My Beliefs: Financial, Political, and about ETs and UFOs

My Financial Beliefs

My take on what is happening financially to us is very different from most other people. I believe the financial markets are heading towards collapse, and, more importantly, I believe that waiting in the wings is an entirely new planetary financial system, based on gold and precious metals. It will not be brought forward, however, until the old is safely collapsed. The Illuminati, a criminal cabal believed to be trying to control our planet) is behind our present financial system, and as long as they still have access to large sums of money, they still have control over such negative things as weather warfare. To be safe, then, things like Disclosure and NESERA – and a new banking system must wait safely in the wings until Illuminati (a name for the criminal cabal that is attempting to control our planet and enslave us) downfall is a done deed.

My interest in the markets then is all about following this collapse to see how it is playing out, because I am so very excited about all the good that is waiting for every single one of us.

Can I prove this? No, I cannot, but this is what my research tells me. We are being told that as human beings we have reached a point when we can no longer look elsewhere outside ourselves to get the truth. One way to come to the truth is through the knowledge and wisdom of our hearts. People like Drunvalo Melchizedek are telling us that the brain in our heart – and they have now found actual brain cells in our hearts – is far more important than the brain that resides in our heads, far more important that is than our intellects. It is on this basis that I ‘know’ what I have just said to be true. You, however, will need to find your own truth about my words.

 A Statement of my Political Views

My parents were Republicans, and so quite naturally in the beginning I followed their lead. Then, I went away to school to the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin is a liberal school, and so while I was there it was natural that I would examine my political views. As I did, I changed them to what I considered to be a more caring view of humanity and became a Democrat

Seven years ago, when I began to read deeply about the various aspects of our country and world, I began to see that both the Republican and the Democratic parties are flawed and could not be a part of a future that includes Unity Consciousness, so gradually I withdrew my support from any and all political parties.

What I have come to understand is that for many years seeds of fear—mostly of our differences—have been planted in us and passed down from generation to generation: fear of color, nationality, race, sexual bias, educational levels, financial status, etc. I have come to believe these fears have no basis in reality, but are, even so, deeply embedded in our psyches, since we unconsciously  learned them as young children from our parents. I believe, however, they will soon simply fall away, because as the depth of corruption—corruption that has always been present on our entire planet is exposed, we will come together as one people—as we realize the truth of how we have been manipulated. 

Our lawmakers are mostly all bought by corporations, or their equivalent, and a huge percentage of them have broken their oaths of office and seem to be more in the employ of corporations than us the people who elected them. Instead of doing the people’s business, they respond to the demands of outside interests, and corruption and greed now appear to be the largest common denominator. 

Many of us are beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter whether or not we are Republicans or Democrats, what the color of our skin is, or what our religion, or our financial situation, because we can see we are all victims of the greed and arrogance of the powerful.

At last, we are beginning to see that there is a very small group of elites at the top of the power structure, who have been moving the wealth—our personal wealth—into their coffers in a deceitful and dishonest way. There is plenty of money on this planet for everyone, it is just being held in a very few hands. We are now even being asked to pay for their mistakes, while they continue to live as the very rich, paying nothing for their errors.

As I came to this realization and with it the knowledge of NESARA, which will make us all financially equal – providing much needed economic justice, I realized that when we have the opportunity to reform our governments and vote honestly for our elected officers, we will no longer even need to consider voting for parties to do our will. We will simply vote for the best person, the person who will honestly represent all of us and be willing to hear us and to carry out our wishes.

The attitude of exclusion that is part of joining a political party will soon change, as it must, if we are to live in Unity Consciousness. 

My Beliefs about UFOs and ETs

The ETs were the wonderful beings that I found at the very bottom of the rabbit hole I spoke of in ‘About Me‘, and it is they, I believe, who are making a difference in the planet’s and our ability to ascend. When I began to learn these facts, I had absolutely no place to hang this new It completely blew me away!

I do believe that the ETs are here to help us. I do believe that as much as they are able they are mitigating many of the negative things that are now happening on earth, many of which are completely or partly manmade. There have been dark or negative ETs here in the past, but they are now gone from the planet, and no more will be able to come here. The reason for this is simple: we now have an electronic grid around the earth that is of a higher vibration than dark ETs can survive. It and the positive ETs are protecting us and keeping us safe as the earth approaches Ascension.

At this point, I will state that I also believe there is an inner earth that is populated with ITs (Inner Terrestrials), and these beings will also help us after Disclosure is made. Drunvalo speaks of his visit with them in his recent video interview.

110 Responses to My Beliefs: Financial, Political, and about ETs and UFOs

  1. Susan says:

    I was driving home on July 20, 2010 and I felt a presence and looked up toward the sky. There it was hovering just 35 feet over the highway. There were five long, vertical lights salmon amber in color. The ship hovered at a slight angle as though it might be circling or perhaps seeking a place to land or crashing. I heard a loud, screeching noise behind it – like the sound of a jumbo jet about to land.

    The thought crossed my mind that military jets might be chasing it. Since that night, my life changed forever. I will be uploading a couple more parts to the story soon.

  2. Sunny says:

    Another Logical article…just sharing 😉

    Are there “Aliens” from Outer Space?

  3. HI Jean,
    I didn’t know how to get this to you so I’m putting it as a comment. Here is a link to a recent ET communication. We know that the truth of ETs has been covered up, and ridiculed by those with a vested interest in the status quo. The only way for disclosure to happen is for us to create it. This is very clear instruction from an off world entity on exactly how to do that. I hope you will consider posting it for your readers.
    Thank you

  4. cosmix says:

    About ETs. There are people who are very sensitive about different energies and working with clients to correct inbalances and removing implants. They say that in recent years and still today there are a lot of ETs who are not so loving that are visiting us and putting implants in people. They are “tagging” us in the same way as we put electronic chip on cows. The love and light messages from GFL and The Company of Heaven does not explain how that can be. And the people who are spreading those positive messages do not want to discuss “negative” issues. We humans are still divided in our views about what is going on. Perhaps we should try to cooperate to find out the truth about all these ET activities. Just a thought.

    • Jean says:

      cosmix, more and more I think the single issue that can bring us together is the issue of the Common Law Grand Jury. It is this jury, to my mind, that can bring the situation here on the planet to a peaceful resolution. It is about fact and about fraudulent rules/laws that we have all lived with for our entire lifetime. How can we disagree over these facts?

      I have in hand a detailed document written by someone in Missouri who went to jail, describing the years of their legal case and how it was handled. It all seems to come down to the fact that these people did not understand how to present their ‘standing’ before the court system. Why should it have changed since then?

      That is what John said today, starting at 1:58:00. We don’t bother with ‘standing’ anymore. We used to do it, but we don’t anymore. He says they don’t have any problems with their handling of cases this new way. Well, what has changed? I need to know . . . Don’t we have a right to know? What cases has he won for people without establishing standing? What was the specific legal reasoning. . . we don’t do it that way anymore just isn’t good enough for me. . . not when I have reputable people writing and telling me Eric is correct in what he is saying. . . I’m sorry, but I can’t drop this issue, because I don’t think there is a more important issue on the planet today – besides breaking the financial back of the cabal. . .


