UPDATEs: April 15, 2018 . . . My promised spiritual viewpoint of what is occurring now on our planet. ~Jean :)

There are several people who do not agree with my personal viewpoint of our future. This email response could be addressed to any one of them. I invite you, my Readers, to consider my sense of our way forward, one that addresses our world from a spiritual viewpoint, one that is already appearing on the scene, mostly unrecognized by us everyday people, who are not yet able to ‘see’ it. Perhaps we are blocked from ‘seeing’ because of our almost instinctive response that this is surely propaganda. It is not, and we need to slow down and check carefully in order to recognize the difference. This is the beginning of healing: learning to separate our abused reality from the truth — and, truly, to some degree we have all been abused!

For instance, in these difficult times, I have spoken on my blog about both Trump and Putin from a spiritual viewpoint and suggested to fine writers and caring people like Paul Craig Roberts and Gilbert Doctorow that they are never going to understand what is happening on our planet unless they begin to consider our present lives from a spiritual viewpoint. Be mindful, though, because it doesn’t take a lot of degrees and higher education to understand it. (My personal experience has been that the ‘real’ truth is always simple.) What it does take, however, is our willingness to access our hearts, often a painful journey that requires we learn to trust in Love/Source/Spirit/God once again. On my own difficult journey, one which, because of my need to rebuild my primal brain, required that I begin my life all over again twenty-two years ago, I learned that Love, by any name, will never let us down. ~J 🙂


Much of what you say I agree with, but there are aspects of this that I cannot agree with. My mind, however, remains open, because there is much that we don’t know yet. I don’t have any problem with our disagreeing on this, because I think we both are sincere and genuine in our attitudes and feelings, and I think it’s absolutely imperative that all views be presented, so that people have the opportunity to decide for themselves. I think probably that the ‘real’ answer might be an amalgamation of our different views.

My views come, largely, from the deep, deep healing process in which I’ve been involved for twenty-two years, and I’d like to share a bit of it with you, because I don’t know if you are aware of the emotional clearing process I chose for myself. Years ago, I was told by an important colleague of William Emerson that I was one of the few people on this planet who was almost totally conscious — and this was before I spent the last three+ years healing my body without the help of Western medication, which is — truly — only destructive and manages to disempower us. I’m only alive today, because everything I’m able to do now I’m doing consciously — even walking. At long last, I have finally consciously released the trauma stored in my body.

Importantly, this process has included a deep study of Enneagrams — for over twenty years now. Understanding of them is a very long process because understanding only truly comes as we clear up our own issues. If you have never spent time with them, Enneagrams are energetic diagnosis tools hidden deeply in the Jesuit aspect of the Catholic Church. My first therapist saw their value and used them to help me. I am forever grateful to her!

The idea is that when we have healed ourselves, we can see the rest of the world clearly and not get ‘hooked’ unconsciously in our biases. I can tell you from personal experience that when one has visited — and returned from — the painful places in our lives in order to bring them into consciousness and destroy the fears they engender, one cannot use these tools against other people, but one does use them for personal protection and hopefully to serve the world.  In a short time, I naturally become aware of someone’s issues — they cannot be long hidden from me, and so I have viewed Trump from this point of view. It is only one point of view, and I recognize that, and many people are not yet able to see the importance of this viewpoint. My views of Putin result from a similar study of him, and with due respect for everyone’s research, I am still going to stick with my views.

I think we are already moving from a spiritual dark/light Duality scenario to a third scenario, where these two ways will be integrated into a new way, a Third Way. We are not going to have to return destructively to the Stone Age to move forward. We love our technology — and we love and care for humanity, and if you have read my blog at all, recently, I have been inviting my Readers to consider that China is already using this technology in a positive way to protect her people. Petty criminals cannot participate in Chinese life until they pay their bills. They are not going to be allowed to sap the strength and finances of good, honest citizens. Wouldn’t it be grand if all those, whose names are on every corporate aspect of every local village and hamlet in this country so they can pilfer from us, were subject to a similar system? In the not too distant future, I see a great possibility of it happening!

The technology of the Rothschild Banking System will be integrated in a positive way into our future banking system. Without it, we will be reduced, once again — and destructively so — to living in the Stone Age. Also, the IMF, BIS, World Bank, and even the UN will all participate in a very practical way, because it is the people who run these organizations who are corrupt, and not the the Institutions, themselves. These Institutions are now seen by those leading our transition to a multi-polar world — one in which we all assume responsibility for peaceful living — as vitally necessary to maintain our present lives as we make a smooth transition to a higher vibrational paradigm.

China, which understands the Mandate of Heaven, which means — should anyone not understand — that it is necessary for leaders to care for their people, or they will eventually be discarded — is creating rain in an arid area the size of Spain, while we here in the United States get only drought or deluge. My Readers may want to consider that while it may take many years, America’s corrupt leadership will certainly be discarded by her people. We are also told by wise people that in order to prevent our present, ugly situation every happening again, we must not allow anyone presently in leadership to be a part of our future. As Americans progress, I expect fully that we will energetically draw appropriate leadership to us.

On a spiritual level I have read that different solutions to this light/dark Duality experiment has been tried four times before, and each time they have failed. The destruction of Mars 200,000 years ago was the last time it was tried. Now, it appears we human beings have found a new way forward and are about to create a Third Way, as we successfully combine technology with our hearts — the two aspects of Duality — into a Third Way, a new way, our own unique way, in order to make a much easier transition into the new paradigm. I truly believe this time we are going to be successful.

