April 24, 2017 Evening News

Evening UPDATES:

2 guilty in 1st trial over Bundy standoff in Nevada

Judge declares mistrial in Bundy Ranch standoff case (video)

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has said that Washington “will confront Russia” after a top US military commander claimed Moscow is “sending weapons” to the Taliban. No specifics or evidence were provided to support the claims which Moscow has previously denied.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Mattis in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Monday, the head of the US and international forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson said the US “continue to get reports of this [Russia’s] assistance” to Taliban insurgents.

The NATO commander, who Mattis praised as “one of our most experienced officers in the field and one of our most serious strategic thinkers,” was asked “to address the influx of Russian weapons into Afghanistan and showing up in Taliban hands” by a journalist from the Washington Post.

How mad is this: Mad Dog planning to invade East Syria, by Mike Whitney

The Pentagon’s plan for seizing and occupying territory in east Syria is beginning to take shape. According to a Fox News exclusive:

“The Islamic State has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria… ISIS is now centered in Deir ez-Zur, roughly 90 miles southeast of Raqqa, the officials said.”

The move by ISIS corresponds to the secretive massing of US troops and military equipment on the Syria-Jordan border. It creates the perfect pretext for a ground invasion followed by a long-term military occupation in an area that Washington has sought to control for the last 18 months. Here’s more on the topic from South Front . . . 

Comment: Speechless. There is nothing good to say about this plan, and too many bad things in this short space to even begin.

New Snowden leaks reveal secret deals between Japan and NSA

’Status quo in N. Korea unacceptable’: Trump scolds UNSC to up payments, wants more sanctions (Videos)

U.S. President Donald Trump hosts a working lunch with ambassadors of countries on the UN Security Council at the White House, April 24, 2017

President Donald Trump chastised the UN Security Council for underperforming and called on it to “impose additional and stronger sanctions” on North Korea during a meeting with UNSC ambassadors at the White House.

“The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable, and the council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on the North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs,” Trump said during the luncheon.

Trump also took a jab at the UN for ignoring threats like North Korea “for far too long.”

“This is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not. North Korea is a big world problem and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve,” he said. “People put blindfolds on for decades and now it’s time to solve the problem.”

A Washington-based nonprofit consumer advocacy group is warning about the extraordinary grant of power to corporate businesses and the enrichment of US President Donald Trump’s private businesses by the administration.

In a report published on Monday, the head of Public Citizen group sounded the alarm bells about Trump’s frequent meetings with corporate executives and also high-profile positions in his administration occupied by former business leaders.  

“We are nearly 100 days into the Trump administration, and it’s clear that there has been a wholesale corporate takeover of the government,” said Robert Weissman.

On Monday, Britain-based Oxfam urged donor nations to provide aid for the Yemeni people rather than arms for the aggressors.

“Many areas of Yemen are on the brink of famine, and the cause of such extreme starvation is political,” it said in a statement on the eve of a United Nations conference in Geneva to seek aid pledges for the Arab country.

The British charity further argued that Western governments are participating in the confab “while they continue to sell billions of dollars worth of weapons and military equipment to parties to the conflict.”

The food crisis could deteriorate in case the international community fails to send a clear message that Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen’s western port city of Hudaydah, which serves as a primary entry point for humanitarian aid and fuel for the Arab country, would be “totally unacceptable”, Oxfam noted.

UN ‘deeply concerned’ over safety of 400,000 Raqqa civilians fleeing US-led coalition airstrikes . . . another swamp that desperately needs cleaning. Like the Vatican, they talk a good talk, but never walk the walk!!!

 * * * 
France elections: Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has announced that she is stepping aside as leader of her National Front (FN) party.

The move comes just a day after she reached the second round of the French election, where she will face centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Ms Le Pen told French TV she needed to be above partisan considerations.

Opinion polls suggest Mr Macron is firm favourite for the second round but Ms Le Pen said: “We can win, we will win.”

The French term she used signalled that the move to step aside would be temporary.
She told France 2 that France was approaching a “decisive moment”.

Candidate Macron: An insider disguised as an outsider, flat out opportunism

Pepe Escobar: Emmanuel Clinton versus Marine LeTrump  🙂 🙂 🙂 

Here’s the body count in the latest geopolitical earthquake afflicting the West: The Socialist Party in France is dead. The traditional Right is comatose. What used to be the Extreme Left is alive, and still kicking.

Yet what’s supposed to be the shock of the new is not exactly a shock. The more things veer towards change (we can believe in), the more they stay the same. Enter the new normal: the recycled “system” – as in Emmanuel Macron — versus “the people” — as in the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, battling for the French presidency on May 7.

Although that was the expected outcome, it’s still significant. Le Pen, re-christened “Marine”, reached the second round of voting despite a mediocre campaign. . . . 