  5. pete spencer says:

    Hi Jean, my blessings to you for your stalwart and tireless devotion to this work. Your energy and passion is amazing, you are an inspiration to us all..

    I would like to share a recent observation that might shed some light upon the actual power each of us are capable of and yet for the majority of us, we are completely unaware that we freely give this power be used against us.

    We are far from powerless. we have to all start envisioning the smooth and peaceful transition into the abundant new earth. we have to start to understand that it is our power of visualisation or creation that we have been giving away sub-consciously due to the manipulation of our puppet masters.

    Consider this, each 11th Nov, at 11 o’clock (11:11:11) over 2 billion people on the planet give their thanks at obelisks around the planet, Thats over 2 billion people’s visualisation of their thanks for the service and self sacrifice of others. Have you ever considered what images run through your mind when you are giving thanks?

    We all think that we are showing our respect, that we are doing the right thing, but in my opinion this is a very good example of how we are tricked into thinking the wrong way and actually feeding and perpetuating what we don’t want.

    2 billion people, visualising the self(less) sacrifice of others lives to ensure we can live peacefully? we think about the pointless maiming and death of innocents, we imagine the suffering, anguish, terror and fear. But sadly in acknowledgement of the results of war we send out our group visualisation into the etheric levels which is transmuted and projected back into our reality as the creation or manifestation of more war.

    I wonder what would happen if 2 billion people observed their 2 minute silence and just visualised a world at peace?

  6. johnzoreid says:

    Like many I am sick and tired of our political, economic and financial systems, the systems we are brainwashed to believe are the only way and that we have democracy and freedom etc.

    Being a person who stopped watching tv and getting ‘news’ from the MSM I follow a few websites that I trust for news and articles and like to read the comments to gauge people’s feelings.
    I noted how no-one ever has any idea as to how we can implement a new system. Yes, ideas to change some elements but nothing comprehensive.

    I put my mind to this and received some wonderful insights and put them into a short ebook which is free and downloadable at a blog I have just put up.

    I have a crystal clear vision of a new society that is truly democratic, fair, inclusive, compassionate and prosperous. A system I call The Organic Economy.

    We need a new vision, a new way. It is great protesting and occupying but what are we going to replace it all with? You cannot change anything from within the same systems that create all of our problems!

    My aim is to spread this far and wide, to open as many people’s eyes and minds as possible so please if you have time, read the short pdf and if it resonates with you, help to spread the information.

    The pdf can be downloaded at and the facebook page is The Organic Economy.

    Thankyou & regards,
    John Reid

  7. Bill Hayes says:

    Hi there,
    funny you shouild mention the rabbit hole in relation to ET’s and UFO’s. I have done a blog on this very subject last month. You might find it enteraining. I shall have to spend some time looking round this blog – there’s so much to take in.


  8. Dear Jean,
    I am so happy to have found your blog site. Amazingly, your views on ET’s and ‘IT’s’ are almost identical to mine. I humbly invite you to visit my blog, and perhaps check out my latest novel series “Obtrusion”. Although a work of fiction, it is based on my theories and beliefs as related to the possibilities of alien existence and their role(s) in the history/future of mankind and planet Earth. Your blog is quite intriguing, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your views on everything!

  9. anna c. says:

    Hello Jean, I want to show you something that I found on YouTube: . It is extremely interesting and intriguing as well because it speaks of a so called “portal”. Now, the word has many meanings, but from what I can tell after watching it (twice) is about a certain area that can facilitate telepathic ET contacts more easily; later in the documentary the lady – you can see her to the end of the movie – states that in the future the spot will enable even physical contact.
    As I get it, the exact spot is located somewhere in Europe, and some of the people that are interviewed have their faces blurred out and even have voice overs. If that portal is authentic this seems to be a good idea, to prevent mass gatherings.
    What strikes me most is the quality of the production, both from a narrative and videography point of view. It is clearly not made by amateurs. Even the subtitles are in very correct English, not the amateur kind that you often find in web translations.
    The documentary is in Romanian (I’m from Romania too) but from what I can tell the location of that portal is surely not in this country. I have not found any details about the documentary, or who made it or when. Interesting though, it has quite many viewers considering the length of the video and the nature of the subject. I wonder if the things presented there are true. It has stories about E.T. encounters and how and when that place was discovered. Actually the movie has much more than that and the way in which it is conceived is astounding.
    All things considered this reminds me of Mark Kimmel’s Abiquor, that spot in Colorado USA they say will be a light center for mankind. So if that is possible why shouldn’t it be possible elsewhere?
    I feel there is something here. The movie is almost hypnotic at times, the music is extraordinary, the images and effects are very special. Maybe I’m overrating it, but I really think it is worth to be seen.
    an avid reader,

    • 8rose8 says:

      Hi Anna, do you have any information on carbon trading and the European Unions Emission Trading Scheme?

    • Ines Radman says:

      Anna, I believe that Portal is in the area of the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko Bosnia & Hercegovina. Dr. Semir Osmanagic talks about it, but he’s not really open about it because of “Scientists” that he spent many years convincing that these pyramids are the largest and oldest in the world. This complex of 5 pyramids is aligned exactly the same way as the one in Giza, they have only recently really started uncovering them, but I managed to get a tour into the Sun Pyramid where there are endless labyrinths that lead to healing stones and so very high energy. My hair lifted up and on my body, as I could feel the energy just surge throughout me and for months after visiting, I didn’t experience any of the chronic pain I suffer from. Going again this winter with a few couples, they have had a lot of progress as he finally got international recognition, nobody wants to rewrite the History of Pyramids and he believes and can prove they are energy centers, communication centers, and healing centers.

  10. P.S. I thought this movie may interest you (if you haven’t seen it already).
    It’s about the TRUE state of our healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies. It’s about how they are making us sick to make money. Take a look if you are so inclined.
    Much Love,

  11. Bless You! It’s like reading my own viewpoints. I’m so Happy I found your blog. Thanks Bill Ballard!

  12. Neil Haddon says:

    Jean, don’t have your direct email, so resort to this means of contact:
    Hi Jean,
    May this year bring you fulfilment of all you choose to achieve!

    Published here (UK) in November 2012 in the online publication UK Column, I believe the content of this article will be of great interest to all your followers.

    Although necessarily long, this is the sort of knowledge and solution that sufficient of we freedom seekers should understand and precipitate action upon – if not by those who claim the right to lead us, then by direct, passive action.

    Much Love,

    – note also comments after the article.

  13. matt kelley says:

    Hi. I don’t ever write usually – this society makes people feel so invalid i assume my message will never get read by anyone, you know? but as you seem to have genuine humanity, i thought i would write.

    first, thanks for your website. it is wonderful. it is my source for news, if that says anything.

