January 12, 2017, Late Night News of a different sort :)

If you are short on time, I suggest you spend time with Part 2 of Simon’s interview with Kerry! ~J

North Pole Earthquake Simon Says

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Earthquake at North Pole measures 5.8 at a depth of around 15 miles – there are no known fault lines in this location but there is (or was) an underground base.

Thursday 12th January 2017

Second earthquake at the North Pole, 100 Miles north of the first one.

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Getting Real, by James Gilliland
(via email)

I have observed some beyond realistic behavior on a grand scale unfolding on every level and if we are going to survive the days to come we are going to have to get back to basics. We are also going to have to do our own research and develop our own inner sensitivity or what some bluntly refer to as BS meter. Our last administration did bring transparency. What was transparent is the corruption and double talk; which has been epidemic. The BS meter was and still is in the red. Humanity is waking up and what the controllers did not count on is the soul awakening and the Internet both of which are instrumental in their demise. The Fake news or lame stream media owned by the corporations; just several men gave rise to alternative media because of its failure to tell the truth. The double speak is to accuse the alternative media of being the fake news. Almost everything coming out of the past administration was double talk. All the accusations of others defined exactly what they have been and are now doing.

The sad thing is a large portion of the masses is gullible and be lie ve in the propaganda delivered daily by the lame stream media. They are being led like lemmings to participate in their own enslavement and eventual demise. They are rioting and marching to a tune played by the very people whose behavior they detest but cannot accept. Its like a bad marriage where one mate refuses to accept the obvious. It is getting so ugly denial is not an option.

The ascension waves are bringing all of this up for everyone to see. We are still in the middle of one of these waves it ends on the 11th. The good news if you are on the path to enlightenment another wave begins on the 11th and lasts for 7 days. The peak of this wave is right around the 14th; which many are screaming it is the end of the world. The world did not end with the last waves nor will it end with this one. There is a planetary alignment where all the planets are participating. If you understand the electric universe this will explain the incoming energies yet what many are not aware of is the higher dimensional beings take advantage of these planetary alignments.

This new wave is coming in from the 6th dimension. Light and energy is conscious. This wave will carry with it Universal law, Healing energy and a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness. Love heals and the most powerful energy in the Universe is Love. It is a formidable force and to try to stand against it will traumatize those who wish to continue with the tyranny and enslavement. As if they are not already going insane as demonstrated by their actions.

This is what is being acted out in your political arena and social consciousness. Their consciousness and energy grid is collapsing. Their unseen overlords are being removed and they are like gangsters without a boss. They are also fighting among themselves for power and wealth completely unaware that the rug is being pulled out from underneath them. They cannot and will not function with the increase of consciousness and energy. They are not frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process. As the prophecies foretold the beast is consuming itself. You will see the beast come forward in the elite families, the banksters, the politicians, the movie industry, religious institutions almost every disempowering organization designed to enslave the masses.

Fasten your seatbelt because this ride is going to get crazy. Your bodies are going to go through all kinds of challenges. Your past is going to come forward, with some it is feelings of sadness others anger. Many will be processing at night with vivid dreams of past events. Some may get a peak into the future. It might be a rollercoaster of illness followed by feeling great, sadness followed by bliss. The prophecy I can give you with 100% accuracy is there is going to be a lot of change.

Be well,
James Gilliland
You have my permission to send this far and wide.

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VANCOUVER, BC – Astrologer & broadcaster Mary Houston discusses the astrological convergences in 2017 of (1) astrological configurations of a 2nd American Revolution; (2) an expected X-factor event; and (3) the US Presidency of Donald J. Trump, whose astrology identity as a “Jupiter Sun God – Gemini – Dog” (“Trumpzilla”) seems a transformation after 8 years under the deceptive Neptunian chart & character of Barack Soetoro-Obama.


Astrologer Mary Houston: 2017 – A 2nd American Revolution, X-factor event & Trump’s Jupiter Sun God chart. by Alfred Lambremont Webre


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More from Anna von Reitz in her Stop Being Stupid Series, Parts 15- 18

454. Mortgage Fraud, Political Status and Law, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 15  http://annavonreitz.com/beingstupidpart15.pdf

455. The Rest of the Story, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 16  http://annavonreitz.com/beingstupidpart16.pdf

456. Hypothecation, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 17  http://annavonreitz.com/beingstupidpart17.pdf

457. Long Ago, Far Away — Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 18  http://annavonreitz.com/beingstupidpart18.pdf

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It seems to me that Trump is biting off an awful lot right now . . . 

China Daily: Tillerson’s “Disastrous” Actions Would Set The Course For A “Devastating Confrontation”, Zerohedge

Israeli Jets Bomb Damascus Military Airport; Syria Vows It Will Respond To “Flagrant Attack”, Zerohedge

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UPDATE/s – now 5, scroll down for #5, #6 Clif High !!! add to the chaos . . . January 12, 2017 News . . . Today, it’s all about creating chaos.

Please follow the news on sott.net and zerohedge. There is more than I can keep track of, and it all speaks of the chaos being created by the neocons and their henchmen. What I have chosen below, I think is basic and critical to our understanding of the undeclared war (yes, another one of those) in which we now find ourselves for the first time personally involved. I think the time has passed for sitting on the sidelines; that is, it has passed if we want to keep our own country . . . ~J

UPDATE: ‘Russia is dangerous’: Rex Tillerson says what he needs to to pass Senate confirmation hearings . . . now, this sounds more like it!

In his Senate confirmation hearing Tillerson said Russia was a danger, it had acted aggressively against America’s national interests, and that sanctions against it should be kept in place.

However he also qualified every single one of these statements.

UPDATE: ‘Deep State’ wins….Get on with the program or else, by Finian Cunningham . . . Is Trump’s team being forced to lie—and if so what does that say about our government, and is Clif High’s prediction becoming ever more relevant?

