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Lucinda Drayton – “A Hundred Thousand Angels”

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2009 Thanks to J.  Video for Lucinda Drayton song soon to be released on DVD available from Blissful Music. Filmed on location at Ginger Gilmour’s house. Directed and edited by moooksta.

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Bamboo-Water shares for our Meditation Page: Is it necessary to sit for very long periods of time?

Question by a Student: Is it necessary to sit for very long periods of time? Answer by Achaan Chah: I have seen chickens sit on their nests for days on end. Wisdom comes from being mindful in all postures. Your … Continue reading

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Bamboo-Water shares . . . Dancing and Experience :) . . . ~J

Bamboo shares: In light of our recent discussions about experience and dancing, I thought some might find this of interest. Question by a Student: Where should we go to study the Dharma? Answer by Achaan Chah: If you look for the … Continue reading

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The Energy Healing Benefits of Mindfulness

PL Chang Last updated on June 23rd, 2014 Published on June 23, 2014 Thanks to G. In the New Age and certain spiritual movements, we often hear people talking about mindfulness, but we seldom realize what mindfulness really means, where it … Continue reading

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A Reader discusses the New Age movement, contentment, the ego, consciousness, etc. . . ~J

Graham is referencing this article: What is Spiritual Growth? from Neale Donald Walsch The “new age” movement was created decades ago to purposely induce a “passive” attitude. When you encourage people to practice certain things, they are highly unlikely to become “pro … Continue reading

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A Post from Bamboo Water with suggestions for raising our vibrations, March 15, 2014

Jean, I have tried to assimilate the words in this blog note, but much of it seems like “chatter.” That should not be taken negatively; it is simply my truth. But it did get me to thinking . . . … Continue reading

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:) :) :) So That’s Their Secret: Pete Carroll Makes All Seahawks Players Take Yoga And Meditate

Source: The Elite Daily via ESPN, Photo Credit: Peter Yang for ESPN Thanks to S   The Seattle Seahawks are undoubtedly the most poppin’ team in the NFL today. They have the cool west coast coach, a swag star for a quarterback, … Continue reading

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