    I am writing because i read your beliefs and biases page and you made reference to NESARA. I looked up NESARA and the official website says it has not yet been passed into law. They then go on to say that bills can’t be passed into law secretly. This is the official website of Dr. Harvey Bernard, who originally coined the term NESARA and wrote the proposal. I am including the relevant link to his website here:

    then i went to wikipedia, which goes on about what NESARA is and what it isn’t. Now i don’t believe everything i read on Wikipedia, but everyone everywhere says that bills can’t get signed into law secretly! Dr. Bernard, who (apparently) wrote the original NESARA bill, died in 2005 affirming that the bill had not yet received a tracking number, let alone passage into law.

    So. when you reference NESARA I don’t know if I can sign on. It sounds super suspicious to me.

    and of course, i get really hurt and feel like maybe i am just getting duped by all this ‘the system is going to save us’ stuff, particularly as this ‘peoples trust’ news starts to go viral. (if you haven’t heard of the people’s trust, just look up American Kabuki.)

    Thank you for your time, Jean. thanks for reading this, and thanks for sharing so much. If you ever have the time or inclination to respond, i would appreciate it. Thanks either way.
    matt kelley

  14. Richard says:

    I’d like to share what I believe in, in regards to Aliens if that’s ok. Some of what you say is similar, it seems we both believe in consciousness.
    I believe the moon is an artificial construct that is boosting as well as directing an artificial frequency from Saturn. The rings on Saturn are a physical expression of this frequency at its most intense point. This frequency is designed to keep humanity disconnected from source consciousness while in the physical body. From a biological perspective, this unnatural frequency is responsible for our so called ‘junk’ DNA which are actually transmitters/receivers but the alien frequency is vibrating at a rate that is the polar opposite of our important DNA and the consequence of this is it cancels out the frequency of the DNA and effectively kills them creating ‘junk’ DNA. This constant bombardment of an unnatural frequency keeps us trapped in this physical prison with no conscious connection to our true nature or awareness of our true selves. This bombardment is more powerful at night time when the moon is in line with our area on the planet and from an energetic perspective it’s draining and makes us feel exhausted – this is the reason humanity now sleeps at night.
    However, when we go to sleep and shut down our bodies, we instantly re-connect to source consciousness again. This is incredibly complex to explain but its all to do with our 5 senses and disconnecting from them. The unnatural frequency can only keep us trapped while our senses are active so when we shut our body down in dream or even when we die, we will be free from the alien prison.
    A larger consequence of this unnatural frequency that blocks our connection to source is it fractures humanity into individuals. Each body is experiencing the self-awareness of consciousness, together with the body memory and this creates the illusion of separation and gives the body an individual identity called ego. BTW – the body memory is simply a recording of the 5 sense experiences broken down into a binary concept of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Each moment of someones life is recorded by what each body sense is experiencing and the different possible combinations of experiences from these 5 senses give us an incredibly complex system of ‘memory’ the complexities of which are translated as emotions. The human body is a machine that records and finds patterns.
    Being shut off from our consciousness source, not only creates the illusion of an individual identity, it also means as self-aware physical bodies, we have no knowledge of who we really are, what we really are, where we really are. Its a complete isolation from everything a being needs to exist. To draw a comparison, it would be like a new born baby being tied to a bed in a pitch black, silent room and kept alive with a intravenous drip but completely isolated until it died of old age. As incredibly cruel as that sounds, it doesn’t compare to what these aliens have done to us humans. We are so disconnected and imprisoned, each and every one of us are have gone so insane by it but our insanity is considered normal. Any acts of violence against another life is really self-harm and the path human society has taken is cannibalistic because we are all one – including animals and the planet earth.
    Now your probably asking WHY? Why would an alien do this to us. First, I’m pretty sure this alien is energetic and non-physical. But I believe we are being used because we are ‘CREATIVE’ energy. Our conscious source is a creative energy where as our alien controllers are not a creative force so they are not gifted with the ability to create like we are. This would explain why we have been imprisoned. We’ve been forced onto a path where our natural inclination is to create so as individuals we would collectively build a society and make technological advances. These controlling aliens are effectively using us to build what can only be described as a machine which would eventually allow them to dominate the whole universe once a technological singularity has been created.
    I’m still researching this theory but another researcher who is starting to come to a very similar conclusion as me is David Icke. His research has names the alien controllers as the Demiurge who have an army of energetic robots/cyborgs called the Arcons. I also believe some of his research into reptilians but I believe these reptilians are actual humans who have been genetically created so the R-Complex in their brain is their dominant driving force. These genetically modified humans are directed controlled by the energetic forces and they are placed into key positions of power and influence on the planet to guide society.
    I think 2012 is a key moment for us as the energetic frequency from the galactic center is having an effect on the alien frequency and source consciousness is becoming stronger in each of us. There will come a point when we all suddenly become whole but this will only be for a short period so it’s up to us to use that moment to escape from our prison.

    Anyway, that’s what I believe. I hope you liked it. I also hope it makes sense to you like it does for me. Please ask if you have any questions. I will be writing a book on this where I’ll be going into a lot more detail soon.

  15. Benjamin Matthew Townsend says:

    namaste my Brothers and Sisters, I’ve just finished the forwarded literature and the comments. I felt compelled to type to “RedSpiral” and thought that these 2 bits may be helpful/insightful? My ‘epiphany’ started in February of 2012 after reading about the Tao Te Ching, in a book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer (Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life) Evidently the aforementioned book was to be read chapter a day/ I read it in 1.5 days, I couldn’t put it down. Anyways, ‘the path’ led me to Ayurveda. Which led me to yoga and then meditation.
    While on my path, I’m trying to sponge as much as this fantastic material I can, during my “Kundalini Awakening” What are the things that I can relate to you?
    #1) ‘To Learn’ is the same as ‘To Teach’ unless you are not teaching what you are learning, in which case you have done you/they little or no good.
    #2) The poem “Would You Think It Odd” written by the great Sufi, Hafiz.

    Would you think it odd if Hafiz said,
    “I’m in Love with every Church,
    and Mosque
    and Temple
    and any kind of Shrine
    Because I know it is there
    That people say the different names of the One God.

