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12-12-12 Through 12-21-12 by Denise at TRANSITIONS

  Well, it’s December 2012…finally. Is your mind reeling with possibilities? Your heart swelling with expectations? Your body anxious to house more of YOU? Your spirit so very ready to connect with Home in this new way? Are the many possibilities racing through … Continue reading

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From Ben Fulford’s Blog – Two Posts, September 14, 2012

The following people have been recorded as saying they nearly got me killed when I was stabbed with a needle in June: Leo Zagami, Daniel Dal Bosco, Vincenzo Mazzara, according to the CIA and Swiss authorities. In addition, they say … Continue reading

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Why Creative Healing? by ‘EnergyLady’, Lia Strell

If any of you live nearby, I’m sure this is a day you would enjoy. Lia is one of those people who isn’t waiting to live her dreams: She’s already begun! Hugs, ~Jean As Creative Healers each of us become … Continue reading

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Ben Fulford’s Blog, June 6, 2012

06/06/2012 This is a response to slander against me by Tom Henegan http://www.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel Let me make it clear, I am not an MI5 agent nor am I anybody’s agent. I am a freelance journalist. Also, Edward Harle or Christopher Story … Continue reading

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From Ben Fulford’s Blog, April 20, 2012

04/20/2012 Anonymous Hacker Collective Gnostic illuminati representative told me that anonymous was going to shut down the internet on March 31st. The exact protocol for doing this was sent to me and many other people in advance. It involved basically … Continue reading

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Ben Fulford’s BLOG, April 18, 2012

04/18/2012 FW: Look at this 闇の支配者がフィリピンで人類の黄金泥棒をしている。 Breaking news, US warships seeking gold for cabal.  Here is the e-mail I got: AMERICAN SHIPS FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS OFF THE COAST OF PALAWAN IN THE PHILIPPINES.  8 SHIPS OVER THE PAST … Continue reading

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From Ben Fulford’s BLOG, April 6, 2012

04/06/2012 RE: Question from an Oath Keeper Hello Benjamin, I am writing to you as a member of Oath Keepers here in California.  I first want to say thank you for all of the work that you have done in … Continue reading

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