I ask only that you consider and respect my ideas, as I do yours.
~Jean 🙂

UPDATE: To give credit where credit is due, I have been describing all the things above in various articles on my blog, without realizing what I was saying — until I checked yesterday in Vol. 2 of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (published back in 2000!), and there on page 418 in a Chapter called Healing Duality there is a small paragraph called The Third, Integrated Way! I never could ‘hear’ his words before, because I was not ready to hear them, but there they were, presented to me in this small paragraph, and they simply jumped off the page at me — a truly great feeling of validation:

An important understanding is that we Earthlings are finding the universal answer in a totally unique way that’s never been seen before. This while thing between the original Reality and the Luciferian reality seems to be leading to a third way that is some kind of a combination of the first two. [… a brief discussion of some sacred geometry] This new third way is the hope of all life everywhere. This universe has been at ‘war’ for over 200,000 years — the battle between the dark and the light with no apparent solution. Now it appears this struggle is going to culminate in a new birth, a third reality.

Are China and Russia consciously aware of what they are doing? I do not know.

Also, while if I remember correctly somewhere Drunvalo does mention Enneagrams — and I think they were to be an important part of a Third Volume of the Flower of Life, I don’t recall that he focuses on them as I have. I believe, however, they are another important example of something the Dark/Jesuits have used against us to hone in on our weaknesses that we will now use to help people heal. Enneagrams are uncanny in their ability to focus on our emotional and spiritual issues and I believe when understood can cut years off of any healing process.

Another aspect of what is going on is called by Drunvalo, The Syrian Experiment, and there was a time, starting in 2011 here on my blog that I talked about it extensively and even published an explanation of it called CHAPTER 14. It all happened  in August of 1972, when the sun went through a natural event and changed from a hydrogen sun into a helium sun. Without the successful help of the Syrians, who deeply love us and who Drunvalo claims are our fathers, our planet would not have survived. We not only survived, but then some amazing things began to inexplicably happen as our evolution sped up exponentially. At this point, our small planet became the focus of our Universe as space ships began to park outside our view to watch what would happen to us — and, thus, to them — and our entire universe.

To my delight, in another most important book, called Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, by by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk an extensive review of which I did and have just republished as a separate article HERE)  there is a chart that shows this event did actually take place.

Let me note clearly that until recently when the dark really came after me, an event that forced me to confront them and learn I was able to use the Siddhis of the Merkaba to protect myself from them, I had not looked at Drunvalo’s work for several years. To those of you with deeper interest, what I am describing to you here very briefly actually takes many pages to describe, and so I suggest you take time to read it.

* * * 

UPDATE2: Information I have referenced in the article above can be found here:


April 1, 2018: It’s time we begin to watch, observe, and decide for ourselves without outside pressure what we believe — As sovereign beings this is our right!

April 2, 2018 Understanding China and Russia: Nothing is all black or white, so I invite you to review some facts. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 starting with the article: Former Israeli intelligence boss says on Russian TV ‘Putin is too soft on West’ (VIDEO) 

Friday, April 3, 2018 – My response to Paul Craig Roberts. Gilbert Doctorow, and James Rickards article: We are in the Last Days before all Hell breaks loose, by Paul Craig Roberts

Saturday, April 14, 2018 . . . a Comment from ~Jean

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Enneagram Book List

Are You My Type, Am I Yours? by Baron and Wagele is a book I would add to this list, since it shows our attraction to one another is energetic and not so accidental as we have thought. Also, we are generally attracted to others who on our own level of emotional maturity.

I have used all these books, but the last one, about which I know nothing. The ones I have used most often are the 2nd, third, and 4th. These are what I would call the classics, but I know there are many that are new. If you choose to study Enneagrams, discovering which books work for you and finding other additional information can be a part of your journey.

On a personal level, my son felt to me like he came from another planet, and I spent years searching and trying to understand him. Until I discovered Enneagrams, the closest I came to understanding him was a book involved in personality typing by David Keirsey called Please Understand Me. While it contains excellent material, it can’t hold a candle to what I learned through Enneagrams.

Enneagram Books

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Review of Book: Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Originally published with two other articles by ~Jean on May 14, 2017 HERE.

I’d like very much to share some info about the book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, by by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk (*****). A very interesting person on my blog also has shared with me some practical information about how to obtain it, which I’ll put at the end.

Amazon says: Jet Stream meanderings, Gulf Stream slow-downs, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor fireballs, tornadoes, deluges, sinkholes, and noctilucent clouds have been on the rise since the turn of the century. Have proponents of man-made global warming been proven correct, or is something else, something much bigger, happening on our planet?

While mainstream science depicts these Earth changes as unrelated, Pierre Lescaudron applies findings from the Electric Universe paradigm and plasma physics to suggest that they might in fact be intimately related, and stem from a single common cause: the close approach of our Sun’s ‘twin’ and an accompanying cometary swarm.

Citing historical records, the author reveals a strong correlation between periods of authoritarian oppression with catastrophic and cosmically-induced natural disasters. Referencing metaphysical research and information theory, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection is a ground-breaking attempt to re-connect modern science with the ancient understanding that the human mind and states of collective human experience can influence cosmic and earthly phenomena. [emphasis added]

Covering a broad range of scientific fields, and including over 250 figures and 1,000 sources, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection is presented in an accessible format for anyone seeking to understand the signs of our times.

Jean writes: Sometime ago, when I read the following article by Paul Craig Roberts, A Government of Morons and War Criminals, which includes lists of the insane activities of our government — and their insane results, all I could wonder was, “Maybe this is what these Satan worshipers DO!!! Maybe this is all they DO — for no reason at all, except this is the evil Satan would do! It feels like they have infected our planet! Pedophilia is exactly what Satan-worshipers would DO. Blackmailing others through pedophilia is what Satan worshipers would DO”

What other logic is there for their insane activities? Have you read about their plans to go underground and ride out this storm-of-their-creation, for centuries, if necessary — with no concern for and no plan to help us? Why is destructive Monsanto, for God’s sake, storing seeds? And the list goes on!