NGOs accused of colluding with human traffickers in Libya by Italian prosecutor

. . . and here at home . . . 

Police State USA: Georgia cops illegally grope 900 high school students and find nothing

Xi calls Trump’s bluff, makes it clear China is not going to support unilateral US action against North Korea

Reminder for Trump: China and North Korea have a mutual defense treaty

. . . and again, from China regarding a different war front . . .

Chinese envoy to Syria: Syrian conflict can only be solved with political solutions, not by use of force

It shall be noted that on the 13th of April, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said China ‘s proposal to adopt a political solution is the only way to resolve crisis in Syria. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also released a statement, calling to preserve Syria ‘s sovereignty and territorial integrity, while also firmly rejecting and foreign military intervention against Syria.

Who poses the greater threat in Korea? History holds the answers . . . I’ve already posted this, but if you haven’t read it, it is worth your time.

Russia backs Iranian membership in Shanghai Pact . . . the world is marching right by the schoolyard bullies; it has a better future to create.

Taking the piss: UN elects misogynist theocracy Saudi Arabia for Women’s Rights Commission . . . how d’ya like this for a headline, huh? Huh?  🙂 🙂 🙂

President Assad accuses Jordan of planning Syria invasion

“We have this information, not only from mass media, but from different sources,” Al-Assad told Sputnik, who interviewed him earlier this week. “You know that we have the same tribes and same families on both sides of the borders,” he told Sputnik’s reporter.

The Destruction of Syria Will Legitimize Israeli Land Grabs . . . it seems we can’t ever leave Israel out of anything. . . 

Israel argues that there is no Syria to ‘negotiate with’ — which means the occupation of the Golan is now ‘legitimate’

Israel’s deputy minister for diplomacy Michael Oren has announced that ‘there is no Syria to negotiate with’, which means that Israel’s illegal occupation of the Golan should be recognized by the international community.

Capitalizing on the chaos and destruction of a six-year war to push for international recognition of occupied land? That’s not very neighborly.

Pentagon conducts more strikes in Yemen against 11 al-Qaeda members

Defense Secretary Mattis hides the real goals of the US in Yemen

Without evidence, US sanctions 271 Syrians and freezes their US assets. . . When I read this, I almost laughed. They are trying everything in the book to start something — anything — and it isn’t going to work. The world is just waiting for them, like a child’s toy, to run down.

Two weeks after launching missile strikes on Syria, the U.S. Treasury announced it has sanctioned 271 employees of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center in response to the alleged sarin attack conducted by the Assad regime on Kahn Sheikhoun. It’s one of the largest sanction actions in U.S. history.

The action was announced in a statement by the Treasury Department, and Treasury Security Steve Mnuchin simultaneously briefed reporters at the White House.

The action – which takes place in lieu of a probe demanded by Russia and Syria to determine if Assad was indeed responsible for the recent sarin attack – freezes the individuals’ U.S. assets – which we doubt exist – and generally prohibits U.S. persons from dealing with them

Kiev preparing for new ‘gas war’ with Russia

EU foreign policy chief Mogherini meets with Lavrov: “We count on Russia and Astana in Syria”, call for full OPCW probe of alleged chem attack  . . .

. . . and . . . the above appears to be an example of ‘speaking with forked tongue as we learn in this post below . . .

Fatally prejudiced: OPCW investigation of Khan Sheikhoun attack collapses before it starts  . . . 

. . . now, on the other hand . . . 

Russian MoD assures ceasefire for Khan Sheikhoun if experts come to probe Syria chemical incident

Former Fox News anchor Heather Nauert named State Department spokeswoman . . . well, well, it looks like the State Department is going to operate like a television news show.

Trump passively gives go-ahead for AG Sessions to bring down Assange and Wikileaks, not involved in that decision 

. . . and . . .

Ron Paul: Candidate Trump: ‘I Love Wikileaks’, President Trump: ‘Arrest Assange!’ (Video)

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April 24, 2017 Take Time to Smell the Flowers! . . . shared by a friend of sixty years — Wow!

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April 24, 2017, News

UPDATES: Three of the articles (***) require a bit of reading, and they are very interesting. 

Insane shrinks say Trump mentally ill: official science howls at the moon, by Jon Rappoport

My readers are familiar with my extended refutation of psychiatry as science. Here I’ll focus on the latest piece of non-logic from professional know-nothin…

Trial & Terror: Why the US ‘quietly released’ 400 people convicted on terrorism charges

In latest populist betrayal, Trump executive order may unchain Wall Street greed

In yet another Wall Street giveaway, President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon took executive action to chip away at Dodd-Frank financial regulations and roll back rules aimed at reducing corporate tax avoidance.

