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James Gilliland: Shifts Changes and 2013 . . . so very positive, filled with wisdom and interesting info . . . ~J

We have posted many opinions on the newsletter letting them either unfold or fall by the wayside. There were many events on the books that either were lessened or intervened upon altogether. The poles have experienced a magnetic pole shift … Continue reading

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2012 & Earth Activations – 11-22-2012 (Interview begins at about 38 minutes)

After I posted the previous audio, I came across this one, and while I haven’t listened to it yet, I feel certain it will have value – if you have interest. Hugs, ~Jean Published on Nov 23, 2012 Date: 11-22-2012

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!!!!! James Gilliland: Sirian Message on 2012, Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes.

These social economic and physical earth changes were given Nov. 30th 2012. They are what are on the books now and can be avoided by changes in the collective consciousness, divine intervention or individual choice. They are not given to … Continue reading

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The Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle [Paperback] Drunvalo Melchizedek (Author)

I have spent much of today reading this little book, published formally on November 21st, which has the potential to change our lives. While many presume to speak about the Maya, in well over 500 years, the Maya themselves have … Continue reading

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Earth Grid Update 2012: a message from The Star Elders channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

Thursday, 26 April, 2012 Since the beginning of 2012, the energies have gone from feeling stuck, to feeling like we are in an out-of-control spaceship. This pace is literally taking our breath away. Yet we when we tune in deeply … Continue reading

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Russian Scientists Crack Crop Circle Code: Pole Shift Impending (2 videos) MUST READ!!!!

Friends, this is why I have been saying focus on your own emotional healing. Don’t get caught up in the outside stuff. If following the news ‘triggers’ you into an unconscious, negative emotional place, work with that until you are … Continue reading

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