The book, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, contains the best explanation I have found of the Electric Universe, offered to us on many levels, so that almost anyone with time to commit can reach an understanding of it. This information gives us the basic knowledge we need to understand the long forgotten Mandate of Heaven, a concept that when understood can elevate us well beyond it to reconnect us personally to our spiritual Source, Cosmic Consciousness. Specifically, as we read we go beyond a basic understanding of quantum physics to also learn about the not very well known aspect of quantum physics called Information Theory that says while the universe may devolve via the concept of entropy . . . we, as human beings do not necessarily do so — instead, we can evolve on and on to higher and higher forms of complexity and organization — but only if we get honest, truthful information. Remember this point, please, because it is very important.

The problem is that we are being lied to about not only our ‘real’ history, which goes back further than we have any idea and about the strange earth changes that the cabal is covering up – and as they see it, for excellent reasons.

One of their most basic lies is about climate change: The planet is not warming; we are entering a Mini-Ice Age, and mainstream science knows this, and the author documents this fact. Lower organisms do work on entropy and will devolve when the planet is upset in a geo-physical way, as is happening now. The planet, however, has a way to deal with this: When we ‘upset’ water by boiling it in a teapot, what is the way to settle it down? We cool it down, of course! Cooling down this system will increase its level of organization and reduce its entropy, but we are not told these facts. As we read, we are educated to the fact that climate warming is far more than a scam to take more of what little remains of our money!

We human beings have been separated from the cosmos by the carefully calculated, gradual and subtle introduction of Materialism – over several hundred years, all meant to keep us helpless against the cabal’s efforts to control us.

Some examples of what Materialism means: 


  • separation from God/Source/Love
  • separation of our society from standards of morality – in simple language that which is life supporting
  • our acceptance as normal the brutal domination of other human beings and living creatures
  • confusion over our sexual orientation and acceptance of sexual depravity starting with small children
  • disconnection from the beauty of the earth, our true cosmic mother — and each other — through our total connection to technologies like smart phones and computers
  • interest in shallow, often gravely emotionally sick, base entertainment of no value via television, movies, etc. that requires no thinking or discernment skills and is all ‘outside’ us, requiring no inner imagination or thought
  • the idea that things (the purchase of) bring us happiness
  • a disconnection from our ability to think creatively — and this is one of humanity’s greatest gifts — as the arts are no longer considered important and taught in our schools
  • poor education in our schools, education which prepares our children only to live as automatons, cogs in the wheel of corporate business

At the same time that they are moving quietly forward with these subtle psychological attitudinal changes that are creating our confusion, terror, fear, and anxiety, as well as increasing the added brutality of constant war, murdering, destruction of lives, killing, they are hiding provable facts from us about the cause of the earth changes that are quietly increasing. The facts are, however, according to Information Theory, that if we have honest, truthful information, we as a species have some ability to control these earth changes and to evolve to higher and higher levels of organization.

The point is very carefully documented that we are living in an electric universe and that Nibiru is a dark sister planet, visiting us and bringing with it cosmic dust, asteroids and comets, often dangerous. The clear explanations offered make the point that Nibiru’s journey is energetically affecting much that is going on here on earth, and that its spiritual purpose seems to be to cleanse the planet in order to effect a fresh start.

We learn that the spin of the earth is most definitely slowing. What we also become aware of is that mainstream media and mainstream science don’t mention any possible adverse effects caused by this slow down. Yet, this “infinitesimal slowdown of the Earth may be responsible for inducing effects that are not exactly negligible, to understate the matter.” [kindle 2360] We discover that the Earth is opening up as reduced solar activity decreases the Earth’s surface-core E-field, which is the ‘binder’ that  holds the earth together. The extent of this occurrence is far greater than we are led to believe, resulting in sink holes, floods, earthquakes, strange noises, tsunamis, strange looking clouds, weird lightening storms.— again in very large numbers that are being kept from us.

Let’s talk about a single earth change, a perfect example of what I’m discussing:

[Kindle location 5006] “… the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was protected from the sea by a 5.7-meter-high dike. This dike had been built to withstand the highest local tsunamis on record over the past 100 years [784]. Those tsunamis nevev exceeded 5.7 meters in height. But on Friday, March 11, 2011, the Fukushima dike was submerged by a 14-meter tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake [785].

“Similarly, the earthquake at Daiichi reached a maximum acceleration of 507 gal [786] at Unit 3, while the design basis for this building was that it would withstand a maximum 441 gal acceleration. [772].”

The point is made that this event was not a criminal event but a natural one, and we are not meant to learn the true facts.

And here is another event, although not a geo-physical one that I would also like to mention:

What we all have learned about the Black Death has been proved to be false.[ Kindle Location 4884]

“…the Black Death was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history, said to have killed possibly two thirds of the entire population of Europe, not to mention hundreds of millions all over the planet. [764]

“China, where the Black death is said to have originated, lost around half of its entire population (going from around 123 million to around 65 million) [765] Recent research into European death tolls also suggests a figure of about 50% of the total population during a four-year period, though the figure though the figure fluctuated from place to place. [766] […]

“There is compelling evidence that the Black Death was not an outbreak of bubonic plague. This case is synthesized by Samuel K Cohn, who discovered several irreconcilable inconsistencies in the bubonic plague hypothesis …

“The last nail in the bubonic plague theory came from Gunnar Karlsson [768], who in 2000, pointed out that the Black Death had killed between half and two-thirds of the population of Iceland, although there were no rats is Iceland at this time.”


“Where did the disease go? Did the Black Death virus mutate, causing other fearsome diseases? Nobody knows. What we do know is that a more virulent form of smallpox came to the fore in the 1630s and, just as the Black death disappeared from the stage of history, smallpox took its place as the most feared of human diseases. We can only speculate. Smallpox virus, as opposed to the causative agent of the Black Death, is very resistant to cold temperatures, making it a more viable virus. According to the data collected by Schott and Duncan which described the disease process of the Black death, hemorrhagic smallpox is almost identical to the Black Death. [770]”  

Since the fact is known that viruses may arrive on our planet via comets (etc.), there is a serious question how this Black Death actually began on earth. (Let me also draw your attention here to the ominous fact that smallpox was used as a bioweapon against the indigenous people, who understood naturally what quantum physics is only teaching the rest of us now. (The Satanists knew they understood this — as did the blacks in Africa; thus, we understand their mistreatment.)