    My quid pro quo. Have a Onederful Day. namaste

  16. Jean – thank you again 🙂 You’ve caught me just as I’m listening to Greg Braden on Youtube – his talk about ‘a different mode of prayer’. Its absolutely brilliant and I just resonate with so much he’s saying, thank you so much for alerting me to these wonderful people! I’ve needed validation that I’m not ‘crazy’ and here it is! 🙂 I will read your post on the Wetiko in a bit and comment on that. You might think it sounds weird or soppy, but hand on heart, I said a prayer as I was in deep sorrow (which I have been recently) that I wanted the loving ’embrace’ of a wise grandmother figure, I miss my own grandmother so much and often feel lonely being stuck at home with all this incredible energy shifting in my body. You’ve come into my field at such a strange time, yet it seems absolutely right. I value the wisdom of our Elder women so, so much, as did the Native peoples. Also my mother’s name is Jean 😉 I’ve had so few people I can share this with, either people are skeptics or they think I’m ‘ill’. I know that isn’t the case, I really am undergoing a transformation, so I really know what you’re saying about living through that healing process. What has scared me the most is knowing how powerful and full of love that I am (as we all are) its so true that we fear the brilliance of our souls, more than our darkness. Still a long way to go yet though, lots of bad habits to ‘fix’ and old grudges to let go of! 😉

    Hugs Liz x

    • Jean says:

      Liz, I remember so well my fear of my power – when I finally began to realize it. Letting our light shine is not always easy… but it sounds like you are well on your way. Unless we let our light shine, others do not know what to strive for, what their path might be like as they learn to let their own light shine. . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  17. Thanks Jean, I appreciate your thoughts and advice 🙂 Yes, I’m sure as I go more down the ‘rabbit hole’ I’ll modify my beliefs – its early days for me as I say and I do try to keep an open mind. That book ‘Not in his image’ looks fascinating, it has loads of good reviews and is endorsed by Barbara Walker – who I like very much. I’m going to order it off Amazon on your recommendation 🙂 I’m aware of some of the ideas about the singularity field from watching ‘What the bleep’, there’s certainly some very exciting ideas about consciousness around these days. I’ve also subscribed to your blog, so will look forward to reading more of your wisdom 🙂

    Liz x

    • Jean says:

      Liz, I went through an incredible healing process, and until I saw What the Bleep, I had no idea that it was based on quantum theory. While I don’t understand the numbers/science associated with quantum theory, I have actually lived the world view that quantum theory brings to us. It was/is an incredible experience that changed my life forever. I think you will enjoy Lash’s book . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Here’s a link to another post that will help you understand our pathology, which the indigenous call Wetiko;

    • amosouldeer says:

      What may be worth considering, or re-discovering, Redspiraldance, is that while we are so busily engrossed in ‘experiencing’ our journey down the ‘rabbit hole’ we (sometimes) have a tendancy to lose sight of the fact that WE are the One who co-created it !
      Inasmuch as we are the co-creators (with Consciousness) of (what we experience as being) ‘our’ reality, it becomes apparent that there can be no room left for Self-doubt or fear of ridicule from ‘others’ (etc.) because ‘they’ are our of our own creation, there to serve a role and purpose in order to expand our own innerstanding. Creators fear not !
      Any time spent ‘calling into question’ our sanity, or bemoaning ‘past’ events (of which we are sole (Soul ?!) co-creator) involve distraction and diversion from our true purpose – the innerstanding that we are all-inclusive, boundless LOVE ;o)
      So…”Go for it”, and : “Thank you for existing, Redspiraldance !” 🙂

  18. Hello Jean – greetings from England! 🙂

    I like your loving and open-minded approach to all this, a subject that until very recently I’d have dismissed as utter nonsense I’m sorry to say! Having made friends with someone who has undergone an ‘experience’ that defies any explanation from the medical profession or indeed the conspiracy world, I’ve had to re-think just about everything I thought I knew. I can’t elaborate as I’m honour-bound to protect her identity. However, she has entrusted this information to me, who was (when we first met) a skeptic as far as aliens/NWO etc are concerned and a student in Shamanism and Goddess spirituality (which I still am, except now it has wings!) I was brought up in a secular, rationalist family with no bias towards organised religion (thank goodness) I’m also a graduate in archaeology and so I’ve never been one to delve too deep into anything I considered ‘kooky’. Now, suffice to say, I’m re-writing the script 😉 I’m sorry I can’t be specific about this, or give details as I say, but the implications of this have both terrified and awed us in equal amounts and we both feel very marooned as we have gone off on a tangent as it were, regarding events of these times and the meaning of them.

    Anyway, having said all that I feel compelled to share some of my/our own ideas with you, because I think you might resonate with them (at least I hope so, as its very lonely out here on the fringes of the fringe!) One of the HUGE issues that seldom seems to get an airing in the conspiracy world is the – what I term the ‘patriarchy implant’. This is what bedevils everything on our planet and the Beings that instigated it, are yes – leaving us (those of the ‘Team Dark!’) They don’t exist in this dimension, they exist in the 4th and these are the ‘aliens’ I think that have messed up human culture. They were likely summoned by disgruntled men during the decline of the Matriarchy after the fall of Atlantis (again another theory I pooh-poohed!) The institutional hatred of women is the cause of all world problems, if you dig deep, you’ll see how its as simple as that. ‘Mother’ (in the most nebulous term) was the prototype of the divine essence implanted into the human soul, she who is all-compassionate and has the power to create and destroy. Science is only now revealing the way in which the female brain is wired differently to men, enabling a greater depth of psychic experience and vision, every culture tells of a time when men stole ‘the medicine’ from women. Even geneticist Steve Jones talks of the intrinsic ‘female’ inclination within nature, the male is after all a mutated female (as the Y chromosome is a broken X) so in a sense men are female too, they are an extension, an exploration of that basic universal pattern. We were intended to live in love with one another as men and women, as equal, but different partners and co-creators. What we have become is a sad parody of that glory.

    Through the dis-empowerment of women, men lost their connection with Gaia and so felt abandoned – they in turn blamed women for the ‘fall’ – hence Eve’s ‘sin’ of eating from the tree of life. I think this is an allusion to Atlantis when the male priestly elite seized power. The Illuminati like the Masons began life as ‘good guys’ they intended to keep alive the flame of truth and liberty, but like so many secret societies they soured and became locked in power struggles. I don’t believe for one moment, that they or anyone else are ‘reptilian’ aliens – sorry! They are misguided misogynists and they are VERY afraid, we really don’t need to ascribe them some kind of omnipotent power, they are human and its worth remembering that I think 🙂 We are ALL a part of each other and in fact as the shift progresses, we will need to integrate this notion more and more, this loving of those we hate, as much as we integrate our own shadow selves.

    There is also some kind of lost secret knowledge about our origins (absolutely certain of that) we are starseeds and those beings who first decided to come to Earth and experience the duality of being incarnate in flesh, were our loving parents. They tried to terraform Mars but failed, at this stage they were experimenting with materializing their atoms in and out of 3D space. My best friend and I have both been given ‘sacred seals’ in dreams (she is a Muslim) She had direct contact with one of the ‘shining ones’ and was taken in a light ship to a beautiful place (in a lucid dream) and then given a golden disc which she said resembled the Voyager ‘human greeting’. In my dream I was shown symbols on a sheet of metal that included ancient petroglyphs and mathematical equations (not much good showing that to me, as I haven’t a clue about maths!) However I kept seeing the figure of eight symbol as being very prevalent. There is a heap of other stuff, i won’t go into, aside from filling up your comments (LOL!) it’s a lot to go into and I can’t do it justice really without thinking and composing.