SIPRI study: US military spending grew for first time in six years in 2016

‘Macron will deliver a weak France, exactly what Brussels & Berlin want’, RT, Op-Ed 

Jean-Pierre Thomas, former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy

The result of this election in France from my point of view is not good news for France, for Europe and for Russia. Mr. Macron, everybody forgets this thing, because the result, the campaign, the marketing, but the fact is [he] is the baby of Mr. [Francois] Hollande. So it will be exactly the same policy… When he was the minister of the economy he didn’t make any good reforms; it’s only a marketing baby of Mr. Hollande.

Europe needs big, big reforms. The majority of the people in France more and more are against Europe. It’s a pity. So we have to reform Europe. I don’t think he is on the way to do it…

Beijing newspaper warns of retaliation if Trump takes swing at Chinese steel

Pentagon conducts more strikes in Yemen against 11 al-Qaeda members

“Since February 28, we conducted more than 80 precision strikes against AQAP militants, infrastructure, fighting positions and equipment in Yemen.”

Saudi king returns perks to state employees, fires ministers and hires sons

Senior Russian senator names top 3 idealogical threats to civilized world

“The three ideological fundamentalisms are currently as follows: an Islamist, personified by Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL]; a pseudo-communist, manifested by the DPRK [North Korea]; and the liberal-globalizing represented by certain elites of the West.

“These threats are, of course, unequal in scope and ideological roots, but they have much in common: each resorts to blackmail and threats, as well as use of force, visual and media effects, relying on zombie activists ready for everything for the sake of an idea,” Kosachev, the head of Russia’s upper house Committee for International Relations, wrote in an opinion piece published in Izvestia daily on Monday.

These threats have come from where they were least expected – from within, Kosashev notes.

The peoples of Western countries have begun to show discontent with the ruling elite becoming increasingly out of touch with the population. However, instead of a preemptive transformation of the system, it reacted with a completely authoritarian scheme: first, by seeing in the goings-on some ‘intrigues of the enemies’ from the outside. Second, by extremely demonizing those who oppose the system, exposing them as ‘new dictators’. And third, by accusing the people of allegedly being fond of populism. Although what they call populism is in fact an attempt by politicians to respond to the voice of the people, not the elite.” . . . 

 *** Partitioning the Middle East: A Roadmap to US-Israeli Hegemony, by Bas Spliet, Newsbud

We are often told that the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the war in Syria are disastrous failures of Western foreign policy. This article, however, argues that the architects of these wars were, and are, well aware of the destabilising consequences of their military efforts, and in fact, had always regarded the breakup of Iraq and Syria along sectarian lines as a desirable outcome. The millions of deaths and injuries resulting from these horrific wars, as well as the displacement of several more millions, then, are nothing more than “collateral damage” to achieve US-Israeli hegemony in the region. Viewed from this perspective, post-9/11 Western Middle East policy in retrospect is not a failure, but a success.

Part I: Partition, the only solution? . . . 

 * * * The Russians are coming! No wait, it’s the zombies! No, the Nazis are back!

According to Bloomberg, Vladimir Putin is “quietly” annexing the Donbass region into Mother Russia. Meanwhile, NATO is holding a parliamentary assembly in the middle of icebound nowhere. Here in Germany the geniuses in charge of the government have created a “Ministry of Truth” in order to suppress deadly populism. Terror still grips us, North Korea is set to start Armageddon, and America’s Rex Tillerson has an Exxon plan for Syria. In short, Trump changed nothing. Here we are, still caught in Alice’s Wonderland.

Blooming Icebergs of Fake News and BS . . .

 * * * The political dimension of hydrocarbon trade between Russia and Central Asia

Central Asia is strategically important for Russia in terms of security. It plays the role of a sort of buffer between Russia and countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan etc., where the threat of terrorism is strong. Therefore, good relations with the countries of the region, their peace and prosperity are among Russia’s most important interests. Cooperation in the oil and gas industry is a powerful means to achieve this.

* * * 
31% of Americans view Russia as ‘greatest danger’ to US, highest rate in 3 decades – poll
. . . soon, Americans may learn that ignorance is not bliss!

Our school system makes it clear why we are ignorant:

 * * * 
Before the NYPD can bring a case against Anthony Weiner and others, based on the contents of the latter’s computer, it appears that they need to clean up their own house. At least this convicted pedophile was no longer on the force.

15-year NYPD veteran, sergeant Alberto Randazzo supervised police officers by day but directed infant porn videos over his computer by night, telling moms he met online to molest their children. The victims were babies only a few months old.

Three of the women Randazzo solicited have also been charged in the Eastern District of New York. Two have pleaded guilty, one of whom was sentenced to five years imprisonment, one of whom is awaiting sentencing, and another is awaiting trial.