After reading historical research, we read this important conclusion: “When we take into account the archeological, historical, ice-core and dendrochronological records, a strong correlation between imperial decadence and major climatic and cosmic disruptions [comets, climate change, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, tsunamis] becomes apparent, to the extend that virtually every empire in question (Sumerian, Egyptian, Hittite, Assyrian, Greek, Roman, etc. was apparently swept away by natural catastrophes in roughly the same way. [782]“ 

I find the body of documenting information offered to us to be compelling!

Let me try, before we continue further, to pull this information together for a better understanding of the premise of this book: We know, now, for ourselves from the alternate media how these Satanists behave, how deliberately and on purpose they create chaos and total fear and terror. This seems to be the sole purpose of their Satan relationship/worship, seemingly required by this entity. At the same time this book illustrates that the results of their activities are related closely to the fact that our geo-physical world is becoming increasingly disturbed as a result of their efforts and that human activity, also disturbed by them, plays a part in causing that geo-physical disturbance.

We have also learned that they are concealing from us the real facts of the seriousness of these geo-physical disturbances. The question to answer now is, “Why?”

So, let’s move forward.

Their Satanic bloodlines apparently have been through these cycles for far many more eras than just what we know of as our Biblical history, dating back to Babylon. They know these disturbances will happen, because they have seen them occur time and time again. To survive the coming onslaught, their plan is simple; They will go inside/under/ the earth to places which they have prepared that can survive this onslaught for as many years as it may take. (Examples of such places, with photos, are noted.) After Justinian brutally collapsed the Roman Empire, the time span may have been about 800 years before life again began to flourish. Then, as  whatever was left of humanity began to thrive, the Satanists returned from within the earth where they had been living to commence the domination cycle once again. At that time, they simply rewrote our history, as we are now finding they have done in the past.

[I’ve now added this photograph, not in the original article, that I took on my kindle that shows on the left, before Justinian ravaged Italy, and on the right, afterwards. I believe it actually took 800 years for Italy to begin to recover from this devastation.]


The Satanists understand that it is the Cosmos, because of our lack of connection to it, that is reacting to what is happening on the planet with all the strange geo-physical events that we see are now occurring in a much stronger way. Here is a video from April 2017 that documents these changes. (sott.net has a video available on youtube for each month.

Our lack of honest information, well-calculated on their part, causing very natural mental and emotional stress and chaos on our parts as human beings is actually causing this. There is ample historical record of this happening with the decline of every single Empire that ever went down, but we do not know it, because that true history has been hidden and rewritten to fit their control system. Proof — well researched — is provided, and it is shocking — and believable. It is, after all, fact. For instance, in another era, we have proof of the tsunami that totally destroyed Beirut and much of the coastal shores of the entire Mediterranean, recalling to mind the tsunami that hit Indonesia in this cycle. 

This book then continues to explain that, when we realize the truth of what is going on and re-establish our connection to the Cosmos, Source, the Field, or whatever you may want to call it, we as a species have the power to stop or greatly diminish these destructive geophysical effects.

Our blindness to this connection and our inability to use it causes us to be included in the sweeping energetic cleanse of Nibiru and its accompanying dust, comets and asteroids.

This connection and how it works is described in the last section called The Mandate of Heaven. Understanding and freeing ourselves from The Mandate of Heaven is a key to our survival as a species, and it is all about obtaining truthful information, the importance of which I am trying to convey here.

The Mandate of Heaven speaks historically to the ancient belief that we expect our leaders to protect us, and when they can’t, then they must go. If we were to realize that what is happening on the planet is not being controlled by the elite, then logically, we would decide they must go:

“If the masses of humanity were to become aware of the real causes of such phenomena, that knowledge would not only entail recognizing the ultimate powerlessness of the elites, but also the end of their “Mandate of Heaven’, a concept that dates back to the Zhou dynasty [672] and which is still prevalent in contemporary China.”

I hope the authors of this text will forgive me for copying a large portion of their explanation (below). I don’t feel I can either reduce it or begin to paraphrase it. It is about how our rulers achieve their legitimacy — in any way possible.

“[Starting at Kindle location 4210] The legitimacy of the ruling class — whatever political form it make take — is based on the illusion that it can protect the people,whether from war, famine, economic hardship or any other kind of disaster that disrupts the everyday routine of their lives and livelihood.


“If the earthly disruptions [previously] described were, as these very authorities claim, man-made and/or negligible, the elites would indeed be able to control them. As frightening as the problems actually are, this is a comforting thought, and it is used expertly on the public in this craze to control CO2.

“In fact, the anthropogenic global warming scheme was essentially a propaganda scheme campaign — not to mention a vast financial scam and guilt trip imposed by those who consume the most — designed to convey the message that the cause of the so-called climate change is known and, therefore, ultimately fixable. Indeed, the authorities even designed workable solutions, which were then implemented, such as banning CFCs, [666] promoting clean energy [667] and reducing cO2 emissions. [[668]

“When people begin to become aware of atmospheric, geological and climate disruptions and all the ills they bring upon society, they individually and collectively look to their leaders to do something about it — to ‘fix things.’ This is the origin of the concept of the Divine King. [669]”

So, we begin to understand from the authors that when everything is tried, even sacrifices to the Gods, and these are all unsuccessful, then the King has to die.

“…Rulers instinctively know their vulnerability to this reaction and take steps to avoid it.”