UPDATE: The 25th Amendment authorizes Trump to be forced out of office, by Eric Zuesse . . . the stage is being set.

UPDATE: Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis tells Congress: ‘Putin is trying to breakNATO, the US must push back”

Deep State neocons have declared war on Trump, by The Saker . . . what else can they do, even though it is a losing battle . . . and as the truth comes out, the chaos increases. . . what will happen in this very real WAR? Are we citizens going to bear the brunt of it?

It seems to me as the rest of the planet looks on and watches this insanity that Clif High’s October video becomes more and more relevant. It’s time we all make our preparations.

UPDATE #6: Clif High

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UPDATE on Dyncorp – 

BOMBSHELL: Solving The Puzzle – “It’s DynCorp behind the mass shootings you see in America”

If you’ve been visiting SGT Report and ThePhaser.com in recent weeks, you’re probably familiar with George Webb’s You Tube series of videos titled ‘Where is Eric Braverman?‘.

Utilizing on-the-record research, documents and investigative reports from Seymour Hersh [Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels], Eva Bartlett [ALEPPO: How US & Suadi-Backed Rebels Target ‘Every Syrian’] and other talented and courageous journalists, Webb’s series provides a quantifiable visual roadmap to the who’s who of the deep state criminal mafia. From Washington DC insiders, to the CIA to Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to DynCorp, the information conveyed in these must see video reports offers the prima facie evidence necessary to prosecute numerous individuals for crimes ranging from arms dealing to child trafficking and murder.

Webb began Day 81, Part 2 today with the words, “I think I’m ready to solve the puzzle.”

Whether you’ve been giving Webb’s videos only an occasional look, or not tuned in at all, I’m hear to tell you – today’s posting is an absolute blockbuster which almost certainly guarantees George Webb’s place in history as a patriot willing to put his own life at risk for the sake of truth and justice.

I’m willing to say today that it’s going to be DynCorp behind the mass shootings that you see in America. I’m going to tell you right now that there’s going to be a DynCorp person always involved in the pile of bodies. The other murders are just cover murders, but it’s going to be DynCorp, and I think you’ll find that’s true.“ . . . [Although I’m posting the initial video below, there are actually two more videos, and I’m sure you will want to keep reading and view those videos . . . ~J]. . .continue reading . . . 

After you watch the video below, you will understand why Cynthia McKinney’s political career was destroyed! She is one sharp lady! Since I’m afraid the videos will disappear, I’m now posting all three . . .~J

EXPOSED: Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton Foundation, US State Department & DYNCORP Human Trafficking Network

. . . and below we have more Dyncorp . . .

#2883: Can Trump Wipe Out Clinton’s 8(a) Friends With Serco Liquidations And A Qui Tam 9/11? from Abel Danger . . . here we have Serco involved. . . worth every minute of your reading

Related: What is a qui tam case? What is the False Claims Act? How does a qui tam case work?

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Trump Is Set To Label China A “Currency Manipulator”: What Happens Then?, Zerohedge . . . will Trump even get to this point? With what the neocons are throwing at him, I have to wonder.  Still, I think it is a very bad move. He needs to join our country with the rest of the planet in partnership rather than try to stand again as the Lone-Bully Kingdom. In my eyes, this is not going to make America Great again. 

. . . and still more of this talk . . . why? . . . because (energetic) time is running out to get back in power as the ruler of the planet.

Beijing Not Amused After Tillerson Says US Will Block Chinese Access To South China Sea Islands, Zerohedge


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January 11, 2017 News Special from ~Jean . . . I can’t really do much more than type, so I did :) ~J

This post is dedicated to Thomas Deegan and his efforts, which like Old Dan’s are all for ‘the children.’ 

I hope these word taken from Kent Nerburn’s  book, The Wolf at Twilight: An Elder’s Journey Through A Land of Ghosts and Shadows, will encourage you to read the full book. Dan, whom I first met in Neither Wolf Nor Dog is now old, and he takes Kent on a journey with him to discover what happened to his sister, who as a child disappeared in the residential school system. It is a story filled with lessons for all of us and goes as far, I think, as any of Kent’s books to explain why we need to take the time to understand the genocide that was planned for the indigenous as far back as the Papal Bull published in 1452 in order to keep us from making a connection with them. Black people have been enslaved for the same reason. We are not supposed to see any value in what they have to offer, and those who would control us have destroyed both of these groups, making it all but impossible for many to get close to their true story in order to understand them. I lived in the black community at the invitation of my best friend in D.C. for a semester when I returned there to take some art courses at the Art League in Alexandria, and I can tell you they are a beautiful people with a wonderful culture. I am so grateful I took the opportunity with which I was gifted, because I can now speak from personal experience 🙂

My first ‘meeting’ with an indigenous person was with a guide we had for an afternoon as we toured the Canyon Lands in Arizona. I’d learned the indigenous would never speak about their beliefs and culture unless we invited them, so I approached our guide, who I found was not only our guide, but a visiting professor at one of the Colleges in the Southwest, and more importantly, a leader of his people. When he shared that what he’d learned at his grandmother’s knee was what I had spent an (insurance) fortune learning from an incredible therapist —about the hemispheric divisions in our brains, the importance of our heart connection, the way to live an honorable life, and so on, I only wanted to learn more. When we left the area and stopped at a tourist stop, I grabbed onto a book by Kent called Wisdom of Native Americans. Thus began my interest in all of Kent Newborn’s books as someone Native Americans trust to speak for them. There were people on the bus who laughed at me for buying this book, but I was way beyond being intimidated by that kind of behavior. Every time I have read the words of Native Americans, I have felt like I was in church, something I have never felt when I actually went to church. Their words are simple, a breath of fresh air, and they are simply common sense to me. There is no mystery about them. Anyone, and I mean anyone can understand them.