. . . and how about this man’s story?

 .  . . and another story  . . .

Navy SEAL faces felony charges of molesting girl on camera, raping a woman and keeping stash of child porn

* * *

Russia prepared to deploy ground forces to Syria: Sources

Civilian deaths in US strikes in Syria & Iraq are ‘greatest catastrophe since WWII’

Ukraine, Korea, Syria, Iran… Falsifying History Is Uncle Sam’s Way To War

Russia’s support for E Ukraine ‘obstacle’ in Washington-Moscow ties . . . well, it’s now more than obvious that no matter what Russia does, it isn’t going to win with the United States. Instead, it is finally regarded by most of the world as an ‘honest broker’ and can openly speak its mind. How refreshing!

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Russia’s “actions” in eastern Ukraine serve as an “obstacle” in ties between the administration of US President Donald Trump and the Kremlin.

‘Saudi discrimination against women systematic’

China’s Xi urges restraint during Trump call as ‘USS Carl Vinson’ heads for N. Korean waters . . . Yes, the rest of the world must continue to work to restrain the US in order to avoid war. How long must we watch this game being played? Better still, how many more must die until this comes to an end?

Trump: If The DOJ Wants To Arrest Assange, “It’s OK With Me”

Key Highlights From Trump’s AP Interview

The majority of those who voted for Donald  Trump and Hillary Clinton in the US 2016 presidential election still voice support for the two, a poll shows.

The News/Washington Post poll was released early Sunday as President Trump was approaching his 100th day mark in office. 🙂 🙂 🙂

 * * * 

Steve makes some interesting points; nevertheless, psychiatrists no longer impress me. My experience is that unless people deal with their feelings, intellectual understandings alone can’t heal. It’s the fears and terrors, often acquired in childhood and misunderstood and suppressed, that we must bring into alignment with reality. This will open our hearts to clarity. Do you see clarity in Steve?

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April 23, 2017, Afternoon News . . . Please watch for updates . . .

I hope people get the picture in France very quickly! It’s coming our way, for sure!

Liberté d’expression? RT and Ruptly crews barred from Macron HQ

UN Watch outraged as Saudi Arabia takes place on UN Women’s Right Commission

Let’s not forget this fact:

When people choose to ignore the rape, murder, and enslavement of women and children, and, yes, young boys, and do nothing about it, they are really showing selfish disrespect for people like me — and maybe their neighbor or relative, who have suffered at the hands of these cruel men and had their lives destroyed. When are we going to decide this is not acceptable? When are we going to punish those who are guilty?

. . . and while we’re on the topic that all this flurry in North Korea is likely meant to distract us from today via the videos I posted below, let me share this post, and a video on much the same topic.

Children in nine cities will be ritually tortured and killed by the Vatican-led Ninth Circle sacrificial cult on April 30, the Satanic festival of Beltane or Walpurgis Night (Videos), published by Abel Danger from Kevin Annett.

Trump’s friend Thiel is very, very interested in young people’s blood:

* * *
Establishment Shunts Establishment Puppet into the Élysée: More Warmongering To Follow

In his “victory” speech in the 1st round of the French presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron said he will represent all French people “in facing the threat of nationalists”.

Apparently being a French nationalist is now a hate crime.

It is highly suspicious that Macron went through with most votes and will now likely win the Presidency on May 7th.

Here’s a 39 year old Rothschild banker who was virtually unknown less than one year ago, endorsed by Obama and NATO, never elected to public office, spent a couple of years as a shoe-in economy minister under Hollande where he proposed a ‘labor’ law that bears his name that hundreds of thousands protested against and had to be forced through by executive decree and with a manifesto slightly less bland than his personality.

Hollande’s presidency, under which Macron served, is probably the least popular in French history. And yet we’re expected to believe that a majority of French voted for this guy??!

Sounds like a rigged game to me.

[Sounds a lot like Paul Ryan to me. ~J}

Dow Jumps 200 Points, Gold Drops As Futures Open After French Vote. . . yes, of course! It’s all about the money!

FYI, Right here in America: Cops tase 18 y.o. boy to death in brutal assault . . . and there is no legal accountability — a story everyone sorely needs to read.

Worldwide: Confession of a human trafficker – admits to killing over 400 children (video interview) . . . but we’re not able to talk about this, either. It’s all about a war that isn’t going to happen, simply because they can’t win it — at the moment. A distraction from these terrible, terrible facts? 

Slavery may be deemed a historical term in many societies at this point, but it’s certainly not a thing of the past. Human trafficking, for instance, produces hundreds of billions of dollars in profit by trapping millions of people in unfathomable situations around the world. Human traffickers resort to violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and other forms of manipulation to force people to take part in commercial sex or other services against their consent.

