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Thoughts on depression – from ~Jean

I suffered from depression, and I know what it is about from having lived through it. First and foremost is the fact that we can cure it! I have been told it is a result of ‘the denial of the self,’ … Continue reading

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Q&A: Is It Spiritual To be Angry? – from Jennifer Hoffman

One thing Jennifer does not say here is that anger is also an expression of pain. The pain can be for many reasons, and may not be reality based, but we still feel it as pain and it is expressed … Continue reading

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The Science of Healing (You can Heal any Disease) Part-1 – Yes! . . . more about HEALING!!

Gagan Polanki thanked me in the Comments section for posting his video, Science for Global Peace and Happiness – and suggested that I also post this other film of his, as well. Of course, I’m delighted to to do so, particularly with my … Continue reading

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Science for Global Peace and Happiness

Published on May 17, 2012 by Gagan Polanki The Most Important Scientific Message ever that can Heal our World and Solve All Human Problems and Conflicts. Latest Scientific facts that Alter the Perception of our World and Promote Global Oneness and Happiness. Discover … Continue reading

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There is no reason for the Christmas Season to end – from Jesus through John Smallman

God’s Love for His children is total and without conditions of any kind.  Let go of any beliefs you may have that suggest that only the good are loved, because God does not discriminate – no one is unloved or unlovable.  Even … Continue reading

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