Until now, I feel like I’ve shared much that I have learned that I have found to be of great value and helpful to us as we move ahead into our new earth  but I have not been able to share with you my understanding of the indigenous way of life. This then in that regard —one small section of Kent’s book—is my gift to you. I hope you will find the time to slow down and read it:) If you do read it, you will come to understand my smily face. For me, these words of old Dan help fill a great emptiness that is really a great longing for the world to become as I know we can and will create it. I feel it is another one of those posts that is invaluable, but that is something you will have to discover for yourselves. 

Here, I begin to quote from The Wolf at Twilight . . . as Dan speaks to Kent, trying to share with Kent his people’s belief system . . . 

“The way we see it, the Creator put his lessons everywhere. Built them right into the earth before he even put people here. Our job is to learn those lessons in the place we were given, and the way to learn those lessons is to sit still and listen”

He reached in his pocket and pulled out the stone Bronson [his dog] had given him.

“Look at this.” He kept it cradled delicately in his hand like an egg. “Some of the wise ones, they could actually hear this stone talk. It would help them find out where an illness was in someone’s body, or they could walk along with it and it would pull their hands toward a medicine plant. You can’t even image something like that, I bet.”

“Not very easily.”

Well, I’m not surprised. It’s not in that Black Book. But I remember back in the boarding school those priests told that story about the guy who went up on the mountain and got those tablets.”

“Moses. The Ten Commandments.”

“Yeah, That’s right. So what were those tablets made of?


What did they have on them?”

“God’s words.”

He poked me again. “See. even your people have God talking through stones. But the way you figure, he’s got to write on them. We just listen.”

He gave me a great, wide grin.

 * * *

“The Creator stopped being a teacher who filled the world with lessons. Instead you turned him into some kind of judge or policeman who’s sitting way up in heaven keeping track of everything. When you die, if he thinks you’ve been good he sends you to a good place. If he thinks you’ve been bead he sends you to a bad place. I don’t like that. I like our way, where the Creator wasa teacher who gave us the earth to discover. I’d rather think of the Creator as a teacher than a policeman.”

 * * * 

“You have spent too much time trying to learn about things and not enough time trying to learn from them. You have thought too much and honored too little.”

He paused and took several deep breaths, as if gathering his strength.

“Do you remember what we said in the sweat after we prayed>”

“Yes, Mitakuye oyas’in.”

“And what does that mean?”

“All my relations.”

“That’s right. All my relations. Not ‘all the things I can use to make my life better.’ All my relations. That means everything in the world—the plant, the animals, the sky, the trees, the rocks—everything. When you feel that everything is your relation, you feel that everything is connected.

“That is the secret to living a life of the spirit. If you see that everything has spirit and that everything is connected, you honor everything because you know that it has a part to play in creation.

“Now, this is where the trail leads back to the children. The way we are living today is not good for them. It takes the light out of their eyes, because it does not teach them to see the spirit in all of life. It takes away their connection to everything else. It does not allow them to see the part they play in creation.

“Instead, they think of themselves as part of a straight line that runs from birth to death, and their task is to wait their turn until they reach the place in the line where they are strong and powerful. They are not taught that they have an important role to play just where they are, and that it is they alone who can fill that role.

“Remember when I said that the children have pure hearts because they are closest to the Great Mystery? This is their gift, and that is their part—to remember the goodness of the Great Mystery and to reveal it to us. The rest of us get hard with life; the children remain soft with hope.

“Your way harms the children because it confuses being useful with being important. The little children are not useful because their hands are not yet strong and their minds have not yet been filled with knowledge of how the world works. But they are important. They are important because of where they stand in the circle of life. Like the elders, they are closest to the Great Mystery. They allow us to see the morning of creation.

“This is something we have tried to share with your people. We have tried to remind you that life is not a straight line from birth to death, but a circle where the young and the old hold hands at the door of the Great Mystery.

“If you see life as a straight line, where the young and old are weak and those in the middle are strong, and if you think that to be important you must be useful, you do not see value in the young and the old. You see them as burdens, not as gifts, because they cannot lift their hands to be of use to the community.

“But the young and old both have other gifts. The young have enthusiasm and hope. They give us dreams when we get weary, and they fill the future with promise. The old have the wisdom of experience. They have traveled far on the journey of life and give us knowledge about our own road ahead.

“In our Indian way, we honor these gifts, just like we honor the gifts of all creation. We do not call our old ones ‘senior citizens’ and put them in buildings away from the rest. For us, they are elders. They have lived what we are still waiting to learn. We go to them; we listen to them. ‘What do you know?’ we ask. ‘What has life taught you?’ They are the keepers of the memories. Their hands have touched the hands of our grandfathers and grandmothers. Their stories are alive with the heartbeat of the past.

“And we do not look at our children as full-growns waiting yo be. We see them as special beings who brings us the freshness of wonder. They keep our hearts soft and our hands gentle. They keep us from thinking only about ourselves.

“And they give the elders a reason to live, because we entrust the elders with the shaping of their hearts and with setting their feet straight upon the path of life.

“This is an important task, and one that the elders hold close to their hearts. They understand that once you have wandered far from the good path, it is hard to find it again. But they know that the children have not had time to wander far, so they share the wisdom of their life with them. And the children listen and know that what the elders say is true, because in their little hearts they know the elders are the closest to them in the circle of life, not the farthest from them on the road from birth to death.

“Do you understand this?” he said. “How the children are a gift to the elders and how the elders are a gift to the children? How they complete the circle of life like morning and evening complete the circle of the day/“

“Yes, Dan, I think I do, I think I really do.”

He reached his shaking and toward the glass of water on the table. He seemed emotionally spent.

“Good. Now just a little more now, and I will be done. Here is why it is important that I say these things. The lives of my people and your people once ran like separate waters. But now they have come together. I am not saying that this is good or bad. Only the Creator knows such things. I only know that the stream of our children’s lives has merged with yours and that all of us must now travel together on the journey of life.