I ask that you read these next five paragraphs very carefully:

“Looked at from a different angle, given that human history appears to be defined by a succession of more or less corrupt ruling elites, and if we assume that such corruption (and its spread throughout society) is the mechanism by which a civilization attracts cosmic catastrophes (as we will argue below), then blaming and deposing the ruling elite may actually be an effective solution. The problem, however, is that the underlying mechanism is not understood by the people, which means they lack the knowledge that, if they are to avoid further destruction, they must, at all costs, first prevent the establishment of any future corrupt elite; [670] they must avoid the ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ trap. [emphasis added]

“In the end, the people and the elite both seek a paradigm that downplays cyclical catastrophes, but they do it for different reasons. The people want to relieve the enormous stress of a certain but unpredictable major catastrophe — they wish to believe in the overall stability and safety of the cosmos — while the elite want to remain in power. The compromise that serves both objectives is the illusion of an elite that is able to protect the people from any disaster. [italics and emphasis added] This illusion can take various forms; rituals to appease the gods, revision of history to show a uniformitarian evolution of humanity, the manipulation of science, lots of propaganda, etc.

“This lie works especially well during periods of calm between major catastrophes. When the skies are quiet, it’s easier to believe that they have always been and will always be so. However, history shows that whenever a situation arises over which the ruling elites have no control — when famines, earthquakes and plagues have struck and taken a heavy toll, when volcanoes erupt or comets blaze across the sky, or when meteor storms and weather anomalies increase — the illusion falls apart, the raison d’etre of the elites (i.e. protecting the people) collapses and the target has always, and ever will be, ultimately the ruling classes. And they know it. [671]

. . . and here we finally have the reason for the elite covering up the extraordinary earth changes that are taking place:

“That is why the symptoms of increased cometary activity are systematically covered up by the elites as man-made phenomena. …cosmically-induced global cooling is labeled ‘anthropogenic global warming; the increase in atmospheric dust of cometary origin is considered a consequence of industrial pollution, increasing weather extremes are blamed on HAARP…etc.’

“By attributing the cause of these cosmically-induced events to humans, the elites maintain the illusion that they are, at least to some degree, in control; if they are causing it, then theoretically, at least, they could stop it.”

I am going to step back here to say that all the petitions in the world won’t make a difference. Some of us have already figured this out, but perhaps we haven’t understood why. The increasing chaos will continue, and the elites will continue to turn our eyes to a different enemy, be it blacks, Muslims, the ‘other’ political party, or a country supposedly gone awry like North Korea,  (which I believe is only responding from the reality of their terribly abusive experience at the hands of the United States — as they try the only way they know, having received no ‘healing’ help in order to respond differently, to prevent more of that same abuse.)

“The intimation that the cosmos is threatening the survival of humanity is a stress too intense to be borne by most people.”  Let me suggest that I believe this is because we do not understand the full message we are receiving from the cosmos: Take back your power!Instead, because we lack ‘The (honest) Word’ we continue to support the reality of the sick matrix, hoping somehow they will get the message and change, when what we know if we have read this far is that the elite are not in control and haven’t been in control, and that they also have no intention of changing. We also know that in order to survive we must deal with the fact that we must take control, take our power back from them!

“… But it’s all a lie, and if the public realizes this, the only thing their stressed brains can do for relief is to think that ‘the gods are angry’ and, collectively, to try to find the real reason. Again and again throughout history, this has resulted in the masses coming to the conclusion that the ‘gods’ are angry because of the corruption and violence perpetrated by the elites in their efforts to attain and maintain greater power. Based on the evidence we will discuss below, it is entirely possible that this is an accurate assessment.”

This assessment, however, in my opinion, has been daunting because it has always lacked the knowledge that we aren’t at fault, that we haven’t made the gods angry and we have lacked the knowledge of how to put a stop to these abusive cycles forever. Until recently, humanity has not understood quantum theory and the fact derived from quantum theory and easily provable that each individual has an important effect on our reality. The indigenous understand this as their natural way of life, but the rest of us have not, because in a very calculated way we have been divorced from this natural knowledge. We had to be separated from the indigenous, and they had to be destroyed in any possible! The job was so well done! Quantum Theory, to my mind, is a gift to us, who are not indigenous, from the gods. The understanding of it totally removes the separation between God and Science and brings them back together, divorcing us from Materialism.

We also have never realized before that we must never, ever permit ourselves to be confused into accepting the ‘new boss, same as the old boss’ to rule us again: we now know the reason “Why.” Never!!! In the past, after the chaos is over, we have always allowed them to start all over again with their domination tools.

This time, since I believe they realize they are losing, I think they intend to try to continue forward as they try to fool us with a ‘new boss, same as the old boss.’ Kissinger understands how it works, and he is there at Trump’s side! They all, every single one of them, must go!!! 

The book then leads us briefly through examples of our ‘real’ history that is mostly brutal — and often unknown to us. Big chunks of time actually disappear as history is rewritten, but the pattern is the same as the one you have just read. Because our forefathers (historians, way back in history) were deeply connected to the cosmos and understood that our behavior caused a cosmic reaction, our real history reflects the so-called anger of the cosmos.

Until now, however, in our history, allow me to reiterate that we did not have the connection to quantum science that we now have, and few of us, even now, have knowledge of Information Theory, even though in this context it is not at all difficult to understand. Perhaps it has been kept from us by the elites. Excellent information is briefly given here to educate us. I had learned about the principles of quantum physics many years ago via a book which has become a classic called The Field by Lynn McTaggert. My healing process didn’t deal with the numbers of quantum theory, but I learned to deal with the energy of it, to become aware of not only what I was putting out to others but what was being directed at me from others — often abusive, because back then I drew it to me — and to handle it and manage my life as an adult very differently from the child who was simply trying to survive in a very dysfunctional world. Quantum theory proves without doubt that our input as the ‘observer ‘ of events affects their outcome. Learning it was not up to me to try to control others, I found when  I changed my own input and responses to the energy directed at me, my entire life changed!

We learn that in the final analysis, whether or not we want to look at it, if we have honest knowledge of how our world is being run along with basic knowledge of the affect of this knowledge on our world we can change what seems to be destined to be another negative, bleak outcome. 