According to the International Labour Organization, there are an estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally, with 68 percent of them trapped in forced labor, 26 percent being children, and 55 percent being women and girls. The organization also estimates that forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide.

Trump’s presidential approval rating lowest since 1945

Oh, and by the way: US ‘armada’ to North Korea was fake news, by James Corbett

Washington’s endgame in Syria and its implications for the region . . . Syrian can forget about international law.

Make no mistake: There is a media blockade against Venezuela

New research in the hunt for MH370 could reopen investigation

 * * * 

Space Weather News for April 23, 2017  🙂 🙂 🙂 

GEOMAGNETIC STORMS CONTINUE: Following on the heels of Saturday’s unexpected CME impact, our planet is now moving into a stream of high speed (700 km/s) solar wind. This is re-energizing geomagnetic activity around Earth’s poles. NOAA forecasters say there is an 80% chance of geomagnetic storms on April 23rd subsiding to ‘only’ 60% to 65% on April 24th and 25th. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras in the nights ahead. In the USA, Northern Lights might be seen and photographed in northern-tier states from Washington to Maine. Southern Lights are also being reported by observers in high-latitude regions of New Zealand. Visit  Spaceweather.com for photos and updates.

Macron, Le Pen lead in 1st round of French presidential elections – projection

Macron, Le Pen Take Lead In Early Count Of French Vote: Live Feed

“This Is A Monumental Change”: Citi Asks If This Is The “End Of Two Party System In France”

With events in France developing fast and furious, and with Le Pen either leading (for now) according to official French ministry data, or in second place according to exit polls, Citi’s Fraser King asks: “Is this the end of the two-party system in France.”

Bookies See Almost 90% Chance Of Macron Becoming French President

* * * 

If you have time, the second video is the full interview. In it he shares how he dealt with the situation in which he found himself. After seeing this, how can anyone continue in denial.? This man isn’t lying! His anguish is palpable. I feel like I’ve been punched in my gut! Thank God he is finding the courage to speak the truth! How can we as a people permit this to continue? It’s our children! It’s their future! Right now, is there anything more important? This is what will bring them down, but we aren’t talking about it!

* * *

US “logic”: Tillerson cozies up to head-chopping Saudis while labeling Iran ‘terror sponsor‘. . . Tillerson’s comments are a MUST READ.

Sott Comment:

Leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, says the United States and the Israeli regime are two sides of the same coin and together they seek to destroy Yemen through a brutal military campaign launched by Saudi Arabia. 

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April 23, 2017, News

  * * *

UPDATE: As we wait for France’s election results, here is an excellent article describing the challenge;

Big Stakes in the French Presidential Election: Global Governance Versus the People, by Diana Johnstone

Why North Korea hates America . . . think my comment about North Korea screaming for help was crazy? With a history like this, maybe you’d be screaming, too.

North Korea Arrests US Citizen, Threatens To Sink US Aircraft Carrier As Japan Deploys Warships

Report of third US citizen arrested, remains detained in N. Korea

Official paper – Korea ready to sink US aircraft carrier with a ‘single strike’

 * * * 

Perhaps a much needed change of pace:

After a cancelled TED talk, former CIA physicist exposes the reality of remote viewing, also watch the teaser video . . . click on ‘Vimeo’

. . . and . . . 

How to solve your nature deficit when you live in the city

* * *

Russia’s Chief Rabbi: ‘Lenin was a murderer & it’s time to bury him’

Changing narratives? Ex-Trump adviser Page fires back at CNN’s ‘Russia contacts’ claim (Video)


Kurdish-led forces [supported by the USA] control all strategic highways leading to Raqqa

‘No other place to take them’: Devastated Mosul hospital struggles to treat injured patients (VIDEO)

 * * *

Yale Psychiatrists Just Warned There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Trump . . . Right on time to fit the ‘agenda’. Where were they when Bush, an alumnus was President? Yale is the seat of so much that is criminal like Skull and Bones, whose graduates fill our government — Bush, Kerry, and so on — and we’re supposed to buy into this? Yes, Trump has problems, that is obvious, but are they any worse than Bush’s or Obama’s, who both took as into wars that murdered millions? Let’s get back to reality and realize we are once again being played! From the beginning, the agenda has been to get rid of Trump, and this is just another way to get us to acquiesce. We don’t need to get rid of Trump; we need to get rid of them all!

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April 22, 2017, Evening News . . . a non-stop flow. . . to be continued :) ~J

Kremlin advisor reveals ‘cure for US aggression’ [full article below]

Putin’s advisor also believes that Donald Trump is just “doing what the ruling elite expects him to do”

© Sergey Konkov/TASS

The only way to stop the United States’ aggression is to get rid of dollar addiction, a Kremlin advisor said on Friday.