“What we must do now is learn from each other — the way it was when your people first came here. We must reach our hands out to each other again. My people must keep our hearts open to what is good about your ways, and you must open your hearts again to what is good about ours. It is time for our Indian voices—the voices that have been silenced—to be heard again.”

He reached across the table with both hands and grabbed me by the wrists.

“This is why I come to you. Your people do not hear us because they do not see us. They see drunks. They see shacks. The see casinos and wise men and people with their hands out. They see everything they want to see, but they don’t see us. And if they don’t see us, they don’t hear us. And if they don’t hear us, they can’t learn from us.”

Dan coughed several times and took a deep breath.

“I am sorry I get angry. But your people need to hear us. We Indian people know many things. We know how to wrap our arms around a larger family. We know how to be poor without thinking that we should be rich. We value our elders because we know they are the keepers of the memories, and we value our children because we know that they carry the hope for the future. We know how to honor the mysteries of life without always thinking that we’re supposed to solve them. And we know how to keep the sacred on our lips, because we know that what is on the lips eventually makes its way to the heart.

“These are good things. They are good things for everyone. They are the gifts the Creator gave us, and we want to share them. But your people need to listen. They need to learn how to listen.”

I carefully set the cassette recorder back in front of him. “I believe you’re right, Dan.”

“I know I”m right. But it does no good to be right when your voice never reaches another person’s ears.”

“I’ll try to change that, Dan, “ I said. “I promise.”

“Don’t make promises to me,” he said. “Make them to the Creator.”

“All right, I make the promise to the Creator.”

“Then here is only one more thing that I have to say. I have left it for last, because it makes me say hard words about your people, and I do not like to say words about another people. But where your way has been wrong and has washed over our way, I owe it to the children to speak the hard words.

“From the very first our people are taught to share. When one person has something, we all have something. When times are difficult we divide what little we have and share it with others. This is our teaching; this is our way. It fills or heart with the idea that people come first.

“From the beginning, you tried to take this away from us. You taught that we should forget about the people and think first about ourselves. It was why you put us in boarding schools and tried to kill our language and our old ways—you did not like that we put people first and tried to live for the people before ourselves.

“We did not understand this. Your Jesus taught people to share. He gave away everything he had to feed the hungry. He didn’t think about ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. But when we lived this way, you said it was wrong. You said we hd to learn to take care of ourselves and not rely on each other. You called it ‘self-reliance’ and told us that this was why your young people were so strong and why you had accomplished so much.

“You brought soldiers and ministers to make us live this way. You took the land the Creator had given us and divided it into little squares and gave it back to us with our names on it. You told us we should sell things instead of giving them away. We did not like this then, and we do not like it now, because it harms the heart and fills it with fear.”

“Fear?” I said.

“Yes. If you are living only for yourself, and you know that everyone else is living only for themselves, you know that there is no help for you if you fall. All people must fall at some time, just as there will always come rain and bad weather. You learn that you must protect what is yours, or you may lose everything.

“You put locks on your doors, locks on your hearts. You live in fear that you may lose what you have, as you spend your life getting more and more and trying to build walls around what you have. You learn to protect rather than to give.

In the old way there were no locks on our doors. We had no fences to make lines between ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. To be great among our people was not to gather the most for ourselves, it was to be the biggest giver and sharer and to protect the weak. We honored those who could help the most, not those who could have the most.

“Once a person starts to live in your way, everything changes, because everything has to be protected. You start making rules about what people can’t do, not what people should do. Look at those Ten Commandments you tried to teach us in boarding school: Thou shalt not, thou shalt not’

“I’d rather have rules that say, ‘You should, you should.’ It teaches us who we should be, not who we should not be. All your way does is tell someone how not to be bad. It doesn’t tell them how to be good.

“When we teach the children this fear way, we set their feet on a bad path. We teach them to grow up thinking about themselves. Sharing is just a small stick they hold out to other people, not the strongest branch on the tree of their lives. They learn to protect, not to give, and it builds a wall around their hearts.

“We need to change this. We need to teach them a helping way, to give them a vision of what is right, not only of what is wrong. We need to teach them that the way to be strong is to help the weak; the way to have wealth is to give things away; the way to lead is to serve. We need to let them know that they are an important part of the circle of life, and if they do not play their part, no one else can.

“If we teach them these things they will have hope in their hearts. If they don’t, their hearts will become hard. They will gather things to them and watch life from a cold distance. They will see the world as something to use, not something to honor.Their ears will stay closed to voices of creation, and the words of the sacred will die on their lips.”

He closed his eyes and grabbed my arm tightly, as if by holding it he would keep me from losing the understanding  of what he had said. We sat this way for several seconds. then, slowly, he loosened his grip and sat back in his char.

“That is enough for now,” he said. […]

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January 10, 2017, News

I’m under the weather and will return asap, hopefully tomorrow. ~Jean

 * * * 

Barack Obama’s World is Collapsing

The liberal mind crashes and burns, by Jon Rappoport

. . . Regardless of who Trump is or isn’t… For most dyed-in-the-wool liberals, the election was going to be business as usual. They viewed Hillary Clinton as one of their…

US Intel Told Trump Russia Had Compromising Personal And Financial Information About Him Zerohedge

In a report that will likely set much of the liberal media on fire in the coming days, CNN reports, citing “multiple US officials”, that top intelligence officials last week briefed President-elect Donald Trump about Russian operatives’ claims that they have compromised Trump’s personal and financial information. The two-page document which was presented to Trump as an appendix to last week’s briefing on alleged Russian interference in the presidential election, also noted allegations that there was an exchange of information between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government during the campaign.

