A reader, Eric, expresses his opinion about the use of gold as a part of our future monetary system. My question to you all is, what do you think about his statement? ~J

I have several thoughts about this, but rather than share them, I’d like to hear what others are thinking. . . ~J Hi Jean, Every society that has had its monetary system under the control of one authority, usually the … Continue reading 

25 Responses to Common Law Issues/Comments/Links

  1. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    The friends mentioned, and the 2 families that they also know, never got their $75,000 back.

  2. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    Rima Laibow is a super con artist, I would not trust her at all. I believe her to be Illuminati, sharing truths with lies. She lived in Volcan, Panama, where I live.
    I met her and her husband, Bert Stubblebine. She sold leases to land she never bought at $75,000 per person, selling it in the US via a non-profit org, the folks came here and found nothing for their $. On the website it promised the return of their $ anytime they wished, at Panama bank rates. I have a friend with a family of 4 who paid that; he has met2 others like them who lost $75,000 each. There may be others, most likely, who also paid her.
    IF 20 people paid that, it is $1.5 million.
    I was suspect of her previously. She outed the Codex Alimentarus info, then goes, via donations, to “fight and shake her fist” at the meetings for codex Alim. Spiritually, metaphysically, fighting something gives it more power. The Illuminati know this, but most of the population does not.
    When court cases filed here may have gotten close to grabbing Rima and her assets, she moved to Chili with her husband. Hard to sue a person who has committed fraud in two other countries. What remains here is a property she paid I believe $180,000 for, with liens on it from my friend’s lawyer and others.
    In person, I was warned to keep away by others who’d been burned. Rima was actively soliciting the retirement savings of a mentally disturbed woman who had a very low income.
    That person “believed” in her, so may have succumbed.
    I did some work for her at a distance, and one day brought a local expert to speak with her as I translated his Spanish into English for her. The interview lasted several hours. She managed to get him to give her an egg incubator free.
    Soon after, I wrote up my notes and gave her and the man a copy.
    Then I got a call from her assistant to hurry over, Rima had only 20 minutes and needed to see me. I got a taxi and went over, to have her ask me if she could “be brutally honest!”
    She complained that in my time translating, the 2-3 questions I asked (that pertained to what the man said, and related to the volunteer project I was doing for her) distracted her terribly and that I should not have asked anything.
    I am not a professional translator, I did this as a favor as I am fluent in Spanish.
    After her negativity and lack of gratitude, I kept away from her and did no further volunteering.
    Panama has a strange law that Rima used to her advantage. If someone accuses anyone of anything, whether they did it or not, they can get sued for slander!!!
    Rima loudly accused a friend of mine (in my presence, at a local restaurant) of slandering her, and that she would sue her. This was a retirement age friend, who with her husband, came to “volunteer” with Rima.
    They were treated like slaves as they did farm work for a couple of months on her land.
    Many people were drawn here because of her non-existant “Valley of the Moon” eco community. The locals, although she had some support from the naive, called it the Valley of the Loons, and don’t believe a word Rima says. I am among that crowd!!!
    That is what I know of this woman.
    When Rima claims ebola is airborne, it may be Illuminati fear porn.
    And, of course, only her colloidial silver will work. And her monetary loss, I do not know, maybe karma prevailing, as she has stolen from so many. Or maybe fake, to get more sympathy donations. I would put nothing past that schemer.
    Blessings and love to you, Jean May the truth prevail! Jeannie Alvin

  3. Jean says:

    You can leave anything at all here you like, and it will be totally private . . . please do it this way 😉 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  4. judynz says:

    Hi Jean,
    The following audio is one of the most exciting & productive talksI have heard on the subject of law, to benefit the public. I fast forwarded past the at the beginning so I missed who the chap speaking is. It is so long I had to force myself to go to bed, though I really didn’t want to let it go. You will see why I cant tell you how long it runs for…..This is a new system for me I didn’t seem to have any control over it I.E. to pause it or go back to listen again to something I thought important. I am pretty sure the chap is a 75yr old semi retired lawyer.
    What I am stating in no way undercuts the essential message of Eric.
    Before I tackle it again I need to have more time & to take notes. If anyone can advise on ways we can hear it via another method I would be grateful.
    See what you think.