“The more aggressive the Americans are the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar as the only way for the victims of American aggression to stop this aggression is to get rid of the dollar. As soon as we and China are through with the dollar, it will be the end of the United States’ military might,” Sergey Glazyev said in an interview with TASS.

Commenting on the policy of the new US president, Glazyev noted that Donald Trump is doing what the ruling elite expects him to do.

“I had no illusions about him, that he will change the policy. First, America’s aggressiveness in the world is rooted in the aspiration to preserve America’s hegemony in a situation when they have already ceded leadership in the economy to China,” he said.

“The United States has no tools to make all others use the dollar other than a truncheon. That is why they are indulging in a hybrid war with the entire world to shift the burden on their debts onto other countries, to confine all to the dollar and weaken territories they cannot control.”

“In this context, the anti-Russian hysteria and growing Russophobia can be seen as a long-term factor linked with the specific interests of the United States’ ruling elite,” the Kremlin advisor said.

“In objective terms, they are conducting a global hybrid war and in subjective terms, this war is aimed against us. More to it, as it always happens when a global leader is changed, the war is for control over rimland nations. In the period of WWI and WWII, Britain acted as a provoker in a bid to keep its global leadership. Now the United States is doing the same. And Trump expresses these interests,” he said.

Krieger: The American Empire Under Trump Has Become Increasingly Desperate, Dangerous, & Insecure

… Think about what you just read for a minute. The DOJ apparently spent 7 years trying to figure out how to void the First Amendment, yet it couldn’t jail a single bank executive during that entire time. What does this tell you about where the government’s priorities lie? Even more disturbingly, it doesn’t matter which Goldman Sachs/deep state puppet sits in the White House, the agenda moves forward. It is an imperial agenda to protect and secure the wealth and power of the few against the well being and liberty of the many.

The U.S. empire doesn’t work for the people, it works for a small handful of elitists and insiders who have completely gamed a corrupt system for their advantage. The America people are starting to figure this out, partly due to the journalism of Wikileaks, which is why the deep state hates Assange so passionately.

The American empire is becoming increasingly insecure and desperate, which also makes it increasingly dangerous. Empires don’t reform, and as we can see from Trump’s first 100 days, we certainly aren’t going to see a reversal of course from him.

We the people need to keep our eye on the prize and stop bickering with one another over relatively trivial issues. That is precisely what the status quo wants and actively encourages us to do. They can’t keep us oppressed if we stand together, so let’s not make their jobs easier by constantly fighting with one another. We need to stand tall and say enough is enough. That we are sick of your puppets, your wars and your Wall Street bailouts. America is tired of being controlled by a small group of unaccountable, incompetent, greedy, unethical crooks running around stealing everything in sight.

Enough is enough.

The Last Time This Happened, The Market Crashed. . . euphoria is entering and buyers are on an irrational buying spree. The advice: stay out of the markets.

A few days ago Charles Schwab, the investment brokerage firm, announced that the number of new brokerage accounts soared 44% during the first quarter of 2017.

More specifically, Schwab stated that individual investors are opening up stock trading accounts at the fastest pace the company has seen in 17 years.

17 years.

Anyone remember what happened 17 years ago?

Deutsche Bank: “It Was Good While It Lasted”

…Fast forward to this weekend, when in his latest fixed income weekly report, Deutsche Bank’s Dominic Konstam – who two weeks ago flipped back from being passionately bearish on rates and TSYs, and a supporter of the reflation trade, to anticipating much lower yields and a slowdown in the economy – writes that “It was good while it lasted.

What he is referring to is both the so-called “bear market” in bonds as well as global growth momentum, and in taking a page from the second derivative playbook we have focused on over the past two months, he expects it to decline sharply now that US excess liquidity has reached a downward inflection point, and as a result for the foreseeable future monetary policy will be a headwind: “historically, the peak in G3 yields has coincided with peaks in output momentum. It would not be unreasonable to expect at least a 50 bps decline from peak to trough in G3 yields following a peak in yield momentum.”

Women ‘especially good at lying’ – defense lawyer in millionaire rape trial (VIDEO) Please note that pedophila is now gone from the news — as planned. Here we can read the only arrogant, in-your-face story that has shown up today!

Would China strike North Korea? by Finian Cunningham . . . In the beginning of this situation, I  read that China has offered to protect North Korea, which in the total picture makes good sense to me, but it seems to me that end would have to be reached very, very carefully. Maybe that is why such an idea has disappeared from the news.