In closing, I want to emphasize as strongly as I can this single piece of information: the fact that is we must stand for a total, complete, absolute change in how our planet works and is run. There can be no ‘new boss, same as the old boss’ situation here ever again. We must be willing and have the courage to start completely over. Otherwise, we will set up the same cycle of the ‘new boss, same as the old boss’ to be repeated once more. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

The author than shares the ‘real’ importance of the words attributed to “John the Evangelist’ and suggests they may take on a whole new meaning:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.”

 * * * 

The editor of this little gem of a book is Niall Bradley, who along with Joe Quinn — not an editor of this book, are both as I understand it the silent backbones of sott.net. In fact, if you look carefully at their website, it is organized to support the information in this book, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection. Niall first impressed me with his careful presentation of – Iran war rhetoric and the ‘Trump-ordered’ dawn raid in Yemen: WWIII isn’t ‘coming’ – It’s happening NOW – which seemed true then and as I follow the news, still seems so now. His careful and important role in editing this very complicated book to help our understanding is also apparent to me.

I hope my poor writing skills are finally able to convey to you the great value I found in this book, and I offer my thanks to all those involved with it who have helped it to reach us the public.

Note: There may be those ‘out there’ who will once again fault me for not footnoting this article properly. If I had to do that, it would never get out, because I am sick, will be 78 next month, and have given it all the energy I have. My text is on a kindle, and because of the way it is set up, it is immensely difficult to work with. To the authors of this book, I beg your forgiveness. It is not my desire to usurp the sale of this book, — and, indeed, I hope my article will encourage many people to buy it, but to convey in a simple way the basic contents of it, realizing as I hope you can, as well, that many will not be able to read the actual text for many reasons: ability, time, background, and so on. Still, I hope many will be able to take in my simple words here and possibly join humanity in some small way in what I foresee will be an upcoming monumental effort on our part to save ourselves and our planet. 

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UPDATEs WOWOWOWOW: Sunday, April 15, 2018 . . . Will We Allow International Law to be Destroyed at the United Nations?

UPDATE – WOW — if true, and where there’s smoke there is usually fire! This is such a logical response and makes such common sense . . . and I hope I don’t get everyone excited, only to be disappointed. Thanks to a Reader 🙂

Russia Prepares For Strikes On Saudi Arabia After Chemical Weapon Attack Fears In Yemen Grow, Orders Heavy Bombers To Stay In Iran
This is posted at Sorcha Faal, which is known as co-intel, but somehow it has the ring of truth to it. ~J

An astonishing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that Russia is in the process of preparing for military strikes upon Saudi Arabia over its use of chemical and biological weapons in Yemen—that is due to the apocalyptic situation in Yemen about to get much worse after Jaysh al-Islam terrorists leaving Syria are now flowing there in massive numbers, and who in the past have used chemical weapons against Syrian Kurds—with the greatest fears of the General Staff being of a “super bug” just discovered in Yemen by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-Doctors Without Borders) scientists who are now warning has mutated into a new bacterium that poses a catastrophic risk to the entire world—and . . .

[Now, get this!]

 . . . with Russia’s first action in this potential strike against Saudi Arabia being the ordering of its heavy bombers in Iran to stay there until further orders are received while Moscow builds a US, UK and French coalition to begin these attacks.

An astonishing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that Russia is in the process of preparing for military strikes upon Saudi Arabia over its use of chemical and biological weapons in Yemen—that is due to the apocalyptic situation in Yemen about to get much worse after Jaysh al-Islam terrorists leaving Syria are now flowing there in massive numbers, and who in the past have used chemical weapons against Syrian Kurds—with the greatest fears of the General Staff being of a “super bug” just discovered in Yemen by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-Doctors Without Borders) scientists who are now warning has mutated into a new bacterium that poses a catastrophic risk to the entire world—and with Russia’s first action in this potential strike against Saudi Arabia being the ordering of its heavy bombers in Iran to stay there until further orders are received while Moscow builds a USUK and French coalition to begin these attacks.

. . Click article title to continue reading!!!

* * *

UPDATE: China: “The Arrogant US Has A Record Of Launching Wars On Deceptive Grounds”

If there was any confusion on whose side of the Syrian conflict China finds itself, that confusion is now gone.

 * * * 

Sadly, my COMMENT yesterday is apparently proving correct!!! They are willing to destroy the United Nations and international law in order to get their own way! If we allow this to happen, my view is firm that the entire planet will pay dearly.

In the meantime, we must all realize that, because they are desperate and losing control,  they are exposing themselves for who they are in a way they never have before. My prayer is that many, many more people will learn from what they are now doing and that somehow we will all, together, find a way to stop this despicable criminal behavior. Each of us must do what we can . . . and then maybe we are going to have to let go and let God.

I am absolutely certain we are going to find a way through this, and please always try to remember to keep love in your heart. Love will change the world 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

 * * *
‘Security Council, unite’: US, UK & France want UN to back their illegal Syria strikes

Willy Wimmer, a former member of Germany’s ruling CDU party, compared the behavior of the UK, the US and France to “the same attitude, which [was] used by Adolf Hitler in 1939 to enter into World War Two.”

'Security Council, unite’: US, UK & France want UN to back their illegal Syria strikes

Having set themselves above international law by bombing Syria without UN authorization, the US, the UK and France are now going calling on other countries to unite behind their fait accompli and endorse their actions.

American, British and French ships and airplanes fired over 100 missiles at Syria Saturday morning, claiming it was in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb of Douma. The three countries did not wait for UN authorization, or even for evidence from the scene: the international team of experts from the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had just arrived in Syria to investigate when the missiles began to fly.

As US President Donald Trump triumphantly declared “mission accomplished,” his French colleague Emmanuel Macron called for the UN Security Council to step in and pick up the pieces.

© Matthew Daniels

“It is now for the UN Security Council to unite and take initiative on the political, chemical and humanitarian questions in Syria,” the French presidency said in a statement after Macron’s teleconference with Trump and British PM Theresa May on Saturday.