  5. this is just awesome….re-establishing the law that was here in the 18th Century

  6. hannacora says:

    Jean, a further note on TeamLaw
    What follows is an excerpt of their WARN Newsletter. Although published in 2008 it is just as relevant today. It is a 32 page pdf downloadable document and the link is

    ***Along the way we discovered the “Quo Warranto” action is a remedy against corrupt judges. “Quo Warranto” means: By what authority. It works like this, Quo Warranto asks three basic questions: First, was anything done unlawfully to get the person into office? Second, has the person done anything while in office which they are forbidden from doing? Third, has the person failed to do some – thing the office mandates must be done?

    If the answer to any of the three questions is “yes” then Quo Warranto applies and it only has one remedy — expulsion from office. Judges ruling on “Quo Warranto” cases have no judicial latitude in pronouncing the ruling; if Quo Warranto applies the officer in question is removed from office and that is that. The beauty is the Quo Warranto action works on anyone in any office, whether the office be governmental or corporate.

  7. hannacora says:

    Allô Jean,

    This is the latest from Andrew and Veronica. I am posting it here as it also relates to Common Law-Natural Law. Andrew, Veronica and Sacha (NewEarthNation) are teaming up to promote (among other things) Natural Law.

    In previous video Andrew talked about joining with teams like Kevin Annett in order to share resources and manpower and therefore become more powerful to enforce verdicts. Andrew has done a number of these videos with NewEarthNation, some found here @
    Endless Blessings!!

    ***SUPER SHOW of yesterday (Friday) with Sacha, Andrew and Veronica Keen***
    Sacha Stone from South Africa
    Veronica from England
    Andrew from Washington
    TAGS — Sovereignity, Natural Law, After Life, Ireland, Jerusalem, Galactic History, Physics and much more.

    —THE NEW EARTH PROJECT is the plan for the New Earth Nation, an idea by former rock artist, Sacha Stone. The New Earth Nation will see humanity living in harmony with nature in sustainable and enlightening communities all over the world.

  8. judynz says:

    The information on this site is important to people in most countries.
    Steps to secure a Land Patent:
    We present the following in the hope that you will educate yourself with the truth and prepare yourself to stand, as our forefathers and the founding fathers of this nation did, with your Land, Liberty and Rights intact.

    Call to Action! Do you own Land? Sovereignty

    101 American History

    Historical Outline

    Family Ties

    Protect your Family

    Patriot Mythology Corp. U.S. Mythology

    The Seduction

  9. lozzafun says:

    Thought Eric Williams video with Alfred should be here too, maybe???

  10. hannacora says:

    The following was recommended by Max Igan re: NAME FICTION

    1. NAME: The master key to the entire system’s/CROWN CORPORATION’S game. The NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct. Without a LEGAL NAME, which………SEE MORE
    **video 7 min
    **written article
    **PLUS pdf printable foldout Brochure

    By Kate of Gaia – Kate’s work is meticulous and impeccably presented.
    As an aside Max also promotes “Spiritual Economics” by Mary Elizabeth Croft on his site.
    Every little bit Helps!!

    Endless Blessings!

  11. lozzafun says:

    Sovereignty as a Matter of Law

    Carl Miller is an expert on the constitution and the bill of rights. He has studied law for 25 years and has a courtroom win-loss rate of over 90%. He is not an attorney; Carl prefers to represent himself in pria persona, and he delights in tying legal prosecutors in knots, often winning the praise and respect of the judges at the same time.

  12. Pete says:

    A video about maritime law, courts, and how they work, and the meaning and importance of words.

  13. Gary Martin says:

    Dear Jean,

    Some more info Re: Common Law, you may have seen these links, if you haven’t

    they are all definitely worth a look. I feel we can’t just look at Common Law with

    out looking at how it’s connected to the “Imposed Matrix”.