    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind that I threw in my own two-penneth on the subject. I do get rather sick of the biblical fear-mongering that sadly, i fear underlines a lot of conspiracy. I have no objection whatsoever with Rabbi Yeshua, he was a prophet of light, unfortunately his teachings have been stripped of their true meaning by patriarchy and the machinations of state religion. All that remains of his truth lies in the Essene teachings and it has also survived in Sufism. I have been gifted some extraordinary visions and I am humbled by that, but as I say, I do feel like someone who walks between two worlds. I’m still a bit suspicious of ‘conspiracy’ yet I know there’s no smoke without fire and I have taken on board things that a year ago i would have laughed at. I’ll finish by saying ‘project blue beam’ be aware of that, most ‘UFO’s’ are military and were taken from Nazi technology after the war. 😉

    Thank you so much for listening, I wish you much love…

    • Jean says:

      I did ‘listen’, and thank you so much for sharing. It sounds to me like life has taken a real interest in you – and you in it – and is intent on teaching you what is going on on Mother Earth at this time. Much of what you say, I agree with. Other things you say, I think are because you are not far enough down the rabbit hole, but it all comes in its own time and its own way. I’m thinking there might be a couple books I could suggest for you; that is, if you haven’t already read them. DAvid Wilcock’s book, The Source Field, and Lynn McTaggert’s The Field, both classics. A book that helped me understand how the pathology from which we now suffer was introduced on the planet is called Not in His Name by John Lamb Lash. Gregg Braden’s Isaiah Effect has value.

      Fifteen years ago now I walked out of a life, and I have been guided all the way, although in the beginning I did not realize it. Now, there is no way I could survive without the direction that comes from my inner voice. My life feels like it is something of a miracle! Everyone’s path is different, however, and they are all fascinating . . .

      Anyway, I’m sitting here wondering wondering as I write this who will be our next President. Shortly, we will know that answer . . . welcome aboard, and feel free to add your comments. We find that everyone contributes something – we never know who is helped by them, etc., so I encourage them.

      Love and hugs,

  19. Kathy Kelley says:

    Oh my stars!, Jean THANK YOU! You have confirmed completely, everything I know to the core of my being (although I can not prove it….yet). I believe it to be the duty of those who know, to calm the apprehension of those who do not. We are those who will educate and calm the fearful humans who are the last to awaken as we shift into our golden age. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been allowed to incarnate at this unprecedented time in history. The excitement is now tangible. Bless you and all you have done! Namaste, Kathy

  20. lowerarchy says:

    I’m going to write about my own experiences of these matters in the next couple of days. Look forward to discussing stuff with you mate

  21. Juan says:

    Thanks Mr. Kesha From Brazil

  22. Markus says:

    Who cares about gold?! Only fools think that a certain amount of metal locked away in a vault is a measure of some kind of power or wealth. This is the 21st century, and still people are preoccupied with an inanimate object sitting still for the next bazillion years and determining whether they have any power based on whether or not they too have some of this inanimate object sitting still in their own secret locked away place. Does this not make you want to say WTF!? – Real currency is the doing that people do. – Real power is in communities that do not use the National Debt Based Currency but use their own power to keep their own records about who is doing and who is NOT!!

  23. amosouldeer says:

    Dear Judy G, the ‘Loving Lord’ (i.e; ‘Source’ or ‘Unified Consciousness’, ‘One’) invited us to experiment ‘duality’ on Mother Earth, and also provided us with ‘Free Will’ (which is probably unique in that it is restricted to this planet). The so-called ‘evil’ that characterizes human existence on Earth is the product of Mans’ exercise of Free Will. ‘We’ are all/each totally responsable for every thougfht, deed and act that we allow to express itself ‘through’ us, and the ‘shift’ in dimension is the opportunity for those – but only for thosde who are willing – to consciously assume their inherent divine nature and their co-creative responsability.
    On the other hand, all those who, albeit perfectly legitimately, choose to remain incumbent upon some ‘external authority’ – world government, ‘leaders’, NESARA windfalls, etc. – which implicitly imply the maintenance of money-orientated ‘human exchange’ and have little if anything to do with spiritual empowerment – shall continue to be free to do so…elsewhere in/on a 3-d planetary dimension.
    For there are no rulers, no rules per sé, no banks or governments, money, laws, taxes, evil, nazi-stiness, etc. in the Fifth dimensoin and beyond. Thought here crystallizes in under twenty seconds, so if you think positive, everything goes well. If you think the opposite, the opposite manifests itself almost spontaneouisly and you bear the brunt. The choice facing us today is now ours to take…or to leave. There is no questuon of ‘saviours’ choosing on our behalf. Realization of this is sometimes referred to as “awakening”… Thank you. AmO…;o)

  24. Things come together in a wonderful way. We can work together for our future! All of us!
    Some time ago (3 to 4 months) I found out about ET and UFO and the disclosure issue. I also found Dr. Greer and SIRIUS the disclosure movie project. At some point I suddenly got a feeling of a very shortage of time because I realized, we will get very much resistance out of the everyday people because they will fear to loose their jobs (in the oil and energy industry fr. inst.). Then I got this wonderful inspiration – we have to work together for solutions to ease the anxiety of the working people. Their fear would feed the cabal resistance energy – except if the normal people would know what new jobs could wait for them. Maybe better jobs than now. Maybe even more exciting ones.

    Now I found your wonderful site. With even better news than with CSETI and SIRIUS. I would be one of the happiest persons at least in this galaxy if the 21. of september will be the date when small countries would not have to listen any more to the banksters that rob their and our future. Every nation will have to join the race to clean energy and into space. Because the wealth of the future lies in the accessibility of the asteroid belt. In the asteroid belt are way more minerals than on earth. Every metal you can imagine is there. On Titan you can find a incredible amount of liquid methane if hydrocarbon is necessary. The amounts of water in the solar system is incredible. Much more than we have here on earth. With the cheap space technology we have it at our hands. No monopolies any more!

    Thank you for this wonderful and not so little present to humanity and all conciousness. Our step forward in evolution will also be a step forward for the whole conciousness!

    This is the point, where we all can work together. We can think and fantasize about new ways for us terran humans.
    Two weeks ago I got the information that I have to put a nonprofit bulletin board online as a place for people to meet and exchange their ideas about new ways of the future.

    This board is there and it is ready for all of you to find solutions and create. I divided it into technical changes, sociological changes and the personal side of the change. I put my ideas already in as a starter – but it is there to serve you and humanity in the creation process.
    It is there to strengthen the morphogenetic field for change and solutions and positive use and people supporting with ideas and creative power. Take a look – I called it “The Freedom and Abundance Site” and the link is:

    Lets get together and create


  25. DarkStarAz says:

    As far as a new economic system that would equal everybody out, I’m not so sure I agree with that. If one guy worked his *** off in order to supply a product or a service, and wound up with beaucoup bucks, and someone else is kicking back, collecting from the govt. – should both of those parties be equalized? Need to ponder that one.
    At any rate, as far as NESARA goes please don’t go sending your hard earned money to some blogger up there in Yelm, Washington just ’cause they claim they will be the ones disbursing the NESARA checks. Why would the Feds, or whomever it is, have some blogger disbursing those checks?

