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Q&A + The Final Act of the Ankle-Biters – from Cameron Day

By Cameron Day Ascension Help Blog January 18th, 2013 In this article I am going to answer several questions I received based on my last article, Shifting Into 2013 so that the answers aren’t just to one person, or buried down in … Continue reading

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As of December 23rd 2012, all that remains of the dark forces 4th density stronghold on Earth is a layer of dark energy on the surface of the planet, extending up several hundred feet, and two layers below the surface, descending about a mile deep.

This came to me this evening via email. I found the info resonated with me, and I invite you to read it and to comment on it either here or on Cameron’s site. Enjoy! ~Jean Hi there! I have a … Continue reading

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Next Phase of Ankle Biter Removal: Sunday, May 27th

By Cameron Day, on May 26th, 2012 Source: Ascension Help If you saw my previous blog post about how the global group meditation on May 20th went, you know that we were successful in clearing away the ankle-biter dark grid outside of the Earth’s … Continue reading

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!!! Here’s the Info we’ve been looking for: Results of the May 20th Dark Grid Removal Process – from Cameron Day

By Cameron Day Source: Ascension Help Blog  May 21st, 2012 First and foremost, I want to THANK YOU all for participating in this historic event.The huge amount of people participating on the ground as Galactic Conduits, coupled with the immense … Continue reading

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Shielding Protocols to Keep Ankle Biters Away

Cameron emailed me about this article, and I’m just now getting to it – please forgive me, Cameron, because I can see it is an important one. The ankle biters had me for a bit, and it isn’t fun. Maybe … Continue reading

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