    Starting, as you know, with our Birth Certificate…..Money Creation… Credit

    …Tax System….Admiralty Maritime Law……Governments are corporations….?

    How deep is the “rabbit hole”? ….

    You are to be commended for your endeavours to finding a way out.

    This mess/deception started, apparently, in Babylon or earlier if the truth be known.

    So it won’t be an easy fix. We will just have to keep shining the light on it.

    First Link…………Thomas Anderson talking about ‘The Strawman Illusion”

    an understanding of this leading to the Freeman, Sovereign Movement.

    This guy has done his homework. HE WROTE THE BIBLE ON IT IN AUSTRALIA.

    Though Thomas is talking about Australia and our UK connections, which we all share,

    he does mention the USA. …..10 years research and a lots of his own $.

    Common Law comes into this discussion. He has an interesting insight into it,

    apparently it works at a certain level of our Legal system but not as the

    Courts get higher….[ This reference may be in the 4th Link below.]

    also hear his comments about how force can be used against us.

    ▶ “The Strawman Illusion” – THOMAS ANDERSON – YouTube

    For those new to this:

    We have spent so much time in the illusion that understanding this info

    just about does your head in as we don’t have any experience of it.

    And I must admit that if I had to go to Court I doubt that my memory would rise to the occasion.

    Claiming back your Strawman means you need to unraveling yourself from an artificial person

    that has been created without your permission, doing this means you’ll need to take total

    responsibility for all your actions and needs, no Govt hand outs.


    Second Link….An animated intro to the Strawman…..somewhat slimplfied to begin with

    then ….Gordon Maxwell has his say.

    Birth Certifactes Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932 – YouTube


    Third Link…..Babylon Has Fallen By Kate Of Gaia

    Babylon Is Fallen By Kate Of Gaia (Spoken Version) – YouTube


    Forth Link…..ANOTHER MUST HEAR…….

    Adam Lloyd-Davis interviews Thomas Anderson…further explores facets of Strawman ……….

    Thomas Anderson – The Strawman Illusion 06/22 by thepositivepath | Education Podcasts

    This was recorded mid 2012…… times the sound is a bit off but hang in there.

    He raises an interesting question …What to do about all the “Strawman Stuff”.

    This site mentioned in the above link…

    A slight digression, just some background on…….
    Adam Lloyd-Davis who interviewed Thomas Anderson,
    Someone so young….sooo much wisdom. Amazing.
    Yes Jean, take heart, there in hope for mankind, young people showing the way.



    Thomas Anderson said that the “rabbit hole” is endless…. an interesting reflection.

    He would appear to be right, so when you combine The Strawman info with Chemtrail Spraying,

    Fluoride, Pollution, Vaccinations, War, Famine, Religion, Church, State, UFO’s and a myriad

    of other things the list is endless. No doubt all of these things working to suppress us.

    So I have found myself reacting to all this stuff and… I have been caught in a trap.

    That of using that part of me that I’m actually endeavouring to rise above.

    The very thing in us which contributes to the mess…..that’s thinking and our ego,

    which has to do something to prove it’s existence. Thinking is OK when we use it,

    but not when it uses us. I’ve been looking outside at the problem in stead of within.

    I found myself thinking about it, trying to work it all out, who is doing what,

    who to trust, is this really true. Trying to convince people of what I have found.

    Worrying about what can I do about it. When is change going to happen.

    Agitation and frustration creeps in without me seeing it.

    Then we could spend so much time fighting the SYSTEM, maybe getting angry.

    Then working at extricating ourselves from it, the Freeman path.

    Just in typing this note I’ve realised I need a new way for me to respond to all the goings on.

    I’m yet to see what this maybe but I needed to remind myself what

    “The Shift in Consciousness” is all about….finding stillness in the midst of the mayhem.

    Rising above the ego….Trusting what’s inside, spending more connection time.

    Jean, I’ll be looking at your meditation page.

    We have been told about our potential and where to find it.

    That only NOW is real, that looking for some future salvation may be an illusion.

    As I see it, the more we are able to raise our levels of Consciousness,

    the sooner changes we want to see will come.