    As far as ET goes I largely agree – the higher light ETs are here to help. Moving forward though, we need to make sure that any tech given to earth by ETs – say a free energy device – is given on the basis that we have the plans and our own knowledge of how to build the devices, rather than the ETs supplying them to us. Otherwise we are beholden to them for our energy needs. Earth must remain sovereign.
    Best case scenario is for ET to give the knowledge to scientists from say ten different countries at once, and all ten can replicate the device in their own factories – so no one country gets the upper hand, and, we are not beholden to ET to replicate the device.

  26. Sheri says:

    We do have some of the same beliefs! I too watch the stocks… waiting to see what is going to unfold. The more we watch, the more we learn.
    Bless you Jean– you help us make sense in a world that is filled with chaos. 🙂

  27. Your blog is the most wonderful combination of new age material, news, and opinion.

    Thank you.

  28. estherpap says:

    Hi Jean – great blog 🙂 Wonderful energies are flooding in from all of the crazy solar activity this past week. I’m excited to see what mid-July brings us. There is a tremendous amount of fear and limitation being transmuted from the collective at this time…making room for the great waves of love that are pouring in. Love trumps fear. Our future is glorious.

  29. Judy G says:

    Interesting website. I think we are all trying to figure things out in our minds. It is either all true or else we are all being manipulated by someone on the Internet. I was a born and raised Christian and now I am having second thoughts. I hope we find out in our lifetime what the heck is going on and if its God’s will, it will all be good.

    • Jean says:

      Judy, on my page Basic Info for the Shift – there is a huge amount of material that you might want to consider. These decisions are ones we must make, and my experience has been that there isn’t anyone we can go to to get the answers. We have to go inside and decide for ourselves. As you read and study, you are very likely to intuitively ‘know’ the answers.

      Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Judy, a book just jumped off my library shelf at me that might be of interest to you. It is called The Coming of the Cosmic Christ by Matthew Fox. Another book is called Discover the Power Within, and I can’t remember who write it. Both of these are terrific books to help you see the possible transition to the higher level of thinking we are moving into. Hope this helps. They seem to be written especially for inquiring Christians.

      • Judy G says:

        Thank you Jean, I will look for those books. I had a very old woman at a Nursing Home ask me a question about a week ago. I didn’t know her, but she saw me walk by her and she asked me what happened to the Lord. I looked at her and said “what do you mean’? She said “why would a loving God let people suffer like people are suffering in here and in the world”. I told her that she needs to talk to a Pastor and she said that a Pastor would just her the same thing that Pastors always say. That is, not to question, but just believe. I was amazed that she is in her mid to upper 80’s and was asking me that. She was pretty sharp and I mentioned to her that many people are starting to wonder and ask questions. I am glad that I found these sites on the Internet, because it has opened my eyes alot. Whether we are being lead in the right direction, I don’t know, but I am glad that I am getting the opportunity to find out more and follow my own gut feelings. I am 63 years old. The Disclosure Project and the Ancient Aliens show on the History Channel is what got me started on this search. I used to think the Galactic Federation and the Paledians was all a big joke. I guess there was more to Star Trek than we ever knew.

        • Jean says:

          Judy, you are being led to have an amazing experience. You are on a path; it is your path, and you are the director. Follow it with courage and faith where it leads, and you will wind up exactly where you should be. Your words remind me of a post I’ve put up several times on my blog: Repost: How to Have a Direct Experience of God by Father Peter Bowes. Here is the link: (You may have to cut ‘n paste it.

          The elderly woman’s question is one that I have an answer for: The suffering is not caused by God, but by our separation from him. ABout the time I learned this I’d just gone through the experience of being rear-ended in my car by a young man in a big, fancy red truck. His testosterone was likely up, because he wouldn’t slow down enough for me to turn, and tried to cut by me.

          I wondered if this information applied to my accident: If big, red trucks weren’t touted as an expression of manhood, if this young man had been permitted to enter his own manhood in a more wholesome way, this accident very likely wouldn’t have happened. What about cancer I asked myself? People aren’t causing their cancer! My answer after some thought was that their is a kind of community consciousness, a larger consciousness field into which humanity plugs, and in that place there are people causing cancer like the drug companies, the oil companies, those who permit chemtrails, and so on, and we are choosing to remain oblivious to what they are doing, so we are reaping the results of their work. I’ve lost friends to cancer, and they were the victims of our larger separation, as a species, from God. Think about it for a bit. Does it make sense to you? It sure did to me.

          This is a question we’ve all asked, but because we were asleep there was no answer. Now, I think as we awaken, we are finding the answers.

          Love and hugs,

  30. Donna says:

    I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found this site and have all my personal beliefs confirmed. I’ve been questioning my sanity and doubting the information coming in to me. Now I know I can trust my intuition and that Im not alone. Thank you!

  31. Cathie says:

    Many ways to the “rooftop”….but once you get there the view is the same….”universal understandings” is what I call it…! I appreciate you Jean! Each and every day!

  32. Jean, so glad to find your web site! You and I have very similar understandings…and it seems we are both called to spread the word! I invite you to visit my brand new web site launched on the full moon of the Wesak festival… I have put a link to your site under Esoteric Bloggers/Light Workers. You are BOTH! You go girl!

    • Jean says:

      Thanks so much, Debbie, and GOOD LUCK with your new blog! I’ll go have a look now . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Debbie, the link to your blog doesn’t work for me. I can’t get there from here . . . 🙂

      • Try or Thanks! Let me know ok?

        • Jean says:

          I tried it, and it works! But I haven’t time to stay there right now, as much as I would like to. Is that you in those videos? Thanks for sharing. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Yes, that is me in the video! Gulp! I know you post a lot of stuff so I understand if you don’t have a lot of time to spend…just check it out when you have a chance…And notice the link to you…you do great work! Thanks for being you!

        • Jean says:

          Oh, my Debbie, thanks for those kind words. And, yes, right at the moment, particularly, I’m really busy and just trying to get through each day with my head on straight, but I will try to have a peak at your blog. Good luck with it and hugs, ~Jean

  33. Joan says:

    I was so anxious to thank you that I forgot to say “thank you”…lol ..Gets worse every year…lol Forgive me! Joan

    • Jean says:

      Tell me about it, Joan. It’s tough, but what can we do but be gentle with ourselves? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Tell me about it! What can we do, though, but be gentle with ourselves and hope to make it through the shift. On the other side, we’ll be able to fix these things. Hugs, ~Jean

  34. Joan says:

    Atr long last…someone who researches and doesn’t stop and still has the courage to proceed. Truth is so relative in many instances…and yet, I too, still keep seeking….,My views are very much like yours and bravo for going down the “Rabbit’s hole”…I’ve been there as well, although not with your courage….You are one in a million and I found a new home…From the bottom of my heart…Joan

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Joan. It ain’t easy, and it’s been quite a trip! Welcome aboard, and please participate. My blog really isn’t just about me. It’s about everybody who comes here on a regular basis. Maybe I’ve set the tone, and those who find me like that tone, but it’s taking everyone to help get the info out. The topic is so huge, and the truth so startling – putting it mildly – that I can use all the help I can get. For instance, your comments as you struggle with the truth, or the sharing by you of an interesting article are so helpful to us all.