N. Korea accuses Australia of ‘blinding toeing US line,’ threatens nuclear strike . . . It sounds to me like North Korea is like a terrified child, who speaks the truth in a crazy world — and is screaming loudly for someone to please ‘hear them’ — and help them. Are there any adults listening? They should be, because unlike a helpless child, North Korea has the ability to lash out! What would you do if for years you have been treated abusively, as nothing but a pawn, like dirt — and nobody seems to care, and you see your demise coming . . . anyway? Think about it! Very seriously!! Are there any adults in the world . . . listening? Probably not, and then North Korea will get the blame, like an abused child, for the lack of mature adult caring! It all makes me so sick!!

Pence calls on China to pressure for peaceful & nuke-free Korean . . . Many have questioned the astuteness of the US’ ‘take’ on China helping them with North Korea. Soon, I think we’re going to find out what the truth is concerning this so-called relationship that exists between Trump/Xi. China has said over and over again that this situation should be resolved peacefully through negotiation. What then is coming at the Korean people? 

North Korea Warns China Of “Catastrophic Consequences” For Siding With U.S.

Having repeatedly threatened the annihilation of its neightbor to the south, and most recently warning of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” against the US, one day after it emerged that Pyongyang appeared to have resumed activity at its Punggye-ri Nuclear test site, North Korea asked China not to step up anti-North sanctions, warning of “catastrophic consequences” in their bilateral relations.

China ‘challenged’ Philippine jets carrying government and military staff flying over South China Sea

To Trump – in North Korea you will be murdering human beings! MUST READ article for all members of the human race!!!

I have already said a lot about North Korea. I have shown images. I have spoken about the unimaginable pain this country has had to endure. I have spoken broadly about its tremendous gesture – of helping to liberate and then to educate so many parts of the world, including the enormous and devastated continent of Africa.

Still the propaganda against the people of DPRK rules.

Let me try again; let me try again and again and again:

North Korea is a beautiful country, inhabited by human beings, with blood circulating through their veins. Despite what you are directly and indirectly told, these people feel pain and they are capable of experiencing great joy. Like others, they often dream, fall in love, and suffer when being insulted or betrayed or abandoned. They laugh and cry, they hold hands, get angry, even desperate. They have great hopes for a better life and they work very hard trying to build their future.

So listen well, manager, or supervisor of what you yourself call the “free world”. Or how should I call you, President? Ok, fine, President… If you shoot your Tomahawk missiles at them, at DPRK, (as you recently did at Syria), or if you drop your bloody “Mother of All Bombs” on them (as you just did on some god-forsaken hamlet in Afghanistan, just in order to demonstrate your spite and destructive force), their bodies will be torn to pieces, people will die in tremendous agony; wives will be howling in despair burying their husbands, grandparents will be forced to cover the dead bodies of their tiny grandchildren with white sheets, entire neighborhoods and villages will cease to exist.

Of course you people do it everywhere; you think that you are the masters of the world, so used to spreading agony and desolation all over the world, but let me remind you one more time and put it on the record: it may all look like some fun-to-play computer game or a TV show, but it is not; it is all real, when your shit hits the targets, it’s damn real! I have seen plenty of it, and I have had really enough!  . . . 

WikiLeaks witch hunt: German chancellery reportedly under investigation for whistleblowers
. . . Germany, like a good puppet, joins in the effort to distract from reality.

James Corbett on India and Pakistan joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (2 videos, the 2nd video gives excellent background)

Syrian Army discovers Turkish ‘flour’ bags packed with C4 explosives

Erdogan to meet with Putin, disappointed in Trump over Syria . . . poor Putin, shaking my head 🙂

Central Banks Give Market “All Clear” To BTFD If French Election Upsets Market . . . take a look at the chards and see how they rigged it for Brexit and for Trump’s election. . . shaking head, yet again!

Having already ‘dropped’ over one trillion dollars in 2017 to keep reality at bay, it appears the world’s central bankers are not about to let a French election mishap spoil the illusion.

Just as central bankers gathered at The BIS’ Basel Tower just says before the Brexit vote, so judging by the statements today, the monetary manipulators stand ready to rescue markets once again should the first round of the French election ‘surprise’ the ‘free’ markets.

Tear gas, smoke grenades & flares: Violence erupts at Paris protest day before election (VIDEO)

Le Pen calls for restoration of France’s borders, expelling foreign nationals on watchlist

All in play as France prepares to tear up the political playbook, by Pepe Escobar

The dice have been rolled and it looks like French electors may buck the political narrative.

The Decline of the West; the destiny of Western civilization; the unraveling of the EU; the future of democracy itself. All stops are pulled when it comes to how the French presidential elections will shape the geopolitics of a young and turbulent 21st century.

And it’s about to come down to the fate of three men and one woman – not exactly rising to the occasion, rather overwhelmed by it.