Robert Kennedy Jr, prominent vaccine sceptic, to head Trump commission on vaccine safety



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January 9, 2017, News Special, A Commentary from ~Jean

After reading this that I posted this afternoon: 

[THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages from SOTN  . . . I haven’t had a chance to read this almost book length article, and I invite you to check it out. Looks to be good . . . ]

. . . I found that going as far back as 2009, when a wrote the following paper, a portion of which is presented below, I developed some very different ideas than those people writing at SOTN. As some of you may know, I did some editing for them, but we developed a difference of opinion on the presentation of their ideas, and I stopped my editing help. I’ve tried very hard since then to keep an open mind towards their work, but with this presentation today, which in effect seems quite Orwellian to me, I cannot keep quiet. As I have begun saying, the truth is simple, not complex— and always easy to understand. As I read their article, I became more and more confused. What are they actually telling us?

I invite you to read this small portion of my informal paper to compare the difference in our thinking.  Let me say that I use the word informal, because my paper was only delivered once and has never been published. When I wrote it, I did not annotate it properly, because it really made little difference. At that time, I was so very excited at what I was discovering about quantum theory, the understanding of which was the basis of my healing, and I was anxious to share what I was learning. Had I realized that I would quote it time and time again, I would have taken the time to annotate my sources properly. Still, if it would become necessary, I have all the materials and I suppose I could very laboriously reconstruct it, although I must say that I am loathe now to do so. I, therefore, ask forgiveness of those authors who may be unmentioned or not properly quoted.

The part of my paper that I’m presenting to you comes largely from spiritually-oriented material and much of it was inspired by the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know. After having seen the movie, I remember calling my therapist, whom I was no longer seeing, and her response was, “Yes, I’m asking all my clients to see it!” (Before I left her, she had told me I was fortunate to be warehoused on drugs for all those years, because only recently was real healing available for people like me, and that without the drugs, I probably would have gone insane. Cross my heart and hope to die, those were her words.)

The other fact that Western medicine doesn’t begin to understand is that there is always, always an emotional element to disease. They can talk about Alzheimer’ cures all they want, but there is an emotional aspect to it, which I discovered, and unless it is addressed, I think a cure is impossible. The same for bi-polar disorder, which I think dogs could help to heal — at least, that was my small experience with it. The same with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. These last three are all energy diseases of our time, and while I’ve had no experience with dogs in this regard, I have cured these lat two rather easily, and actually, as I consider the idea, I think dogs could also prove extremely helpful!

No one will listen to me. I’ve given up! A fine hospital in Durham, NC started a department of ‘spiritual’ healing, or something like that. I called them, and they had zero interest in my words: They’d already set up their double-blind study. . . This would never, ever give them an answer,  having nothing to do with spirituality, in which everything is connected, but they weren’t ready to listen.

Temporary cures may be available by cutting out parts of our bodies, taking drugs, etc., but the basic cause hasn’t gone away. There is always a mind/body/emotional connection. Heller Work’s motto is ‘If you have an issue, it’s in the tissue’, and I just spent over two years learning the truth of that statement and removing the trauma stored in my body. The reason is quite simple, so let me say it again: Nothing is separate! Everything is connected! Most are willing to accept false cures from Western medicine, mainly, I think, because they live in fear and will accept such a life. I do not judge them. It is what it is. THIS IS, AFTER ALL, A FREE CHOICE PLANET.

The people at SOTN seem to tout the efforts of Francis Bacon, rather than understanding that he was one of those very instrumental in creating the deep divisions that have caused so much trouble for humanity. Descartes is never even mentioned!!! I have never been sure about St. Germaine; I thought he was actually Shakespeare, but this is a small issue compared to my basic disagreement. Regarding the fact that Germaine is an Ascended Master, my question now would have to be: an ascended master of which planet? It is my understanding that we are all here learning to be Ascended Masters of Light, and so for me a logical question follows: indeed, how it is possible that we have created any Ascended Masters from Earth. Is there any proof one way or the other?

But where are Ascended Masters actually from, because I have never heard that they are from the Earth, so why is St. Germaine regarded as being in charge of our planet —especially if he is tied in with Francis Bacon — which is only now in the process of ascending out of the dark — and from what I see, we actually are doing it, day by day in a very plodding but steady fashion. Still, we are doing it, and we are going to succeed!

Remember, we are the ones we are waiting for!

So why St.Germaine’s importance, except to keep us down and thinking we need someone else’s help? Is he perhaps a ‘plant’ to confuse the issue? Years ago as I was learning, all I heard about was the money he had for us. Back then, this sounded just great, but not any more! Money is of no value, and we need to begin to understand this! And where is SOTN getting all this information about which they speak as if it is gospel?

My background and personal experience calls me to seriously question this post and to express my own personal truth, for whatever its value to others. Everyone has a choice, and you may agree with some of what I say, but not all, or you may agree with none of it, but I can tell you, what I’m sharing here is very, very simple, so that you shouldn’t have any trouble in deciding. ~J 🙂

Here then is that portion of my paper which I believe expresses best my biggest disagreement with those at SOTN (I’ve added much BOLDFACE today to help make my point clear :

[…] Following my therapist’s suggestion I had already read the book called Molecules of Emotion written by Candice Pert, a professor at Georgetown University, who also appears in the film, What the Bleep Do We Know. [Candice has recently died, and some think it was not a natural death.] She has documented the fact that our feelings create our body chemistry—not the other way around as we are led to believe. When we understand and consciously change our ‘bad’ feelings, we no longer need drugs. The implications of quantum theory concerning the healing of all disease are huge!

(The actual presentation had many slides, three of which I’ve imported here as photos.)


Dr. Joe Dispenza reflects—and I paraphrase, “Too many people are hypnotized by their environment—through the media, through television, through people who are paid to create unrealistic ideals that everybody struggles to become, and that no one can actually become—in terms of physical appearance and definitions of beauty and valor. Even though these are all illusions, most people surrender to them and live their lives with the idea that they are much less than they really are.”