  35. To those who say ET’s are benevolent beings and to those who say ET’s are Satan’s fallen angels::: perhaps you are both right. There are good and bad people on this planet are there not? Would it not make sense that there are good and bad ET’s? When dealing with ET’s I recommend proceeding with caution. Let them prove themselves by their acts, not their words. Just some food for thought.

    • missy meow says:

      Hear! Hear! Not everything is good and not everything is bad-human,fairy,angel, ET. It is also pure arrogance to assume everything *not* of this dimension is either/or. Why do we not look at these things as having “inbetweeness” like us as well? Like, I’m sure other dimensional beings have gone through their own trials and tribulations, have had their own ” baggage”, have at times been well-meaning and stabbed themselves in the foot because of “ego” issues getting in the way. When bad stuff arises in these times of change, and it will, why don’t we all just treat whatever we think is happening in the realm of interdimensional beings and ourselves — illuminati or not– with compassion. Only lack of fear, violence and repitition of old emotional patterns conquers, nothing else. If indeed there is evil out there that’s really what it will want you to buy into. Let your weapons be self-honesty, love, determination and education. Forget all this what-if agenda speculative stuff. Just meet it as it comes and at face value. I know it’s fun to speculate about Ets, Illuminati, nephillim,etc., but don’t let it take the focus off staying in the present where change in attitude and sheer hard painful boring work is necessary to create the utopia we all want and deserve! Love be with you.

  36. Don Cooks says:


    I would like to hug you in person but my wife of 63 years would object. I posted your blog and have received a large response. I included your link and picture. You may review my post at for your approval as I can trash it.

    Don Cooks

    • Jean says:

      Don, I had a look, and it felt ‘funny’ to read this again – after so long. I still stand by it, you know. Why would you trash it? Perhaps it will get others thinking. I approve – and sometimes wonder how I have found the courage so late in life to speak up! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  37. Pingback: Statement of Blogger Jean’s Political Views | Don Cooks

  38. Don Cooks says:

    My daughter sent me you blog site as she said it was a lady’s view of my thoughts. I’m older than you and have a blog, not as well done as yours, but at my age i’m limited in physical activities, so write a weekly blog. I would like to post your “Statement of my Political Views” on on my blog, if you have no objections.

    Don Cooks

    • Jean says:

      Certainly, I have no objection – please, just credit it properly – although, somehow I can’t imagine that you won’t. Hugs, ~Jean

  39. Malinda says:

    Pleasure to find your site. I’ve come across many interesting viewpoints and yours is definately one that resonates with my current beliefs. Of course, forever learning 🙂

  40. Kate Street says:

    Jean ~ I’m so excited to have found your blog today!! How extremely refreshing and exciting to see my very own views written on this page (and much more articulate than I could have expressed). I was just WISHING today to find someone who believed the same things that I do, without question…and here you are! Gotta LOVE instant manifestation!

    I love you already! 🙂

  41. Tony says:

    Hi, Jean! Appreciate your heart. I also have been recently awakened by Yeshuah HaMeshiach in the Ruach HaKodesh to the truth. One video that I feel has summarized where we have come and how we got here is by Leonard Ulrich on his youtube channel. Have you seen it? Thoughts?
    I also have come across many of the predictions and prophecies of various groups and cultures, many which harmonize with each other, but are in contradiction to the prophecies and predictions by author of love Yeshuah HaMeshiack. My understanding is in agreement with those who believe that the ET’S/aliens are actually deceptive spirits/repackaged Nephilim activity who know that their time is short before Yeshua HaMeshiach’s return to create a new heaven and new Earth. These researchers lend some weight to this view.
    Be blessed and loved in Yeshua HaMeshiach-Tony

    • Jean says:

      Tony, I am not familiar with these ideas, Sadly, although I would like to, at the moment, I just don’t have the time to go into them deeply. Hopefully, others will check out these links for themselves and have the opportunity to enlarge their views on this subject, Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, ~Jean

  42. Jay says:


    “President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims”

  43. After seeing countless youtube videos and channeling lectures, I see where you get your views about 2012. Many of the things Kryon and B.M have predicted have come true. Many of these channelers also contradict each other in significant ways. For certain something is changing in this world. However, I just don’t see how these ‘light beings’ are going to manifest themselves to the billions of stone-cold, materialists out there. If they are, what are they waiting for?

  44. TruthSeeker says:

    Phil is correct. The aliens are fallen angels. I was doing more research into all of the newagers being disinfo agents, and ended up here. The more research I do, the more proof to me, that everything I have been saying is coming to be. How people can be so eager for these “aliens” to come here is beyond belief IMHO. There is only one true God, and Jesus warned about everything that is happening now. It’s in the Bible, but people would rather believe in the aliens to come and save them.

    • Jean says:

      Cheryl, your decisions are a result of the information you have found. I have found other information which leads me to very different conclusions. My blog is generally based on what I believe is ‘real’, or will prove to be ‘real’, and you are welcome to post your ideas here freely. None of us really knows for sure exactly what the ‘real’ truth is. I can’t speak for you – as I shouldn’t, but I will say that my conclusions are based on the fact that I believe there is an overarching benevolent spirit guiding us through this, and that those who believe in love, who wish to live lives based on love are creating such a world. I believe we are, indeed, moving into The Golden Age as prophesied in virtually all spiritual traditions.


    • Scott says:

      Jesus is a hybrid.Do you remember the virgin Mary? She was artificially inseminated by our alien buddies

  45. Hello Jean,

    I came across your blog today. You seem to be on a similar path that I embarked on 3 years ago. I found through my research that the IMF Bancor is waiting in the wings to replace the dollar as the world currency. The IMF website openly talks about it. It will be a cashless currency funded by derivatives and carbon taxes requiring an implanted RFID chip for transactions. The Book of Revelations refers to it as the Mark of the Beast.

    Also, not all aliens are alike. The earth is diverse because the cosmos is diverse. The Watchers and Nephilim are mentioned in the Old Testament and the Book of Enoch. The serpent in the Garden of Eden may well be the reptilian that created the Aztec people. The ancient Sumerians were created by the Anunnaki, according to their writings, to be slaves to do manual labor in their colony on earth. The SW indian nations claim to be created by the Sky People. One of the best websites I have found is called which goes into archaeology from an intelligent design perspective.

    God bless!
    Charlie B

    • Jean says:

      Hello, welcome, and thanks Charles for your contribution! I will check your sites out. Blessings – back to you, ~Jean

    • Scott says:

      What happened with the amero theory?