    This doesn’t mean sitting around contemplating our navel waiting for change,

    it may mean being very active in exposing the issues facing us.

    BUT it does mean coming at this WHOLE question from a different level.

    Remaining centered in our truth…… then we can truly be effective.

    Jean feel free to edit what I have presented here, there is a lot.

    As to Thomas Anderson his web site either has been taken over or it was cancelled.

    His first book should be here for a free down load……

    At one time he did put all his books up for a free down load, I can no longer find them.

    Also trouble finding more on Adam Lloyd-Davis who interviewed Thomas Anderson.

    His previous site no longer there. Let me know if I can do more about these for you.

    So I’ll post all this for now.

    Love and Hugs………. Gary xxxxxOOOOOOOO

    • Jean says:

      Wow! Gary your desire to ‘know’ and your humility are incredible! Let me offer a brief and heartfelt response . . .

      I believe that enlightenment now at this time on planet earth does not mean meditation alone. It means doing whatever it takes to keep ourselves centered as we are in the world and trying to actively bring about positive change. I believe we are still living in 3D, and I think it is up to us to get ourselves out of it. This doesn’t mean sitting back while the cabal continues to kill us. Right now, IMO, one of the best things we can do is to educate ourselves about the false legal system in which we have been deceitfully imprisoned.

      I am not just raising hell here for the heck of it. I am doing so because the more I research – and that is why I’m not available to you all right now – I’m finding that John Darash is on the wrong path. I cannot imagine why he will not consider what we are saying . . . Those in authority simply do not agree that people do not have to establish ‘standing’, and some mention John’s name and activites and isn’t very complimentary.

      I point you to this audio: See minutes: on John Darash 12:00 -; on NLA 31:00 and 59:30+ (this statement makes me wonder if the CLJ can serve the purposes many of us are hoping for: the arrest of the criminals – and WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS, as well), as well as STANDING at 74:00: The entire audio is worth your attention.

      This group is trying to bring down a legal system from within that system – the exact same thing as I see it that OPPT talks about, a system that at the moment has ultimate power. If they refuse to step outside this system, I believe there will be serious punishments for them all, and I’m willing to step to the line for what I believe. Let them prove me wrong.

      Why is this of such great concern to me? Why don’t I just shut up and let it happen?

      I can’t do that, because I believe John Darash is leading the entire CLJ movement into chaos, just when it will be desperately needed. I see that it is quite possible he is being used, but I can’t be sure about that . . . I do say this because no matter who says what, he goes right on by them and expresses ideas that are clearly refutable. As he and Drake spoke, I sat here reading an account of the court case in Missouri as described by someone who spent time in jail because of it, and no way, IMO, did John Darash ever, ever adequately research that case before passing judgment on it. He apparently read the court records, but those court records could not have shown the gross illegal conduct in which the courts seem to have engaged. For the first time, as a result of Eric’s work, this man has begun to understand why he went to jail. Not nice!

      Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we can’t him to listen to us. Maybe everything will turn out just fine, but that is not the sort of person I am. I can’t live on ‘maybes’! I want straight-up answers, no matter how tough they are. Let John Darash prove me wrong! I”m willing to be wrong. I have no problem with that.

      Yesterday, I spoke with Debra at great length, and she is willing to teach us . . . more about that later as I get the conference call formalized. She also agrees with my thinking. Besides this there is someone else in the wings who also will be happy to lecture, and he also agrees with my thinking.

      Prove me wrong, John Darash! Prove me wrong! Don’t lead this movement into a dead end for want of doing your homework, for want of telling me I haven’t got a clue. So far, all your words have been meaningless!


      PS After writing this, I think I’m going to post it . . .

  14. Jean says:

    I’ve got it David . . . thank you . . . ~J

  15. inlakesh says:

    great info and its amazing how syncronicity works. I stumbled upon
    this and thought i would share in hopes the eric may comment.

    super hugs.

  16. ev says:

    Thank you for finding a place on your website so this information can continue to grow and evolve.
    hugs to you’all.

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