Ramtha suggests that we live as we do because until now we have not had sufficient intelligent knowledge about our “beautiful selves” and how we work from the inside out. She suggests that we have addictions because until now we haven’t understood that there
is something better—we have never dreamed of anything better because no one ever taught us there is something better to dream!


Some part of the way we are now living seems to come initially from the beginnings of agriculture around 8000 B.C.E. when the dominator, or patriarchal view, appears to have developed, perhaps as an attempt to reduce the awesomeness of life to manageable proportions.

Then, in the last few hundred years, Newtonian physics seems to have fostered in Western culture the paradigm that we are alone in the universe, that our lives do not matter, that we are merely parts of a great machine, utterly separate one from the other. A paradigm is the unconscious belief system of a culture. We live and breathe these beliefs, and we think and interact according to them. It seems our present belief system has many roots in Newtonian theory—and it is beginning to crumble. [Am I crazy, or is SOTN trying to tell us this is wrong, that Bacon’s way is ‘the’ way?]

Before the 16th century when the Newtonian ideas began to develop, God and Science were humanity’s two grand approaches to The Truth. Both are searching for the truth about us and about our universe; both are seeking answers to the Great Questions. They are two sides of the coin. In the beginning, however, science and spirit were not treated as separate entities.

Our earliest known civilization, ancient Sumer (3800 B.C.E.) saw the pursuit of understanding the world around us and the spiritual world as the same thing. There was a god of astrology, a god of horticulture and god of irrigation. The temple priests were the scribes and technologists investigating these fields of knowledge.

The Sumerians understood the precession of the equinoxes, the mutating of plants to produce fruits and vegetables, and an irrigation system that fed the entire ‘fertile crescent’.

The world that people believed in before the Scientific Revolution was alive. In China, people saw the world as a dynamic interplay of energetic forces that are constantly in flux. Nothing is fixed and static; everything is flowing, changing or forever being born.

People in the West believed that the world at large expressed the will and intelligence of a Divine Creator. Its component parts were linked in a “Great Chain of Being,” stretching from God through angels to man, animals, plants and minerals, all of which had their proper place in a living whole. Nothing stood alone; every part was related to every other part.

Native peoples on every continent lived in harmonious relationship with their surroundings-—the animals and plants, the sun and rain, the living Earth. They often expressed this by finding “spirits” in mountains, streams and groves of trees, and based their religion and their science on learning to live in a way that pleased those spirits of the Earth and Sky.


The goal of science in all these cultures was to gain knowledge in order to harmonize human life with the great forces of the natural world and the transcendent powers that all cultures sensed behind the physical world. People wanted to know how nature works, not in order to control and dominate it, but to live in accord with its ebb and flow. As the physicist and philosopher Fritjof Capra wrote in The Turning Point, “From the time of the ancients the goals of science had been wisdom, understanding the natural order and living in harmony with it. Science was pursued “for the glory of God,” or, as the Chinese put it, “to follow the natural order” and “flow in the current of the Tao.”

All this changed radically, starting in the middle of the 16th century.

In 1543, Nicolas Copernicus had the audacity to challenge the Church, considered the supreme power, and the Bible. Then came Galileo who is known as the “father of modern science” because he was the first to base his work on the two pillars that have characterized the scientific enterprise ever since: empirical observation and the use of mathematics. Rene Descartes, the 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician widened the gap between science and spirit, saying, “Nothing is included in the concept of body that belongs to the mind,” and, “nothing in that of mind that belongs to the body.”

And thus the axe fell. The same coin (reality) was split down the middle. If God and Science were having a divorce, Descartes was the lawyer who made it palatable. While Descartes believed that mind and matter were both created by God, he viewed them as completely different and separate. The human mind was a center of intelligence and reason, designed to analyze and understand. The proper domain of science was the material universe—nature—which he saw as a machine that operated by laws that could be formulated mathematically. This included not only inanimate objects, but all objects. He wrote, “I consider the human body as a machine.” The separation of mind from body that Descartes made into a fundamental rule of science has caused us endless problems.

Francis Bacon, a British philosopher/scientist, was also very instrumental in establishing the scientific method. Of course, this method has resulted in tremendous advances for humanity, from the pure delight of greater understanding of nature to improvements in health, engineering, agriculture, and so on.

As Fritjof Capra has pointed out, however, Bacon viewed the scientific enterprise in terms that were “often outright vicious.” Nature had to be “hounded in her wanderings,” “bound into service,” and “made a slave”. The job of the scientist was to “torture nature’s secrets from her.” Unfortunately, this attitude that sought to extract knowledge in order to control and dominate nature (described as a “her”) has become a guiding principle of Western science. Bacon summed it up in a phrase we all learned in school: “Knowledge is Power.”

Newton, like Descartes, saw the world as a machine, operating in three-dimensional space, with events (like the movements of the stars or the falling of apples) taking place in time. Matter was solid, with tiny particles at its core; these particles, as well as giant objects like planets, moved according to laws of nature, such as the force of gravity. Newton’s linking together of two such disparate events, the falling of an apple and the motion of a planet, was utterly revolutionary. The linkage was mediated by a “force”—in this case, by gravity.

This mechanistic approach was soon applied to all the sciences:

astronomy, chemistry, biology, and so on. With few variations, it’s the world we all were brought up to believe in.

As revolutionary as Newton’s and his colleagues’ ideas were, however, they never questioned the church’s teachings. As if to prepare the ages to come against the materialistic philosophy that would dominate Western thought in the name of Newtonian mechanics, Sir Isaac wrote, “Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors.”

Later generations of scientists found they had no need of God or spirituality and saw the world as a machine. They proclaimed anything unseen and not measurable to be fantasy and delusion, often becoming as dogmatic as the Church authority. The followers of Darwin provided the final stroke in the materialist triumph. Not only is there no God, and thus no creative intelligence guiding the unfolding of intergalactic life, but we ourselves, once at the center of the world, are nothing but random mutations, carriers of DNA’s relentless quest for more, in a meaningless universe.