During the emergency session of the Security Council on Saturday, Russia proposed a resolution urging the US and its allies to “immediately and without delay cease the aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and refrain from further aggressive acts in violation of the international law and the UN Charter.”

Russia, China and Bolivia voted in favor of the resolution. Four other members abstained, with Ethiopian representatives saying there’s no point in voting for a resolution that would be vetoed anyway. The US, the UK and France ‒ all permanent members with veto powers ‒ voted against, killing the proposal. Apparently, when Macron spoke of unity at the UN, he meant unity behind the actions of London, Paris and Washington.

Willy Wimmer, a former member of Germany’s ruling CDU party, compared the behavior of the UK, the US and France to “the same attitude, which [was] used by Adolf Hitler in 1939 to enter into World War Two.”

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel quickly endorsed their allies’ attempt to take the law into their own hands.

European Council President Donald Tusk likewise cheered on the intervention, saying the EU “will stand with our allies on the side of justice.”

NATO also endorsed the bombing in a statement on Saturday, declaring that the alliance “considers any use of chemical weapons by state or non-state actors to be a threat to international peace and security.”

Dissent in Europe

One notable dissention from the EU and NATO position came from Italy. Rome would not allow the use of NATO bases on its soil for the airstrikes, but agreed to provide “logistical support” to the UK, the US and France.

“Now is not the time for escalation, it’s time for diplomacy to give Syria democracy and pluralism after seven years of horrible conflict,” the outgoing PM, Paolo Gentiloni, said.

However, his potential replacement, Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Northern League party, did not mince words when condemning the attack.

“We are still looking for Saddam’s ‘chemical weapons,’ we are still paying for the crazy war in Libya, and someone with a quick trigger finger is insisting on ‘smart missiles,’ only helping the nearly defeated Islamic terrorists. Total madness, stop it,” he posted on Facebook.

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Mikhail Klimentyev

The head of Germany’s Left Party (Die Linke), Sahra Wagenknecht, described the missile strike as “another military violation of international law.”

“Since the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999, they [the US, the UK and France] want to have their own international structure,” Wimmer, former vice-chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, told RT. “They are no longer interested in having an international organization which can work. And, therefore, they do their utmost to create their own world, where they can do what they want to do.”

Macron’s decision to blindly follow the US was a “big mistake,” Alain Corvez, a former adviser for the French ministries of defense and interior, told RT. “As a French patriot I am very disappointed with the loss of credibility that we had in the world.”

The US, the UK and France set out to “wreck international law without approval from UN and their own parliaments,” Corvez said. They launched a “small strike without big consequences, because they understood that Russia would not let them crush Syria.”

Concern among neutrals

Sweden, which is a member of the EU but not of NATO, also called for the Syrian question to be resolved within the framework of the UN charter and international law, careful not to bring up the fact that both have been violated by the US, the UK and France.

It was pointless to discuss whether the US-UK-French strikes were legal, said Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. “They happened. Now we need to talk about what to do next.”

Latin American leaders also called for solutions within international law. Peru, which currently chairs the Security Council and is hosting the Summit of the Americas in Lima, called for moderation from all parties and backed a “political solution” for Syria, according to its foreign ministry.

“It’s time to find permanent solutions based in the international law to a war that has been going for far too long and ended too many lives,” Brazilian President Michel Temer told the leaders at the summit.

President Mauricio Macri of Argentina also called for everyone to work “in the framework of existing international commitments.”

The bombing of Syria reminded Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic of the NATO attack on his own country in 1999.

“Being on the side of power does not mean being on the side of morality and justice,” Vucic said, emphasizing Serbia’s current military neutrality.

US won’t pull out troops from Syria until goals accomplished – UN envoy Haley

 * * * 

US, UK & France want new intl. order with no UN supervision’

‘US, UK & France want new intl. order with no UN supervision’

The missile strikes on Syria are another step by the US, the UK and France toward creating they own global order, where they can do what they want without answering to the UN, Willy Wimmer, former OSCE Assembly vice-head, told RT.

“Since the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999, they [the US, the UK and France] want to have their own international structure,” Wimmer said. “They want to destroy the Charter of the UN. They are no longer interested in having an international organization, which can work. And, therefore, they do their utmost to create their own world where they can do what they want to do.”

The US and its allies carried out an attack on Syria without sanction from the UN Security Council, blaming the Syrian government for an alleged chemical attack in Douma that was reported by rebel-linked groups, and without waiting for an investigation by the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The former OSCE official warned about the danger of undermining the Security Council, saying that the organization “is the only chance for the globe not to enter a period of ongoing wars.”

RELATED: ‘Cynical and illegal’: Journalists, activists slam US-led missile strike against Syria

“The attitude of the French, British and Americans is the same attitude, which used by Adolf Hitler in 1939 to enter into World War Two,” he said.

Wimmer, who previously served as a state secretary to Germany’s defense minister, said that “since 2011, when the war in Syria started, it was, from the very beginning, a common effort of the US, British and French to destroy, by force, the Syrian state… for their own purpose.”

“Now they have to face reality, and the reality is that Syria survived as an independent state by the help of Russia and Iran, mainly, and the support of both of these countries was in strict accordance to international law,” he pointed out. . .  Click article title to continue reading.

‘Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria’

‘Trump denied the American people oversight in endless war’: Lawmakers react to Syria strikes

Who says what about US, UK, France airstrikes on Syria

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April 14, 2018, For your consideration tonight: Two articles that I believe help to move the story forward . . .

The following article by Niall Bradley, for whom I have great respect, seems to say it doesn’t matter if they attempt to tie up the United Nations, because they have now thoroughly revealed themselves — and it is essentially all over.

If he is correct then the second article by Tom Luongo brings our problems in the United States much more rapidly front and center, and I imagine there will be much pain and strife ahead for us. (Be sure to note the video Tom points us to that is actually a body-language analysis of Trump: He doesn’t look like himself.)