“What we’re doing through our investigation process is to figure out exactly what is it they did and how they did it so that we can help, equip and assist our allies to prevent the same kind of thing happening to them,” said Ryan, who was supposed to meet with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid later in the day.

[. . . since folks can’t even pay their NATO bills, just who do you think is gonna’ pay for this ‘help’ — and who will get a nice cut from the sales?~J] 

US official who helped broker Iran nuclear deal demoted and reassigned

“He’s taken off handcuffs on war machine and turned it over to glorified Generals”- Oliver Stone blasts Trump

Barf Alert: Lindsey Graham, happiest dude in USA thanks to Trump (Video interview, preceded by this warning: Watching this video may make you puke. . . and I watched and I agree. It may, however, sound just great to those who are ignorant of the facts, and of course this is what the cabal is hoping.

US, foreigners must stop interfering in region: Iran


VP Pence vows to honor refugee deal with Australia, which Trump had called ‘the worst call by far’

Mother of all schemes: ‘US seeks more chaos in Afghanistan to justify intervention’

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April 22, 2017, News

 🙂 🙂 🙂 Space Weather News for April 22, 2017


EARTH DAY AURORA STORM: Last night, Northern Lights descended into the United States as far south as Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington, kicking off an unexpected display of bright auroras for Earth Day. What happened?  A CME that was supposed to miss Earth apparently hit instead, surprising forecasters. Geomagnetic storms are still underway as April 22nd unfolds; high-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for midnight auroras on April 22-23. Visit  Spaceweather.com for updates.

This video is all over the internet:

* * *

What follows is a series of headlines from Zerohedge about life at home in the United States:

The Simple Reason Why A Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

If This Is Freedom and Democracy, What Is Tyranny? by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts On President Trump’s ‘Disappearance’

What Trump Tax Plan? Key Senate Panel Has Not Even Seen It

Failing Malls Turn Empty Parking Lots Into Carnivals To Generate Cash

Flying Is About To Get Even More Miserable…Well, At Least For Poor People

“It’s Ludicrous” – The Market Is Losing Faith In Yellen’s Promise

Our State-Corporate Plantation Economy

 * * * 

America first? Nikki Haley slams UN for not ‘protecting Israel & targeting Iran’ (UN Video) . . . I can only shake my head. Can she be sincere? Can she really be so blind? Where does she get her information? Eventually, she (like many others) will have to pay for her complete and shameful lack of attention to the truth; there is no excuse for it. 

Israeli activists ‘thought it nice’ to hold BBQ near Palestinian hunger strikers

The United States is spending an estimated $34 million to renovate a military base it has at an undisclosed location in the Middle East, a report says.

The renovation by the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing of the US Air Force is being conducted on a base which is known by US forces as “The Rock,” Stars and Stripes reported on Friday.

The military force is repairing the base runway, expanding aircraft taxi areas, and constructing shelters for the MQ-9 Reaper drone and new living quarters.

“As missions change and operations increase or decrease, so do our facilities and operational footprint,” US Air Forces Central Command said in a statement. “Construction on the base is an example driven directly by these type of requirements.”

The base houses several C-130s and C-17s, supplies equipment and personnel who participate in US Central Command operations in Afghanistan and coalition so-called fights against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

The Air Force also carries out electronic attacks and drone missions from the base, the report added.

Although the US military leaders have denied any direct link between the renovation and a prolonged presence in the region, they have alluded to their intention of maintaining their presence there into the future.

The US military might remain in Iraq for years even after defeating Daesh terrorists, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford have said.

US military spending stands at approximately $600 billion annually, but President Donald Trump has pledged a “massive” increase in the Pentagon’s budget spending to implement “the greatest military build-up in American history.”

Fatally prejudiced: OPCW investigation of Khan Sheikhoun attack collapses before it starts

Tillerson reaffirms to Lavrov support for proper investigation of Syria chemical attacks

Rex Tillerson reaffirmed to Sergey Lavrov US support for the existing OPCW mechanism for investigating the alleged use of sarin in Syria.

Assad: West has blocked Khan Sheikhoun investigation because findings will show the incident was a false flag (Video: interview)

North Korea’s nuclear threats are empty: James Mattis. . . who are we to believe? I’m thinking we shouldn’t believe any of them!

‘Role model’? Fallon [UK] hails arms manufacturer who sold missiles to Yemen-bombing Saudis and Gaddafi

Russia supports the Great Libyan tribes

Libya enters new phase of armed conflict. . . this article provides excellent background to the present situation in Libya

US offers to help fund Mexico’s opioid eradication efforts ‒ report . . .and Mexico City is a city-state, just like the Vatican, the City of London, and Washington, D.C., created, I understand, in order to traffic drugs.

NATO military games on Russian border: ‘Summer Shield’ or ‘Summer Sword’?


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