New scientific information is appearing practically every day that cannot be explained using the classical Newtonian model. Quantum physics seem to provide the answers we are looking for. Relativity theory, quantum mechanics, the influence of thoughts and emotions on our bodies, so-called “anomalies” like ESP, mental healing, remote viewing (now in use by the military) would include all these phenomena in a more comprehensive theory of how the world works.

It’s not just that the old model is insufficient to answer the questions the new research poses. An even more serious problem is that the old model has not done nearly enough to free human life of suffering, poverty, injustice and war. In fact, a good case could be made that many of these problems have grown worse because of the mechanical model that has long dominated our way of experiencing the world. While governments and politicians seem bent on controlling us, and enriching themselves through eternal war—with the strong possibility, underneath the media’s radar, humanity seems to be shifting to the new paradigm, one that says our lives are important, everything we do, say, feel, and think has an effect on all of creation. Many are devoting their very lives to bring about this change.

Often I have considered why all this knowledge is coming to us now, at this critical juncture in history, and I have concluded that it is no accident. I believe we are being given the tools to bring ourselves through the rough times we all sense are ahead, although, as always, we are being given a choice. Many of you have heard me speak of Blessed Unrest, the name of a book written by Paul Hawken about the largest democratic social movement in the history of our planet in which each of us in our own way is involved on a daily basis in an effort to save our species and help our planet. […] . . . again, I wrote this all back in 2009. and there was so much more for me to learn, but these basic ideas haven’t really changed, just increased in understanding.

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UPDATE January 9, 2017, Afternoon News

They’re giving me a hard time – again, so here goes . . .  please check zerohedge. . . . many interesting headlines . . .

 Well, they removed Sion Parkes, but this is important from Dutchsinse! Oops! I see it elsewhere 🙂

Here is Simon again, and now I’m stopping 🙂

Earthquake at North Pole measures 5.8 at a depth of around 15 miles – there are no known fault lines in this location but there is (or was) an underground base.

Pope Francis Now International Monetary Guru? Zerohedge . . . BTW, check some of the comments 🙂 🙂 🙂 

[…] In an 18-page document issued through the Vatican’s Office of Justice and Peace, Bergoglio has called for, among other repressive and wealth-destructive measures, the establishment of a “supranational [monetary] authority” to oversee international monetary affairs:

North Pole Earthquake, from ‘Simons Says’ 

Earthquake at North Pole measures 5.8 at a depth of around 15 miles – there are no known fault lines in this location but there is (or was) an underground base.

UPDATE: THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages from SOTN  . . . I haven’t had a chance to read this almost book length article, and I invite you to check it out. Looks to be good . . . 

DNC Russian Hackers Found! You Won’t Believe Who They Work For, State of the Nation, Exclusive

Russians did not hack the DNC system, a Russian named Dmitri Alperovitch is the hacker and he works for President Obama. In the last five years the Obama administration has turned exclusively to one Russian to solve every major cyber-attack in America, whether the attack was on the U. S. government or a corporation.  Only one “super-hero cyber-warrior” seems to “have the codes” to figure out “if” a system was hacked and by “whom.”  

Dmitri’s company, CrowdStrike has been called in by Obama to solve mysterious attacks on many high level government agencies and American corporations, including: German Bundestag, Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the White House, the State Department, SONY, and many others.

CrowdStrike’s philosophy is: “You don’t have a malware problem; you have an adversary problem.”

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UPDATES, several now . . . and continuing: January 9, 2017, News

!!! Is Trump the Back Door Man for Henry A. Kissinger & Co?, by F. William Engdahl MUST READ . . . Engdahl’s research brings to light many links among his cabinet and Kissinger that we all  ‘need to know’. ~J

Note from Jean – Yesterday, I started a post called ‘The Mot Important Information.” I’ve decided to continue and update this post from time to time. This morning I am adding one more very important video. When I first listened to it about two years ago, it was difficult for me to understand —because back then, so much of it was new information. Today, if you find yourself in the same situation, please do not give up trying to understand what Thomas is saying. The time may be approaching faster than we realize when his work will come front and center, yet he has been unjustly imprisoned since shortly after this video was made.

UPDATE: Just in from a Reader: For some odd reason [not so odd! this is the basic info] the Rule of Law Live Stream video with Thomas David House of Deegan commences some 10+ minutes into the video and I strongly recommend that all slide to the beginning because very pertinent information would be missed. Thanks.

 * * * 

UPDATE: To Attorney Generals of All States Opposing Obamacare – It Includes Illegal Foreign Coding [WHO and UN] for Beheadings and Multiple Forms of Mass Murder

UPDATE – from the author:

And this comes after Obama’s [farewell] speech on Tuesday night which might be his saying the election is invalidated by “Russian hacking,” and the next day is the Obamacare vote which if it’s not overturned would be re-legalizing war operations against Americans if people react to Obama’s overturn of the Constitution.

This letter to the state Attorneys Generals who filed suit against Obamacare previously, contains new and critical information on the intersection of a very disturbing part of Obamacare put there by the WHO and UN, that includes executions, with state pandemic laws that mandate vaccines to the entire country Together, they appear to legalize (mandatory and mass) execution by vaccines.  

Removing the UN/WhO coding inside Obamacare AND overturning the Bush pandemic laws are both needed IMMEDIATELY.  Hopefully, this information could provide a strong basis for doing both. 

The public can help speed this process by contacting their AGs and by bringing this information to city councils, to their state legislaures, to their state representatives, and to media of all kind.

Formal Letter to Attorneys General

Dear Attorneys General of Virginia, Flordia, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arizons, Georgia, Alaska, Nevada, Mississipi, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Ohio, Kansas, Maine,

You have all filed suit against the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare on various constitutional and financial grounds.