It doesn’t look good, folks, but I am not surprised. If Trump has always been bailed out — by criminals, mind you, — has never had to struggle to get it right, then he hasn’t developed the ability to stay the course, figure things out, and continue on. I think those running the show, while they likely have known this from the beginning, didn’t count on things going so badly for them — and now Trump is going to get the entire blame. In other words, if he hadn’t always lived on the edge of the dark side, he probably wouldn’t be in this position, and of course he never would have been made President. Whatever the reason, I think we citizens may have rapidly developing problems as various forces fight for control of what remains of our government.

For me, the best solution will be if the American people can eventually come together and decide what is best for all of us; that is, if we can achieve some sort of unity. I don’t see this happening easily or quickly, but the way things are moving now, I could be pleasantly surprised.

Forget WW3: What We Just Saw Happen In Syria Is The Extent Of Western Power, by Niall Bradley


Trump is done: The coup is complete, by Tom Luongo

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April 14, 2018 . . . The Greatest Showman . . . a plug!!! . . . and I’m taking a break to watch it :) ~J

PS Why not more films like this that do ‘real’ happy! I’m so tired of depressing, murder, kill, blow up, crash, destroy films, which are presently their stock-in-trade! I think it’s time!!!

The DVD has just come out and a friend has loaned it to me. She got it last night and has already watched it twice! I understand that it didn’t get good reviews, but IMO — not for reasons that have any validity.

Instead, this show is not politically correct in that it suggests a different business model, one towards which I think we are going to move, one in which our separate individuality is important, recognized, and necessary to all life — a very spiritual idea! Naturally, the PTB don’t approve of such thinking!

This is a joyous, life-loving musical conceived by Hugh Jackman, who also stars in it, that encourages us to think differently about how we all fit into the ‘real’ world, and anyone who has viewed it hasn’t seen it only once, but 7-8 times and more, visiting the local $2 -theater on a weekly basis!

I encourage you all if necessary to purchase the DVD in order to watch it. It’s beautiful, musical energy will surely help to open our eyes to the possibilities before us — and to lead us all forward!

Love and hugs to everyone!
~Jean 🙂

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Saturday, April 14, 2018 . . . a Comment from ~Jean

Comment: Wake up, people! Wake up! What I believe is really going on here is an attempt to undermine international law and the authority of the United Nations! It is that simple! Forget the complex words of explanation offered by others, because the ‘real’ truth is always simple!

Yes, the United Nations is a thoroughly corrupt organization, but it is the people in the organization that are the problem, not the structure of the Institution itself. If we allow this to happen, we will have no recourse to solve international problems, and our world will be thrown into total chaos. Instead, we must rid ourselves of those who are corrupting the United Nations.

At all cost, we must not permit them to succeed!

Let me suggest, however, that what they are actually doing in reality is destroying themselves. As bad as it now seems, we are going to be forced to do something — or else face our own demise. You see, we need to thank the dark and bless it for moving us forward, Without it, most of us would never even think of changing. Now we are going to be forced to do so.

As Putin says the cabal will bring about its own destruction. This is actually another very spiritual idea. While I intend to speak in some detail on the spiritual aspects of the destruction we are now witnessing, I need to take time and consider my words carefully. Let me just say this destruction must occur in order that we can come together in unity to create a better way of life. Please, take a deep breath and allow yourself to consider what I am sharing so that over time you can decide whether or not you agree with me.

Trump is willing to break international law because his wife’s tears about dead children move him to do so. This is a childish, emotional response, a deadly one, but one which sucked in far too many people. These are not the words we should expect from our leader! A mature man would have comforted his wife and suggested to her that before anything is done, the truth of such a statement needs to be investigated. 

A mature person would not call people the heinous names he feels free to throw around. Is his world the sort of world in which we all want to live? If I don’t please him/them, I’m immediately ‘slapped down’ with ugly, brutal  words and told to ‘shut up’? Have we totally lost our minds that we even consider allowing this sort of verbiage/thinking in our lives? Huh? ? ?

Someone just shared a Q post with me (HERE) which suggests the possibility that Trump and Putin are really working together. Again, this is a childish idea: Russia, a sovereign state, doesn’t make backroom deals with anyone, as in a mafia-style way of doing business. Also, note how the mind of the good woman sharing this info with us is spinning, spinning, spinning. She can hardly keep up with her words. How can anyone keep up with what this Q is now saying? Well, I don’t think they can, and I think this is being done on purpose. We are being impressed with the idea that someone is taking care of this; just read and believe what we say, because it’s very complex and we want to help you out.

Oh, yeah?

Again, the truth is always simple, and it doesn’t take study or a genius to understand it: France, England, the UK, and the US are out to undermine the authority of the United Nations in order to destroy any vestiges of international law under which we are living. Listen to them, they say this won’t be the last strike; in other words, be afraid, be very afraid of us; step out of line — the line as we see it, mind you — and we’ll attack again. Well, let me ask you, who are they? Really? Who are they, other than the countries who have been at the bottom of all the wars on this planet?

As far as the destruction which Trump and his military group have caused here at home with this response — those Republicans whose eyes have been opened may well begin to vote Democratic, so in the end, we might just as well have voted for Killary. If the Democrats succeed in impeaching Trump, we will get Pence as President, who, I understand, is still a vote for Hillary. I believe this will never stand, but once again, the dark, as our true friend, will force us to awaken and resolve this problem, as well — because the problem is indeed ours, and it is up to us resolve it in the way we see fit.

Once we realize what is really going on and begin to tackle what is facing us, we will have several years of struggle ahead of us, but that struggle will all be towards a positive result: taking back our country and our world. I can just see the level of our human creativity, blocked for so many years, when it is unleashed and begins to create our new world! It takes my breath away 🙂

First, however, we must face the facts and begin to understand the ‘real’ truth 🙂 eh?

~Jean 🙂

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Saturday, April 14, 2018 . . .

RT LIVE UNSC . . . they are not stopping their barrage!

Find some time to listen to these people in their own words . . .

* * *


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