      • amosouldeer says:

        Well, it sounded too long-winded, so we removed, er, one or two letters to bring it down to ‘amo…’, which means “I love…”, a reference to Unconditional Love, which provides the perfect resume for your incarnational goal in 3-d reality, as well as the essence of fifth dimensional balance vibration and beyond…

  46. Phil says:

    You need to read about Teilhard de Chardin’s involvement in the formulation of the modern “New Age Movement”…he is a Jesuit!

    Former Assistant Secertary of the United Nations, Robert Muller has said that the UN is the embodiment of de Chardin’s philosophy!!! also saying “We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government; a one-world religion; under a one-world leader”

    You need to watch some of Walter Veith Total Onslaught video series available to be watched for free from here

    particular interest to you would be video: 222 – The Mystic Realm of Death, 223 – The New Age Agenda, 226 – The UN & the Occult Agenda (but the rest of the 36 videos are awesome as well)

    • dagborje says:

      If I cut and paste assorted facts about Teilhard de Chardin with random facts I have cobbled together in order to prove or disprove anything related to my closed belief system I expect I would get mostly confused and dispirited despite being boosted by occasional invigorating but fleeting gusts of self righteousness and indignation along the way.

      When, from a quiet place, I attempt to join with this man’s heart and inner passion, as in the quote below, I am enlightened and not inclined to paste a label on him that had not been invented yet at his death in 1955. I feel like we all have something in common with this great soul and, at minimum owe gratitude for his legacy. Go figure!!

      There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  47. Phil says:

    Jean, you need to do some reading on what these ETs really are….’Alien Intrustion’ by Gary Bates is a very good one. But there are other writers as well that clearly show that the ETs are the fallen angels of Satan/Lucifer.

    Listen to tape 2B ( of this ex-illuminati high wizard telling you the truth!!!

    When people who have asked for Jesus to help them while in the ‘alien abduction’ or communication experience then the experience has stopped right then and there! These ‘ETs’ are being used to deceive those people in the New Age Movement to welcome in the Cosmic Christ who is definitely not Jesus Christ. It will Be Satan/Lucifer you are welcoming!

  48. Jeremy says:

    hi Jean

    just stumbled upon this site and find it interesting and well put together. i just want to say that though i do believe there is a new financial system in the works, i don’t think NESARA is real. i believe it to be disinformation. if you can point me somewhere that proves this to be otherwise, that would be appreciated. perhaps i’m just splitting hairs here, as i have heard of a new financial system waiting to be unvieled by sources i consider to be as trustworthy as possible (david wilcock and ben fulford to be specific). thanks and nice job on the site 😉


    • Jean says:

      Yes, I’m aware of David and Ben and their ideas. They are not specifically saying NESARA – and I doubt Ben even knows about it: he is Canadian. David avoids mentioning it, but I believe he is very aware. I don’t know for a fact that it is real; no one does, but I can remember back to the 70s and what happened, and it makes perfect sense to me. That is, Jeremy, the history fits perfectly with the concepts of what is coming. I believe, however, very soon we are all going to find out the truth. I just hope it doesn’t get too ugly for the kids who have started this ‘revolution’, but my sense is that it very likely will. I don’t think they’re going to call it off, so to speak, because too few people are yet awake to the ‘real’ truth. We can only cross our fingers that it will go as easily as possible. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy, and I hope you will come back to my site and enjoy it. Best, ~Jean
      PS A lot of folks disagree wth me, but I think Poof has a lot of the truth here for the USA.

      • Jeremy says:

        thanks for the reply.

        yes i enjoy Poof’s messages too, though they are like the perpetual carrot dangled from the stick. oh well…i do agree we’re going to find out what’s real and what’s not concerning this soon enough. i also am concerned for the protesters, but moreso i’m incredibly proud. this is big and it’s not gonna go away. if things do “go bad” for them, that will only ignite a firestorm “they” never imagined. here’s to the best possible outcome for all.


        • Jean says:

          Jeremy, I’m in total agreement with all you say! Thanks for sharing, and just hold tight – the next three weeks may well do it! Hugs, ~Jean

  49. Gillian says:

    What a refreshing, open-minded, balanced perspective. Thank you for sharing.

  50. om sairam says:

    don’t look for a leader outside yourself. No soul can superimpose itself on another in the coming age. Forget abaut ET’s and “leaders” OS

    • Jean says:

      I agree. We are approaching a time when human beings will become sovereign. We must being to assume responsibility for ourselves, but while I do respect your right to disagree, I do believe we will have help to see this through. The earth is in such bad circumstances that I believe what needs to be done to help her cannot be done by us alone. The entire process of evolution is geared toward our becoming galactic beings, so why wouldn’t our galactic neighbors help us? You know what? I sure hope I’m right in this . . . Best, ~Jean

      • nvwmn says:

        I hope you are right Jean. Just saw a cute movie called “The Host.” I really like it alot and loved the way it ended. The message in this movie was so clear and it showed how we and our galactic neighbors can be friends and live together. I hope its all true and real.

  51. om sairam says:

    the One who made this planet and the universe is the One who does everything. et’s are subject to Him. Let no one come between me and my creator. There is nothing He cannot do. OS

  52. Rossana Noggle says:

    As you probably know by now, I am always reading Poofness updates on your site …usually because you add a comment making them more understandable. Other than that, I just want to tell you that I also believe as you do and I guess we would all be surprised if we really knew how many of us think as you do. Thanks for your little gift to humanity Jean.

    • Jean says:

      Rosanna, it’s nice to hear from you. It’s so nice to know that you are out there somewhere! Sometimes, at the moment, I think life is a bit difficult for many of us because our views are considered to be very strage and far out. We all need the sense of connection your words provide – not only to me – but to all the others who are reading this, as well. Thanks, and blessings, ~Jean

  53. Beautifully stated and I love how you evolved your beliefs where you are now. My views are about the same, although I think you have gone deeper down that rabbit hole than me. I am grateful for your knowledge and consider everything you post. It resonates. Warm regards. Marion

  54. Mike says:

    Very interesting views. I like it.

    • Jean says:

      My views developed over a long period of time and after a lot of reading and consideration, but they are still open to change. I’m glad you find them interesting and perhaps – something to consider. Namesta, ~Jean

    • Patt Colten says:

      Thank you for this very beautiful video, and you are right on target with what you said. I want to share with all of your readers, that you can look up a boy named Matthew Ward and his mom Suzy who has been channeling messages weekly from her son who died when he was 17. He has a site where his Mom has generously been providing these long detail messages from “Nirvana” as he calls it. He has kept everyone up to date with detailed information on the demise of the Illuminati, and all of the rest of the corrupt government officials, corporations etc, He explains the detailed nature of how our soul contracts work, and also he gives updates on what our Galaxy Family’s in the Sky have been doing to protect our planet, they are also shining down their love and light to join ours. If you read the one from Sept 24, 2012, you will weep with joy at the good news. You are right about Drunvelo, I have allot more I can share straight from ArchAngel Micheal’s words, that are recorded and I asked if Drunvelo was right and he said yes. God has given us more information in these messages to really teach us the truth about ourselves, and each. In Love and Light! Keep up the good work!

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