Are you aware there are much more serious grounds that could provide a stronger basis for overturning the law?

1.  Are you aware that Obamacare includes coding from the WHO and the UN?

Is it legal for foreign entities to insert material into US laws?

How did this occur? . . . continue reading

 * * * 

UPDATE: Journo-terrorism: NYT calls for revenue sabotage of independent media … see stunning video

Team Trump Continues to Misrepresent Intel Findings on Russia Hacks. . . Say what? ? ? 

Russia ‘tired’ of baseless US hacking allegations: Kremlin

The Ridiculous Farce Of The US Intelligence Report On Russia Hacking The US Election (Video)

New “Russian hacking” intel report: Still no evidence, by Bernhard at Moon of Alabama . . . I really like his work!

Whenever there is talk of “evidence” of alleged hacking or any Russian involvement ask for real evidence. You will likely be pointed to the several (semi-)official reports and opinions that have been issued so far. But none of these reports, which I read a to z, contains any real evidence. It may be that the DNC got hacked – may be. Even if it was – the case currently presented points only to tools and methods that are known and used all over the hacking and spying scene. To say that it was a “Russian hack” is pure conjecture based on chaff and hot air.

Keep in mind who makes those “hacking” assertions and the motives and money behind them.

Now, here in part is what Jim Stone has this to say on the Intelligence Report:


Additionally, The report CLEARLY STATES that there was no assessment made on the impact of Russian influence on the 2016 election, even though it is advertised as such all through it! Here is a direct quote, that shows the gaffes. I’ll get a capture up later, but for now the site is in combat mode so I cannot upload the capture. This is a text copy/paste from the report:

Propaganda alert! Europe bet
ween a “rock and a hard place” w/ Trump and Putin|

100’s of US tanks and heavy equipment flows into Europe to counter ‘Russian aggression’ – Money for war but none for US health, education and infrastructure . . . Please note: I can’t find where I read that this is a show of force, and it is all about their fears that NATO is done, and they need NATO to continue their aggressions (not said very well, but the best I can do right now :).

NATO seeks to break up Russia into small states’

US vows better NATO drills ‘to deter Russia’

More tensions: US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels in Strait of Hormuz

‘Putin’s not on our team’: Obama urges Trump to trust US intelligence community

Pentagon chief claims US fighting ISIS alone, Russia doing ‘virtually zero’ in Syria

“They haven’t done anything,” Ash Carter stated in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press. “They came in, they said they were going to fight ISIL, and they said they were going to help in the civil war in Syria.”

“They haven’t done either of those things. As a consequence of course, we’re fighting ISIL ourselves,” adding that Moscow achieved “virtually zero” in Syria.

Carter moved on to praise US-led efforts to free the Iraqi city of Mosul which has been ongoing since the mid-October. He said the US campaign there is going “according to the plan” – contrasting with initial projections and US media reports that Iraq’s second largest city would be liberated in time for the US elections in November. . . and the lies and departure from reality only conitnue . . . hard to believe, hard to swallow what follows . .  

Assange blasts ’embarrassing’ ODNI report, says ‘no evidence’ given

Assad on Syria peace talks: ‘We’re ready to discuss anything, but who will be on other side?’

“We announced that our delegation to that conference is ready to go when they define… when they set the time of that conference. We are ready to negotiate everything, anything, it’s fully open, there’s no limit for those negotiations.”

“But who’s going to be there from the other side? We don’t know yet. Is it going to be the real Syrian opposition – and when I say ‘real’ it means it has grassroots in Syria, not Saudi ones or French ones or British ones – it should be Syrian opposition to discuss Syrian issues. So, the viability or, let’s say, the success of that conference, will depend on that point,” the Syrian president told French media, as cited by the Sana news agency.

Assad was also asked if he would be prepared to relinquish the presidency, should it become necessary.

“My position is related to the constitution, and the constitution is very clear about the mechanism in which you can bring a president or get rid of a president. So, if they want to discuss this point, they have to discuss the constitution, and the constitution should be owned by the Syrian people, so you need a referendum,” the Syrian leader said.

“’If I feel that the Syrian people doesn’t want me [to be president], of course I wouldn’t be,” he concluded. . . . and there is sill more to read in which Assad talks about the larger international problem, which is behind everything.

* *  *

UPDATE: Buckingham Palace Retracts Queen Elizabeth Death Announcement (So far, Simon Parkes is quiet on this announcement0

. . . and now this . . .

UPDATEThe Queen Mother Dies. The Daily Mail

and now this . . .
 if you can get through the religious talk, the fact is . . . Obamas put the military on  Level 2 alert.. All else is, I think, conjecture, because surely Obama knew this was coming. . . 

The Farsight Institute (remote viewing site) has predicted the death of a prominent, elderly, gray-haired woman this month.



Trump is taking the fight to them:

* * *

Peter Kling: Trump, Brexit, pedocriminal exposure, Silk Road “King of the North” leading to Paradigm Shift of Revelation, by Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Hermeneuticist & author Peter Kling joins Alfred Lambremont Webre in an update interview on the hermeneutic/Prophetic context of the Trump Election & U.S. Presidency, Brexit, exposure of US and global pedocriminal networks, the “King of the North” as manifested by the Rise of the Silk Road economy with Russia, China, Iran & nations in AIIB, a possible “Nibiru” event and consequent paradigm and consciousness shift, leading to what many prophetic traditions, including the Bible & the Yugas, call a “Golden Age”.ACCESS FULL ARTICLE & LINKS

 * * * 

Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry
by Dr. Sue Arrigo June 15, 2007

Part I

This is the story of how the CIA uses “war zones” to garner kids for the sex slave business. You may have heard how the two companies, DynCorp and Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women during the war in Yugoslavia.Some background on this topic can be found at Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won’t Go AwayPlease see the Rep. Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings video . . . continue


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